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How To Turn Your Handwritten Recipes Into Heirloom Tea Towels

Making Custom Keepsakes | Recipe Tea Towels with DTG G4

Spoonflower, an American Made winner, is an amazing resource for crafters and designers alike-you can print any design of your choosing onto fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper! In this tutorial, Spoonflower shows us how to transform precious handwritten family recipes into heirloom tea towels-perfect for gifting . For a unique holiday gift, bake a batch of treats from our holiday cookie guide and gift along with a tea towel printed with your favorite recipe.

Scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, red-eye gravy, grits, butter, and orange juice. Growing up, my grandmother routinely cooked up this breakfast spread for my family on the last morning of our weeklong visits to her home in rural North Carolina. She would send us off with full bellies as we piled into the family station wagon at sunrise, driving west across the long state of North Carolina and back to the our home in Nashville.

My grandmother, Josephine, was always known to cook traditional Southern foods like skillet cornbread, Brunswick stew and coconut custard pie. Come to think of it, she always greeted our arrival with a hot custard pie freshly pulled from the oven, still bubbling atop a trivet on the counter. Our visits were always bookended with these food rituals, and I always hoped to learn to re-create my favorite recipes of hers.

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How Do You Make Handwritten Recipe Towels

1. Get yourself some inexpensive cotton flour sack towels. You can usually find a package for a few dollars at the grocery store.

2. Make sure the towel is ironed out completely flat and that the surface underneath is free of wrinkles too. Any unevenness in the surface of the fabric will affect the transfer.

3. Print the recipes out on heat transfer paper. REMEMBER TO REVERSE THE IMAGE!

4. Iron the image onto the towel according to the directions that come with your brand of transfer paper.

5. Carefully remove the paper backing to reveal the transferred recipe.

I still have the original copies of these recipes tucked safely away, but now I can display them in my kitchen as well. They coordinate nicely with the framed recipes already hanging on my walls.

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What Should You Do With These Towels

You can make a set of handwritten recipe towels for yourself or to give as part of a thoughtful wedding or housewarming present. For my towels, I chose to leave them fairly minimal, but you could add trim, embroidery, or fabric paint to make them even more special.

I want my kids to have the a little bit of my history in writing too, so I sat down and hand-wrote some of the recipes I am most known for. I also want my kids to have the sentimental and historical record of our family that is preserved in handwriting AND I want them to be able to pass their own written legacy on to their kids as well. And that means having my kids practice handwriting in school and at home.

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Print Your Own Fabric On Demand Using Spoonflower

Handwritten Custom Dish Towel with Family Recipe ...

For this method, you will scan your recipe card and use a photo processing program to remove the background, leaving just the written recipe. You format your recipe to the size of a fat quarter and then upload the image to Spoonflower, a print on demand fabric company. Order the fabric, and a week or two later you have a professional looking fabric piece which you can hem for use as a kitchen towel.

For full instructions, read the tutorial on the Spoonflower blog here. Heres what their finished towel looks like:

Heres another example from The Modern Commonplace Book. She used Picasa to edit her scans of the recipe, then ordered the fabric from Spoonflower. .

I also used this method, and this is what my towel looks like:

Pros of the custom printed fabric method:

This is the most professional looking option, and it preserves the exact character of the handwriting. Because the fabric is professionally printed it can be washed over and over without much fading, and its easy to order as many copies as you need if you want to make towels for multiple family members.

Cons of the custom printed fabric method:

This method is more expensive than the other ones Ill share today. You also must be able to scan in the recipe and clean it up in a photo processing program if needed, and this can be difficult if the writing is faded or the recipe card is dirty or smudged. Finally, it also requires basic sewing skill to finish off the hem.

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How To Print Handwritten Recipes On Tea Towels At Home

Everyone has those scraps of paper with recipes, written in almost confusing cursive, that date back to what might be the Stone Age. Oftentimes they are thrown away by mistake or even brushed into the trash without a second thought. Is there a simple way to keep these little recipes alive in the family without discovering one morning that your new puppy chewed up the last — and only — paper copy you own?

