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Elements Of An Old Fashioned

Maple Bourbon Old Fashioned – A Sweet Twist on a Classic

Whiskey: Both rye and bourbon offer different flavor profiles. Bourbon is slightly sweeter and rounder, whereas rye introduces a peppery bite. Either way, youll want something high in proof as this extra alcohol will stand up to the dilution from melting ice.

Try: Knob Creek, W.L. Weller Antique, Bookers, Old Grand-Dad, Bakers, Wild Turkey 101, Wild Turkey Rare Breed, or Rittenhouse.

Glass: The Old Fashioned is one of the few drinks in existence that has a glass named in its honor. The ideal glass should be between eight to 10 ounces, with a thick heavy bottom.

Ice: This is a sipping cocktail, but you dont want that expensive booze turning into a watery mess. Avoid small cubes and pick up rubber molds or invest in an ice sphere.

Sweetener: While simple syrup works well, other options are to sub in honey, maple syrup, or agave nectar. But, make sure to dilute these with equal parts water.

Bitters: There are dozens of new bitters on the market. The best, however, is still the most common: Angostura. Two healthy dashes will do the trick. Chocolate or walnut bitters work well in this drink if you can find them. I also like Dale DeGroffs pimento bitters.

Technique: The most balanced Old Fashioned is made by stirring the drink with ice for about 20 to 30 seconds and then straining that mix over fresh ice.

Garnish: Orange twist, lemon twist, or both.

Pegu Club’s Old Fashioned

2 dashes Angostura bittersOrange twist

Having Fun With The Ice

Since weve gotten into making Old Fashioned cocktails at home, Adam dorked out a little and looked into the how and why of clear, large ice cubes. None of this is required for your cocktail, but since we used two of his ice balls in our photo and considering weve already bonded over our love of the Old Fashioned, I thought Id take a shot at explaining what weve learned.

Im sure youve seen various large ice cube molds like this sphere mold . The problem is that if you just add water and freeze, you will be left with cloudy ice. Worse still, if you use the sphere mold, the water freezes in such a way that when you add the sphere to your drink, it has a very high chance of breaking into pieces.

This all matters because cloudier ice cubes are less dense so they melt much quicker and break apart easier than clearer ice cubes. In other words, the clearer ice cubes are, the less dilution your cocktail will need to endure. And bonus, clear ice looks cooler.

So how do you make clear ice cubes? There are quite a few gadgets you can buy online. We went the more DIY, budget-friendly route. After some research, we found this tutorial for making clear ice balls using an insulated mug.

We use our tap water since we have found it freeze quite clear using this method. The tap water in the last home we had did not produce clear cubes so we found that it was best to use filtered or boiled water.

Here are the steps for doing it :

  • Fill the mold with water.
  • The Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Features Little More Than Whiskey Sugar And Bitters Done Right It’s A Perfectly Balanced Timeless Crowd

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    • Bitters add complexity and dimension to the bourbon or rye.
    • Sugar brings subtle sweetness to open the bourbon’s aroma.
    • Toasted sugar tastes less sweet than plain, and can add a subtle note of caramel to play off the bourbon or rye.

    The Old Fashioned is one of the most venerable of cocktails, predating not only the motorcar but the presidency of Abe Lincoln. All it takes is serving whiskey, sugar, bitters and, if you like, a cherry or orange garnish on the rocks. Properly made, it’s strong but not too strong, sweet but not too sweet, and, most importantly, it’s dead-simple and absolutely delicious.

    The best bitters for an Old Fashioned are up for debate, but Angostura is classic for a reason, while Fee Brothers offer a welcome alternative.

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    Tips & Tricks For Making The Perfect Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet

    What do I do if I dont have a muddler? Id encourage you to find a muddler at your local liquor store if you dont already have one. This common bar too is not expensive, and youll release the most flavor from your fruit if theyre properly muddled. But, in a pinch, you can use the back of a sturdy spoon to crush the cherry, orange, and sugar in step one of this classic cocktail recipe.

