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This recipe surprised my kids! Super easy and delicious snack recipe

We can all use a win in the kitchen every now and then, especially when it comes to being able to quickly prepare meals that our whole family will enjoy. With that in mind, weve taken the liberty of rounding up our top 30 kid-friendly recipes that will have everyone leaving the dinner table happy, healthy, and full-bellied. What more could you ask for?

Pizza Stuffed Crescent Rolls

But, Im sick of pizza, said no child throughout the history of humankind.

Its hard to imagine ever getting enough pizza, especially if youre a kid. And this delicious kid friendly recipe for Pizza Stuffed Crescent Rolls will save you lots of dough on ordering delivery or takeout pizza.

And youll likely never repurchase frozen pizza after tasting the savory meat and sauce inside a buttery, flaky crescent roll for the first time.

Not only is this recipe a snap to make, but these rolls are also bite-sized and make less of a mess.

Perfect for dipping in tomato sauce.

Cheese Tortellini In Creamy Marinara

Kids love pasta, but it doesn’t always have to be spaghetti. Try this cheese tortellini in creamy marinara sauce! In just 15 minutes, youve got a pasta skillet thats a literal symphony of flavor. The fresh basil-infused marinara sauce is perfectly complimented with pillows of tangy goat cheese. Our 4 year old gives it high marks!

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Christmas Rice Crispy Treats

The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

Every kid loves the gooey, sweet taste of squares made from crispy rice cereal and marshmallows any time of year. These rice crispy treats are much the same but with a festive spin just for Christmas. They’re so easy to make and decorate, and the candy cane handles are extra fun to snack on.

+ Fun And Easy Recipes For Cooking With Kids

Recipes Kids can Make Round

There are so many fun ways to cook in the kitchen with your child. Weve put together this collection of recipes for cooking with kids that are super fun and easy.

These cooking with kids recipes can help to educate and empower your child in the kitchen and on a path to making healthy food choices.

Get your little one involved in the kitchen with simple, kid-friendly recipes and ideas.

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Cheeseburger And Fries Casserole

Take our word for it, Ray Krocs restaurant doesnt need any more of your money!

Instead of dropping your hard-earned cash on mediocre burgers and fries, you can create a dish at home that combines these two kid-friendly foods into one fantastic recipe.

As you probably guessed, this meal is pretty darned simple, combining ground beef, shredded cheese, and fries to form the casserole.

Top it or serve it alongside some popular hamburger toppings such as pickles, lettuce, and tomato.

This is yet another amazing-kid-friendly casserole that your kids will bug you to make again and again.

Kid Friendly Dinner Recipes: Updated Classics

These classic dishes may sound familiar, but weve upped their flavor, healthfulness, and kid-approvedness in a big way.

  • Whats crunchy and juicy and keto all over? These Baked Pecan Chicken Tenders, thats what! Serve them with a side of homemade buttermilk ranch and your kids just might think theyve died and gone to heaven.
  • This Turkey Quinoa Meatloaf is protein packed and full of lots of veggies. And the best part? Your kids will never know just how healthy it is.muhahahaha!
  • These Steak Bites with Sweet Potatoes are perfectly sized for little mouths and, as an added bonus, are paleo-friendly! Healthy and delicious is something we can all get behind.
  • Everyone loves a juicy cheeseburger and we think our Classic Cheeseburger with Secret Sauce is the best!

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Easy Candy Cane Popcorn

The Spruce

Here’s a fun and irresistible Christmas treat recipe that kids can easily help with. Popcorn is coated in white chocolate and crushed candy canes for a sweet, minty treat that’s a perfect party food or edible gift idea. Make a giant batch of easy candy cane popcorn to munch on during the holidays at homeit’s an ideal munchie for when you’re watching your favorite holiday movieor bag some as a great take-along gift when you’re visiting friends and family.

Sugar Cone Christmas Trees

Family Fun Pack Kid Size Cooking: Broccoli Cheddar Soup

The Spruce / Leah Maroney

Sugar cone Christmas trees are a fun, festive project for adults and kids alike. Made using ice cream cones and an icing kit, they look especially festive on top of a white layer cake or coconut cake. Topped with white sprinkles or coconut, your cake will be transformed into a winter wonderland. They also make a lovely addition to a winter tablescape.

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Instructions For Toddlers And Kids

Keep to simple recipes with your kids and read through the recipe instructions together. Take the recipe a task at a time so they dont get to overloaded with information.

In each of the recipes below, I have outlined a list of tasks that I think are appropriate for both toddlers and kids to do in the kitchen. This section is usually at the bottom of the post before the recipe card.

These tasks are, however, just a guideline.

Its normal that kids skills are all over the place when it comes to cooking some kids will have mastered basic culinary tasks at an early age, while others will only want to sit on the counter, make a mess and eat butter.

Its all about exposure, so meet your kiddo where they are and remember to have fun!