Enter recipe tea towels: cloth sheets embossed with your favorite blueprints for the flavors no other cookbook’s prescription can match. With these handy towels, there is no need to discard the beautiful handwriting your grandmother used as she imparted her flavorful wisdom to the many generations to come. No more stashing that pitiful scrap in a filing drawer where it gets lost, regardless of your organizational efforts. With recipe tea towels, you can unite convenience with stewardship.

Making your own recipe tea towel is the only way to preserve your own recipe slips in this fashion, but fortunately, the process is fairly simple — and quite fun. Here is a quick run-down of everything you will need to create your own recipe tea towels.

Here are the tools:

1. Purchase Heat’n Bond EZ Print Transfer Sheet paper. This product can be found at your local craft store or online, and one sheet is generally sufficient for multiple copies of a recipe.

Here are some directions for your convenience:

4. Iron the flour cloth towels.

Transfer The Recipe With Iron On Paper

This method involves scanning in your recipe and printing it on iron on paper, which you then iron onto a purchased towel.

Here is one example with instructions from Coll Neu Photography:

And heres another example using this method from Mad In Crafts:

Pros of the iron on method:

This method is super fast and super easy! Theres no painstaking tracing, no messing around with computer programs, and no sewing. And you get an exact replica of the card on your towel. Its easy to make multiple towels, and transfer paper is usually easy to find and not too expensive.

Cons of the iron on method:

The iron-on paper will change the texture of the towel so it wont look quite as professional as either of the above methods. Remember your image can only be as large as you can print and youll need to reverse the image before printing it out. Finally, I would not recommend washing the towels as most iron-on images crack after a few washes.

Bottom line: This method of transferring a handwritten recipe to a towel is fast and easy as long as the item will be for display ONLY.

Ok, I hope this is useful for those of you who are interested in tackling this project! Its really a beautiful, meaningful handmade gift idea.

Here are a few more photos of the towels I made:

Meet Autumn

Hello there! Im a busy mom of five who loves to make things. Crafts, recipes, sewing, holiday projects: Ive tried them all, and you can too! I love EASY projects anyone can make.

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Personalized Recipe Dish Towel

Personalized Dish Towels With Recipes

How to: Turn Handwritten Recipes into Tea Towels | Spoonflower

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Diy Recipe Dish Towel

Hi! It’s Bev from Flamingo Toes here today with a fun new tutorial for this DIY Recipe Dishtowel! It makes such a great gift idea or family memento and it is so simple to make! This sweet dishtowel is a great way to show off a family or favorite recipe and you can make it whether you have an original recipe card or not. If you have an original recipe card you can recreate that look on the dishtowel by scanning in the card and then printing it out on transfer paper. But if you don’t have one, don’t let that stop you! I have a great friend that I love to cook and bake with, but she lives in Arizona and I live in Tennessee -it’s a little hard to get together for a cooking party! We’ve even done Skype cooking days, where we make the same recipes but we have laptops in the kitchen and Skype open so we can cook together! One of our favorite recipes is this Banana Cream Pie. It’s actually an Emeril recipe and it’s life changing. . I wanted to make up a dishtowel that celebrates all the fun we’ve had cooking together and shows off one of our favorite recipes!

Here’s a fun tutorial for making up a DIY Recipe Dishtowel whether you have a family recipe or not! Materials: 18 x 28 piece of linen Iron On Transfer Paper Trim for Dishtowel 3 x 42 piece of fabric 20 ric rac Embroidery Floss Fusible Webbing Strip Oliso Pro Iron Recipe and Computer

3. Print out your recipe on the iron on transfer paper.

7. Once your design is transferred, remove the paper.

Hand Trace The Recipe Onto A Purchased Towel

For this method, you will scan in your recipe and print it out larger OR get it blown up at a copy shop. Then you will trace it onto a purchased tea towel using a Sharpie.

