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Our hot whisky toddy is ideal for warming up from the chill of wintry weather. With honey, cloves & cinnamon, this delicious warm cocktail is traditional in Scotland, and ideal for the festive period. You may have come across this hot toddy recipe before, as we first created it for Jamie Olivers Drinks Tube.

Is A Hot Toddy A Good Cold Remedy

Yes! Its the best cold remedy I know. The warmth of the drink & ingredients can really soothe your sore throat & cough symptoms. Plus whiskey is a pretty good decongestant, and it definitely helps take away the pain of a headache. *Im not a doctor and this is not an actual cure, but it does make me feel better!

This Hot Toddy Recipe has made an appearance at our house more than a handful of times this winter.

When you have a baby in daycare, you have to learn all the tricks to stay healthy. Sometimes when I feel so sick and disgusting and lazy, and the only words being exchanged at our house are bless you and leave me alone.

We have had a doozy of a cold and flu season this year and this drink has gotten me through! Once Henry is in bed for the night, its time for Mommy to feel better too!

This whiskey Hot Toddy Recipe is the only drink that gets me through a bad cold that and a nice bowl of soup. You understand. And on days we arent sick, I still crave this deliciously warm cocktail!

This Helps The Hot Whiskey Stay Warmer Longer

Best whiskey for hot toddy recipe. Water, clove, sugar, jameson irish whiskey, lemon. Whiskies vary a lot in style. Drink it with one of your favorite whiskies.

Whiskey hot toddy recipes 16,756 recipes. The best whisky for hot toddy can be bourbon, rum, scotch, cognac, and more. Well, at least, bourbon is our favorite.

Add the whiskey to the glass, then the sugar and a little hot water. Whisk the whisky and honey together and split between 2 heatproof glasses. But actually, the best whiskey for a hot toddy is whatever suits your palate best!

Hot irish whiskey . Maybe you already have a favorite! Spiced chamomile hot toddy kitchenaid.

Were big fans of cinnamon and fireball really adds an amazing flavor to. Irish whiskey hot toddy recipe. Allow the water to warm the glass for a moment or two, then pour it away.

Bourbon, water, lemon slices, spice, ginger root, spice, lemon and 2 more. Fill 2/3 full with boiling water. Best hot toddy whiskey to use.

Lemon, whiskey, water, sugar, cinnamon sticks, apple cider. Go on now) of whiskey into the glass. We like the way that bourbonwhich tends to be a bit on the sweeter side of the whiskey spectrumcomplements the sweetness of the honey in a hot toddy.

The teaspoon will prevent the glass from shattering on contact with hot water. Put honey or sugar into a mug. Combine whiskey, honey syrup, and sherbet in a heatproof glass or mug.

Discover The Best Hot Toddy Recipe Recipe Alcohol Drink Recipes Jameson Hot Toddy Recipe Hot Toddy

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Essential Whisky Cocktail: Hot Toddy

December 4, 2019 | Brittany Risher

A whisky lovers cure for the common cold, the seemingly basic Hot Toddy has an ambiguous history.

The word toddy may come from the Hindi word tr, a drink made from fermented palm tree sap. Legend has it that the British discovered the drink during colonial trade days and brought it back to the motherlandalthough the contents of the beverage surely changed with the lack of palm tree liquor, no doubt substituting whatever spirits were locally available. The first recorded use of the word toddy to mean a drink made with spirits, hot water, sugar, and spices was in 1750 in the Boston Weekly Post Boy.

Toddy variations abounded in the 18th and 19th centuries, using not only whisky but rum, brandy, gin, and apple brandy. Wherever you were, if you had access to spirits, water, and sugar, you could make a Toddy . During a time when actual medical treatments for a cold or other winter illness were few and far between, the soothing warmth of a Toddy was seen as an acceptable remedy.

