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Healthy Dinner Recipes Roundup

5 QUICK HEALTHY DINNER IDEAS | Easy weeknight recipes!

Make this weeks meal planning a breeze with this huge list of easy and healthier dinner recipe ideas.

Everyone will fall in love with this Chicken Stroganoff. Its easy, quick and thoroughly yummy. No one will know that this is actually a healthy chicken recipe thats ready in 30 minutes.

The Easiest Slow Cooker or Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Chicken

Skip the hot grill and make delicious, sweet, and tender barbecue pulled chicken in your slow cooker! Just throw a few ingredients right in the pot and let your crock pot or instant pot do the rest. Yum!

NOTE: Sometimes Ill make a big batch of the shredded barbecue chicken and serve it with corn on the cob or roasted sweet potatoes. Other times Ill use the pulled chicken to top pizzas for the best ever at-home barbecue chicken pizzas. We also top salads with this pulled barbecue chicken . And sometimes Ill make these yummy barbecue chicken sandwiches, topped with coleslaw, for a hearty and delicious BBQ chicken sandwich. Any way I serve it, everyone in the family approves!

Baked Chicken Tenders

Make room in your monthly meal rotation for these baked chicken tenders ASAP! Just 7 ingredients and 30 minutes from start to finish. These chicken tenders are quick and easy to throw together. Your family will love the familiar flavors of Cheez-Its and pretzels!

Slow Cooker Chicken Vegetable and Quinoa Soup

10 Minute Chickpea and Spinach Curry

Pan Seared Red Snapper with Mango Salsa

3-Ingredient Trader Joes Thai Coconut Curry Chicken

Salmon Healthy Dinner Ideas

Salmon is a treat because of its price. I truly believe in eating wild salmon vs. farmed. These healthy salmon recipes are ready in under 30 minutes. And again, serve them with a whole grain and a side of veggies instead of salad for a change: corn, asparagus, butternut squash and cauliflower.

Check out these 15 healthy salmon recipes that you will want to make again and again.

Easy Baked Salmon in Foil with simple seasonings in 20 minutes. Healthy, moist and delicious meal even picky eaters will enjoy. Flake up cold leftovers and use instead of tuna in this tuna salad recipe.

Grilled Watermelon And Steak Salad

  • 1 c. fresh mint, leaves torn
  • 1 c. fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves
  • 1 small bunch arugula, thick stems discarded


  • Heat grill to medium-high. Season steak with 1/2 tsp each salt and pepper and grill to desired doneness . Transfer to a cutting board and let rest before slicing.
  • Meanwhile, in a bowl, whisk together lemon juice, oil, honey, and a pinch each salt and pepper. Fold in onion and tomatoes.
  • Cut watermelon into 1/2-inch-thick triangles and cut off rinds. Brush lightly with oil, then grill until lightly charred, one to two minutes per side. Divide among four plates.
  • Fold herbs into tomato mixture, then gently toss with arugula. Spoon on top of watermelon and serve with steak.
  • Per serving: 361 calories, 18 g fat , 28 g protein, 346 mg sodium, 24 g carb, 16 g sugar, 4.5 g fiber

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    Crockpot Recipes For Easy Dinners

    Have dinner cooking in your crockpot all day for the EASIEST dinner ever! You can usually prep this the night before and have it cook overnight or while you’re at work.

    Usually all you have to do with crockpot meals is assemble the ingredients and dump into your slow cooker. The meal will cook on low for 8 hours and then most of the legwork is already done for you. Add in fresh veggies at the last minute if you’d like and dinner is on the table in a flash!

    Butternut Squash Lentil Dal // Tuscan Sausage and Kale Soup

    Steak Frites With Herb Mustard

    10+ Quick Healthy Dinners (10 Minutes Or Less)

    Indulge your craving for this classic combination of beef and potatoes with this lightened-up version. The oven-baked fries will save significant calories, and a lean cut of flank steak, with excess fat trimmed away, will deliver a healthy dose of protein.

