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Whiskey Sour | How to make a cocktail with Whiskey, Lemon & Simple Syrup

I wasnt a whiskey sour fan until the drink was introduced to our family by Alexs step-father, Joe. Joe is 1,000% passionate about this sweet tart drink. When hes entertaining, hell always ask: Want a whiskey sour? So of course over the years, this drink has become the standard for festive family get-togethers.

In honor of Joes 50th birthday, we created this an all natural whiskey sour recipe as an alternative to the store-bought mix he usually buys. This recipe uses maple syrup and fresh lemon juice, and truly makes for the very best whiskey sour recipe! Joe started serving it often, and it was a hit with cousins, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncle alike. Now when our family gets together, youll see a big jug of maple syrup and a ton of lemons on the counter. Want to try out our family recipe?

Recipe Tips And Variations

  • Yield: This recipe makes 1 cocktail.
  • Big batch: To make a batch of 8 cocktails, combine 16 ounces whiskey, 6 ounces lemon juice, and 6 ounces lemon juice in a pitcher. Have ice, glassware, and garnishes on hand so guests can help themselves.
  • No cocktail shaker: Fill a large glass with ice. Add the drink ingredients, then stir with a long spoon to get it all mixed and chilled. Strain through a small mesh strainer or use a slotted spoon to keep the ice in the shaker as you pour the cocktail.
  • Gold Rush: Substitute honey syrup for the simple syrup: Combine ¼ cup water and ¼ cup sugar in a small saucepan over medium heat. Stir until honey is dissolved . Remove from heat and cool. Garnish the cocktail with a lemon peel instead of the orange slice and maraschino cherry.
  • Boston Sour: This version of the drink includes an egg white for silky body and foamy frothiness. If you want to try this, first give the ingredients a dry shake to emulsify them. Then, add ice to the shaker and give everything a second shake to chill the cocktail.
  • New York Sour: After straining the cocktail into a rocks glass with ice, float 1 tablespoon full-bodied red wine on top .
  • Amaretto Sour: Substitute 1 ½ ounces amaretto for the whiskey and top with lemon-lime soda if desired. Garnish with a cherry.

Make Simple Syrup at home in minutes with just 2 ingredients: water and sugar. Use it in cocktails, iced tea, or brushed over baked goods.

What Is A Whiskey Sour

A traditional whiskey sour is made with whiskey, lemon juice, sugar, and an egg white. The egg white adds a creamy, rich flavor and a frothy texture to the surface, which is fun to drink.

Even though this age-old tradition dates back to the mid 1800s, most bars dont typically make it that way anymore and youll usually be served a whiskey sour without an egg white.

Weve included a version with and without the egg below and you can decide which you like best!

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How To Make Whiskey Sour With Egg Whites

Whiskey sour made with egg white can also be serve over rocks or straight. If you plan to serve it straight, chill the glasses first.

You can use an orange twist or a cocktail cherry to garnish this cocktail.

Combine fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, splash of fresh orange juice, and bourbon in a cocktail shaker. Crack a small egg and add egg white* only to the cocktail shaker. Discard the egg yolk. Note: you can also use pasteurized egg whites from a carton and use about a tablespoon and per cocktail.

Add a few ice cubes and shake vigorously for about 30-40 seconds.

Add a few ice cubes to the glass if desired, pour the cocktail into the glass through a strainer, and enjoy.

*Raw Egg Warning: Consuming raw or under-cooked eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

Whisky Sour Orange Juice Slush With The Thermomix

Rye Whiskey Sour Recipe + Spice

You have a Thermomix at home and would like to know how it can help you in your whisky sour mixing? I’ve put together a few ideas here to help you make your Thermomix the best bartender. Especially with larger quantities you can save a lot of time and effort.

Imagine the following situation: You are throwing a barbecue party in summer and want to offer your guests a refreshing drink. Your guests love Whisky Sour, but it takes too much time to mix five of them. For exactly such situations I have thought of the Whisky Sour Slush recipe. The Thermomix does most of the work.

Ingredients for five portions of the Whisky Cocktail from the Thermomix:

  • 30 g Bourbon-Whisky
  • 3 fresh organic lemons, cut in half
  • 100 ml orange juice
  • 500g Ice cubes


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Whiskey Sour Ingredients Are As Simple As They Come: A Squeeze Of Fresh Lemon Juice A Spoonful Of Sugar And Plenty Of Whiskey For A Boston Sour Add An Egg White Too

  • Shaking with ice chills the cocktail without over-dilution.
  • Fresh squeezed lemon juice beats sour mix in terms of flavor and aroma.
  • Toasted sugar tastes less sweet than plain, with subtle notes of caramel to complement the whiskey.

It ain’t fancy, but that’s a big part of its appeal. Because at the end of a long dayscratch that, a long weekyou just want a nice, easy drink. The whiskey sour, with the gentle bite of lemon tempered by a whisper of sugar, is a simple, go-to classic for a reason.