Eventually, the Toddy came to be known most often as a whisky cocktail, served hot. The Hot Scotch Toddy recipe published in the 1910 Jacks Manualcalled for dissolving a teaspoon of sugar in hot water, adding scotch, and stirring, then grating nutmeg on top. The formula of base spirit, hot water, sweetener, and spices makes the Hot Toddy an easy cocktail to master and also allows for experimentation.

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For another warming whiskey drink, make my Irish Coffee recipe! If youre looking for more holiday-friendly whiskey drinks, dont miss my Maple New York Sour or Cinnamon-Maple Whiskey Sour.

Here are a few more of my favorite classic cocktails: Moscow Mules, French 75s, Best Red Sangria, Mimosas, and Fresh Margaritas.

Please let me know how this hot toddy recipe turns out for you in the comments! I really love hearing from you, and your feedback is so important to me.

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Benefits Of Drinking A Hot Toddy:

  • Whiskey is a great decongestant, and it helps soothe any pain associated with your head cold.
  • Hot liquids of any kind are a good way to soothe a sore throat.
  • Honey and lemon help soothe a cough and any congestion.
  • Ginger is an optional ingredient, but it REALLY helps with cold symptoms.

Being sick is no excuse for not enjoying yourself! In fact, this is a comforting cocktail whether or not youre stricken with the winter cold and flu blues. We dont discriminate. This Hot Toddy is sure to comfort anyone and everyone .

How To Make The Best Hot Toddy

The secret to making the best hot toddy is simplejust tinker with the amount of lemon juice and honey until it suits your taste buds. Ive provided some guidelines in the recipe below. I think youll be surprised by how much an extra teaspoon of lemon juice or honey changes the flavor.

If you order a hot toddy at a bar, youll probably receive a whiskey drink. Any good whiskey will doIve enjoyed hot toddies made with Bulleit Rye, Jameson, and Wisers.

If you prefer, you can make your hot toddy with dark rum or brandy. Youll find more ways to change up the drink in my recipe notes.

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Does Whiskey Help A Cough

In the 19th and early 20th century, alcohol was popularly used as medicine: Many historic cocktails were invented by apothecaries! Its likely that the alcohol content in the hot toddy derives from that traditional use.

Today, whiskey or bourbon is added to a toddy to relax the drinker, and to encourage a drowsy state for sleep. Since most coughing fits can intensify at night, its helpful to feel relaxed and drowsy to help you drop off rather than stay up tossing and turning . Dig deeper into the science behind the hot toddy.

Cozy Hot Toddy Recipe

Scotch Hot Toddy Recipe – Scotch Whiskey Recipes

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Theres nothing quite like a Hot Toddy to warm you up when the weather gets chilly! Mixed with whiskey or other spirits, cinnamon and citrus, with tea or without. a custom-made Hot Toddy has its own uniquely comforting flavor!

Hot beverages like apple cider or spiked eggnog lattes are always wonderful to sip, whether its during the holidays, this recipe for Hot Toddies is sure to melt all the stress away.

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Use Any Type Of Whiskey Rum Or Brandy

The hot toddy is endlessly customizable, depending on what type of liquor you use. You can use any type of whiskey, rum or brandy to change the flavor slightly.

  • Whiskey: Use bourbon for sweet oak and vanilla notes, Scotch for a peaty sharpness, rye for a spicy finish, or Irish whiskey for a mellow sweetness. Go to Bourbon Hot Toddy.
  • Rum: Try white rum, aged rum or dark rum instead of whiskey for a sweeter flavor. Aged and dark rum add even more nuance in flavor. Go to Rum Hot Toddy.
  • Brandy: Brandy adds notes of dried fruit and citrus, with oaky notes on the finish. Go to Brandy Hot Toddy.

How To Make Our Favorite Hot Toddy

We make them often, especially during the colder months. Variations are endless, so think of this as a guide. When it comes to the best liquor for making hot toddies, we choose a dark rum or bourbon. Brandy or whisky work well, but a hot toddy with dark rum or bourbon are our favorite.

