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Freezer Friendly Black Bean Burgers

150 FREEZER MEALS! | EASY Meal Prep Recipes | Large Family Cooking

Perfect for Meatless Monday, the entire family will love these black bean burgers! These burgers are so delicious and packed with onions and peppers. Plus, they’re SO easy to prepare ahead, freeze, and reheat whenever anyone in the house needs a quick meal!

These Salsa Verde Chicken Tacos are delicious and perfect for Taco Tuesday! The best part is this recipe can be prepped raw and frozen for later. Hello easy weeknight dinner!

– from Meal Plan Addict

This Healthier Taco Casserole can go straight from the freezer to the oven for the easiest kind of weeknight meal! Kids and adults alike will love the flavors of this lightened up, freezer friendly casserole.

– from Sweet Peas & Saffron

The Best Of The Bowls

These bowls get lots of really good stuff into one compact little package, and are one of our simple weeknight dinner staples. A lot of them can be prepped ahead making for some quick dinner ideas for kids!

  • Were obsessed with this Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Bowl. Shredded seaweed, thinly sliced cucumber, creamy chunks of avocado, and of course that sriracha mayo all add up to one incredibly tasty take on dinner. We serve all the deconstructed parts to our kids and they love it!
  • Brown rice and black beans kick of this loaded Chicken Fajita Burrito Bowl thats topped with our Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas and alllll the toppings for a completely customizable dish even picky eaters will chow.

Large Family Slow Cooker Recipes

Whether youre looking for an easy meal to throw in the slow cooker on a busy day for your large family or you want to start your day with a hearty breakfast, these quick and cheap large family slow cooker recipes are sure to be a hit at your large family table!

Tender and juicy roast with brown rice is a crowd pleaser every time I make it. If you have two slow cooker , itll be even easier to make this Steak Roast and Brown Rice.

This Garlic & Lemon Chicken recipe makes enough for four dinners! Its super healthy and low-carb friendly.

Youll feel like youve gone out to dinner when your family dines on this easy Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki Freezer Meal.

Your family will enjoy this batch of Cream Ranch Pork Chops. It goes well with vegetables, salad, and bread.

Does your family love Broccoli and Beef? If so, this recipe is for you! Its easy to make, goes great with a side of rice, and can be prepared as a freezer meal if you like preparing meals ahead of time.

I , Last night I set a gallon size bag of frozen homemade spaghetti sauce from my freezer into my refrigerator. Then at lunchtime today I plopped that mostly defrosted bag into the slow cooker to warm until dinner time. No meat cooking mess. No sauce mess. Just dump and go. Now Ill throw a spaghetti squash in the #instantpot for me and noodles on to boil for the family.

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Budget Meals For Large Families

Discover the best budget recipes whether you have six, eight or more to feed. From classic cottage pie to a family-friendly curry, read our tips on how to buy cheaper ingredients and bulk out your cooking without compromising on flavour. We’ve picked our most popular recipes that are healthy, balanced and, best of all, purse-friendly!

What To Cook On For Large Families When Camping

16 Easy, Cheap Slow Cooker Recipes For Large Families ...

When it comes to a camping stove to cook on for our family of 6, we use the Campingaz 400-SG Series Two Burner Stove. It folds up very slim which is important when space is a premium in the car. Its also easy to clean and has removable griddles, so it can be used for grilling and toasting, in addition to pan cooking. Another plus point is the stove has Xcelerate burner technology which is more economical and uses 50% less gas than traditional stoves. Weve found the two burner is good for us for most meals and sometimes we use a fire pit for cooking things like corn on the cob and obviously for the ubiquitous toasting of marshmallows!

Buy it on

Campingaz 400-SG Series Two Burner Stove Review

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Cheap Meals For Large Families

Do you have a BIG family to feed on a little budget? Does the phrase cheap meals for large families evoke visions of bland and boring dishes? If so, youre in for a pleasant surprise actually, 39 pleasant surprises. Here are 39 lip-smacking good cheap meals for big families!

Feeding a family on a tight budget is always a challenge. Luckily, thanks to the Internet , there are ways to come up with tasty and healthy cheap meals for large families. Get ready to be inspired !

Note: These so called cheap meals for big families arent just for large families. Whether you need cheap meals for a family of 5 or 1, these recipes can be adapted to fit!

Also, theres also no rule that says you have to use them to feed your family! Write your favorite cheap big meals on these free printable recipe cards and save them for your next office potluck!

Coming up with cheap meals for large families recipes does require a bit of creativity and occasionally the employ of some groceries shopping secrets, but it can be done! Here are 39 cheap meals for large families to get you inspired to eat well, live well, and save big!

Psst! Before you sink your teeth into these tasty and cheap big meals, get prepared to take advantage of your favorites by downloading this and !

