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How to make the Sex on the Beach (Drink Recipe)

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In 2005 I Started This Blog With The Intention Of Sharing Recipes

I thought maybe a couple strangers might read it but really I was just gathering recipes I made for friends and family.

A place for me to refer them to when they asked do you have a really good chocolate cake recipe?

For the record I do have a really good chocolate cake recipe.

After 13 yearsI have quite a few.

In having this blog for so long now, most of my friends stopped asking me for recipes because they know to just come here.

However, there is one thing that people always ask me recipes forand up until now they have not been on the blog.

Jell-O shots.

When I worked for General Mills website Tablespoon I was in charge of making Jell-O shots.

Not Jell-O shots I wanted to make but ones they wanted me to.

I point this out because I would have never thought an Eggnog Jell-O shot was a good idea.

The funny story about the eggnog Jell-O shot was that my bosses were upset that they werent see through.

Keep in mind most of the people in charge of those websites are not food people.

They are marketing people so they have a certain look they are going for.

I encouraged them to go pour a glass of eggnog and hold it to the light and then get back to me on how to make them see through.

They stayed as is.

What Juice To Use In Sex On The Beach

Sex on the beach drinks use either orange or grapefruit juice – and the juice you pick depends a lot on what flavor you prefer more.

We’re using orange juice in this recipe since it is more the classic take – but if you like a less sweet cocktail, you might prefer grapefruit to orange juice!

We’re also adding cranberry juice, which cuts the sweetness of the peach and orange , for a bit of a tart kick.

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Origin Of A Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Im sure youre curious why is Sex on the Beach drink called that and who invented it? The history behind the sex on the beach drink is a bit of a tall tale, but I found what just might be the real origin with a little research!

Legend has it that at Confettis Bar in Florida, a bartender named Ted Pizio concocted this drink at first because he needed to get rid of an excess of peach schnapps. He must have been an expert mixologist, because his mixed drink gained a lot of popularity pretty quickly at the bar!

He claimed to have come up with the name because he wanted to name this drink after what he said the tourists were most interested in. While that may be hilariously inappropriate, the name stuck, and the rest is history.

The Best Sex On The Beach Cocktail

Sex on The Beach Drink Recipe

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This Sex On The Beach cocktail just oozes fruity summer refreshment. Colored like a beautiful sunset, this is the perfect fruity mixed drink for a late-summer party. Cheers everyone!

My Japanese mother lived in Canada for 25 years. So it stands to reason that she picked up more than a few North American cultural references along the way.

After her return to Japan, sometimes wed head to an American themed bar in Tokyo for a cocktail and a peek through the jukebox.

It was one of these times, after dropping a couple coins in the jukebox for an uninterrupted playlist of Bon Jovis Greatest Hits that she returned to the bar and promptly ordered a beach on the sex.

I almost fell off my barstool laughing. But the bartender didnt miss a beat, I guess fruity mixed drinks were his thing!

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Sex On The Beach Drink Substitutions

  • If you do not have Peach Schnapps, you can substitute Peach Absolute.
  • Use your favorite flavored vodka instead of peach.
  • Pulp free orange juice is best, but if not, use what you have.
  • Substitute grapefruit juice for orange juice if you want it tarter.
  • Or, you can use pineapple juice instead of orange juice for a sweeter taste.
  • Some people like to add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice for a bit more tartness.
  • Some people prefer a combination of Midori, Chambord, Vodka, Pineapple juice, and cranberry juice.
  • Blend it with ice to make a fruity frozen drink.

What tools do I need to make this Sex on the Beach recipe?

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For The Last 7 Years A Friend Of Mine Has Thrown Me A Half Day Hockey Tournament They Call Peafest

He would hold a raffle and the proceeds would go to my Old Dog Haven charity walk team.

A few years back I decided to start making Jell-O shots for the tournament for free but did put a donation jar out for people to contribute to the walk if they so desired.

Most were very cool and generous.

As the years went on, I got more and more creative with my Jell-O shot making and more and more people would ask for the recipes.

Except I never really wrote them down.

I would make them up as I went along.

Every year I would introduce new flavor combos.

So I am reviving Tipsy Tuesdays and writing my Jell-O shot recipes on here.

Now friends and familyand total internet strangers can come and find them.

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About Sex On The Beach Cocktails

Its sweet, fruity, and has an absolutely memorable name – the Sex on the Beach cocktail is a classic that we always love making.

