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Paired With Pamplemousse Liqueur Or Fortified With Rum The Hard Seltzer Can Be As High

4 Loaded White Claw Cocktail Recipes

On the surface, White Claw may seem an unlikely obsession for cocktail bartenders. Its aint no laws punchline and endless fodder for Gen Z memes have done little to encourage serious consideration of the hard seltzer. But once Campari, St-Germain and pineapple rum enter the picture, it starts to make a little more sense.

Its just a light, bubbly and refreshing delight for your taste buds and pairs with all kinds of booze, says Broken Shaker Los Angeles bar manager Christine Wiseman. Theres an interesting intersection here, says Houston-based bar manager Alex Negranza, of the industrys love for hard seltzer, Hot Girl Summer phenomenon of White Claw, poking fun at menu placement at dive bars, and the lowbrow fun of a cocktail bartender drinking a flavored vodka soda. Doctored up and built straight in the can or modified into a spritz, White Claw can be as dressed upor downas youd like.

For many, the sip-and-pour approach is most effective. If you try and make a crazy cocktail, it will mask the flavor, says Ernestos beverage director Sarah Morrissey. With simplicity at top of mind, some of her favorite combinations are just a matter of matching flavors with like fruit liqueurs. I take a few good sips, then pour about three-quarters of an ounce of Giffard Pamplemousse liqueur for the grapefruit, or the Framboise liqueur for raspberry, she says. And of course, Ill maybe add an ounce of white rum, gin or vodka if Im feeling a little saucy.

Two Best White Claw Hard Seltzer Recipes

White Claw recipes are sweeping the nation and it is time to open it up to all hard seltzers since truly the main three hard seltzers are pretty interchangeable. Dont believe me? I did the hard seltzer taste test for you to find the best in this link here!

With that said, Truly & Bud Light hard seltzers have the least sugars and are the healthiest if you will, so if you want to cut the calories & sugars than go that route. If you want the strongest than try Natty Light Hard Seltzers and to be honest they arent that bad!

I originally made a 5 Amazing White Claw Recipes and since then one more has come up so I had to create this article! It sticks itself out from the rest as my new favorite along side the best shot on earth, which is also in this article!

So trust me when I say these are the two best hard seltzer recipes out there as I have made them all! Hard seltzer recipes are perfect for hosting and they are Truly the easiest thing to make .

These are the perfect drinks when you are hosting a party or something for the summer and the pool. Really nothing will be the better drink of the summer than the hard seltzer froze!

Whether you use Bud Light Hard Seltzer, Truly, White Claw or any hard seltzer these drinks are a couple of my favorites ever. You only need a few ingredients for these recipes and really can just pull it off with two if you had to, which makes life all that much better!

More Refreshing Summer Cocktails:

Prep Time: Total Time:

Love White Claw but want to take it to the next level with a mixed drink? Add a few simple ingredients to make this refreshing cucumber and lime White Claw cocktail that you’ll want to sip all summer!

  • 6 slices English cucumber, plus extra for garnish
  • 1 lime, halved
  • 1 can Lime White Claw

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Tips For Making Slushies

As easy as this recipe is, it helps to know how to get your slushie juuust right. Here are a few pointers thatll help you blend any cocktail like a pro:

  • Using small ice cubes, crushed ice or ice chips helps get that slushie mouthfeel you want. In general, there should be about twice as much ice as liquid in the blender to get the right consistency. For White Claw slushies, you can likely use a little less ice since the fruit is frozen.

  • If you only have large cubes and are worried your blender cant break them up, smash some up in a plastic bag before blending.

  • Always run the blender on the highest speed to make cocktails. Itll give the drink a nice, frothy head and break up the ice efficiently. If youre worried about your blender or its blades, pulse it on low to warm it up before turning up the speed.

  • Check the drinks consistency between pulses. Over-blending will make it runny.

  • If an ice cube or chunk of ice gets stuck, stir the mixture with a spoon between pulses to make sure it breaks up evenly.

  • To thin your slushie, add a little water . For an icier texture, add more ice.

What Is A White Claw Slushie

As if White Claw couldn

The White Claw Slushie made its debut on TikTok in 2020 and was an instant hit! Its easy to make, tastes like summer, and it incorporates fruit what more could you ask for in a drink?

Scroll down for the full recipe, but check out these tips first.

A White Claw slushie is a blended frozen drink. You need a good blender that will crush ice and frozen fruit well so youre not left with chunks in your slushie. I love my Ninja and highly recommend it for any frozen drink. Get yours below to make frozen coffee, ice cream drinks and more.

There are so many flavor combinations you can make with this recipe. I suggest grabbing a variety pack of White Claw and a few bags of frozen fruit. Try these combinations, or create your own.

  • Strawberry Mango. Mango claw blended with frozen strawberries and mango.
  • Tropical. Lime or Pineapple claw and mixed tropical fruit.
  • Very Berry. Mixed berries with black cherry claw.

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How To Make Raspberry White Claw Cocktail

This recipe makes two White Claw cocktails, but it is SUPER easy to make a bigger batch. Youll just need one can of White Claw Raspberry and one can of 7-up for every 2 cocktails you want to make!

