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Finding quick healthy dinners that you and your family ACTUALLY love is essential for a wholesome lifestyle. From tacos to pizza, to hearty bowls and casseroles, this recipe roundup is focused on comforting, nourishing foods! Heres what youll find in this guide:

When life gets busy, almost one-pan/sheet pan dinners like this Baked Chicken With Turmeric Sauce become staples. And good thing, because this recipe is creamy, savory goodness on a plate!

Brussels Sprouts With Stewed Tomatoes

The Spruce / Diana Rattray

Brussels sprouts are colorful and delicious with the simple addition of stewed tomatoes. The tomatoes, bell pepper, and seasonings are added to fresh sprouts to make this tasty dish.

This is a surprisingly quick preparation and it makes an excellent side dish with just about any meal.

Recipe Notes And Tips For This Rice And Chicken Dish

  • Instead of chicken, feel free to use fish, shrimp, or beef.
  • Cauliflower rice will work in place of regular rice.
  • Store any leftovers in the refrigerator for up to four days.
  • Make the chicken spicy by adding red chili flakes.
  • Be sure the chicken reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Easy Dinner Ideas To Serve With Rice

Quick dinner tip: frozen rice is your friend! You can either cook your own rice and freeze it or buy pre-cooked frozen rice at the store. Once you have it on hand, youll be able to easily make a meal out of these dinner recipes:

Easy Coconut CurryThis recipe is everything I want in a weeknight dinner its healthy, satisfying, flavorful, and easy to make. Its also super flexible, so if you dont have these exact veggies on hand, feel free to swap in what you do have. Sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, and broccoli would all be great here.

These savory, sesame-crusted tofu steaks crisp up beautifully in the air fryer or oven. Serve them with steamed veggies and rice or cilantro lime rice, if you have the time to toss it together.

Avocado Pineapple Paleo Coleslaw

Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas: 49 Low Effort and Healthy Dinner Recipes ...

Want to keep things light? This refreshing paleo coleslaw contains fresh produce like cabbage, cucumber and pineapple that deliver micronutrients and plenty of crunch. And since no slaw would be complete without a zingy dressing, this recipe takes care of that with one that includes apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and turmeric.

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Paleo Chicken & Mushroom Casserole

Creamy, delicious, and perfect for the family, this Paleo Chicken Mushroom Casserole is a great weeknight dinner recipe for even the pickiest of eaters! Paleo-friendly, dairy-free, and gluten-free, this recipe is known for its indulgent, savory flavor. Create this wholesome and rich dinner for any night of the week!

Grilled Chipotle Pork Tacos With Red Slaw And Brown Sugar Pineapple

Combine the best of both worlds, savory and sweet, by serving succulent grilled pork tacos with chunks of pineapple. The sweetness of the fruit will perfectly complement the heat from the chipotle chile powder in the pork rub.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Chipotle Pork Tacos with Red Slaw and Brown Sugar Pineapple

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Ingredients For Quick Pickled Green Beans

To make these refrigerator pickles, youll add fresh vegetables to a simple vinegar and salt brine. To make them, youll need:

  • Green Beans. For the crispiest pickles, use the freshest string beans you can find. You can leave them whole, or trim them as needed to fit in your jar.
  • Vinegar. Use regular old white vinegar for this recipe, as others will affect the flavor of your pickles.
  • Garlic. Fresh is best, and youll need whole cloves for this recipe. I like to use local garlic from the farmers market or coop for the most pungent lavor.
  • Fresh Dill. Whats a dilly bean without the dill?
  • Salt.
  • Water.
  • Sugar

Youll also need a quart sized jar to hold your beans. I recommend a wide-mouth mason jar to make it easy to get the beans in and out.