You can deviate from the honey and lemon, as well. Orange, grapefruit or Meyer lemon would be lovely. We love the floral sweetness of honey, but brown sugar, agave nectar or other sweeteners can be used.

Tea is a nice variation, too. Weve tried chamomile, ginger and even a black tea before. All were nice, but the black tea really stood out as a favorite especially with dark rum.

A tiny splash of apple cider vinegar is really nice. Adam came up with the idea after ordering a hot toddy in the city they mixed in a shrub, which is basically a fruit-and-vinegar syrup added to cocktails and sodas. The acid from the vinegar brings out all the flavors of the toddy without making it taste too sweet.

Since we dont make our own shrubs at home , we thought adding a little splash of apple cider vinegar just might work. It did. So well in fact that we think you should try it yourself.

Make two hot toddies, one with vinegar and the other without. Then taste the difference. Im betting youll prefer the one with vinegar.

Another thing to consider is to buy a shrub and add that we like Pok Poks shrubs a lot. Others suggest Inna Shrub and The Hudson Standard Shrub they are all really well reviewed.

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How Strong Is The Hot Toddy

The hot toddy is not one of those drinks that you down simply to get drunk. It is more of an experience and a way to relax, so its alcohol content may be irrelevant for the most part. However, for the curious drinker, you can expect it to weigh in around 6 percent ABV . That’s about the same as a high-point beer.

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Four Roses Yellow Label

Apple Hot Toddy Whisky Cocktail Recipe

As the #1 budget option on the list, Four Rosess standard option is a great buy.

You can grab a 750ml bottle for around $20 and it has a simple, sweet, and mellow flavor profile.

While it could technically be considered a bottom shelf option, it could hold its own against more expensive bottles in blind taste tests.

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Cinnamon Maple Whiskey Sour

When presented with a cocktail menu, I just cant help but order a whiskey drink. An Old Fashioned, Manhattan, a well-made whiskey sour or any spin on the above. Im a whiskey girl. Always have been, always will be.

Naturally, when I spied the cinnamon maple sour on the menu at a local bar the other day, I had to order it. I liked it so much that I had to recreate it at home.

This whiskey sour recipe is sweetened with maple syrup, which tastes so much more interesting than basic simple syrup. The recipe includes plenty of fresh lemon juice and a hefty pinch of ground cinnamon, which offers some warming flavor for cold winter days. You can skip the cinnamon, though, if you would like a classic whiskey sour.

This is my last post before I take off for the holidays. Be merry and be safe! I appreciate you all so much for hanging out with me here and cooking my recipes in your kitchens.

What Is A Hot Toddy

A Hot Toddy is a traditional drink sometimes confused with grog. The word toddy seems to come from British controlled India, where a drink was made from the fermented sap of palm trees and called a taddy.

For our purposes, a Hot Toddy is simply a delicious combination of hot water, liquor, cinnamon, honey and lemon. Or in Canada, sometimes maple syrup is used instead of honey!

This cocktail is not hard to make, and besides being the perfect hot cocktail to relax with, its also commonly enjoyed during cold and flu season.

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Irish Whiskey Hot Toddy Recipe


  • A good Irish whiskey
  • A heat-proof glass


Fill a kettle to boil hot water.

To pre-heat your glass, place a metal spoon in the glass and pour some hot water in. The spoon will prevent the glass from breaking! Once the glass is warmed, dump out the water.

Cut a slice of lemon, remove the pips, and stick some cloves into the fruit.

Put a teaspoon of sugar into the glass followed by a shot of Irish whiskey. Give the whiskey and sugar mixture a bit of a stir and try to dissolve the lumps.

Add boiling water and then stir.

Add the lemon and additional cloves to the mix.

Wrap a wee’ napkin around the glass, so you dont scald yourself.


