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What Is Thc Syrup

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THC syrup is a super delicious edible made using sugar, water, cannabis, and flavourings. Whether you enjoy it as a sweetener in tea or coffee, on a hot pile of pancakes, or simply on its own, this mouth-watering syrup is sure to not only please your taste buds, but also deliver that kick of THC we all know and love.

Cannabis syrups typically have a clear or golden colour and a rich, thick texture similar to maple syrup or cough medicine. They are also deliciously sweet and can be made with a wide variety of aromatic ingredients for more exciting flavours. THC syrup usually delivers the same effects as regular edibles, although it tends to set in a little quicker as it is far easier to digest.

Due to its potency and high sugar content, we recommend using THC syrup in moderation and paying close attention to dosing. Despite having a somewhat faster onset, cannabis syrup can still take some time to kick in, but it delivers long-lasting effects. As always, we recommend starting small and waiting about 1 hour before taking a second dose to get a feel for the syrup’s effects and potency, as well as your tolerance .

Note: THC syrup shouldnt be confused with sizzurp or lean, the highly addictive and dangerous codeine-based brew made from prescription-strength linctus, soft drinks, and fruit-flavoured hard candy.

How To Make Flavored Maple Syrup On The Stove

If you dont have three to seven days, theres a faster method to infused, flavored maple syrups. Instead of leaving jars to infuse in the refrigerator, well heat the syrup on the stove until its steaming but not quite boiling.

Once steaming, add flavor elements to the infusion and keep the pan steaming for 10-15 minutes. After that time, turn off the heat and let the syrup cool to room temperature before straining and storing in the refrigerator.

How To Choose Your Sweetener

You can change the flavor of your simple syrup by thoughtfully selecting your sweetener. Keep in mind that if your sweetener is dark, your simple syrup will be on the darker side as well. Also, choosing a liquid sweetener will yield more simple syrup, since sugar is reduced in volume when it melts.

Plain sugar yields a perfectly neutral simple syrup that will sweeten your drink without imparting additional flavors. Sometimes thats just what you want!

Brown sugar would be almost maple-like, and I imagine it would go well with coffee or bourbon. Coconut sugar would be similar, though more intensely flavored.

Honey is my favorite sweetener for simple syrup. Honeys fragrant, floral qualities go especially well with gin, tequila and vodka-based drinks. Straight from the bottle, honey doesnt mix well with cold drinks, but turning it into simple syrup solves the problem.

Tempted to use maple syrup? Great idea, but you can just drizzle it straightno need to dilute it with water. Since its more concentrated, you may only need half as much maple syrup as simple syrup. I love to use maple syrup in whiskey drinks, like the Old Fashioned.

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Does Thc Syrup Have To Be Refrigerated

Yes. We always recommend storing your THC syrup in a glass container in the door of your refrigerator. Again, THC syrup wont go off thanks to its high sugar content, but keeping it in the fridge will keep it fresher for longer.

There you have it! Now that you know how to make, use, and store THC syrup, it’s time to get in the kitchen and start cooking!

What Type Of Sugar Works Best For Cinnamon Syrup

Simple Syrup Recipe for Cocktails and Other Beverages
  • Regular white granulated sugar makes a great cinnamon syrup. It’s the cheapest option if you use a lot of cinnamon syrup.
  • Demerara sugar is another excellent choice that gives the syrup a richer flavor to back up the cinnamon.
  • Brown sugar is an option, though it’s best to split it with white sugar. The cinnamon can get lost behind the darker sugar, so begin with 1 part of each sugar and see how you like it. Yet, if you were to add even more spices, something like this brown sugar spiced simple syrup can be very useful.
  • You can also use sugar substitutes. Each will be a little different so taste it regularly to see how the flavor develops.

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Simple Syrup For Cocktails

What is simple syrup? It is pretty simple really, its is just a mixture of sugar and water. However, it is a crucial part of cocktails and soda fountain drinks and without a standard formula, many cocktails can become cloyingly sweet or unbalanced. In the Mixologist: The Journal of the American Cocktail, I wrote an in-depth article on how to make a simple syrup and some background information on the types of sugar you can use to make it. In this post, Im going to provide you with a couple of recipes to get you started, but if you would like more information, please feel free to pick up a copy of Mixologist.