Ground Turkey And Broccoli Pasta

Healthy raw mango curry in 2 minutes!! ||Easy,tasty and healthy mango curry|| Amma recipes

Pasta with Ground Turkey and Broccoli is 30 minute one pot meal with turkey, broccoli, tomatoes and Parmesan cheese. Inspired by this ground turkey pasta casserole. It is one of those dinner recipes your family will ask to make again and again. And if you make them almond flour banana bread for dessert, they will love you forever!

Skillet Enchiladas is a one pot meal a.k.a wonder. 30 minutes and you have lazy beef enchiladas for supper. And healthy!

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Easy Dinner Ideas For When You Have A Jar Of Marinara

I love to make homemade marinara sauce when I have the time, but on busy weeknights, the jarred stuff can really come in handy. For instance, it gives you a head start on making these healthy dinner recipes:

Banh Mi SandwichHeads up: youll need to make the pickles for this recipe a day or two in advance. Once you make them, though, this crave-worthy sandwich will come together quickly. Sear the tofu in a hot skillet and stuff it into baguette with the pickles, cilantro, and a good slather of mayo. Drizzle with sriracha before you eat.

Chickpea Salad SandwichThis recipe is one of my go-to easy dinner ideas in the spring, when I often have crisp veggies like radishes and cucumbers on hand in the fridge. Its my vegan version of a pan bagnat, made with a briny chickpea salad, fresh basil, olives, and blanched green beans.

Keto Slow Cooker Beef Stew

Dont have a ton of time to prepare lunch or dinner? This low-and-slow beef stew is the solution to your problem. A hearty dish made for low-carb and keto dieters, tender chunks of beef, softened veggies and a rich gravy form a delicious combo that can be reheated later, making it perfect for meal prepping.

More Recipes From Bulletproof

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Keto Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Begin your morning with keto-friendly muffins that taste equally delicious at all times of the day. The classic pairing of lemon and poppy seeds works wonderfully in this easy breakfast option. And while traditional muffin recipes include dry ingredients like white flour and sugar, this version features paleo-friendly flours, an approved sweetener and Bulletproof Vanilla Bean Energy Collagen Proteina caffeine-free supplement that supports an energized body and mind.

Salmon And Asparagus Foil Packs With Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas: 49 Low Effort and Healthy Dinner Recipes ...

Whip up something quick and delicious tonight! Salmon and asparagus are baked together with a rich buttery sauce in individual foil packs. The bright lemon flavor pair perfectly with butter, and garlic adds a pungent touch to this wonderful care-free dinner. This easy oven baked salmon in foil recipe is a winner! Get the recipe

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How To Serve Chickpea Salad

There are so many ways to enjoy this delightful salad! Ill share some of my ideas and would love to hear some of your ideas in the comments below!

  • As-is. Thats right. Enjoy this salad right out of the bowl. Its certainly satisfying enough just the way it is.
  • Over greens. I love serving this over a big green salad. Arugula with lemon and extra virgin olive oil makes a lovely base and offers yet another way to enjoy more veggies in your day.
  • Side dish. Enjoy this salad alongside some grilled chicken or crispy cast-iron salmon. But dont stop there! Chickpea salad is delicious alongside pretty much any type of grilled meat or fish.
  • With eggs. Looking for a savory breakfast idea? Top your salad with a couple of over-easy eggs for a protein-rich meal with a Mediterranean flair.

Classic Sesame Noodles With Chicken

Classic sesame noodles become a healthy meal with lean chicken and tons of veggies in this quick recipe for Asian noodles. Be sure to rinse the spaghetti until it’s cold, then give it a good shake in the colander until it’s well drained. Are you a spiralizing pro? Swap 5 cups of raw zucchini, carrot or other veggie “noodles” for the cooked pasta.

