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Raspberry Mint Tequila Smash

How to Make a Hot Toddy with Tequila

This breezy booze tastes like summer in a glass.

And not just any summer. The kind of summers that are drenched in sunshine, full of good times, and seem to last forever.

This magical blend of fresh berries and leafy mint is gorgeously refreshing.

Its spiked with tequila and sharpened with a dash of zesty lime to really kick things into high gear.

How To Make A Hot Toddy

This cold remedy is easy to make, which is great because youre probably not feeling that well while making it. All you need is a few soothing ingredients, a microwave, and about 5 minutes!

Hot Toddy Ingredients:

How to Make a Hot Toddy:

  • Mix whiskey, water, & lemon juice
  • Microwave 1 minute
  • Stir in honey
  • Now drink up! This hot toddy for your cold will warm you up and soothe your throat in no time. Its the perfect thing to drink at bedtime to help you get some sleep.

    What Spirit To Go With Apple Cider Hot Toddy

    An apple cider hot toddy is mostly made with whiskey, but you can make it with almost anything tequila, gin, rum, or bourbon.

    Bourbon, with its rounded balance of sweet tones and spices particularly compliments the apple cider. Tequila, on the other hand, provides sugary flavors followed by a note of citrus, making for an amazing apple cider cocktail.

    Vodka is another great alternative. As it turns out, vodka gives the drink a twist for a lighter version but the final result is still as flavorful as the original. If you like Scotch, be sure to choose a variation that is no more than slightly smoky. Anything with an intense scent will overpower the other elements flavors.

    Surprisingly, the choice of liquor isnt the biggest concern. What does matter is the balance of flavor, texture, aromatics, and perhaps most importantly your preference. The best spirit in your perfect hot toddy is the one you have to hand.

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    Tequila Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate

    Smooth, spicy tequila spiked Mexican hot chocolate is a rich, creamy treat that is easy to make and so delicious. This boozy hot cocoa with a hint of cinnamon and cayenne is sure to warm you up on a cold day!

    Calling all hot chocolate lovers AND all tequila lovers – I have the perfect drink to warm you up from the inside out: tequila spiked Mexican hot chocolate. Whether for a special holiday celebration, or just because, this warm, boozy cocktail is perfect for cold winter nights!

    Hot Toddy For Coughing

    Warm Up with a Slow Cooker Tequila Hot Toddy

    If you find yourself searching Hot Toddy For CoughIm here for you. This cocktail a day keeps the doctor away. Or at least makes the time until you can see a doctor a little more enjoyable.

    Cold and Flu season is such a mess and such a drain on families. This hot toddy wont cure anything , but I know it can lift some spirits while soothing your throat.

    Guaranteed to help with coughs and sore throats. Whiskey is good like that! If you need a hot sip of something soothing on a cold day, this recipe is your ticket. GO AWAY Cold and Flu Season!

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    More Cocktails To Love

    For another warming whiskey drink, make my Irish Coffee recipe! If youre looking for more holiday-friendly whiskey drinks, dont miss my Maple New York Sour or Cinnamon-Maple Whiskey Sour.

    Here are a few more of my favorite classic cocktails: Moscow Mules, French 75s, Best Red Sangria, Mimosas, and Fresh Margaritas.

    Please let me know how this hot toddy recipe turns out for you in the comments! I really love hearing from you, and your feedback is so important to me.

    Hot Takes On The Hot Toddy For The Winter Ahead

    Nothing warms up your body and soul like a dram of whiskeyexcept maybe a hot dram of whiskey. This time of year, we’re thinking about hot toddies every time there’s a chill in the air. The classic toddybourbon, hot water, honey, and lemonis comforting and easy to love. And with its unrivaled ability to warm you from the inside, you can just about consider it medicine. And theres nothing wrong with sipping a little medicine on a winter afternoon, right?

    We’re all about the standard whiskey toddy, but the drink is also a great template for experimentation. Only have rum? No problem. Tequila in a toddy? Believe it or not, it works. Here are three hot toddy renditions to get you through the winter, from the conventional to the much less so.

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    How To Make A Hibiscus Tequila Hot Toddy

    The secret to making my hibiscus hot toddy is a few simple steps which results in a warm festive cocktail. Feel free to play with the ingredients lemon juice, honey and adjust to suit your needs.

    I have provided some guidelines in ingredients to make my hibiscus tequila hot toddy below to help you easily create this cocktail at home.

    Hot Water: This cocktail is best served warm, so we want to pre-warm our mug/glass. Warm your mug by pouring hot/boiling water into your heat proof mug and allowing to sit as you warm the agua de Jamaica. Once you pour into your warm agua with ingredients you cup will be warmed through resulting in a delicious hot toddy.

    Tequila Reposado: I am using Tequila Reposado in my hibiscus hot toddy today. Tequila Reposado is aged for at least two months but can age as long as a year in oak barrels allowing flavors to enhance the tequila with hints of oak and transforms the color of the tequila into a soft golden beautiful hue. I enjoy adding tequila reposado to my Holidays cocktails as an extra special touch. Reposado tequila adds hints of warmth to your cocktails and pairs well with winter citrus and hearty flavors such as hibiscus that we are using in our Hibiscus Tequila Hot Toddy.