For the Cocktail

  • Start by filling your glasses with ice cubes. Pour half of the White Claw, lemon-lime soda, grenadine, and lime juice into each glass.
  • In another bowl, mash 6 raspberries and place an even amount of mashed berries in each glass.
  • Next, dip the lime slices in your drink sugars, and place a sugared slice on the rim of each glass.
  • To garnish your cocktails, thread a couple of raspberries onto a drink stirrer and place one in each glass.
  • Last, sprinkle about a teaspoon of drink sugars into each glass for that extra little holiday fun! Or you can dip the rim of each glass in the sugars before adding ice.
  • For Homemade Drink Sugars

    If you want to keep things easy, you can totally purchase drink sugars at the store. BUT theyre also super simple to make! You can have your drink sugars pre-made and ready to go come cocktail time. They take about 24 hours to finish drying out.

  • Start by lining a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Sprinkle 1 cup of granulated sugar onto the parchment.
  • Next, sprinkle the sugar with 2 tablespoons of cranberry juice and mix to color the sugar.
  • Spread the pink sugar on the parchment paper and let it sit until dry, about 24 hours. It will dry in small clumps, but no worries. Just break those apart with your fingers!
  • White Claw Cocktails: The Best Drinks To Make With Hard Seltzer

    Senior Editor of Food, Style and Shopping at HuffPost

    Whether you stan for White Claw or youre a little bit ashamed that you have a case of it hidden in your garage, theres a good possibility hard seltzer will make its way into your summer drinking.

    Sure, you could just pop open a can and chug it, but you could also elevate it into something you actually enjoy drinking. Spiked seltzer had a big year in 2019 , but you may be getting a little bored of it by now. If so, its probably about time you started making White Claw cocktails.

    You can easily freestyle your own hard seltzer cocktail mix it with juice, add it to an Aperol spritz, put it in a wine spritzer, or replace the tonic in your gin and tonic. As Bustle accurately pointed out, there are no laws when youre drinking Claws.

    But if youre the type of person who needs more specific guidance, weve rounded up seven hard seltzer cocktails from popular food bloggers whove perfected their recipes.

    Check them out below:

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    White Claw Cocktail Ingredients

    Cocktail Base I love this White Claw cocktail because it isnt SUPER boozy like so many other holiday drinks. You can sip it casually and know that you wont be feeling sluggish the next day! All you need for the base of this raspberry cocktail is some White Claw Raspberry hard seltzer and some lemon-lime soda!

    Fruit like any good holiday cocktail, youll be flavoring this drink with some delicious fresh fruit. Youll need some raspberries, a few limes, and some Maraschino cherry juice

    Drink Sugars these pink drink sugars are used for rimming the glasses as well as adding a little extra sweetness to your raspberry cocktail. You can definitely find pink drink sugars in your local grocery store or liquor store , or, you can make them yourself. Theyre super easy to make.

    Are Hard Seltzers Good Or Bad For You

    WHITE CLAW COCKTAILS | fancy drinks with simple ingredients

    A lot of people think that just because White Claw and other brands are sold in grocery stores next to club sodas and ginger beer, a can of hard seltzer to them is like the innocent kind of alcohol with a halo above its head. On paper, hard seltzers are lower in carbohydrates and calories than other alcoholic beverages, but thats not a lot to go on with when talking about health benefits.

    On the pros column, its already established that hard seltzers are low in calories and carbs. Numbers-wise, its a safer type of alcohol compared to a regular beer, a , or a . But on the flip side, health experts also warn that these very safe-sounding attributes the low calories, the low carbs, and the low alcohol are the very things that make hard seltzers dangerous. How? Binge drinking.

    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration , having 4 or more alcoholic beverages for women or 5 or more alcoholic beverages for men over 2 to 3 hours is considered binge drinking.

    Binge drinking puts people at risk of accidents, injuries, and other long term negative health effects. Theyre also at increased risk of alcohol poisoning, a serious and potentially deadly effect of drinking too much alcohol over a short period. People who binge are usually drinking beyond their normal levels, and drinks like hard seltzers reinforce that by giving them the idea that its safe to drink no matter how many cans you consume.

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    How Tax Policy Gave Us White Claw

    Im kind of amazed the White Claw craze didnt happen sooner.

    As a gay man in New York with a well-stocked bar, I am used to my friends coming to my apartment and asking for vodka sodas. What people like about a vodka soda is what it doesnt contain. All it has is alcohol, water, and carbonation no extra flavorings, no caffeine, and no calorie content other than from alcohol. Its the chicken breast of mixed drinks: broadly acceptable, gets the job done, nothing fancy. So, why did it take so long for it to come ready-to-drink in a can?

    Part of the answer lies in the fact White Claw, which markets itself as hard seltzer and spiked sparkling water, is not precisely a vodka soda in a can. It doesnt contain vodka or any other distilled spirits. Instead it is made through fermentation, like beer, but starting from a base of sugar instead of cereal grains like barley. Then, carbonated water and flavoring are added.