Quick & Cheap Large Family Slow Cooker Recipes

When I make this Philly Cheese Steak recipe, I use whatever type of beef roast I can get. That means you can use whichever meat best fits your budget and your familys taste.

By making taco meat in the slow cooker, we can use it to make tacos, nachos, or taco salad. There are so many ways to use this meat, we dont feel as if were eating the same thing over and over again.

Make this recipe for Bacon Parmesan Garlic Chicken and Red Potatoes, and your house will smell divine as it cooks.

Its not difficult to serve your large family a delicious meal even if youre gone all day. Try some Pork Ragu Over Fettuccine for a delicious slow cooker Italian meal.

This hot and cheese Slow Cooker Lasagna is the perfect large family meal. Pair it with easy sides like carrot sticks and apple slices for a dinner that is sure to please your crowd.

This recipe couldnt be any easier! Make your house smell delicious while you cook some Chicken Parmesan in your slow cooker.

Pulled Chicken BBQ is a great recipe to make when theres not a lot of time for meal-prepping.

Its not hard to make a batch of homemade cream of chicken soup. Use it as the base for homemade Chicken Pot Pie in the slow cooker.

The beauty of this Slow Cooker Cabbage Soup recipe is that you cant really go wrong with it.

When I make this Slow Cooker Italian Chicken recipe, the whole family comments on how good the house smells.

This recipe for Easy Chicken Fajitas is literally a dump and go kind of recipe.

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Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

I love sheet pan meals because they require very little cleanup and dishes with everything just cooking to perfection on a single pan. These chicken fajitas are a great oven meal served with warm flour tortillas, shredded cheese, avocado and sour cream. My picky eaters love them!

Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas Recipe & Instructions

Free Emergency Pantry Planning Pack


Dont forget to sign up for the emergency pantry planning pack for free to help you plan your pantry meals! The free Emergency Pantry Planning Pack will help you plan your needed pantry items! Printable pages include pantry inventory, grocery lists, meal planners, list of pantry staple items, and more.

Chicken pot pie is a traditional meal that is easy to adjust for the size of your family. You can use the recipe here to make your own crust or use a refrigerated crust for convenience. Heres my SUPER MEGA Large Family Chicken Pot Pie Recipe that of course is also freezer-friendly!

Busy moms are often on the hunt for easy recipes to simply dinner prep. This Hawaiian Chicken & Rice Casserole is perfect because you can also use a store-bought rotisserie chicken for a low-prep dinner option.

King Ranch chicken casserole is a comfort food classic. it combines layers of chicken, tortillas, and cheese for a cheesy casserole that is sure to please even your pickiest eater.

This loaded baked potato chicken casserole is perfect for weeknight family dinners, and its sure to become a family favorite. Go ahead and make up a super mega bunch of these poplar Twice Baked Potatoes with added freezer meal directions if thats your thing!

This bacon cheeseburger tater tot casserole is sure to please the entire family. It can be made ahead of time and frozen for later. Then, pull it out on a night when you dont have time to cook a meal from scratch.

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Vegetable Curry For A Crowd

One-pot curries are a great budget meal idea if youre feeding little ones, you can halve the curry paste in this recipe so that it isnt too spicy. The butternut squash, aubergine and courgette make it a healthy option, too. Or try our flavoursome pork & chickpea curry. Both serve at least eight.

Looking For More Sheet Pan Meal Ideas

If you enjoy the simplicity of sheet pan meals, then be sure to check out my Easy and Simple Large Family Sheet Pan Dinners Pack One, my Easy and Simple Sheet Pan Breakfasts Pack Two, and my Easy and Simple Sheet Pan Lunches Pack Three. You can also grab them all in this amazing bundle of ALL THREE Sheet Pan Packs.

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Camping Recipes For Large Families And Big Groups


Weve just returned from a camping holiday with our family of 6 and Ive realised we need more ideas for camping meal ideas and camping recipes for large families. Most camping recipes Ive seen sound delicious but theyre only practical for families of 2-3 people. Wed be cooking all night if we wanted to feed all 6 of us! If youre camping with a group of friends you need one pot or simple grill camping meals that dont require a ton of pots and pans and can be cooked on a simple stove or even better over a fire! We love camping with friends and all eating together so these are our best easy camping recipes for large families or big groups. Dont have a camping fridge? Heres some great tips on keeping food cool when camping. See here for advice if youre camping as a large group and wondering what suits large families best Caravan or campervan?

  • Camping Essentials for Familes
  • Bulk Meal Prep Ideas For Large Families

    Cheap Lunch


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    The best way to save time on cooking is to meal prep, no matter what size your family is! This list is full of homemade food prep ideas, and every recipe makes at least SIX servings! From dinners that make the best lunch leftovers, to easy freezer meals for large families, to batch breakfast prep, here are 25 Bulk Meal Prep Ideas for Large Families!

