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Roasted Red Pepper & Pumpkin Pasta In Less Than 10 Minutes

Cook With Me Live: Gnocchi With Pumpkin Pasta Sauce!

Oh, the beauty of a blender. Simply add all of the ingredients, except the crushed red chili flakes and cooked pasta, into a food processor and process on high until combined.

Once your sauce is ready, toast the crushed red chili flakes in a sauce pan over medium heat. This helps bring out their flavor.

Once toasted, stir in the roasted red pepper & pumpkin pasta sauce and heat through. Dont heat for too long, or the sauce will start to break down. Just long enough for the flavors to come together and be warm.

Then, add your pasta!

The sauce may feel a little thin for pasta sauce, but it tosses nicely.

Why I Love Shopping At Aldi

Shopping at ALDI is fast and easy. I bring my laundry baskets along to load up all my groceries, and Im in and out in less than 30 minutes. We have been to ALDI so many times, I dont even need a list. I love that there arent a million options for every single product. They have just what I need.

I dont know if your local store has carts with two toddler seats, but the moment our ALDI brought those in, I knew they had officially won me over. They also have high quality organic options for everything I like to buy. ALDI is my one stop shop.

Pumpkin Chipotle Spaghetti Squash With Homemade Meatballs Is Hearty Healthy And Made With Seasonally Fresh Winter Squash

This post is sponsored by ALDI. All opinions are my own.

The leaves are changing and the temps are starting to actually cool down a bit here in the Midwest. Its around this time of year that I grab no less than 10-15 squash every time I go to the grocery store. They are simple to prepare, filling and perfect for autumn soups and stews. Next to some organic grass fed beef they make a filling meal for our family of seven.

Spaghetti, butternut, acorn and pumpkin- no winter squash is safe from me! Cooler days beg for the heartier meals that they lend themselves to so well.

ALDI is my go to store for seasonal flavors- pumpkin, apple and maple. Their shelves are currently stocked with all things fall.

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Pro Tip For Pumpkin Haters

Are you or someone in your family not so keen on pumpkin flavor?

I have some die hard pumpkin flavor haters in my inner circle.

The idea of a pumpkin pasta sauce would have them running the other way.

I have found a secret with pumpkin. To offset the earthy sweetness that seems to turn some people off: pair it with spicy ingredients.

That winning combination rounds everything out to get the best of the pumpkin flavor without it overwhelming the recipe.

I used that trick inSlow Cooker Spicy Pumpkin Chicken Corn Chowder recipe too with delicious results!

That recipe converted one pumpkin-hating friend to handing out the recipe out to others like candy on Halloween.

To Make The Meatballs

aldi pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce recipes
  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Combine the ground beef, eggs, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, black pepper, diced onion, diced peppers and coconut flour in a large bowl.
  • Roll the meat mixture into balls, approximately 2 thick.
  • Line the meatballs up in a 9 by 13 glass dish.
  • Bake for 30 minutes.
  • Add the cooked meatballs and two jars of Specially Selected Pumpkin Chipotle Sauce to a large saucepan. Simmer on medium heat for an additional 15 minutes, while youre waiting for the spaghetti squash to cook through.
  • I actually ended up doing one jar of Specially Selected Pumpkin Chipotle Sauce and one jar of Specially Selected Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce. I wasnt sure if my kids would complain of the chipotle being spicy. No one complained with the half and half ratio. In fact, they all lapped it right up!When the spaghetti squash is cooked through, and soft, scoop it from the peel. It comes out in long strands that resemble noodles. This is how I get away with serving it to the kids as spaghetti.

    Add the squash back to the glass dish and toss it with the two tablespoons of 2 tablespoons SimplyNature Organic Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle with salt.

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    Creamy Chipotle Sweet Potato Penne Pasta

    Gluten free Creamy Chipotle Sweet Potato Penne Pasta with the best vegan sweet potato cream sauce thats made with cashews, roasted sweet potatoes, chipotle chiles and fresh garlic. Nutritious and a great pasta recipe to add veggies to make it your own! This recipe is sponsored by ALDI.

