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How To Make Old Fashioned Country Recipes At Home

Old Fashioned Beef Stew

Even though over time some of the ingredients may have had to be adapted, these dishes are still family favorites today.

When you think back to your childhood, what are some of your favorites? Tuna Noodle Casserole? Spaghetti? Goulash? Hamburger SOS? Homemade Mac and Cheese?

I dont know about you, but there is just something about making these dishes that are good for my soul. They are delicious warm bowls of comfort. Granted they may look and taste a bit different now, but they are still just as good.

Here is a list of some of the basic supplies that you will need to create some of the dishes. Dont worry though, if you have regular cookware, they will work just as well.

  • Cast iron cookware if you havent tried cooking on cast iron, I encourage you to at least buy one pan and try it. I use mine 90% of the time.
  • Aluminized Steel Loaf Pan I had heard these were a must. I finally got one to try. Now that I have, I will never use glass to bake bread or meatloaf again. These are amazing.
  • Stand Mixer I know these cost a bit upfront, however, once you buy one, it will probably be the only one you ever buy. I have had my Kitchen Aid now for over 15 years and its still running strong. I had gone through several before this one.

The Best Old Fashioned Recipe Ever

The world’s best Old Fashioned recipe is a light, refreshing tasting, yet complex combination of Bulleit Bourbon, sugar and bitters.

The delicious Old Fashioned recipe is also one of six basic drinks listed in David A. Embury’s The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks.

The beauty of the Old Fashioned recipe is that nearly any spirit can be used as the core as long as the other ingredients support and accent that spirit.

The best bourbon for a perfect Old Fashioned recipe is a highly personal decision.

Start by using good bourbon, the rule being that if you wouldnt sip it by itself it has no place at the helm of a Old Fashioned recipe.

From there, the cocktail-minded seem to break into two camps: simple syrup or muddled sugar.

While a barspoon of syrup can cut your prep time in half, it robs the drink of some of the weight and texture that makes it so appealing.

Servings: 1 People

Skill Level: Easy

The best Old Fashioned recipe is one of six root cocktails upon which all mixology is built, according to the Cocktail Codex, a book from the legendary Death & Co bar team.

If you put ice in your tasty Old Fashioned recipe, you have a finite amount of time to slurp it down before it becomes a watery mess. The time you have depends on the quality of your ice and the proof of your spirit.

Omitting ice means you can nurse the drink all day, should you wish to. The Old Fashioned recipe without ice is a more contemplative Old Fashioned.

Old Fashioned Dessert Recipes

What’s better than delicious old fashioned desserts? We can’t think of much. Pound cake, cookies, pie, and cookie bars… the treats below are things you might remember seeing in your grandmother’s cookbook. Mom may have been passed a few of these vintage recipes over the years, and now it’s your turn. Pour yourself a tall glass of milk and get ready to take a trip down memory lane with these great desserts.

Did you know that during the war, carrots were often used in baked goods because they were easier to get than sugar? This yummy recipe is inspired by the creative cooks at the time, and we’re so pleased with the results.

TEST KITCHEN RECIPE! Pink stuff, also known as pink fluff or pink salad, is an old-fashioned recipe that is actually pretty yummy. This frozen treat has that colorful, weird look of other vintage recipes, but actually tastes sweet and tasty. Check out our full test kitchen recipe to learn where the pink hue comes from .

COOKBOOK RECIPE! This minty green cake has all the style of 1950s chiffon and all the taste of a family-favorite pie. Our vintage pie recipe can be made in 20 minutes and chilled overnight. Right out of our cookbook series, this is one of chef Addie Gundry’s favorites!

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Best Old Fashioned Recipes

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Save money with these frugal, old fashioned recipes. From sour cream donuts to old fashioned goulash and hot milk cake, there are over 100 old world country recipes for every meal.

Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

When I think of good old fashioned home cooking and comfort food, one ...

Molten chocolate lava cake, as the name suggests, resembles a volcano made entirely of chocolate cake that “erupts” into a pool of molten chocolate lava when lightly cracked by a fork. It hasn’t been around as long as, say, chocolate brownies, but anything that features chocolate, more chocolate, and a whole it’s-ok-to-play-with-your-food vibe was destined to be an instant classic. You don’t see lava cake around much anymore, but we hope that changes. In the meantime, there’s our version, which we figured out how to make using a pressure cooker.

Get our recipe for Molten Lava Chocolate Cherry Cake.

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Amish Ground Beef And Cabbage Skillet

This colorful, budget-friendly skillet will be your new favorite. The combo of ground beef and cabbage makes for a hearty and tasty dish.

The best part? This recipe comes together in just one pan. Its easy to make, easy to clean, yet impossible to resist!