    Lots of meal prep recipes on my site make four portions, but what if you have six people in your family? Obviously you need recipes that make more servings so you can feed everyone.

    Ive compiled 25 recipes that would work meal prep wonders for large families. Heres what these recipes have in common:

    • They make at least SIX servings, but most make more!
    • They can be doubled or tripled easily. Cook once, eat multiple times!
    • They can be prepared ahead and frozen, OR they make the best leftovers! (both saving you time later in the week
    • They will save you time during the week!

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    Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

    Slow cooker meals can be a lifesaver during busy weeks.

    I love getting everything ready the night before and setting it to cook all day. Theres nothing like coming home to a warm dinner thats all ready to go.

    And this pulled pork is one of my favorites.

    Sweet, slightly spiced, and so tender, all you need to do is shred and serve!

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    The 25 Best Large Family Freezer Meals: Easy Recipes Simple Ingredients

    The best large family freezer meals are easy to make, with simple ingredients. Get the recipes here.

    You know those days when you get out of bed late, and everything that happens next seems to snowball until your day is one big mess?

    Well, you can make everything much easier on yourself with just a little prep work, and this list of large family freezer meals.

    This list is gonna come in handy over and over, so make sure you bookmark it or pin it!

    And by the way, dont miss out on my other lists of large family friendly meals:

    FYI, every recipe in this list and my other recommended lists are easy, cheap meals with simple ingredients that I make for my family of 8 on a regular basis .

    Lets dive in!

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    What Should I Make For A Large Family Dinner

    If you have found yourself wondering what to feed a large crowd for dinner, below you will find over 100 recipes to give you ideas on what to feed a large group. Coming up with what to make for a dinner party or what to make for a large family gathering can be daunting, so I have compiled over 100 recipes for you to try.

    Here you will find over 100 easy recipes to cook for large groups that will leave your guests happy, even kids!

    And if you need even more large family dinner ideas, see this original post with over 250 Cheap Meals for Large Families with even more big family recipes!

    If you find yourself wondering how to cook for a large group of people, you may also be wondering what tools are necessary. Check out my Must Have Large Family Cooking Supplies.

    Make Big Dinners A Breeze With These 20 Easy Recipes For Large Groups


    As much as we’d love to skip ahead and enjoy the food and company, when you’re the main cook for a dinner party or Thanksgiving meal, you’re attention is required elsewhere. While I personally love hosting, constantly getting pulled away from a conversation to check on a meal can be a real drag. And on top of that, depending on the size of your guest list, feeding a crowd can require cooking for several hours.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of recipes out there that require little work and leave a lot more time for play. And most importantly, they make plenty of food to go around! With these easy recipes, you’ll make any holiday party, game day, or soirée a breeze.

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    Chicken & Zucchini Casserole

    Ive made this recipe countless times, and its always a hit with my kids. I do recommend the StoveTop brand of stuffing because its packed full of flavor, making any additional seasoning unnecessary. You could also add other soft veggies to the mix if youd like such as squash, corn or mushrooms.

    Chicken Zucchini Casserole Recipe & Instructions

    Gnocchi With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

    This veggie supper of a rich roasted red pepper sauce and baked cheesy gnocchi is a low-fat family supper you can prepare in minutes with our easy sauce

  • 27 mins
  • A star rating of 4.3 out of 5.4 ratings

    Sweet and spicy marinated pork belly served with crisp fresh lettuce makes a sensational barbecued dish

  • 30 mins
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    Do You Have More Instant Pot Recipes

    Yes!! I have a ton more recipes in my shop! Check out my Large Family Delightful and Abundant 4-Week Electric Pressure Cooker Meal Plan Pack One, and the Large Family Filling and Wholesome 4-Week Electric Pressure Cooker Pack Two.Or make it easy on your budget and time and grab the DOUBLE BUNDLE that includes both Electric Pressure Cooker Packs packs one and two!

    Slow Cooker Shredded Balsamic Beef

    32 Family Dinner Ideas

    Everyone, from ages 4 to 42, devoured this tender, flavorful meat dish. I have served it with mashed potatoes , which is perfect for all that extra sauce in the crock. Then, the next night we had this same Slow Cooker Shredded Balsamic Beef on mini wheat rolls as french dip sandwiches. A great idea on making this stretch for a large group.

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    + Simple And Easy Large Family Oven Dinners

    Whether your days are full of homeschooling adventures or theyre full of wrangling kids and running your household, youre going to have to serve dinner at the end of the day. Feeding a large family can be extra challenging when youre busy. These large family oven dinners will help you feed your family a healthy meal without a lot of prep work.

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