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    Oh hiiiiiii. Happy Monday. How was your weekend? Did you relax? Go out on the town? Soak up every last bit of sun as you could? Whatever the case, I hope youre heading to this week feeling like a warrior.

    By the way, if you havent noticed, weve started putting inspirational quotes on our each Monday to make the start to your week a little bit brighter. Its amazing what a little positivity can add to your day.

    And if all else fails, make a big pot of pasta, kick up your feet, watch an episode of Sharp Objects or Succession on HBO and remember that tomorrow is a new day.

    Today Im thrilled to be partnering up with ALDI to share this gorgeous vegan and gluten free pasta with their delicious liveGfree gluten free brown rice & quinoa penne pasta. If you havent shopped at ALDI, I hope this post convinces you. Its affordable, they carry a variety of organic and gluten free exclusive products and SOME REAL GOOD CHIPS .

    And if you arent vegan, I highly suggest adding some bacon crumbles on top and a little parmesan. SO GOOD.

    Pumpkin Chipotle Cream Sauce For Pasta

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    Pumpkin Chipotle Cream Sauce for pasta has smoky, spicy and sweet flavors youll love! Its a perfect comfort food recipe to warm the chilliest of days and have your crew begging for more.

    Looking for an easy dinner recipe that leaves your family and friends begging for more? Something unexpected and amazingly delicious?

    Pumpkin Chipotle Cream Sauce for pasta is the ticket!

    The amazing blend of sweet and spicy flavors is completely addictive. Any pasta can be used too.

    Its fast, fantastic and will be tucked into your Delicious Recipes file.

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    We Often Find Butternut Squash Inside Of Ravioli So Why Not On The Outside For A Butternut Squash Pasta Dish

    Specially selected pumpkin & butternut squash or pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce. This butternut squash pasta sauce is heaven for an october dinner! It just needed to be thinned a bit with water, made savory. A lot of times, i find that squash sauces tend to be a little more on the sweet side and i wanted this to be super savoury.

    Serving Suggestions For A Pumpkin Spice Pasta

    VEGAN FOOD FROM ALDI | Haul with Budget Recipes and Meal Ideas!

    I got this really fun Halloween-themed pasta from Aldis. It adds a fun touch, but you could serve this dish with any small-shaped pasta like penne, rigatonti, fusilli, cavatappi, or shells.

    Each time we have this pasta, weve served it with blackened tempeh and spicy sautéed kale. You could do blackened chicken, roasted chickpeas, or another green vegetable. Seasonings such as paprika, cayenne, black pepper, parsley, and basil compliment the roasted red pepper & pumpkin pasta nicely.

    An extra sprinkle of crushed red pepper, parsley, or parmesan garnishes the dish nicely.

    If youre looking to put a little heat in your pumpkin-spice life, try this recipe out and let me know what you think!

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    These October 2021 Aldi Finds Are Perfect For Pumpkin Fans

    The leaves on the trees are turning orange, and the pumpkins on the ground are, too. Supermarkets and elementary schools are festooned with orange bunting and ribbon. It’s almost October, believe it or not, and the spirit of the season would have us turn our thoughts to pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween treats.

    You may or not be ready for this time of year, but Aldi definitely is. The grocery chain’s lineup of “Aldi Finds” for October includes many food items to put you in a pumpkin-y state of mind, whether you’re hungry for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Aldi even offers something to give its customers the pumpkin spice cappuccino experience without the espresso machine or the drive-thru.

    The Aldi Finds listed here are expected to arrive on store shelves on Wednesdays in October. If you find a product you like, be sure to note the date it becomes available. While you’re waiting and if you hurry you can check to see whether any are still offered.

    Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce

    Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce Aldi: Cherry Hill, NJ

    I’ve mentioned this in a lot of reviews, but I usually can’t eat tomato sauce. I say it’s because I’m allergic, which is not entirely true, but it’s just the easiest way for me to explain things. Really, the problem isn’t so much tomatoes themselves, as their acidity. I can have any other acidic food, but those little red suckers tear my stomach apart and make me puke my guts out. I come from an Italian family, so this can be a problem. After a while, heavy cream and garlic sauces can get boring, so I’m always looking for alternatives, and I thought maybe this could possibly work. So let’s see if this pasta sauce can survive my stomach. The packaging for this is the same as any other tomato sauce sold in grocery stores, it’s a glass jar with a paper label, so there’s nothing new and interesting to discuss. For an Aldi product, the label is really nicely designed. Specially Selected is a higher end no-frills line from Aldi, and when you compare this label design to it’s Walmart counterpart, Aldi’s looks way nicer.