    Tequila Hot Toddy Recipe

    Bushcraft Hot Toddy Recipe: Tequila and Pine Needles

    Hot toddies are a classic cold weather drink, but instead of incorporating whiskey, this light, zesty version uses aged tequila. Grand Marnier gives it a sweet, burnt orange quality. Sound like the perfect margarita? Well, its not, but if youre itching for one to quell the shakes until beach season, this is the cocktail for you.

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    What Is A Hot Toddy

    If you have never heard of a hot toddy it is hot water, infused with liquor, and flavored with citrus, honey, herbs, and spices. It is traditionally consumed when you are under the weather with a cold or flu or the weather outside is frightful , or as a night cap before bed.

    Traditionally a hot toddy is made with whiskey, rum or even brandy, but here we are updating the flavor profile with Añejo Tequila!

    Hot Toddies For Coughs & Colds

    Hot toddies are reported to help reduce cold symptoms, although you really dont want to overdo it on the whiskey. Your body needs to heal, and the simple combination of warm water, honey and lemon combined can work wonders.

    Alcohol doesnt mix well with over-the-counter and prescription medications. So, no hot toddies for you if youre taking medicine! Nurse yourself back to health with everything but the whiskey.

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    Warm Up With A Slow Cooker Tequila Hot Toddy

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    Were having cold, drizzly, and damp weather in my area. I suppose its okay, since it is the middle of December and all, but reallyis a little more warmth too much to ask? Its the kind of weather that makes you crave a Hot Toddy.

    Hot Toddys are the traditional winter cocktail that has whiskey, honey, and some spices. Its sometimes made with tea, as well, and was believed to help cure whats ailing you. This slow cooker Tequila Hot Toddy has the modern twist of a tequila addition and being made in a slow cooker. Thats a total win, especially for a large gathering.

    What Is Abuelita Used For

    Tequila Chai Hot Toddy

    The type of chocolate used to make traditional Mexican hot chocolate is Abuelita which is a spiced chocolate tablet made by Nestle, this is sometimes referred to as chocolate para mesa. Abuelita or abuela are affectionate words that mean Grandma. This wonderful spiced chocolate bar makes hot chocolate just like Granny does! However, in this recipe, Iâm using dairy free dark chocolate chips. However, feel free to use any that takes your fancy.

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    Hibiscus Tequila Hot Toddy

    A warm Hibiscus Tequila Hot Toddy made with Agua de Jamaica, fresh lemon juice, honey, and tequila reposado is the perfect night cap after a long day.

    It is cold in Texas yall! Lets make a Hibiscus Tequila Hot Toddy!

    Nothing beats a hot toddy after a long day. Warm, cozy my hibiscus tequila hot toddy combines two of my favorite flavors hibiscus & tequila.

    A hot toddy, also known as a hot whiskery in Ireland, is traditionally made with whiskey, but today I am giving this classic cocktail a Latin Twist by swapping out whiskey for tequila reposado.

    My Hibiscus Tequila hot toddy still follows the classic recipe, with a few fun variations by replacing the hot water with hot agua de Jamaica and bringing in my beloved tequila.

    Traditionally sipped before retiring for the evening a hot toddy is said to relieve the symptoms of the cold and flu.

    I enjoy sipping a hot toddy while we work on a holiday puzzle or play board games.

    How To Make It

  • Whisk the milk, cocoa powder, sugar, spices and salt in a saucepan over medium-low heat until the mixture just barely comes to a boil, then remove from heat and let it cool just a bit.
  • Whisk in the tequila, then pour into mugs.
  • Top any way you’d like – with whipped cream, marshmallows, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and/or a cinnamon stick.
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    Tips To Make Your Toddy Perfect

    Follow these extra tips to make your Tequila Hot Toddy extra tasty:

    • Use fresh squeezed lemon juice, the bottled stuff is not what you want here.
    • Find an Añejo tequila that you like we have tried and liked Casamigos and Jose Cuervo.
    • Use whole spices, not ground cinnamon sticks and clove, and if you have it star anise and all spice could be good too!
    • Adjust the flavor profile with more honey or lemon to suit your taste buds.

    A Tequila Hot Toddy Recipe

    How To Make The Tequila Hot Toddy!

    A tequila hot toddy? Why not? Most hot drinks fall into the category of Hot Toddies. The history of these beloved cocktails, unsurprisingly, is full of lore. Barroom histories say as much about the teller of the tales as the drinks themselves. And the Hot Toddy is no exception.

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    Blood Orange Tequila Hot Toddy

    Blood Orange Tequila Hot Toddy Sweet, smooth, and festive, this warm tequila drink is a celebration for your taste buds. Swapping the traditional whiskey for smooth tequila, this blood orange hot toddy is the perfect boozy beverage to curl up with on a cold winters night. By Amanda Sasser, proprietor. Blood Orange Tequila Hot Toddy

    What Is Tequila Reposado

    Tequila Reposado is tequila that has been aged for two months to a year in oak barrels. This allow the tequila to take on hints of the oak, allows the tequila flavor to mellow and takes on a soft, golden caramel color.