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Healthy Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes

This hearty and healthy turkey stew recipe is just about the best use of Thanksgiving leftovers we can think of. And we don’t just mean the turkey. The stew is packed with leftover roasted vegetables–use whatever vegetables you have on hand, such as Brussels sprouts, parsnips, sweet potatoes and green beans. And leftover gravy is used to add depth of flavor and body. Possibly the best part of this stew recipe? It comes together really quickly–because don’t we all need a 20-minute dinner after the craziness of Thanksgiving? Add some leftover bread or rolls and dinner is done. This recipe is equally delicious with leftover cooked chicken or rotisserie chicken, and we’ve included instructions for making a quick gravy in case you don’t have leftovers, so you can serve this Thanksgiving-in-a-pot year-round.

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Health Fish Dinner Recipes

We love cooking with seafood for light, fresh meals. Seafood is often high in protein and loaded with healthy fats . Most of the recipes below are for salmon because its super easy and quick to cook.

Chili Lime Shrimp are so quick and simple! You can make it on the grill or in a pan

Lemon Salmon is perfect for a quick dinner. Learn how to make lemon salmon in one pan that is healthy and delicious!

Asian Salmon is super flavorful and easy to make. We love it on a salad

Healthy Shrimp Stir Fry is loaded with veggies and has the most delicious sauce. Done in under 30 minutes, its perfect for a quick healthy dinner!

Everything Bagel Salmon you cant go wrong with Everything Bagel anything!

Want to spend less time in the kitchen?

Lentil Curry With Cauliflower Rice

Combine precooked lentils with an Indian-style simmer sauce for a super-fast and flavorful curry. Serving it over riced cauliflower bumps up the vegetable count and keeps carb servings in check. This 3-ingredient dinner is really as easy as it gets. To be mindful of the salt, look for simmer sauces with less than or close to 350 mg sodium per ¼-cup serving.

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Chili Chicken With Hominy Hash

Not only is this meal quick and delicious, it’s also brimming with unexpected flavor! You’ll use a zesty blend of chili powder, cumin, cinnamon and lime to coat your chicken thighs and roast hominy, squash and bell pepper together to make the mouthwatering side.

Get the Recipe: Chili Chicken with Hominy Hash

Blackened Salmon With Lima Bean Smashed Potatoes

Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas: 49 Low Effort and Healthy Dinner Recipes ...

Rich in flavor when prepared simply, salmon is a very versatile fish that absorbs flavor well, which is why this Blackened Salmon with Lima Bean Smashed Potatoes is the dinner you need in your life. The fish is heavily rubbed with a spicy combination of paprika, thyme and cayenne pepper to deeply season it and create a beautiful crust on its exterior when it hits the heat. Paired with a bright lima bean smashed potato side, this dish is the ultimate dinner for a busy weeknight.

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Baked Potato Bar With Healthy Toppings

Baked potatoes are one of the most affordable bases for a healthy meal. Plus, potatoes are incredibly nutritious, providing potassium, magnesium, iron, and vitamins B6 and C .

Since they provide energizing carbs, top them with a source of protein, some non-starchy veggies, and a healthy fat for a balanced meal.

Check out several ideas on how to build a healthy baked potato bar for a family meal.

Why These 65 Healthy Dinner Recipes Work

  • Quick: Ready in 30 45 minutes for busy weeknights. Think one pot meals, quick stir fry and curry recipes, and everyone favorite hand held foods like tacos and quesadillas all packed with healthy ingredients and a ton of flavor.
  • Easy: All these healthy recipes use simple ingredients you can find at any grocery store. Also I cut back on unnecessary steps and clean up with each single recipe. Aint nobody got time for that!
  • Kid approved: Think now you are armed with 65 healthy dinner ideas your family will enjoy! These are tasty healthy meals I tested on my own children and then picked their favorites out of 250 dinner recipes we have here on iFOODreal. Dinner table will be quiet 100%!

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Healthy Tuna Grain Bowl With Turmeric Sweet Potatoes And Spicy Yogurt Dressing

This healthy grain bowl is loaded with fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors, thanks to the tangy, spicy yogurt sauce and turmeric-roasted sweet potatoes. Plus, you can easily make this dish from pantry staples and long-lasting freezer items. Serve with an extra squeeze of lime juice for a nutrient-packed and sustaining meal.