What Other Of Sour Cocktails Are There

The basic recipe of three ingredients, spirit, lemon juice and sugar syrup, can be found in a wide variety of cocktails. Some of them still count as classics in cocktail history and are still popularly served and drunk. Cocktails based on this recipe are divided into three categories: Sour, Fizz and Collins.

Sours are basically the original form of this type of cocktail. In addition to the classic whiskey sour, there are variants such as the Pisco Sour with “Pisco” brandy from Peru, Amaretto Sour, or Margarita.

Fizzes differ from sours because they are additionally filled with soda water. The best-known fizzes are the Gin Fizz or the Ramos Gin Fizz. It is not always possible to distinguish between Fizzes and Collins. The biggest difference is not in the ingredients, but in the preparation. While the Fizz is built in the serving glass, the Collins is built in the shaker and then strained into the serving glass.

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Whiskey Sour Recipe With Fresh Lemon And High West Whiskey

Perhaps you dont have a cocktail picked out yet for your Easter festivities or maybe youre just a fan of the whiskey sour, either way, I have a cocktail here that perfectly compliments any celebration. This whiskey sour is not your average whiskey sour, its made with real lemon juice, quality High West Whiskey, and a brown sugar simple syrup. We served this cocktail last weekend as people came in the door to our whiskey and cheese SLCmixer. People sipped and chatted as they waited for the fun to begin.

Whiskey sours are normally made with a store-bought, yellowish sweet and sour mix. Our whiskey sours are made simply with fresh lemon juice and homemade simple syrup. John Kornilakis, bartender at Park Citys Al Dente . He told us that he uses real lemon juice and a simple syrup from 2 parts sugar and 1 part water. We added our own little twist using a brown sugar simple syrup made with 1.5 parts sugar and 1 part water. Brown sugar simply syrups are usually richer with a beautiful amber color, which perfectly compliments an amber liquor like whiskey.

Whiskey Sour With Egg White

Whiskey Sour – Tipsy Bartender

Adding an egg white into a whiskey sour creates a smoother finish, helps balance the tartness of the cocktail, and also creates a beautiful frothy layer on the top.

The risk of salmonella is low but its better to be cautious. So here are some tips for adding egg whites into cocktails.

You can also make a whiskey sour without egg white too. We prefer it with, however it will still taste very good without!

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Famous Quotes About Whisky Sour

These quotes will put a smile on any whisky sour lover’s face:

“Miss Morris, I’m perfectly capable of fixing my own breakfast. As a matter of fact, I had a peanut butter sandwich and two whiskey sours.” – in The Seven Year Itch

âYou had to have eight f*cking Whiskey Sours, I Couldnât Stop at f*cking three or four… I had to have eight!â – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

âToo much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.â â Mark Twain

âAlways carry a flagon of whisky in case of snakebite, and furthermore, always carry a small snake.â â W.C. Fields

How Do I Mix A Whisky Sour Vegan

As a vegan alternative to protein, water from a can of chickpeas is suitable. This water is also called Aquafaba. Simply replace the protein from my recipe with 2cl of water from a can of chickpeas and process it in exactly the same way as the protein.

In the water there are similar proteins as in the egg white, which binds the cocktail and creates a beautiful foam crown.

If you don’t want to use canned chickpea water, you can also buy bottled Aquafaba. Fee Foam you can get for example in this shop.

As an alternative to fresh eggs, egg white powder is also suitable. This has a longer shelf life and can be easily mixed with water if required. One teaspoon corresponds to about half an egg white. When mixing, it is best to put the powder in the shaker last so that it mixes well with the other ingredients.

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Why This Recipe Works

  • You guys know I am all about keeping things simple and this cocktail is no exception. You dont need any fancy mixers or unusual ingredients to make it.
  • This is a whiskey sour without egg white. It used to be a common ingredient in this drink, but many modern versions skip it and I like it without!
  • This is the perfect drink to mix up for one or two people after work or if you want a drink to sip on for the weekend. It takes minutes to make and has that classic sweet and sour flavor with a punch of bourbon.

So grab some snacks like some ranch pretzels or Chex mix and mix up a delicious whiskey sour! You are going to love it.

Whiskey Sour Recipe Ingredients

Rye Whiskey Sour Recipe + Spice

There are just 5 ingredients in this classic whiskey sour cocktail.

  • Whiskey We typically use bourbon whiskey. See below for notes on the best whiskey for a whiskey sour.
  • Lemon juice Freshly squeezed lemon juice is essential.
  • Simple syrup You can either make your own or buy some at the store.
  • Orange slice & maraschino cherry Traditional whiskey sour cocktail garnishes.
  • Egg white We included variations of this cocktail with and without egg white.

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Whisky Sour Without Egg White Or With Egg White

Some who hear about a cocktail with raw protein for the first time are sceptical at first. You can’t blame them, because salmonella can actually multiply in raw eggs and can lead to a salmonella infection when consumed. Therefore, it is very important: Only use eggs that are as fresh as possible and stored in a cool place! Then the least can happen. If you still have concerns, you should prepare the Whisky Sour with the recipe without protein. Personally, I have never had any problems with salmonella from the many Whisky Sours I have drunk so far.