    Get the Recipe: Steak Frites With Herb Mustard

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    Corn Chowder Con Chile Poblano

    • Freshly ground pepper


  • In a large pot add the oil and the sliced poblano chile. Leave it there until it begins to soften. Add the onion and garlic. Leave for five more minutes or until you see that the onion is translucent.
  • Add the corn kernels, potatoes, salt and cover with water, add the salt and cover. Leave for 10-15 minutes or until the vegetables are cooked.
  • With a ladle, add about one-third of the vegetables and liquid into the container of a blender. Blend until fully liquefied and well integrated. Return to the pot with the rest of the vegetables. If you need more liquid, add a little more water. Check for seasoning and adjust if necessary.
  • Serve with a drizzle of olive oil, pumpkin seeds, corn kernels, sprouts or chopped cilantro. Finish with sea salt and pepper.
  • Per serving: 135 calories, 4 g fat , 4 g protein, 20 g carb, 403 mg sodium, 1 g sugars, 4 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Brown Sugar & Vanilla.

    Easy Dinner Ideas For When You Have A Jar Of Marinara

    I love to make homemade marinara sauce when I have the time, but on busy weeknights, the jarred stuff can really come in handy. For instance, it gives you a head start on making these healthy dinner recipes:

    Banh Mi SandwichHeads up: youll need to make the pickles for this recipe a day or two in advance. Once you make them, though, this crave-worthy sandwich will come together quickly. Sear the tofu in a hot skillet and stuff it into baguette with the pickles, cilantro, and a good slather of mayo. Drizzle with sriracha before you eat.

    Chickpea Salad SandwichThis recipe is one of my go-to easy dinner ideas in the spring, when I often have crisp veggies like radishes and cucumbers on hand in the fridge. Its my vegan version of a pan bagnat, made with a briny chickpea salad, fresh basil, olives, and blanched green beans.

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    Rhubarb And Citrus Salad With Black Pepper Vinaigrette

    • 3 oz. baby spinach
    • 2 bunches watercress, thick stems removed
    • 1/4 c. toasted pistachios, chopped
    • 1 oz. ricotta salata, shaved


  • In small bowl, whisk together honey and vinegar. Add rhubarb and toss to coat. Let stand at least 5 minutes and up to 10 minutes, then add olive oil, 1/2 teaspoons salt and 2 teaspoons coarsely ground pepper.
  • Meanwhile, cut away peel and white pith from oranges, then thinly slice.
  • In large bowl, toss spinach and watercress fold in orange slices and divide among plates. Spoon rhubarb and dressing over each salad and top with pistachios and ricotta salata.
  • Per serving: 280 calories, 19.5 g fat , 5 g protein, 380 mg sodium, 25 g carbohydrate, 4 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Good Housekeeping.

    Crock Pot Cauliflower Chicken Chili

    QUICK Dinner Recipes | healthy paleo recipes under 10 minutes!
    • 12 leaves of bibb, butter, or romaine lettuce
    • Sesame seeds and chopped green onions for garnish


  • Heat oil in a large skillet over medium high heat.
  • Add onion and sauté for 3 minutes.
  • Add chicken and cook, stirring for about 10 minutes, until browned on all sides.
  • Stir in garlic, celery, and carrots, and cook for 3 minutes.
  • Pour in sriracha, coconut aminos, and honey, and stir until the sauce is thickened and the chicken is coated.
  • Remove from heat and garnish with sesame seeds and green onions.
  • Serve in lettuce leaves.
  • Per serving: 297 calories, 11 g fat , 33 g protein, 15 g carb, 696 mg sodium, 11 g sugars, 1 g fiber

    • 30 dumpling wrappers


  • Put carrots in a microwavable bowl and cover with water. Cook until tender, about 3 minutes depending on how finely shredded the carrots are. Drain and let cool.
  • In a large bowl, mix together cooked carrots, turkey, mushrooms, soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, onion powder, salt and cornstarch. Stir together until well combined.
  • Spoon a well rounded teaspoon of filling onto a dumpling wrapper. Seal filling with wrapper. Wrap remaining dumplings.
  • Bring water to boil in the bottom of the steamer pot. Place dumplings in a parchment paper lined steamer. Steam 15 minutes until cooked through.
  • Per serving: 48 calories, 1 g fat , 3 g protein, 4 g carb, 87 mg sodium

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    + Quick Healthy Dinner Ideas

    Finding quick healthy dinners that you and your family ACTUALLY love is essential for a wholesome lifestyle. From tacos to pizza, to hearty bowls and casseroles, this recipe roundup is focused on comforting, nourishing foods! Heres what youll find in this guide:

    When life gets busy, almost one-pan/sheet pan dinners like this Baked Chicken With Turmeric Sauce become staples. And good thing, because this recipe is creamy, savory goodness on a plate!