Roasted Turkey And Basil Cream Cheese Pinwheel Sandwiches

These colorful pinwheels can be made in the morning and kept chilled for an easy lunch or afternoon snack. For little kids: Let them wash and spin-dry the lettuce. For big kids: Let them layer the ingredients and roll up the sandwiches.

Get the Recipe: Kids Can Make: Roasted Turkey and Basil Cream Cheese Pinwheel Sandwiches

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Fun And Easy Recipes For Kids

These simple, fun recipes are perfect for cooking with kids. From baking ideas to easy savouries, get cooking with your kids today!

Easy to make, great party food and the kids love them!

A super easy, budget-friendly meal, ideal for toddlers and big kids alike…

A super speedy chocolate cake, which tastes great served hot or cold…

A sweet and satisfying almond-flavoured cake

Sweet and delicious almond-flavoured biscuits

Pancakes filled with apple and blueberry compote

Irresistible muffins studded with juicy apple and sultanas

A delicious fruity homemade dessert

Healthy homemade lollies packed with berries and fruit

A simple and satisfying family favourite

A delicious budget-busting dessert, serve hot with vanilla ice-cream…

A very cheap & easy meal using baked beans…

A healthier take on sausage and mash with baked bangers and sweet potatoes

This recipe combines the classic flavours of almonds and raspberry jam for a trendy spin on a traditional Bakewell tart, with rectangular slices perfect for sharing

How To Cook With Toddlers + Kids

46 Easy No

Cooking with kids is fun and rewarding and these recipes are perfect for them to help you make! Here are some tips to make the most out of the experience.

  • Keep it Simple: to get the most out of your time together in the kitchen, pick simple and straight forward recipes that dont need a lot of ingredients or have complicated cooking steps.
  • Start Small: you dont want to make your kiddos overwhelmed on their first recipe, so start with simple tasks like measuring ingredients and mixing, and then progress to techniques that need a little more accuracy.
  • Stay Safe: depending on the age and confidence of your kids, keep them away from sharp blades and hot ovens, but they will be able to do a lot of the prep and they will be so excited to eat!
  • Read the Recipe: this might sound like a no-brainer, but make sure you read through the recipe first so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.
  • Be Prepared for a Mess: if you prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario, then, whatever happens, will be better than what you prepared for. Also, have lots of towels on hand )

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Easy Cookie Recipes To Make With Kids

Think of some of your fondest holiday memories. While trips to the Christmas tree farm and visits with Santa certainly top our lists, there is one activity that stands out: baking with our loved ones. We first learned how to use a stand mixer in Grandma’s kitchen, churning out batches of dough and pressing chocolate kisses into those famous peanut butter blossoms. The best way to pass on this tradition is to get the kids in the kitchen with you this holiday season.

When you’re baking with kids, there’s a bit of a learning curve. Rather than focus on achieving perfection, the fun of baking with family is in the process. These recipes are simple enough to execute alongside your favorite little elves, but most importantly, they’re built for family fun. From festive sprinkles and icing designs to classic family favorites, these recipes will help you pass on the joy of baking to the next generation.

Easiest Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Hannah Zimmerman / Southern Living

Four ingredients and 35 minutes later, you’ll have a batch of scrumptious, naturally gluten-free cookies. This quick cookie dough solely depends on peanut butter, sugar, and egg for its shape. The oil in the peanut butter and the proteins in the egg blend together with the sugar to make a cookie with a soft texture.

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Tips For Cooking With Toddlers

I put together some of my best tips for cooking with toddlersand perfect kitchen activities to start out withwhich you can find here.

My best tips are to keep things simple to start in terms of the recipes you choose, isolate just one or two steps until you get the hang of having a little sidekick, and let them do as much of the job themselves so they can really get into it and have fun.

Oh and also: Try your best not to stress too much about the messor at least know that its a normal part of the process.

And a learning tower can help get the kids to counter height, without worrying about a fall.

Festive Christmas Tree Pretzel Pops

Kid Size Cooking: Rainbow Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Spruce / Julia Hartbeck

What could be better for munching on by the tree than these adorable festive Christmas tree pretzel pops? This Christmas treat is super easy to create, with only two ingredients, plus whatever sprinkles or toppings you choose to add. Green candy is melted in the microwave and then drizzled over store-bought pretzel rods to look like trees. The kids can then decorate the trees any way they like.

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Healthy Recipes You Can Cook With Your Kids

With many schools now closed due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, you may be looking for activities to keep your children active, engaged, and entertained.

Although numerous activities can keep kids busy, cooking is one of the best choices, as its both fun and educational.

Cooking may help develop their problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills, increase confidence, and even improve diet quality by encouraging fruit and veggie intake .

Yet, its important to choose age-appropriate recipes and assign kitchen tasks that are safe for your child to tackle.

For example, very young children can help by washing vegetables, stirring ingredients, and cutting out shapes with cookie cutters while older children can take on more complex tasks, such as chopping and peeling.

Here are 15 healthy recipes that you can make with your kids.