    On a Pumpkin Scale of 1-5 Id give this a 3.5. This has some nice squashy flavoring, but the smokey roasted pepper notes prevent this from being overly sweet. I wouldn’t say this was a spicy sauce, I honestly don’t find it to be spicy at all, but the flavoring is smokey and there is a roasted pepper aspect to it. If you’re looking for something to turn your normal pasta dish into something festive, give this a try!

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    Chipotle Pumpkin Pasta Baked Ziti

    This pumpkin pasta recipe only calls for a 1/3 of a cup of pumpkin puree. You can add more if you like. The pumpkin lends a hint of sweetens while the chopped chipotle peppers spice things up. As with most of my food, you are free to add and decrease the amounts called for in each recipe.

    Cook pasta as directed on package. Drain well. Meanwhile, mix milk, pumpkin, Parmesan cheese, flour, pumpkin pie spice, chipotle chili pepper and salt in a medium bowl until well blended. Set aside. Cook bacon in a large skillet on medium-high heat until slightly crisp. Remove bacon. Drain on paper towels. Set aside.

    Deselect All. 1 ounce olive oil. 1 hot link, cut in 6 bias slices. 5 , deveined, shelled and butterflied. 4 ounces heavy cream. 3 ounces Chipotle Sauce, recipe follows

    Blender Chipotle Pumpkin Salsa is the perfect addition to your fall tailgate menu! Smoky chipotle peppers are paired with subtly sweet pumpkin, resulting in a flavorful dip with just the right amount of kick.

    In a large skillet, heat the oil over medium heat. Add the shallots and garlic, sauté for 3 minutes. Stir in the chicken broth and the pumpkin puree. Whisk till combined. Stir in the heavy cream. Add hot sauce, ground nutmeg, ground cinnamon, salt and pepper. Reduce heat to medium low and simmer for 56 minutes.

    How Do You Make Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce

    aldi pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce recipes

    Directions. Whisk in the chicken broth, and bring to a boil whisk in the pumpkin puree, chipotle peppers and their sauce, milk, sage, salt, coriander, cinnamon, and nutmeg. Allow sauce to come to a simmer, then lower heat to hold at a simmer until serving time. Make-ahead meal full of rich sauce! The classic stuffed bell pepper hot dish.

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    About This Creamy Pumpkin Pasta Sauce

    Pumpkin pasta sauce might seem like an odd interpretation of fettuccini Alfredo, but the two are more similar than you think. Like the Alfredo I once loved, pumpkin pasta sauce is delightfully creamy, comforting, and a joy to twirl around your fork.

    Unlike fettuccini Alfredo, however, this healthy pumpkin pasta sauce is diet-friendly and wont leave you in a complete stupor afterwards . Its a quality that did not factor into my teenage dietary decision making , but as an adult who seeks a balanced lifestyle, its one that I prize.

    Pumpkin is the key ingredient that gives the pasta sauce Alfredos signature, rich texture without the excess calories, and its loaded with vitamins and nutrients too. The sauces pumpkin flavor is subtle, so if you have any picky eaters who loathe to eat their vegetables, this healthy pumpkin pasta sauce is an excellent way to sneak an extra serving onto the plate .

    If you desire a stronger pumpkin taste, feel free to up the spices, as they are what makes the pumpkin flavor in the sauce most pronounced.

    I DO insist that you keep the fresh sage. Its savory, earthy flavor adds depth to the pumpkin pasta sauce and brings it to life. Think of the sage as the final somethin somethin that makes this pumpkin pasta sauce taste all grown up.