    Instant Pot Shrimp And Broccoli

    Don’t like salmon? How about shrimp healthy dinner recipes? This Instant Pot shrimp and broccoli recipe is the perfect recipe to whip up on a busy weeknight. Served on rice, or cauliflower rice to keep it low-carb, this recipe is one that you’re going to want to make again and again.

    Get our recipe for Instant Pot Shrimp and Broccoli.

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    Copycat Wendy’s Chili Recipe

    Thanks to a clear list of ingredients on the Wendy’s website, it was easy to put together this recipe. According to the list, Wendy’s chili has a chili base, tomatoes, chili beans, pink beans, kidney beans, onions, celery, green peppers, ground beef, chili pepper, garlic powder, and spices. While the recipe also has sugar and modified corn starch in it, we knew that you can have a delicious chili without either of those additives, so we didn’t bother adding them to my version.

    Get our recipe for Copycat Wendy’s Chili Recipe.

    Zucchini Carbonara With Bacon

    50+ Quick and Healthy Dinner Recipes Roundup

    To lighten the dish, we’ve added a good amount of zucchini, which is cut in long, thin ribbons to mimic the shape of the pasta and help you cut back on the overall quantity of noodles. Beyond cutting calories, though, it adds a nutty sweetness to this classic for a healthy, hearty upgrade.

    Get our recipe for Zucchini Carbonara With Bacon.

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    Quick And Easy Vegetarian Dinners

    A simple recipe for Italian Baked Beans, made with cannellini beans, kale, and your favorite homemade -just 10 minutes of hands-on time before baking in the oven until golden and bubbling. A delicious vegetarian main!

    Creamy Polenta with Wild Mushrooms, Garlic and Sage. A simple EASY dinner that can be made in under 30 minutes.

    A Korean recipe for Vegan Jackfruit Bulgogi and the most flavorful sauce. Create a vegan Bulgogi Bowl with rice, veggies and kimchi!

    Cozy up with a comforting bowl of Butternut Risotto with Leeks and Spinach made with very little fuss, in your Instant Pot pressure cooker. Vegan-adaptable and Gluten-free.

    Healthy veggies layered with tortillas, cheese and slathered with our 5-minute enchilada sauce . Add ground meat or chicken. Only 25 minutes of hands-on time before it goes into the oven to bake!

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    How To Choose Quick Dinner Ideas

    Knowing what to make for dinner is probably the toughest part of dinner itself. Either you don’t know what you’re craving or you’re worried it’s going to take too long. Well, never fret with these strategies!

  • Pick recipes that have ingredients you already have on hand at home this way you reduce waste. Have a ton of carrots? Look up carrot recipes! Want to do something with that chicken laying on the counter? Maybe look up some chicken pasta or casserole recipes.
  • Use to discover last-minute recipes and hone in on your cravings. You can use it as both a visual search engine or just browse your home feed for inspiration!
  • Keep a list of all your usual go-to dinner recipes for easy access when you’re running out of inspiration. This way you know you’ll get to eat something you like, but don’t have to think too much about what that is.
  • Use Instagram and search specific hashtags like #lowcarb #broccoli or #groundbeef or even just #recipes to find new Instagram accounts and browse their recipes for ideas.
  • Asian Beef Noodle Soup

    4 HEALTHY & EASY DINNER RECIPES! quick simple weeknight dinners!

    The slow-cooker soup here takes a rich ginger and soy-spiked broth with chunks of fork-tender beef, a tangle of springy noodles, andâfor a fresh, high note to pair with the dark, brooding onesâa pile of fresh bok choy. This is no appetizer soup this is a full-on meal.

    Get our recipe for Asian Beef Noodle Soup.