Hot Toddy Recipe Variations

How to Make a Whiskey Hot Toddy

As I mentioned above, this recipe is flexible and endlessly customizable, so feel free to have fun with it! Here are a few other recipe variations that youre welcome to try

  • Make it alcohol-free: This drink will still be incredibly cozy and soothing when made without alcohol. So just skip the whiskey and enjoy!
  • Use a different spirit: Instead of making a bourbon hot toddy, feel free to swap in whatever kind of whiskey you love best. Or you can make a brandy hot toddy, rum hot toddy, or use any other spirit that sounds good.
  • Use a different kind of tea: Instead of using fresh ginger to make ginger tea, feel free to steep any kind of tea that you love best in the boiling water before adding in the whiskey, lemon juice and honey.
  • Use different garnishes: Feel free to twist lemon or orange peel to make some fun garnishes, or rim a lemon wheel with cloves. Or you can add in fresh cranberries, thinly sliced fruit , a sprig of rosemary, or a vertically-sliced piece of fresh ginger for a festive garnish.
  • Make an apple cider hot toddy: If you happen to have some apple cider on hand, you can swap that for the water to make a cozy apple cider hot toddy.
  • Make it spicy: I also love adding in a pinch of cayenne to give the drink some extra heat.

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Angels Envy Finished Rye

Coming in as the most expensive bottle on this list by far , Angels Envy Finished Rye is a great pick if youre looking for a top-shelf option.

Many claim this is the best whiskey theyve ever tasted.

And its unique flavor profile brings a sweet, yet complex component to a hot toddy.

If youre looking for a unique hot toddy and have the budget, this one is for you.

Tips For The Best Homemade Hot Toddy

  • Adjust to Taste: The flavor of your hot toddy will change depending on how much honey and lemon juice you add. If you want it to be sweeter, add more honey. Add some extra lemon juice if youd like it to be more tart.
  • Use Tea Instead of Hot Water: To give your cocktail extra flavor, try making it with your favorite blend of tea instead of hot water.
  • Use Maple Syrup Instead of Honey: If you dont have honey you can use maple syrup!
  • Add Spices: If you want your hot toddy to be even more comforting, throw in some ginger or cloves.
  • Omit Alcohol for a Sore Throat Remedy: Many people drink hot toddies to help soothe cold symptoms. If you want to do this, I recommend leaving out the alcohol or at least reducing it.

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Hot Toddy Without Whiskey

If you arent 21, dont worry! You can still enjoy this hot drink to help soothe your cold. Just make this recipe without the whiskey. Youve still got the hot water, lemon, and honey to help with those cold symptoms. Its the best cold remedy with or without whiskey!

Some people might just call that honey lemon water, but every drink deserves a name.

Even if youre feeling fine, this classic hot toddy will warm you up on a cold evening. Everyone gets to enjoy this warm cocktail!

Be sure to check out some of our other fave at home remedy recipes such as our Glowing Skin Smoothie and Detox Lemonade!

If you make this recipe be sure to upload a photo in the comment section below or leave a rating. Enjoy!

Hot Toddy Recipe Ingredients

Tennessee Whiskey Hot Toddy â Nelson

A famous cure for a sore throat or the sniffles, a classic hot toddy is made with hot water, whiskey, honey, and lemon juice. To elevate mine from home remedy to fun cocktail, I add a few unconventional ingredients to the recipe:

  • Hot steeped ginger tea Instead of using the traditional hot water, I make my hot toddy recipe with freshly brewed ginger tea. It adds an extra warming bite to the drink.
  • Dark whiskey Try rye, bourbon, or your favorite Irish whiskey. Im a fan of Bulleit, Koval, and Black Box.
  • Fresh lemon juice It brightens up the dark flavors in this warming whiskey drink.
  • Maple syrup For sweetness. I love the maple flavor here, but honey is also delicious. Its more traditional, too.

Find the complete recipe with measurements below.

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