    Linguine With Chipotle Pumpkin Cream Sauce

    When done, drain the pasta and return it to the pot. Mince the garlic. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium-low heat add the garlic and sauté for 1 to 2 minutes, or just until the garlic is fragrant but not browned. Carefully add the pumpkin purée and broth to the skillet and stir to fully combine.

    Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain. Rinse with cold water and drain completely. Transfer pasta to a large bowl. To the pasta, add Ro*Tel, black beans, corn, cilantro and red onion. Set aside. In a food processor bowl, add all of the dressing ingredients. Cover and process until well combined and smooth.

    These spicy pumpkin scones are full of autumn flavor. Tender, rich scones are covered with a bourbon glaze then a maple spice glaze is drizzled over the top. If you like soft sides leave the cut scones close together when baking. If you like crusty sides slide them a couple of inches apart on the baking sheet. They freeze very well.

    Instructions. Brown ground beef in the pan. Add the onions and bell peppers – saute for about 2 to 3 minutes. Add the pasta, the condensed French onion soup, seasonings, Worcestershire sauce, and the water. Stir and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer.

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    + Aldi Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce Recipes Pictures

    42+ Aldi Pumpkin Chipotle Pasta Sauce Recipes Pictures. I have a few jars of the pumpkin chipotle sauce but i cannot eat pasta right now. Aldi is my one stop shop.

    This pumpkin chipotle alfredo zucchini pasta has a creamy, luscious alfredo taste, without the butter and heavy cream, combined with the drain water from cooked veggies, then split into two pasta dishes and top with pumpkin alfredo sauce, sprinkle with parmesan cheese and serve! Chipotle roasted pumpkin, mushroom and kale quesadillas with chipotle pumpkin crema and kale salsa. Serve the pumpkin sauce over cooked shaped pasta, such as rotini or penne.

    More Recipes Youll Love

    • In a medium, heavy saucepan melt butter and add olive oil.
    • Add chopped onion and garlic sauté until translucent .
    • Add pumpkin, chicken broth, dry sherry , chipotle, adobo sauce, oregano, red pepper flakes and sage. Stir to incorporate. Bring to a very low boil, reduce heat to simmer and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes stirring periodically.
    • Add the cream and crème fraiche or sour cream. Simmer on low for an additional 5 minutes.
    • Using an immersion/stick blender blend until smooth. NOTE: using a conventional blender to blend/puree the sauce works too.
    • Pour onto prepared pasta of your choice. OPTIONAL: sprinkle with hickory smoked salt and roasted, salted pepitas. Serve immediately.

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    Suntree Fall Trail Mix

    Unless you’re considering the higher elevations, there’s still time this fall to hit the hiking trail. Bring some SunTree trail mix for energy. The snack food company offers an assortment of fall varieties: caramel apple, candy corn, and the ever-popular pumpkin spice. Find them at Aldi October 6 for $3.49.

    Pumpkin Chipotle Spaghetti Squash With Homemade Meatballs Ingredients

    Serving size: 6

    2 bottles Specially Selected Pumpkin Chipotle Sauce or Pumpkin and Butternut Squash Pasta Sauce

    2 pounds SimplyNature Organic 100% Grass Fed Ground Beef

    2 Grade A Organic Cage Free Brown Eggs

    1 teaspoon SimplyNature Organic Italian Seasoning

    1/2 teaspoon SimplyNature Organic Garlic Powder

    Several grindings Stonemill Black Peppercorns

    1 small white onion, diced

    8 small organic mini sweet peppers, diced

    3 tablespoons coconut flour

    2 tablespoons SimplyNature Organic Mediterranean Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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    Roasted Red Pepper & Pumpkin Pasta

    A spin on pumpkin spice this roasted red pepper & pumpkin pasta is creamy and spicy, with just a touch of sweet.

    At the time Im writing this post, we are going into Halloweek ! I didnt really get into Halloween festivities until I graduated college and had a place of my own in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Compared to Texas, fall in Tulsa is much more festive. The leaves change colors. It gets cooler quicker. We also live in an older neighborhood that gets pretty into decorating for Halloween. All of that to say, I am fully bought into the Halloween hype, and all of the foods and treats that come with it!

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