Ground beef, potatoes, and cabbage join forces to make one delicious casserole.

There are loads of cheese slices on top, too, guaranteeing maximum magnificence.

Sure, it takes over an hour to bake, but its definitely worth the wait.

Amish Chicken Corn Casserole

This chicken and corn casserole has a Ritz cracker crumb topping. How amazing does that sound? Its comfort food at its best.

The chicken and corn kernels are covered in a creamy and buttery sauce. That alone is already a winner.

But its the crushed Ritz crackers on top that take it to a whole new level of deliciousness.

These onion patties are simple, but they sure hit the spot.

The contrasts between sweet and spicy, tender and crunchy create amazing fireworks in my mouth.

You can dip them in ketchup or salsa, but personally, I love it with sour cream.

I cant get enough, and no, Im not sorry about my onion breath!

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Old Fashioned Recipe Ideas

Do your eyes ever start to light up when you talk about “the good old days?” If so, then these recipes are for you to share with your kids and grandkids. Give them a taste of what it was like to live in your shoes, which were old and worn from playing outside all day long. Back when your mom used to call you in for dinner by shouting down the street about the meatball recipe she had prepared. Back when you would wake up early on Saturday morning to find that your dad had used an old fashioned recipe to make breakfast. Those really were the days.

Bitters Orange And Cherries

Chocolate Meringue Pie, Hamburger Steak and Fried Potatoes, Old Fashioned Cooking

We add two to three dashes of bitters. Our standby is Angostura bitters, but one look in a well stocked store or online proves there are lots to experiment with.

Depending on who makes it, the amount of fruit added to an Old Fashioned varies. Weve seen everything from multiple slices of orange and an abundance of cherries muddled together then served in the glass to an Old Fashioned with no fruit whatsoever.

We like somewhere in between. A 2-inch piece of orange or blood orange peel and a cherry and were happy.

If were feeling feisty, well go for a flaming orange twist. To do it, take a coin-sized slice of orange peel , squeeze it between your fingers and light a match or lighter next to it .

The oils will spark and flame out. If you do all of this close to or over the glass, a toasted orange aroma will fall down over the drink. We dont add the flamed peel to the drink, but rubbing the flamed peel around the rim of the glass is a nice touch.

The flavor and aroma of the drink really changes and while we dont do this all the time, its fun to experience the difference.

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Old Fashioned Southern Recipes

The South is known for tradition and passing recipes down from generation to generation. That’s why the old fashioned Southern recipes below are some of the best vintage recipes of them all. Try one of these country-inspired classic dinner recipes for dinner tonight!

Sometimes old fashioned meals are the best way to start a modern work day, and this Easy Biscuits and Gravy is a perfect example of that. There is no reason to waste away the most important meal of the day when you have the easiest of all biscuits and sausage gravy recipes handy.

If you’ve tried and love chicken fried steak, you’ll love this Southern Chicken Fried Chicken, which just swaps out the beef for chicken. It’s finger-licking good, and one of those old fashioned country recipes that will have you craving it for weeks.

This is an old Southern recipe that’s easy to make and perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Grandma’s Favorite Sausage and Cheese Grits Bake only requires 6 simple ingredients. Creamy, cheesy grits are mixed with sausage and baked to a bubbling perfection in this easy casserole recipe.

If you’ve been looking for the key to making the best goulash recipe, Paula Deen has it! Bobby Deen’s Favorite Goulash Copycat is a classic recipe for goulash with ground beef, macaroni noodles, tomatoes and a delicious seasoning combination.

Old Kraft Cheese Recipebook

The cover and back of the paperback book has designs that appear to be designs of dinner plates. The inside cover says, The cover design is a collection of rare plates, some of which date back as far as the seventh century B. C. The originals are in museums.Kraft Phenix Cheese Corporation, general offices… Chicago Copyright 1936

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Explore Our List Of Vintage Recipes Your Grandma Used To Make We’re Sure You’ll See An Old Family Recipe You Forgot On Our List

There’s nothing quite like old fashioned recipes to get you excited about sitting down to dinner. These comforting dishes might be staples in our homes and are likely to evoke memories from our childhood. From days spent with our moms in the kitchen to nights sitting down to the table with the whole family, food-centered nostalgia is a powerful thing. Prepare for a yummy and comforting dose of nostalgia when you scroll through the tasty recipes straight from my grandma’s kitchen. We love old family recipes and tried to include as many as we could below.So much quality time is spent over delicious meals in fact, that we wanted to share some old fashioned recipes we remember fondly. We’ve gathered 30 vintage recipes that have been the cornerstone of so many American dinner tables. With these classic old recipes , we hope you’ll be able to recreate some of the nostalgia you remember from your youth and recreate that for your family. Take a stroll down memory lane, indulge in some comfort food, and introduce a vintage favorite to your family.And to start, take a look at our test kitchen recipe for Grandma’s Old Fashioned Aspic:

Allrecipes Community Tips And Praise


“My favorite,” says Todd Marsh. “I always use a sugar cube and pour a little bitters and juice from the maraschino cherries jar over it before crushing it along the bottom of the glass.”

