Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Recipe

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Once You Know How To Make Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee At Home Easily Its Easy To Change Up Your Cold Brew Flavors Since You Already Have Your Pitcher Full In The Fridge


Just grab whatever add-ins you and your family enjoy and in a couple minutes you are happily sipping away on an ice cold smooth tasting cold brew coffee!

  • Mix in some coconut water with your water for a coco-nutty flavor.
  • Try sweetened condensed milk for a creamy-sweet treat!
  • Add in some vanilla ice cream and a splash of vanilla or a vanilla bean and make a float!
  • If you want an ice-cold undiluted cold brew, make Cold Brew coffee ice cubes and toss them into your beverage.

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew is crafted by hand in small batches, then easily prepared at home by steeping a special blend of coffee in cold water for 12 hours. This longer process extracts a uniquely distinctive, inherently sweeter flavor from the beans reminiscent of dark chocolate.

Tip: If you mix yours in a type of mason jar, you can screw the lid on it and shake, shake, shake, until everything is well mixed and frothy, mmmm!

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Easy Cold Brew Coffee 3 Ways

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This Cold Brew Coffee is incredibly smooth and balanced, and is so simple to make using Dunkin Donuts® Cold Brew. Here are 3 easy ways to enjoy it: Cold Brew with Simple Syrup, Cold Brew Mochas and Cold Brew Lemonade. Perfect for summer!

When hot weather moves in, dont we all need some great ways to cool down? Dunkin Donuts® Cold Brew is one of the smoothest and richest tasting coffees, and theres no grinding beans or dealing with filters. Its available in-store at Walmart and is so easy to make!

We use cold brew to make fun iced drinks all summer long! Cold brew is great for everyday coffee needs, and is also an awesome entertaining idea for parties and barbecues. Make a coffee bar and let your guests create their own!

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What Is The Charli Cold Brew

The Dunkin Charli Cold Brew is 3 pumps of caramel swirl with whole milk. This isnt exactly a new thing to the Dunkin menu. You could always order a medium cold brew and customize it with the 3 pumps of caramel swirl flavor and whole milk.

However, this combination was named The Charli because of Charli DAmelio, the most followed person on TikTok.

Dunkin partnered with her to make this her drink as this is apparently her go-to order. So heres how you can make it for yourself at home.Since youre making it at home, you do have the flexibility to use your favorite dark roast blend for the cold brew coffee and use dairy alternative milk to customize it exactly how you like it. You could just end up renaming it to the Your Name Cold Brew.

A Observe On The Distinction Between Caramel Syrup And Caramel Sauce:

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew 10

So, Starbucks and each different fancy espresso place have two various things happening syrups and sauces.

The syrups are the widely clear liquids that you simply see in giant bottles with pumps on high. These pumps of taste are the spine of the entire flavored drinks.

In the event you watch carefully, these pumps of taste are normally the very first thing the barista will add to your cup after you order.

However then, as soon as the drink is full, for the ultimate garnish , theyre utilizing one thing totally different, which is a sauce.

Within the photographs on this publish, caramel syrup was used to make the flavored iced espresso, and caramel sauce was used because the garnish on high.

Ive a do-it-yourself caramel sauce included in my apple and pecan tart recipe should youd wish to strive your hand at that.

However I usually use a retailer purchased sauce , and I like that simply as properly.

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How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home

May 17, 2018

Whether you enjoy your coffee hot or cold, one thing is for sureThe day starts off much smoother when you can get a delicious perfect cup at home! No need to stand in line. Today, I am sharing How To Make Cold Brew Coffee At Home easily!

For many, nothing gets the day off to a solid start like coffee does! As we come into summer being able to make Cold Brew Coffee at home easily is a win in my world! Dunkin Donuts has made it deliciously easy for you to make a perfect Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee at homeevery time!

All you have to do is drop, steep and enjoy however you like! Its that easy! Each box comes with 2 packets that each contains 2 Cold Brew Coffee packets. They are like giant tea bags. Each packet makes 56 ounces of Cold Brew Coffee which means one box makes just about a gallon, so you are set for the week!

What Is Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee is made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12 hours. The result is an exceptionally smooth and sweet flavor without the acidity and bitterness commonly found in regularly brewed hot coffee.

Cold brew coffee is ideal for making any kind of chilled coffee drinks. Some of the things we love about cold brew:

  • Cold brew has a smooth and balanced taste
  • Its incredibly simple to make cold brew coffee at home. Theres no special equipment, so no coffee filters or French press required!
  • A batch of cold brew can be made ahead of time to last an entire week, taking some pressure off hectic morning schedules.

Cold brew also wont melt ice cubes and dilute flavors like hot coffee will when making iced coffee.