The basics formulas are ratios of 1:1, 3:2 and 2:1 sugar to water. The most common syrup, for cocktails, is the 2:1 formula. At soda fountains in the 1890s, the United States Pharmacopeia stated that simple syrup should be made at a concentration of 14 lbs of sugar per gallon of water which equals 1672 grams of sugar per litre of water or close to a 5:3 ratio. For comparison 2:1 syrup has 2000 grams of sugar per litre of water. However, pharmacists at soda fountains typically used a 1:1 ratio as it mixed better, though many of the manuals give a 3:2 ratio, confusing, yes. The current USP guidelines is 850 grams of sucrose and 450 ml of water which will create one litre of syrup.

Check out Orgeat Syrup and Sour Mix for more information on making cocktail ingredients.

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Heat the water

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How Do You Make Simple Syrup At Home

How to Make Simple Syrup | Cocktail Recipes

In a saucepanI tend to use a 2.5 quart one because thats my favorite and it allows me some wiggle room if I want to make a bigger batchcombine the granulated sugar and water. Swirl them together or stir with a wooden spoon.

Place the saucepan on the stovetop, and heat the ingredients over high heat. You want to heat the simple syrup just until the sugar has dissolved into the waterand this will be before it comes to a boil, so keep an eye on it. This should only take 5 minutes tops.

When the sugar has completely dissolved into the water, remove the saucepan from the heat, and let it cool. If youre going to infuse it with flavors, add those now so they can infuse while the sugar syrup cools, too.

When the homemade simple syrup has come to room temperature, pour it into a mason jar, and screw on the lid. Store in the refrigerator for a month or until its all gone.

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Can I Add Flavour To This Cannabis Syrup

Absolutely! You can infuse the flavours of pretty much any fruit, spice, or herb into this cannabis sugar syrup. To add flavour to your syrup, simply add whatever fruit/herb/spice you want during cooking then strain it out with a filter or sieve at the end.

Here are some flavour ideas:

  • Lemon
  • Lavender

Molasses Simple Syrup Recipe For Cocktails

This rich and lightly spiced molasses simple syrup will add complexity and style to many of your favorite cocktails.

Eric, the creator of this recipe, calls it fancy but simple syrup because it makes use of fancy molasses in place of white sugar usually called for in a simple syrup. The standard simple syrup is sweet but flavourless. Using molasses as the sugar base elevates this simple syrup to a whole new level, making it the ideal companion in all sorts of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

With this molasses simple syrup, you can make two delicious and refreshing cocktails

This rich and lightly spiced syrup will add complexity and style to many of your favorite cocktails.

  • Crosbys Molasses
  • ½ cup of Crosbys Fancy Molasses
  • ½ cup of water
  • Lightly crush spices before putting all ingredients into a sauce pan.
  • Warm over low-to-medium heat and stir until molasses is fully dissolved in the water.
  • Allow a minimum of 10 minutes on the stove before removing from heat.
  • Let syrup cool.
  • Use a mesh strainer to remove spices.
  • **Note** Do not boil. Allow mixture to fully cool to room temperature before straining, refrigerating, or using.

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    Try A Wild Rose Hip Syrup

    Flower petals are not the only thing the rose plant has to offer our drinks. A fun alternative to this syrup is to harvest wild rose hips in late summer and early fall and use them to make a syrup.

    The rose hip syrup will not be floral like this one. Instead, it has a tangy, almost sour, flavor that’s quite fun to play with in drinks. Some people swear that the flavor gets better after the first frost, but your time is then limited on harvesting the hips. Also, be sure the roses you pick from are pesticide-free.

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    Can You Make Flavored Simple Syrup

    Simple Syrup Recipe

    Yes, you can! Flavored syrups are fun as well. Here are a few flavoring options:

    • Cinnamon: Add a few sticks of cinnamon to the syrup when it’s hot, and let steep for a few hours or overnight. Strain and store.
    • Herbal syrup: Springs of rosemary, lemon thyme, lemon verbena, sage, mint, and/or lemon balm leaves all make wonderful additions to simple syrup. Add a small handful of the fresh herbs to the hot syrup, steep for about 30 minutes, then strain and store.
    • Vanilla syrup: Add a split vanilla bean to the simmering syrup. Let the vanilla bean cool in the syrup. Strain and store.
    • Ginger syrup: Cut slices from a 3-inch piece of ginger root and add to the simmering syrup. Let the ginger slices cool in the syrup. Strain and store.
    • Honey or Demerara sugar: Use the same 1 to 1 one formula of honey or sugar to water. Honey offers a light floral quality while demerara sugar brings a deeper, richer note than a syrup made with granulated sugar.