This post from One Good Thing by Jillee gives lots of details for how to do this, so head over there if you like this method. Heres what her towel looks like:

This is another example from Sometimes Homemade. Her post includes information on how to soak the towel in a homemade solution that prevents fading.

Pros of the hand tracing method:

This method is simple and straightforward and doesnt require any computer work. The finished towel can be washed, although the text will fade over multiple washes. Since you start with a premade towel theres no sewing involved. Its also very inexpensive , and if you have a steady hand can turn out looking very nice.

Cons of the hand tracing method:

This method takes patience! Depending on how steady of a hand you have, this may take a while, AND if you make a big mistake youll have to start over. That makes this hard to do if you want to make more than one. Additionally, the sharpie will fade some in the wash.

Bottom line: If the recipe card is very smudged and dirty making it hard to get a good digital copy, tracing might be the best way to go. If youre willing to put in the time to get a good copy, this method is inexpensive and straightfoward and ends up looking great.

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Give The Gift Of A Custom Tea Towel

Originating in the 18th century, tea towels have long been given as gifts and kept as mementos. Made with 100% cotton, our towels are both elegant and useful, making them the perfect gifting option for a variety of occasions and people. To make gifting even easier, we make sure your towels arrive wrapped in ribbon and ready to go. A tea towel isnt just a pretty keepsake its designed for a variety of household tasks. So why not give the gift of something beautiful as well as valuable? Ideal for drying dishes and leafy greens, tea towels are also perfect for keeping fresh muffins warm or acting as a handy pot holder, a substitute for plastic wrap, a stylish kitchen apron and much more. Still, the gift of a tea towel goes far beyond practical uses. For more inspired ideas, your gift would make the perfect wine bottle wrap souvenir, placemat, or even a charming piece of kitchen décor.

Create Unique Kitchen Gifts

Custom dish towel with family recipe

Personalized coffee mugs are affordable and adorable gifts you can design for practically anyone, from little kids who love hot cocoa to grownups who can never have enough coffee. New homeowners will appreciate personalized kitchen towels, aprons and other kitchen linens that can help turn their house into a home. Culinary connoisseurs and insatiable entertainers may prefer our quality cutting boards, serving platters and custom recipe boxes so they can create, capture and preserve their most successful and secret concoctions for generations to come.

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Custom Tea Towels And More Unique Home Accents

If youre smitten with our trendy dish towels, our soft woven blankets, fleece photo blankets and custom pillows will entice you. Both offer customizable selections thatll warm up your home, including the ability to upload precious family photos and choose between a variety of unique, textural designs and attractive themes. If you’re looking for more one-of-a-kind kitchen decor to make for yourself or as a gift for loved ones, design custom trivets, cutting boards, and kitchen mats with your favorite photos and designs.

Personalized Recipe Kitchen Towel

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Custom Recipe Dish Towel

Transform Your Tea Towel Into A Personalized Work Of Art


We know cleaning the house can be a bore, a chore or just plain hard work. However, with personalized tea towels from Shutterfly, you can turn an ordinary towel into a memorable, fun and elegant work of art. Whether you plan on using your tea towel as an accent for your stylish kitchen or want to use it for everyday tasks around the house, our personalized tea towels are perfect for any occasion. Kitchen towels are perfect for Mother’s Day gifts or housewarming gifts. Your recipient will love to receive a personalized kitchen towel decorated with their favorite photos and memories. Whether you’re making one as a gift for new homeowners or designing something special for yourself, you’ll love getting creative designing custom tea towels with Shutterfly.

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How To Transfer A Handwritten Recipe Onto A Kitchen Tea Towel

Out of all the gifts we give and receive for Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays, only a few of them are truly meaningful. This handmade gift idea is a way to preserve a bit of your family history in a way that can be shared and displayed. If you google how to make a recipe towel youll find lots of different tutorials using a number of different methods. Ive read through them all so you dont have to!

There are three main techniques for transferring a recipe to a kitchen towel . Ill give you a quick overview of each one and point you to thorough instructions, as well as detail the pros and cons of each method so you can decide which one is best for you.

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