There are a lot of backstories people attribute to the history of the Sex on the Beach drink, but many people say it originated in the mid 1980’s at Confettis Bar in Florida. Ted Pizio, a bartender who was supposed to be moving lots of peach schnapps, came up with the name as a nod to what he thought “really” brought tourists to Florida – and decided sex and beaches were more popular than Mickey Mouse, or so the story goes.

No matter if you love or hate the name – the amazing sweet tropical flavor is always there!

This classic cocktail is easy to drink, simple to make, and doesn’t involve hard to find liquor – just vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice for a fresh and delicious tropical flavor.

Sex and the beach cocktails make perfect party drinks, can be made in big batches, and taste light and fruity – they aren’t overwhelming with a strong alcohol flavor.

You can make this drink stronger with more vodka or make a tasty non-alcoholic version by adding tonic water instead of vodka and using peach simple syrup instead of peach schnapps – so everyone at your party can get in on the fun!

We hope you love this drink as much as we do.

We provide a skip to recipe button in the top left corner, as well as a clickable table of contents, just below, to help make this page easier to navigate.

Sex On The Beach Drink

How To Make The Sex on the Beach – Best Drink Recipes

Bring the tropics to your own backyard with a Sex on the Beach drink! This cocktail is sweet, refreshing, super delicious, and incredibly easy to make with just a few ingredients. Great for summer get togethers and lazy days relaxing by the pool.

Other refreshing drinks we love on a hot summer day include our Mudslide and Cherry Limeade!

All jokes aside, this drink isnt what you think, people! Its really just a fun, fruity cocktail with an all-around great flavor. Definitely a popular drink at clubs, college parties, summer get togethers, and new drinkers.

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How Was The Sex On The Beach Cocktail Created

Sweet, refreshing, and fruity were sure that youll agree with us when we say that Sex on the Beach is one of the most deliciously more-ish cocktails in the world and is the perfect companion for those summery days spent relaxing in the sun, as well as cold nights relaxing in front of the TV, alike.

But, have you ever wondered how Sex on the Beach got that name? Well, according to legend, this iconic cocktail was created in 1986 by a bartender working at a bar named Confetti in Florida.

The bartender, named Ted, was given a promotion incentive to get customers to purchase peach schnapps, and in order to do it he created the classic Sex on the Beach cocktail that weve all come to know today.

Thinking on the spot, Ted got inspired to name the cocktail he concocted as Sex on the Beach as it just so happened to be spring break, and Ted thought the name was fun, playful, and would be able to bring in the customers.

Needless to say, theres also some debate about whether or not this tale is actually true, as theres another story that describes the same recipe inside a book written in 1982.

Although, theres little information as to whether or not this recipe was specifically recognized as a Sex on the Beach cocktail, or whether it was just a mix-up of two popular cocktails at the time, which are the Cape Cod and the Fuzzy Navel drink.

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Ingredient Notes And Shopping Tips

Vodka: Any vodka will do just fine in this recipe. For a fruity twist, consider using flavored vodka. I think orange, strawberry kiwi, or even pomegranate would be tasty.

  • Peach Schnapps: Schnapps is distilled and fermented giving it the perfect peach flavor. Use leftovers in our Peach Bellini!
  • Orange Juice: Use freshly squeezed if possible. If you dont like orange juice you can use grapefruit or pineapple instead.
  • Cranberry Juice
  • What Mixes Well With Peach Schnapps

    Sex on the Beach drink recipe

    Peach schnapps is a sweet, fruity liqueur that’s a common fixture in bars. Its strength varies, from 20 percent to 50 percent ABV , so some peach schnapps can be stronger than the average vodka. You can drink peach schnapps straight, though some can be rather syrupy and better served on the rocks. It’s also a versatile mixer and the key ingredient in many peach cocktails. It pairs well with other fruits, including cranberry juice in the woo woo cocktail, though it’s also delicious when mixed with hot chocolate.