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    Salmon And Asparagus Foil Packs With Garlic Lemon Butter Sauce

    Whip up something quick and delicious tonight! Salmon and asparagus are baked together with a rich buttery sauce in individual foil packs. The bright lemon flavor pair perfectly with butter, and garlic adds a pungent touch to this wonderful care-free dinner. This easy oven baked salmon in foil recipe is a winner! Get the recipe

    Baked Salmon Cake Balls With Rosemary Aioli

    • 2 sprigs fresh rosemary, chopped


  • First, preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Season salmon with sea salt + black pepper and roast on a baking sheet for about 20 minutes, or until cooked through.
  • Once cooked, remove from the oven and set aside while it cools for 5 minutes before shredding or flaking into medium chunks.
  • Meanwhile, add onions, bell peppers, jalapeños, spinach, old bay seasoning, breadcrumbs, parsley, mayo, dijon mustard, egg, sriracha and lemon juice to a large bowl. Then add shredded salmon and mix all ingredients together, using your hands.
  • Scoop about 2 Tbsps of batter and form into a ball with your hands and line on a baking sheet . Repeat until all batter is used.
  • Bake salmon balls for 15-20 minutes, or until slightly crisp and golden brown.
  • Combine vegan mayo, lemon juice, garlic cloves, sea salt, and rosemary in a medium bowl and whisk together thoroughly. Refrigerate for aioli until ready to use.
  • Per serving: 173 calories, 6.7 g fat , 20.5 g protein, 8.6 g carb, 6011 mg sodium, 3.3 g sugars, 1.2 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Orchids + Sweet Tea.

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    Slow Grilled Chinese Char Siu Chicken

    • 1 Tbsp gluten-free hoisin sauce
    • 1/2 tsp Chinese five-spice powder
    • Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
    • 2 1/2 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs
    • Cooking oil spray


  • In a large bowl, mix together brown sugar, honey, ketchup, soy sauce, beet powder, vinegar, hoisin sauce, five-spice powder, salt and pepper.
  • Add chicken and toss well, coating all the pieces well cover and refrigerate for two days to marinate.
  • Heat grill spray cooking oil on grates grill chicken until cooked through, about 10 minutes per side.
  • Per serving: 328 calories, 8 g fat , 38 g protein, 25 g carb, 845 mg sodium, 24 g sugars, 1 g fiber

    Vegan Enchiladas With Lentils And Sweet Potato

    10 Perfect Fast And Healthy Dinner Ideas 2021
    • 12 corn tortillas


  • Soak the chile ancho in boiling water and set it aside. In a non-stick pan, roast the tomatoes, onion, and garlic until charred.
  • When the chili is soft, add it to the blender with the tomatoes, onion, and garlic. Add the salt and blend until everything is well integrated.
  • To make the filling, add 1 tbsp of oil in a large pan with the garlic, onion, and sweet potato. Leave for about 10 minutes, or until the sweet potato is al dente. Add the lentils, salt, and taste for seasoning.
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • In a baking pan, pour a half cup of sauce at the bottom of a baking dish.
  • Heat the tortillas to soften . In the center of the tortilla, layer a scoop of the lentils and sweet potato mix.
  • Roll the tortilla and place it on the baking dish with the seam side down.
  • Top the enchiladas with the remaining sauce.
  • Bake for 20 minutes.
  • Serve the enchiladas with cilantro, avocado slices, and sunflower seeds.
  • Per serving: 217 calories, 2 g fat , 9 g protein, 44 g carb, 2397 mg sodium, 13 g sugars, 11 g fiber

    Recipe courtesy of Brown Sugar & Vanilla.

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    Easy Stir Fries And Skillet Dinners

    Speaking of one pot recipes, stir fries and skillet dinners are similar concepts but don’t involve pasta. Again, you’re taking a bunch of protein, sometimes a starch and lots of veggies and adding a sauce to make dinner in less than 30 minutes.

    I like to buy some pre-chopped veggies or pre-marinated chicken, beef or shrimp to save on prep time and then I just saute everything up!

    I’ve listed some low carb dishes below where you have the option to cook the rice separately, and I’ve also got some chicken teriyaki bowls where the rice cooks alongside the chicken and veggies. These easy dinners come together in a flash! And if you’re looking for more skillet meals be sure to check out this other skillet recipes post with more ideas!

    Italian Chicken Skillet // Cashew Chicken

    Healthy Tacos & Burritos

    Kids love anything tacos, quesadillas and burritos. Just like they love anything muffins. Cant get away from cheese when making those. I try to use a bit less of quality natural or organic cheese. And load these finger foods with veggies, protein and wrap in whole wheat or corn tortillas. Easy and healthy!

    If your midday meal is a struggle, check out these easy lunch ideas!

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