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    How To Store Lavender Syrup

    • Refrigerate the lavender simple syrup in a well-sealed jar or airtight container for about two weeks. Check for spoilage before using.
    • For longer storage, keep lavender simple syrup in an airtight container in the freezer . Because of the sugar ratio, the syrup will not freeze completely but will be good for several months.

    Easy Simple Syrup Flavor Variations

    We can impart extra flavor to our simple syrup by steeping herbs, spices, and more in the mixture. Just add them before warming the mixture, and leave them in until your simple syrup has cooled to room temperature. If youre interested, Id pick one, or maybe two, flavorings that will complement your drink.

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    Rose Syrup Drink Ideas

    The uses of this syrup are endless. Use it in place of plain simple syrup for delicate cocktails like the Lemon Drop Martini or to give favorites like the Vodka Collins a floral touch. It also pairs well with soft fruits like you find in the Lotus Blossom Martini and Cucumber Melon-tini.

    In her book, “Preggatinis,” Natalie Bovis has a mocktail called the Garden Rose that is fantastically refreshing. It pairs this syrup with cucumber, non-alcoholic Chardonnay, and club soda.

    On the super simple side of things, make your own rose soda by using 1/2 to 3/4 ounce of rose syrup topped with seltzer. Try adding a little white cranberry juice or pear or pear nectar for another dimension of flavor.

    Have a dry white wine that needs a little help? Stir in a little rose syrup to sweeten it up. It’s a great trick for dressing up both still and sparkling wines that you’re not too fond of.

    This is also a great sweetener for a variety of teas.

    How To Dose Thc Syrup

    How to make Flavored Simple Syrups – Drink recipes from Bartending Bootcamp

    Dosing cannabis edibles can always be a bit tricky. If youve stuck to the recipe mentioned above, 1 teaspoon of syrup should provide a nice, clear-headed, euphoric buzz thatll still allow you to go about your day. If youre looking for a heavier, more psychedelic effect, consider taking 23 tablespoons of syrup. As always, we recommend starting low and building up your dose gradually.

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    How To Use Cinnamon Syrup

    Cinnamon is one of the most versatile flavored syrups you can make. Add a splash to a cup of coffee, spiced tea, or warm milk. It’s also the key ingredient to making a cinnamon latte. Its usefulness in cocktails is nearly endless. Some of the more obvious are fall and winter recipes such as a fall sangria and poinsettia punch. Use it as an alternative to ground cinnamon in apple martinis or pumpkin cocktails. Other recipes that call for this syrup are not seasonal. The classic zombie punch, for instance, mixes it into a rum-filled tropical cocktail with tons of flavor, and it’s lovely with fruits in recipes like the raspberry peach cobbler.

    Adapting And Using Simple Syrup

    The world of homemade syrup is endless. You can get pretty creative with fruit syrups, herb syrups, spiced syrups, and more. Making your own syrups at home is a great way to take your home creations to a new level by introducing different flavor profiles into your cocktail. Simple syrup is just the start.

    Simple syrup isnt limited to cocktail swizzling either its also ideal for flavoring coffee or tea . You can also drizzle a dry cake with simple syrup to moisten or flavor it, and use a large batch of simple syrup to make a simple sorbet or granita with fresh fruit.

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    Did You Make This Recipe

    Sugar Free Simple Syrup

    This cocktail mix was created for us by Eric Scouten

    Working as an industry professional for most of the last two decades, Eric has worked from fine dining to the concrete floors of a brew house. Passionate about alcohol history and flavour profiling has afforded him the opportunity to work with many of Canadas best chefs and mixologists. Eric has been mentioned in a number of publications including EnRoute and GQ magazine owing to his abilities behind the bar. In 2016 Eric was named one of the top 10 mixologists that are putting Canada on the map .

    He is also an avid forager of wild foods and a loving father.

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    Why I Love This Recipe:

    Once you know the simple syrup ratio of water to granulated sugar, youre absolutely golden. That ratio is 1-1.

    So homemade simple syrup for cocktails requires the same amount of water and sugar together to make it.

    Once you know the basic recipe, too, you can make twists on it, like mint simple syrup and cinnamon simple syrup! You can also take this recipe and twist it a bit farther to use the same idea for honey simple syrup, a molasses simple syrup or a maple simple syrup. Because while these three have liquid sweeteners, they can get clumpy when added to cold drinks!

    Recipes where you can use homemade simple syrup: Cranberry Moscow Mule |

    Need cocktail inspiration? Head on over to my Drink Recipe Index for some ideasof what to mix at home next!

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