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Holiday Cooking & Baking Recipes: Q& A with Paula Pt. 6 – Thanksgiving Edition

For courses in cooking and food prep.

On cooking ebook is widely respected for its blend of culinary fundamentals and career-oriented content, along with the authors strong voice in the industry. This trusted text continues to serve as the standard with coverage of key trends in cooking today, including healthy eating, sous vide, curing and smoking foods, global cuisines, and more than 200 new photos.

Prepare for the kitchen with Pearson Kitchen Manager, maximizing the value of your recipe content. With this collection of On Cooking recipes, you can quickly perform simple tasks such as recipe scaling, recipe costing, and recipe conversions.

Other Special Editions And Printings

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1995: a hardbound edition illustrated by Ginnie Hofmann and Ikki Matsumoto was released.

1998: a reproduction, described as “a perfect facsimile of that original 1931 edition”, was released.

Pair With Mylab Culinary To Enhance Your Students Experience

The texts time-tested approach is further enhanced with MyLab Culinary, a dynamic online teaching and learning tool that helps instructors manage their course and students succeed in the classroom. A wealth of chapter features helps students learn, practice, and retain concepts.

  • UPDATED! Pearson® Kitchen Manager has been redesigned and rebuilt for an improved customer experience and better connection to the Learning Objectives. With this collection of On Cooking recipes, you can quickly perform simple tasks such as recipe scaling, recipe costing, and recipe conversions.
  • NEW! Chapter 0, Culinary Math Fundamentals, with one model problem for 20 identified math concepts, with 10 practice problems for each concept .
  • Videos have been updated to align with On Cooking or current American Culinary Federation Standards. Video Assessment Questions will be included with each video.

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On Cooking: A Textbook Of Culinary Fundamentals6th Edition

  • eTextC$49.95

Pearson eText On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals — Instant Access

ISBN-13: 9780136874904

MyLab Culinary and Pearson Kitchen Manager with Pearson eText — Instant Access — for On Cooking

ISBN-13: 9780134873220

  • eText included
  • Instant access once purchased
  • Register with a Course ID, a link from your instructor or an LMS link

Hallmark Features Help Students Learn Practice And Retain Concepts

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  • Learning Objectives in each chapter enable students to focus on key topics.
  • Chapter Introductions summarize the main themes and help reinforce topics.
  • call out important key terms. A helpful phonetic pronunciation guide for non-English terms is included.
  • Safety Alerts highlight safety concerns and encourage students to incorporate food safety and sanitation into their regular kitchen activities.
  • Enhanced! The updated Sixth Edition includes all recent updates in food safety. An increased emphasis on sanitation is highlighted in the Safety Alerts feature.
  • New! Flavor sidebars show how flavoring ingredients may be used to change the character of a dish.
  • Chapter Summary and Questions for Discussion encourage students to integrate theory and technique into a broader understanding of the material.

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On Cooking: A Textbook Of Culinary Fundamentals Without Access Code

  • 0134441907 / 9780134441900 On Cooking: A Textbook of Culinary Fundamentals, 6/e
  • 0134872770 / 9780134872773 MyCulinaryLab and Pearson Kitchen Manager with Pearson eText — Access Card — for On Cooking, 6/e

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From the Back CoverAbout the Author

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On Cooking 6th Edition

For over two decades, On Cooking has prepared students for successful careers in the culinary arts. Clear and comprehensive, this On cooking ebook teaches the hows and whys of cooking and baking principles, while providing step-by-step instructions, visual guidance, and recipes to clarify techniques. Now with this Sixth Edition, you can master up-to-the minute hot trends like sous-vide, curing, and smoking.

On Cooking 6th Edition is a good book that anyone will find very useful for study. The On cooking ebook is a wonderful material that you will definitely enjoy reading and you shouldnt have any issue downloading this book PDF for free on a good eBook website.So you can access this book in PDF on this PDF BOOK SITE. Here you can access this book together with other books for free on this website, its a wonderful place to download PDF books.

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Coming Soon Updates Exclusive To Mylab Culinary For On Cooking 6th Edition

MyLab for On Cooking, 6th Edition, will come with these new and improved features for active learning:

  • Pearson Kitchen Manager will be enhanced with a revamped collection of On Cooking recipes. In this digital forum, simple tasks such as recipe scaling, costing, and conversions become even easier, and youll get hands-on exposure to help you meet core learning objectives.
  • A new chapter 0, Culinary Math Fundamentals, will include one model problem and 10 practice problems for each of 20 identified math concepts.

The new edition will also have the following updated chapter resources:

  • Short writing assignments for each chapter will complement your work in Pearson Kitchen Manager, while building critical analysis and problem solving skills.
  • Chapter quizzes and tests include multiple-choice questions aligned with learning objectives.
  • More than 100 videos reinforce fundamental culinary techniques consistent with the latest standards of the American Culinary Federation.
  • Culinary rubrics and correlation guides reflect current standards of the American Culinary Federation.

Eighth Edition 75th Anniversary Edition


During 2006, Scribner published a 75th anniversary edition, containing 4,500 recipes, that reproduced much of Rombauer’s original style. The new version removes some of the professionalism of the 1997 edition and returns many simpler recipes and recipes assisted by ready-made products such as cream of mushroom soup and store-bought wontons. The 2006 edition also reinstates the cocktail section and the frozen desserts section, and restores much of the information that was omitted for the 1997 edition.

The new version includes a new index section named “Joy Classics” that contains 35 recipes from 1931 to 1975 and a new nutrition section. It was still edited and written by the Rombauer-Becker family.

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Ideal For Your Visual Learners

  • Contains more than 1,700 original color photographsincluding 250 new photographscovering identification, plated dish, and procedural sequences.
  • Product Identification: Hundreds of original color photographs help students recognize and identify ingredients.
  • Procedures: Step-by-step color photographs of various stages in the preparation of ingredients and dishes help students visualize unfamiliar techniques and encourage them to review classroom or kitchen activities whenever necessary.
  • Line Drawings: Detailed line drawings illustrate tools and equipment without brand identification. Other drawings depict the skeletal structure of meat animals, fish, and poultry.

Over 800 Proven Tested Recipes And Variations

  • Measurements include both U.S. and metric measurements.
  • Illustrations show both sequential photos showing the preparation as well as many finished-dish photos.
  • Variations illustrate how to modify recipe ingredients to create new dishes.
  • Nutritional Analysis available for all recipes, prepared by a registered dietician.
  • Sidebars present information on food history to illustrate the culinary arts in a wider social context.
  • Wide variety of recipes from basic to advanced, from many sources including famous restaurants and culinary schools.

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