Get the Recipe: Healthy Tuna Grain Bowl with Turmeric Sweet Potatoes and Spicy Yogurt Dressing

Easy Cilantro Lime Chicken And Rice Recipe

Nellikka Wine || Gooseberry Wine || Simple, Healthy and Tasty Recipe

By Rena | Published on June 29, 2022

Home » Main Courses » Easy Cilantro Lime Chicken and Rice Recipe

This super easy, cilantro lime chicken and rice bowl recipe is bursting with the brightest and freshestflavors possible. Boneless skinless chicken breasts are cooked until juicy and served atop a fluffy bed of lime-infused rice and tomatoes. This cilantro chicken rice is perfect for a simple dinner at home!

This quick and easychicken and rice recipe are one for the books. Why? The chicken is marinated so it is cooked until moist and tender while it is served over the fresh, cilantro lime rice. Mmm.

The chicken consists of tasty fresh ingredients such as olive oil, garlic, cumin, and some lime juicethe perfect combination for flavorful, boneless skinless chicken breasts. It doesnt take long for the chicken to marinate in this easy recipe this recipe is ready in about 30 minutes and is one of the best chicken and rice recipes!

Freshly chopped cilantro garnishes this easy chicken and rice recipe and gives it super bright fresh flavors. The lime is freshly squeezed and yields the perfect lime chicken with rice.

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What Is A Healthy Dinner Recipe

In our opinion, a healthy dinner recipe is:

  • a balanced meal of protein, vegetables + fats.
  • veggie loaded
  • made of real food (minimally processed/packaged foods

Your definition might be a little bit different from ours but we think this is a great base, and its how we cook our meals. Many of these recipes are also paleo, whole30, gluten free and dairy free in case you follow those diets!

Want to spend less time in the kitchen?

Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding

With only a handful of ingredients, chia pudding is a simple but filling option for breakfast. The best part is that you can put the recipe together at night and wake up to a creamy and delicious pudding the next morning.

Whats more, chia seeds are loaded with antioxidant compounds. Antioxidants help fight reactive molecules called free radicals, which damage cells and may lead to disease .

Chia pudding can be made in many variations, but this chocolate cherry chia pudding is one of my favorites.

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Slow Cooker Lentil Soup

Dump and go slow cooker meals are an easy option for lunches. Make them on the weekend to eat for lunch during the week, or throw together the ingredients in the morning to have a hot meal by lunchtime.

This crockpot lentil soup is loaded with veggies and uses pantry spices and ingredients.

Whats more, lentils are a source of plant-based protein and fiber, which will help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Easy Black Bean And Rice Skillet

Easy Healthy Dinner Ideas: 49 Low Effort and Healthy Dinner Recipes ...

For a satisfying dinner that never disappoints, break out the trusty skillet and make this twist on rice and beans.

With just a handful of ingredients, its easy and highly nutritious. Black beans provide protein, brown rice contributes carbs, and shredded cheese serves as a source of fat, calcium, and protein. Plus, it has tomatoes and red onion.

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Why This Chicken And Cilantro Rice Bowl Recipe Is The Best

  • Delicious with mouthwatering flavors: The chicken absorbs all of the marinades flavors and makes it perfectly juicy and tender. Rice and chicken create the best combination.
  • Full of protein and healthy: Tender chicken breasts are loaded with protein and will curb any hungry appetite. If youre looking for a filling lunch or dinner, then you should try this easy chicken and rice recipe.
  • Versatile and easy: Dont have basmati rice? Use any kind of ricethey all work! We love this recipe because it is so easy to switch things up. Different types of proteins can be used in place of the chicken, too.
  • Perfect for weekday lunches: This is the ultimate meal prep recipe. Cilantro lime chicken and rice bowls can easily be made ahead of time and assembled for your weekday lunches at home or work.

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