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Cold Brew Coffee Recipes

Caramel Cold Brew

  • Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee
  • 1 ½ C Half & Half
  • ¼ C Caramel Sauce
  • Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee
  • 1 C Cream of Coconut
  • 1 C Half & Half

and last, but not least, my FAVORITE

Dulce de Leche Cold Brew

  • 4 cups Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee
  • 6 ounces, fluid Dulce De Leche
  • 1 cup Heavy Cream
  • 2 Tablespoons Sugar
  • 6 Tablespoons Chocolate, Grated

Another thing that I love about the Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew is that its so fun for brunches. I love setting up my buffet with different flavorings so that I can make an entire pitcher, but, all of my guests are also happy with being able to flavor their own cold brew. So, the next time you are hosting a brunch, keep that in mind!

Looking for a few recipes to go alongside your Cold Brew? Check these out:

Frozen Chocolate Coffee Coolatta

NEW Dunkin’ Chocolate Stout Cold Brew with Sweet Foam Review!

The last but definitely not the least on our list is the Frozen Chocolate Coffee Coolata. While iced coffee is great and all, some days youre all about the texture and the feeling on your tongue.

And Dunkin has got your back here, with their Coolatta slushies. With their entire line of frozen coffee available for customization, your choices will never fall short.

Weve already said it before, the true test for any coffee establishment is their mocha, and the same holds true for their slushies. The good news is, the Frozen Chocolate Coffee Coolatta definitely passes this test with flying colors.

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Dunkin Donuts New Cold Brew

I should start this post by saying hubs and I have been on a donut kick lately. Weve been getting them as often as we can justify from various local shops. So, when I received an email asking if I was interested in taste-testing a new Dunkin Donuts productlets just say I was pretty excited.

Dunkin Donuts is launching their new cold brew coffee. Its already available in New York and Los Angeles, and it should be available in Pittsburgh in the next month or so. ***UPDATE: Cold Brew Coffee is available at DDs in Pittsburgh NOW!*** They steep the coffee blend in cold water for 12-15 hours, so it will only be available while supplies last each day. Steeping it this way creates a very smooth, full-bodied flavor.

Dunkin Donuts had us start out by tasting the new cold brew coffee next to their iced coffee. I could really tell a difference between their flavors. I enjoyed both of them. The iced coffee was a little milder, while the rich flavor really came through in the cold brew. We tried them black, but both are available with cream, sugar and flavorings.

We also sampled some donuts , hash browns and sandwiches . Everything was delicious! Dunkin Donuts used to just equal donuts to me, but now Im excited to try more of their sandwiches. I definitely recommend the hash browns, too! Oh, and DD offers a happy hour from 2-6pm every day, including weekends, where you can get $0.99 coffeeperfect for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee Recipe Ingredients

3/4 cup of your favorite ground Dunkin Donuts Coffee

3 cups cold water, divided

1/3 cup sugar

1/2 cup half-and-half

1/2 teaspoon Vanilla extract

If youre drinking this right away its perfect!

If youre a slow drinker I suggest coffee cubes, instead of ice cubes.

Double the batch for delicious brewed coffee without the coffee brewer for your next tall glass!

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The Charli Has Just 200 Calories But 36 Grams Of Sugar And It Tastes Like Sweet Leftover Cereal Milk

I love iced coffee, especially cold brew, and I like coffee with whole milk and caramel flavors. So by all means, “The Charli” had a good flavor profile. It’s just that there’s such thing as too much of a good thing, and with this drink, there’s just a lot of everything.

Iced coffee is much easier to drink quickly than piping hot coffee, so I drank my entire large “Charli” in less than an hour. The amount of caffeine and sugar I processed became physically alarming about halfway through, and I felt like what I can only describe as “the hype” the slogan D’Amelio has become known for coursing through my body.

Taste-wise, it’s incredibly sugary. My roommate took a sip and described it as “leftover cereal milk with added sugar,” which I’d say is accurate. I didn’t dislike it whatsoever but considering the physical effect of that much caffeine and sugar I’d probably never order a large again, and I’d be reticent to regularly order something like this, even in smaller sizes.

Starbucks Or Dunkin’ Grab One Of These Holiday Treats On Your Next Coffee Runyour Browser Indicates If You’ve Visited This Link

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Recipe with Easy Hack, Cold Brew ...

There are so many different types of food and drink options at Dunkin’ and Starbucks, and the choice of where to go can be difficult. On the holiday menu especially, there are a multitude of drinks from both franchises that will blow you away no matter which location you choose for your morning pick-me-up or a holiday treat.

Daily Targum

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How To Make Coconut Iced Coffee

Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Coffee Packs are so versatile you can enjoy the coffee as-is, or you can add whatever youd like to experience a new taste every day. Ive been enjoying Coconut Iced Coffee recently using my homemade coconut coffee creamer recipe.