    Reposado translates to mean restful, or in this case, rested.

    Perfect for sipping tequila reposado is spiced, with sweet notes but also works wonderful in mixed drinks and is amazing for warm cocktails such as my pumpkin tequila hot toddy.

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    You Cant Go Wrong With Any Of These Whiskeys For Your Hot Toddy

    Every whiskey on this list makes a great hot toddy.

    Some will be sweeter, some spicer. Some will be more expensive, some affordable.

    But regardless of which you choose, you cant go wrong.

    The important thing is to enjoy your exceptional hot toddy.

    And now that you have a great whiskey picked out, you can make sure your recipe is just as great.

    Heather has some incredible ones that you can choose from:

    The Story Behind The Tequila Hot Toddy

    Tequila Hot Toddy

    Nothing beats a hot toddy on a cold winter day, and what could be better than warming up with a mug full of tequila. In this variation of the cold-weather beverage, tequila plays well with traditional baking spices like star anise, cloves, and cinnamon sticks.

    Just before you gather friends around the fireside, add the spices to hot water and stir to draw out their flavors. Divvy the mixture up into individual mugs then add in the PATRÓN Añejo and lemon juice. Then take a sip and settle in the beverage’s warmth as the components continue to steep together until the last drop.

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    Tequila Chai Hot Toddy A Winter Cocktail

    Last Updated on August 11, 2021 by The Noms

    A warm winter orange cocktail with spices from the chai tea and lemon are in this hot toddy!

    Tequila is normally one of those spirits that you think about having while sitting on a warm sunny beach, but we have found it can be surprisingly delightful in a number of drinks that are perfect for a cold winter night. When the folks at Partida Tequila contacted us to send some samples of their Blanco tequila to try, we figured it would be a good chance to come up with a tequila orange cocktail recipe that would help warm up a few of the snowy nights we have recently had!

    This post is sponsored, but all opinions are 100% our own. It contains affiliate links for products that we think you as readers might find useful, and we make commission off of these! For more details about our affiliates, click our Disclosure and Contacts Page.

    How can you go wrong with a hot drink to warm up with, and a tequilahot toddy fits the bill. A Chai hot toddy would too, so we combined them!

    Making Pumpkin Tequila Hot Toddy In Your Slow Cooker

    I enjoy making my toddies in a slow cooker, because I can toss all the ingredients into the slow cooker and go on with my day. Once ready I can set to warm, and my hot toddy remains warm without me having to warm water, warm a mug. The slow cooker does all the heavy lifting for me.

    I also like to add spices for this recipe I added cinnamon and star anise. The slow cooker cooks low and slow so I am able to extract plenty of flavor from my spices and infuse my hot toddy with wonderful depth and warmth form the spices.

    Also, making hot toddies in the slow cooker works beautifully for company. A warm hot toddy shared between family and friends, now that screams the holidays.

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    Is Apple Cider Alcoholic

    Apple cider, soft cider, or cider is the liquid extract from apples. The name is used for unsweetened and non-alcoholic beverages in the United States and Canada.

    Outside America, cider refers to hard cider an alcoholic drink that is as dry and bubbly as champagne and as refreshing as beer. The drink is an adult version of apple cider.

    Tips And Recipe Variations

    How To Make The Hot Toddy Margarita
    • Make sure you don’t add the tequila until the end, after you’ve turned off the heat, or else the alcohol will cook out.
    • You can use your favorite non-dairy milk, to make it dairy-free, it just may not be as thick or creamy.
    • Make sure you’re using cayenne pepper, not chili powder. You want the heat, not chile flavor.
    • Adjust the amount of spices, salt and/or tequila to suit your taste.
    • If you already have hot cocoa mix, prepare three servings, adding the spices and tequila in the same amounts as listed in the recipe.

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    Apple Brandy Hot Toddie

    This Apple Brandy Hot Toddie I made for Food Fanatic will warm you up from the inside out! Stay inside and warm up to one of these drinks tonight!

    Hot Toddies were always something I thought people just drank when they were sick or had a bad cold. I never thought of making them just to drink after dinner on a cold night, even without a stuffed up head or a sore throat, but the more Im playing around with different kinds of hot cocktails the more Im liking them.

    You could put lots of different types of alcohol in a hot toddie, weather its brandy or bourdon, or even tequila or rum. You can make them sweet like a dessert or strong and spicy like this Apple Brandy Hot Toddie is. You can even switch up the tea and use hot apple cider or just plain water.

    But one thing a hot toddie definitely has to be for me is strong. You need to be able to taste that warm brandy with all the spices to make it a good cocktail.

    Most people are buying all their apples these days for baking, bot me though, its all about the cocktails!

    Using apples in cocktails seems like it goes hand in hand for me, so using apple brandy for this hot toddie made even more sense, but if you have regular brandy or bourbon that will work just fine too.

    The point to this recipe is that you can customize and use what you have on hand or what you prefer and youre still going to have a tasty hot beverage!

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