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    Sex On The Beach Drink Recipes

    Put all ingredients in together, and shake. Serve in a glass filled up to 2/3 with ice.20% Mix ingredients and add some ice.30%
    Mix in tall glass w/ice.28% 2 oz orange juiceAdd vodka and peach schnapps to a highball glass over ice. Fill with equal measures of cranberry juice and orange juice, and stir.11%
    Shake vigorously with some ice, strain into a hurricane glass, and serve.Serve in: Hurricane Glass Mix all ingredients in order in ordinary glass. Add cranberry and orange juice to your liking.Serve in: Highball Glass
    Combine all ingredients and stir heavily. Serve cold.Serve in: Highball Glass 1 splash Sprite® sodaPour the rum into a highball glass. Almost-fill with pineapple juice, and top with grenadine and sprite. Coconut rum can be substituted for malibu rum.Serve in: Highball Glass
    top with orange juicePour ingredients over crushed ice in a Highball glass. Stir until mixture is pink. Add a bit of cranberry juice if you want to make it Bettsy Style.Serve in: Highball Glass 1 tbsp sloe ginFill glass with ice, insert a straw and then add the first three ingredients then layer the juices using a barspoon to get a separation of alcohol and mixers. Leave a little room at top of glass to float the Sloe gin on top. Garnish with a cherry and orange wedge. *The drink should look like a Stop Light. Green at the bottom, yellow in the middle and red on top.Serve in: Hurricane Glass

    Why I Love This Drink

  • Easy to make: You only need 4 ingredients. If you can pour things into a glass you can make this!
  • No Fancy Equipment: No blender or cocktail shaker needed.
  • Fun and Fruity: This cocktail tastes like a fruit juice blend, you can hardly taste the alcohol. Fair warning: these go down easy! You can hardly taste the booze, but keep in mind they do pack quite a punch!
  • Easily adaptable: It is really easy to adapt the quantity. You can a make yourself on drink, or serve it to 10 friends in a pitcher.
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    Sex On The Beach Ingredients

    Sex on the beach cocktails tastes like a relaxing beach vacation, but guess what? You dont have to be on vacation to enjoy a sex on the beach drink. In fact, many people enjoy this recipe year-round because the ingredients are so accessible.

    They are so easy to make and use very simple ingredients. Here is what you need.

    • Orange Juice
    • Cranberry Juice
    • Vodka
    • Ice

    How To Make A Sex On The Beach Drink

    Sex on the Beach Cocktail – How to make a Sex on the Beach Cocktail Recipe (Popular)

    Lets make a sex on the beach cocktail! Its a quick and easy drink recipe that you can whip up with ease in the middle of a party.

    First, pour in the orange juice over ice.

    Next, add the vodka. Be careful not to be too heavy handed with your pour here, or youll end up with a very strong drink.

    Time for the peach schnapps Oh, the peachy goodness!

    Now, lets make it colorful and tart with cranberry juice! For a layered look, youll want to stir the schnapps, vodka, and orange juice together. Then, pour the cranberry juice on top and dont stir. Itll give you a picturesque layered look!

    However, you can also just pour the cranberry juice on top and stir it in for a mixed cocktail. Either option is delicious.

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    Is There A Good Substitute For Crme De Cassis

    Crème de cassis is a black currant-flavored liqueur that also makes an appearance in the Kir and Chimayó cocktails. While not essential in the bar, it’s a nice, inexpensive liqueur to have around. Though it’s key in the more traditional bliss on the beach recipe, its infrequent use in the bar has caused many to turn to Chambord as a substitute the difference between the black currant and black raspberry liqueurs is not significant. Grenadine can also be used.

    Cocktail For The Beach And The City

    As the summer draws to a close, weve had a number of relaxing get togethers on the roof of our brownstone.

    And this sex on the beach recipe has made numerous appearances. Our friends love the sweet, fruity taste and Its a fun tongue-in-cheek cocktail to shake up with admittedly more history anchored in South Padre Island than Brooklyn.

    Just be careful They go down easy. Maybe a little too easy! Whats your favorite fruity cocktail? Id love to hear about it in the comments!

    Other simple, delicious popular alcoholic drink recipes:

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    History Of The Sex On The Beach

    The Sex On The Beach was a must on most cocktail menus in the 1980s and 1990s. Its provocative name combined with the fruity taste masking the high alcohol content made it a popular choice amongst partying folks. However, the love for this drink faded when the craft cocktail scene started its latest renaissance.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to find out who invented this intriguing drink. Of course, there are numerous myths and stories about how the Sex on the Beach cocktail got created. But all of them lack substance and dont match historical documentation. One popular anecdote is that a Florida bartender named Ted Pizio invented the drink in 1987 to promote Peach Schnapps. But as reasonable and valid as this may sound, the cocktail already got a mention in 1982. That year the Americans Bartenders School listed the Sex on the Beach in their Guide to Drinks.

    Another tale says it all started by combining a Fuzzy Naval and a Cape Codder. And true enough, bring both these drinks together, and you have all the main components to make a Sex On the Beach cocktail. But unfortunately, theres no proof that this story is true either.

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