To make Coconut Iced Coffee, youll need:

  • Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Packs
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Milk or cream
  • Coconut extract

Add the last three ingredients to a jar and shake. Thatll give you homemade coconut coffee creamer that you can add to your cold brew coffee to make Coconut Iced Coffee. The coconut coffee creamer will last in the fridge for up to 2 weeks!

The Experience Of Drinking The Charli Can Best Be Described As A Sugar High But The Real Draw Is Fan Loyalty To D’amelio

Sugar and residual shaking aside, I completely understand the appeal of “The Charli.” The fact that D’Amelio loves Dunkin’ so much is a huge bonus for the brand, which didn’t have to do anything for “Chunkin” fever to originate naturally. In terms of TikTok’s elite influencers and their marketing, Dunkin’ Donuts won out.

As someone who casually and professionally follows D’Amelio, I can attest to the power of her endorsement. She drinks and hypes up Dunkin’ constantly, and I now naturally associate the two more than any other TikTok sponsorship. The fact that D’Amelio made that association happen for free is an incredible gift to the brand.

It’s only right that “The Charli” exists, and while I probably won’t order it in the future, I’ll continue to think about Dunkin’ as a solid alternative coffee chain to my beloved Starbucks, and the brand feasibly has D’Amelio to thank, at least in part, for that.

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How To Diy Dunkin’ Cold Brew Coffee At Home

Cold brew coffee is one of those things that might sound kind of fancy and mysterious if youve never made it before, but its pretty simple. Here well show you four brewing methods that let you enjoy cold brew coffee at home.

But first, lets get on the same page about exactly what were making here.

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Cold Brew Coffee: Starbucks VS Dunkin Donuts

Starbucks Salted Caramel Frozen Coffee

Starbucks Birthday Cake Frappuccino

Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice

About Dunkin Donuts

Founded in 1950, Dunkin Donuts is Americas favorite all-day, everyday stop for coffee and baked goods. Dunkin Donuts is a market leader in the hot regular/decaf/flavored coffee, iced coffee, donut, bagel and muffin categories. Dunkin Donuts has earned the No. 1 ranking for customer loyalty in the coffee category by Brand Keys for eight years running. The company has nearly 11,000 restaurants in 33 countries worldwide. Based in Canton, Mass., Dunkin Donuts is part of the Dunkin Brands Group, Inc. family of companies.

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How To Make Dunkin Cold Brew At Home

Here at Dunkin we are passionate about our Cold Brew! Did you know that your local Dunkin steeps the coffee grounds in cold water for 8-12 hours? The colder temperature brings out the rich, smooth flavor you love, without the bitterness or acidity.

Did you know you can also make Dunkin Cold Brew at home with our Dunkin® Cold Brew Coffee Packs? This at-home blend has all the full-bodied flavor of craft coffee, without any of the craft coffee effort. Make it at home in just three easy steps, and enjoy knowing it only tastes like it is hard to make!

How to Make Dunkin Cold Brew Coffee at home:

Pick up Dunkin Cold Brew Coffee Packs from where you buy groceries, and follow these easy steps:

  • Put two coffee filter packs into a pitcher.
  • Fill the pitcher with 4 cups of cold water.
  • Steep it in the fridge overnight, or for 8-12 hours.
  • When its done steeping, remove the filter packs and add 3 more cups of cold water.
  • Serve over ice, customize and enjoy!
  • Looking to pick up a Cold Brew on the run? Check out our store locator to find a Dunkin near you!

    Do you love Dunkin Cold Brew? Let us know on , and !

    To stay up to date on all things Dunkin, sign up for our email news alerts at news.dunkindonuts.com/alerts.

    * Photo Credit: Jennifer McCoy

    Coconut Caramel Iced Coffee

    Nothing says summer like the taste of creamy coconut, but who says we have to stop there? The Coconut Caramel Iced Coffee is summer vibes in a cup.

    With the criminally underrated flavor of coconut and the sugary goodness of caramel, you dont have to look far if you want to kick back in a hammock with a cold drink.

    What makes this even better is that the coconut flavor comes from Dunkins flavor shot which are non-dairy, sugar-free, and low-calorie. Not only are you beating the heat but youre also doing it healthy in and in style!

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    Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Packs

    Imagine my complete joy when I found out about Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Packs. They make the cold brew coffee process ridiculously easy, plus one box will make enough coffee for an entire week!

    Here is how to use Dunkin Donuts Cold Brew Packs in three easy steps:

  • Drop: Add 4 cups water and 2 cold brew packs to a 2 quart pitcher.
  • Steep: Steep the pitcher in the fridge for 8-12 hours.
  • Love: Remove the coffee packs and add 3 cups cold water to the pitcher. Serve and enjoy!
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