“Amazing drink and my stand-by selection,” according to Laura Turley Francis. “If Don Draper loves them, why can’t you?”

“Excellent and classic,” raves nannajoanna. “It really makes so much difference when it’s made from scratch. My only substitution: I used rye whiskey instead of bourbon.”

Editorial contributions by Corey Williams

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Travel Back In Time With These Retro Recipes For Dinner Dessert And More

Head back in time and rediscover some of the best classic dishes from decades past. In this collection of old-fashioned food recipes from down south that are sure to please your modern family.There’s nothing quite like old-fashioned home cooking, and with this recipe collection we’re honing in on the most well-received dishes that have stood the test of time. From soul food to classic suppers, you’re sure to love these dishes from the past.So dig in with us and learn how to make some amazing retro recipes!

French Toast And Bananas Foster

Our Banana Walnut Bourbon French Toast is precisely what you need if you find yourself missing either French toast or Bananas Foster, both of which are old favorites that have been, sadly, out of the spotlight in recent years. Is it breakfast? Is it dessert? Does it matter when it’s this good?

Get our recipe for Banana Walnut Bourbon French Toast.

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World’s Best Old Fashioned Recipe 2023

  • American Drinks

With a prep time of just 10 minutes you’ll enjoy the world’s best Old Fashioned recipe at home.

Arrange the 4 ingredients from the list below on your kitchen countertop and follow the next 3 steps to learn how to make the best rated Old Fashioned recipe among the chefs of the best restaurants in the world!

Old Recipe Books For Basic Home Cooking

Old Fashioned Homemade Chicken and Dumplings – E61

Introduction If you like old recipes, you’ve come to the right place. This website is full of some great old fashioned recipes from the oldest cookbooks I could find. Most of the recipes are marked with the date of the cookbook, so you will know what they were using back then to prepare it. If they are not marked they are from my own recipe box. My favorite recipes require few ingredients, but some are so good, it’s worth the extra ingredients.

Most of the recipes on these pages vary from the 1920’s to the 1970’s. It just seems they cooked food in simpler ways back then.

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Simplerecipes For Old Fashioned Country Cooking

SimpleRecipes for simple country cooking -just likeGrandma used to make! Easy country cooking recipes with step-by-stepinstructions. These food recipes are quick and easy,delicious and healthy, and really, will take no time to cook at all!

I am a lazy cook, and as a result I’malways looking for simple recipes, easy cooking recipes andrecipes that involve simplecooking.What you have here are easy country cooking recipes that I havecollected over theyears and have loved to cook. They are also old-fashioned recipes as Ibelieve that we can learn a lot from our ancestral grandmothers.

Simplerecipes for country cookingis all about healthy,wholesome cooking that is not fussy, but filling. It is about great

soups, and stews, piesand desserts that will warm you up on those longwinter nights. It is about no-fuss cooking that is easyto prepare,quick to throw together, and great to eat.

Collecting Old Recipe Books

I didn’t really ever think about old recipes that much, until I found myself looking for some basic, old fashioned, simple recipes I used to cook when I was younger. I found a recipe book from the 1950’s at a yard sale. Then one day when I went to a thrift store, looking for more books, I was fortunate to find three more old recipe books. I now have a little bit of a collection going. It seems people like to collect old books, but for some reason they don’t want old recipe books, so I am delighted.

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Tuna Mornay With Crunchy Chip Topping

Matt Preston says, “In Australia we’re far classier with our tuna mornay. We improved the idea immeasurably by blanketing canned tuna in a fancy French sauce.” This version also uses a packet of potato chips as a quick and easy topping.

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Old Fashioned Dinner Recipes

Old Fashioned Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

These old fashioned dinner recipes will bring back those memories of what it was like gathering around the dinner table as a child. From classic recipes Mom used to make like tuna casserole and meatloaf to recipes you might remember from the diner, like chicken fried chicken and Salisbury steak, these old fashioned meals are bound to please.

This old time recipe is comfort food at its best. Rich roast beef and gravy flood over tender egg noodles. You’ll pick up your fork for the first bite and find it difficult to put it down at the end of the meal.

This is one of our favorite mealoaf recipes ever. You just have to try it.

This is proof that food from the 1930s is worth bringing back again! Discover our24 Classic Great Depression Era Recipes

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