Sheet Pan Veggie Fajitas

You’ll notice lots of Tex Mex and Mexican recipes in this list: because they’re always a hit with our kid! Try these Vegetarian Faijtas! These are so full flavored and satisfying, they please everyone around the table: even the meat lovers! This fajita recipe stars our favorite fajita veggies, roasted up on a sheet pan and served with refried beans and guacamole.

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Homemade Seasoned French Fries

Instead of going to a fast-food restaurant where their fries have ingredients youd need a science degree to understand, you can easily make your own from home.

Best of all, these fries taste ten times better than those often limp and flavorless potato sticks you get at many fast food joints.

Add some natural ketchup or easy homemade cheese dipping sauce, and youve got fries your kids will brag about to their friends!

My Favorite Youtube Cooking Channels For Kids

6 fun recipes to make with kids

THE BOW GIRLS: Adorable sisters Briena and Britney, not only make kid-friendly, colorful treats they also demonstrate savory recipes like homemade pizza, and healthy school lunches for school. Their videos feature slow paced, step-by-step demonstrations, so its easy for you and your kids to follow along.

CHARLIS CRAFTY KITCHEN: Another sister duo, this time from Australia. In addition to sweets, they also make healthier snacks, like fruit kabobs and real-fruit popsicles. Their videos are so popular, they were nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award.

COOK WITH AMBER: This channel is especially relatable for older kids. And Amber features plenty of healthy recipe tutorials, like hummus and granola.

KID FOOD NATION: Being married to a Canadian, I had to give a shout out to this kids cooking channel. Not only do they feature fun, healthy recipes, like Oh Canada Oatmeal, their channel has plenty of cooking tutorials to help kids learn basic skills, like cutting onions and making hard boiled eggs.

Of course, if kids are going to cook, theyll need some simple, fun and delicious recipes. To get you started here are over 50 recipes that kids love to make and eat. Whether your child is a beginner in the kitchen, or a bit more of an advance chef, theyre sure to find a great tasty new recipe to try.

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+ Fun Dinner Ideas For Kids

Are you a parent looking for some new quick dinner ideas for kids? Finding quick and easy dinners for kids can be a hassle, especially if youre serving picky eaters.

Take a Look

Families are busier than ever, but one thing never changes. Some families have kids who are picky eaters. We dont want to feed our kids food that they dont enjoy, so what is a busy parent to do? The fact is, there are tons of great dinner ideas that kids will love.

Its frustrating when your kids would rather munch on a bag of chips than eat a meal you worked so hard to make.

You see, no matter how great your dish may taste to you, kids tend to have different tastes from adults. And far too often, if they see anything green or that even resembles a vegetable, they are instantly turned off.

This is why we decided to put together a little list of 34 fun dinner ideas for kids that not only make your kiddos happier but save you a lot of valuable time.

Strawberry And Cantaloupe Yogurt Pops

Most kids love fruit, which is why strawberry and cantaloupe yogurt pops make a perfect snack.

Strawberries and cantaloupe are both loaded with fiber, vitamin C, and folate, a B vitamin thats important for growth and development .

Dipping fruit in protein-packed yogurt ups its nutrient content and boosts feelings of fullness.

This easy recipe is appropriate for children of all ages. Kids can cut the fruit, dip it in the yogurt, and slide the fruit onto popsicle sticks, depending on their age.

Many banana bread recipes require multiple steps that can leave your kitchen a mess.

Notably, this healthy recipe requires just one bowl and is kid-friendly.

Its high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats thanks to its almond flour, eggs, and flax meal. As such, its sure to keep your little ones satisfied between meals.

Plus, the dark chocolate chips and banana give this bread a hint of sweetness.

Have your children mash the bananas, measure ingredients, and fold the chocolate chips into the batter. Once its out of the oven, they can top their slices with nut butter for a boost of protein.

Ants on a log, which combines crunchy celery, smooth or chunky nut butter, and sweet, chewy raisins, is a classic snack for many kids.

If your child has a nut allergy, you can fill the celery with cottage cheese, cream cheese, or even mashed avocado for a more savory twist.

This recipe offers many variations of ants on a log sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

7 ).

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Healthier Oven Fried Chicken Tenders

Another great of our favorite healthy dinners for kids is this recipe for homemade Oven Fried Chicken Tenders.

Once again, you can save time and money by making these delicious tenders at home instead of picking up the frozen pre-cooked variety.

And with a couple of helpful tips, you can make your tenders extra crispy and juicy on the inside. Serve your tenders with some of their favorite sauces, such as BBQ, ranch, or honey mustard.

Easy Black Bean Chili

3 Christmas Cookies KIDS Can MAKE!

This black bean chili is a big hit with our 4 year old son and many of his friends. Its beyond simple to make, and the flavor is outstanding. Its got a hint of smokiness to highlight the tangy tomatoes and savory black beans. Top it with your favorite toppings, and its so hearty and savory, youll forget its healthy, too.

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