    Because White Claw is brewed like beer, its taxed like beer, which is important because beer is taxed in the U.S. at a much lower rate than spirits. If you made a product similar to White Claw by mixing vodka with seltzer and putting it in a can, a six-pack would be subject to almost $2 in additional taxes when sold in New York City.

    In my view, the beer-like alcohol content of White Claw is a feature, compared to the hand-mixed vodka sodas you might drink it as a replacement for.

    Millennials Love Hard Seltzer

    Its no surprise that millennials are the core demographic for hard seltzers. It was unprecedented the way White Claw, Truly and Bon & Viv hard seltzer sales skyrocketed just between June to August of 2019. It was so huge that those 3 brands alone outsold the top six beer brands combined.

    Millennial drinkers are more likely to go for flavored malt alcoholic beverages, most commonly hard lemonade and prepared cocktails than other drinkers from another age bracket. That plus the fact that theyre already the foremost consumer of flavored sparkling water even before the summer of seltzer happened.

    Another reason could be because this demographic is also more likely to be health-conscious and body-conscious compared to others. These are the people who like to count calories and give huge importance to physical attractiveness, exercise, and physical activity. Giving them something like White Claw, with all its low-carb, low-calorie attributes, is basically like creating the official drink of an entire generation.

    Now, White Claaaaaaaw! is the new battle cry of spring break regulars and frat boys all over the US, and also sparked the now-popular adage, Aint no laws when youre drinking Claws. It is even the subject of a viral video about the hysteria over the sparkling alcoholic drink.

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    Zodiac Cocktails Libra: White Claw Raspberry Lemonade

    Just like fun, flirty and trendy Libras, these White Claw Raspberry Lemonade Cocktails hit the spot! Refreshing, easy, and super on-trend!

    Welcome to Libra Season!

    Yet again I am writing another post in my Zodiac Cocktail Series because we are already to Libra season which is CRAZY to me! How did we get this far!? Didnt I just start this series with Capricorn like, last week? . WHAT!

    But I digress Libras, this ones for you!

    You can celebrate the start of Libra season by: being good at seeing through scams and scammy people having about 5 different crushes on 5 different people at any given time being incredibly indecisive, and when you finally pick something, you regret it almost instantly being social but low-key lonely at heart having impeccable taste in clothing and the finer things in life being spoiled being a great friend but not as great of a listener having a penchant for justice and fairness can be slightly narcissistic and LOOOOOVVVVIIINNNGGGG drama, even more so than Leo.

    Libra is a Cardinal air sign cardinal meaning receptive and eager to initiate change and liking to take control, and air meaning a thinking sign as opposed to a feeling sign, and the sign associated with intellect. Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac that doesnt have a living thing representing it, like a human, animal, or fish. Libras symbol is the scale, and they definitely strive to ensure their moral compass is equal and balanced.

    Easy Drink Recipe To Try This Weekend

    White Claw Slushie

    Even though I dont have kids, my schedule changes dramatically every mid-August and there are weeks I absolutely feel like I cannot keep up. This past week, it officially hit me. I could hardly keep my eyes open past 8:00 p.m., yet I still had a million things to do. And even though I set a curfew for myself of 10:00 p.m. every night, I was lucky to be in bed by midnight. These are the times when I am especially aware of foods and drinks that dont just taste good, but are EASY to whip up. When friends come over, I love having items on hand that dont require a ton of time and thought to prepare, or an additional trip to the grocery store to make.

    If you tend to feel the same way, Ive got the perfect drink recipe for you, all thanks to White Claw Pure Hard Seltzer. Have you had a chance to try it yet? Its quickly become my go-to option for many reasons, including the fact that its SO refreshing. Its also not a sugary concoction and for anyone trying to cut back on sugary foods and drinks, this is a no-brainer.

    I also appreciate that this blend of seltzer water is made with White Claws gluten-free BrewPure® alcohol and only natural flavors. The result? 5% alcohol, only 100 calories and 0g carbs! While it really is refreshing straight from the can, I thought it would be fun to flavor it a bit, but still keep it light and refreshing AND simple !

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    Is Hard Seltzer Healthier Than Beer

    Q: Are hard seltzers better for you than wine or beer? A: Hard seltzers are lower in carbohydrates and calories than other alcoholic beverages, but that doesnt mean theyre healthy. A can of seltzer has about the same number of calories and the same alcohol content as a light beer and its gluten-free.

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    Flavors Of White Claw Slushies

    The flavors to make of a white claw slushie are literally endless! Reach for all different flavors of White Clay and swap out the fruit to fit exactly what you have on hand.

    • Lime White Claw Mix with frozen cherries for a cherry limeade style slush.
    • Mango White Claw Pair with Pineapple for a tropical flavor.
    • Black Cherry White Claw Mix with other berries like blackberries and raspberries for a mixed berry blend.
    • Coconut Cream Mix Lime with a few tablespoon of coconut cream for a lime and coconut blend you will enjoy.

    Let me know what your favorite flavor combinations are.

    Honestly this recipe is endless of how you can mix and match flavors.

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