If you use super fresh eggs, the egg white will give you a rounder taste and combines the flavours of the other ingredients nicely. In addition, shaking with egg white gives a nice head of foam, which enhances the cocktail visually. I personally like the Whisky Sour with egg white best.

How To Make Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is a mixture of equal parts water and sugar and is often used to sweeten cocktails since the sugar is already melted. While you can buy it pre-made at any liquor store, its also super easy to make yourself.

Just combine 1/2 cup of sugar and 1/2 cup of water in a saucepan, bringing it to a simmer until all of the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool and add to your cocktails. It will last for 2 weeks when stored properly in the fridge.

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Insider Tip: The Perfect Whisky Sour For Camping Camping Outdoor Festival And On The Road

You’re going camping or to a festival with friends and want to surprise them with a nice whisky drink, but don’t feel like carrying all your bar utensils with you? Then I have a secret tip for you. With this Whisky Sour Survival Kit, you don’t have to give up your favourite drink anywhere.


  • Mix sugar syrup, whisky and lemon and take it in a sealable container, e.g. jam jar, possibly already mixed directly with whisky.
  • Take the tin of chickpeas with you. These can be eaten later.
  • When you are ready for your Whisky Sour, add two cl. of water from the can of chickpea, close the jam jar and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.
  • Done! You can drink your Whisky Sour straight from the jam jar.
  • If you want your drink chilled, you can try the following:
  • Put the jam jar and the tin of chickpeas in a river to pre-cool them.
  • Put whisky stones into the cool box
  • Put the jam jar and the tin of chickpeas in a river to pre-cool them.
  • If you have a cooler with you, put all ingredients in it first.

More Easy Cocktail Recipes:

How to Make a Whiskey Sour

Prep Time: Total Time:

Made with bourbon whiskey, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup, this Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail that’s easy to make. Just 3 ingredients and a few minutes is all you need to make this sweet tart drink!

  • 2 ounces good quality bourbon whiskey
  • 2 ounces fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 ounce simple syrup

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Which Glass Do I Use To Serve The Whisky Sour

Whisky Sour is most often served in a tumbler glass or in a beautifully decorated Old Fashioned glass. Very high quality are glasses made of lead crystal or cut lead glass. However, classic cocktail glasses with a long sems are also suitable.

The most important aspect in choosing the right glass is, in my opinion, that the glass matches the ambience in which you drink your Whisky Sour. Drinking from the right glass makes a good Whisky Sour even more fun.

You can find a selection of different glasses on the net at important shops.

Shake Dont Stir Your Whiskey Sour

When mixing cocktails with juice you want to make sure to shake them rather than stir them. Spirit-forward cocktails which consist only of spirits and sweeteners are find to stir, but once you introduce juices, break out your shaker. This is also the case with any cocktail including egg whites and creams as well.

Im not sure of the physics or the chemistry but shaking a cocktail with juice brightens up the cocktail. It wakes the juice up and makes it much more vibrant that a stirred cocktail.

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Cocktail Cherry Maraschino Cherry Or Cherry Garnish For The Whiskey Sour

The cocktail cherry can be found as a garnish in many cocktails and so, of course, in the whiskey sour. For most people, it is one of those things that they have seen many times but don’t actually know anything about. Here are a few facts about the cocktail cherry:

  • The cocktail cherry is also called the Maraschino cherry. This name comes from a type of sour cherry that originated in Croatia, the Maraska cherries. These used to be preserved in Maraschino liqueur.
  • Nowadays, different types of cherries are used and first bleached by a brine with salt, sulphur dioxide and calcium chloride to give them their usual colour with food colouring. To preserve them, they are pickled in malt sugar. Flavourings are also added.

If you want to find out even more information about the cocktail cherry, I can recommend this article on the from the New York Times. By the way, I recommend you try your whiskey sour next time with real maraschino cherries.

Whisky Sour With Ginger Ale

Whiskey Sour â The Home Cookbook

A little bit similar to the also very delicious Cocktail Moscow Mule is this variant. Ginger Ale and whisky shake hands and melt into a drink that is a little sweeter and a little weaker in alcohol content than the previously presented variants. Just the right thing for a hot summer day, it’s worth trying!


  • 5 ice cubes


  • The first step is called “Dry Shake”. Put all ingredients without ice into a cocktail shaker and shake for 12 seconds.
  • Then follows the “Wet Shake”. Add the ice cubes to the other ingredients in the shaker and shake again for 12 seconds.
  • Strain the contents of the shaker into a suitable glass.
  • Optional: Garnish the cocktail with a slice of orange and a cocktail cherry.

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Is It Safe To Drink Whisky Sour

Traditionally a whisky sour will have a raw egg white mixed in to give the drink a silkier texture and frothy top. My whiskey sour recipe does not include an egg, which is why it doesnt look as creamy as a traditional whiskey sour. But it is every bit as delicious and I highly recommend giving it a try! One can never have too many easy cocktail recipes to make at home. Options people, its all about options.

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