    What is the best brandy to use for this cocktail recipe? Why, Korbel of course! And why Korbel? In 1893, just as the classic Old Fashioned was experiencing a resurgence in popularity, the Worlds Fair in Chicago brought Korbel brandy to the midwest. Wisconsinites tried brandy in their Old Fashioned cocktail recipes then and never went back! To this day, according to the Korbel Company, Wisconsin alone drinks more than half of all the brandy they sell worldwide.

    I dont have brandy, what liquor should I use instead? While brandy is very common in Wisconsin, I know that isnt the case everywhere. In fact, most restaurants and bars outside of Wisconsin will serve you an Old Fashioned made with whiskey! Your favorite whiskey or bourbon are great options for this cocktail recipe.

    Bourbon Old Fashioned Recipe

    Whiskey Old Fashioned Recipe Sweet

    The classic recipe can easily be made using bourbon however the below recipe is a slight mix on it and makes for an equally lovely cocktail to drink. This recipe was made popular by Don Draper on the TV show Mad Men, so we sometimes refer to it as the Don Draper Old Fashioned or the American-style Old Fashioned instead.

    Awesome photo from Gimmesomeoven

    • 1 cube or teaspoon of sugar
    • 3-4 dashes of angostura bitters
    • 1 wheel of Orange & 1 Maraschino cherry
    • 1 dash of club soda


    1. In a chilled glass, muddle together the sugar, bitters, wheel of orange, cherry and a dash of soda for 20-30 seconds

    2. Take out the orange wheel and fill the glass with large ice cubes and your favourite bourbon

    3. Garnish with a new orange wheel or peel and a Maraschino cherry. Optionally add a spritz of soda water if you want more dilution.

    4. Enjoy your old fashioned cocktail!

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    Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour

    When I lived in Wisconsin, supper clubs were a thing! Going to Friday night fish fry’s was a blast! If you’ve never been to a supper club in the midwest, Wisconsin does it right.

    You order your dinner and drinks in the bar and when your meal is ready, you’re called to your table. Which seems kinda opposite, right? But it was a great opportunity to relax and visit with friends before the meal.

    A Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour quickly became my cocktail of choice! Classically this drink would be served with pickled brussels sprouts, mushrooms or asparagus or green olives.

    This cocktail can be served sweet – using brandy, a sugar cube and a maraschino cherry – or sour with whiskey and there’s something about that sour that made it my favorite!

    Whiskey Old Fashioned Sour starts with a great whiskey!

    How To Make The Old Fashioned

    This old classic is really easy to mix. All you need are the ingredients and a cold Tumbler Glass.


    On a Side Note: Is the flavour too intense for you? You can always add water to the Old Fashioned, to take off the edge of the alcohol. You can also cool the ingredients beforehand. The cold is decreasing the vapour pressure of the flavouring substances and therefore decreasing the flavour, making the drink appear to be milder.

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    Foolproof Whisky And Sweet Vermouth Cocktail Recipes

    October 3, 2019 | Jake Emen

    Whisky and sweet vermouth arent just pals, theyre best buds. They do everything together. Sweet vermouth, with its velvety mouthfeel, is a captivating cocktail partner for almost any whisky. A two-to-one ratio of rye and vermouth is a Manhattan replace the rye with scotch, and you have a Rob Roy. Its that simple.

    Whisky and sweet vermouth have some similar flavors and aromas, including the sweetness of both products, explains Trevor Frye, proprietor of Wash Line LLC, and the one-time beverage director at Washington, D.C.s Jack Rose Dining Saloon. As you dip your toes into the waters of home cocktailing, its a foolproof combination that should inspire you to continue wading deeper.

    The trick is finding the sweet vermouth that best suits your whisky. Certain varieties may work better with certain cocktails or particular types of whiskywhereas some are intensely sweet, almost thick, others are lighter. Some are vanilla-forward and others highlight citrus.

    Cant decide on just one? Frye creates his own blend of sweet vermouths, combining three popular brands together. The different nuances each provides makes a blend that is versatile to use across the board, Frye says. He kicks up a classic Double Barrel cocktail with that blend, pairing it with the spicy kick of a high-proof rye.

    Cocktail Basics: Old Fashioned

    Sweet Tea Old Fashioned An Easy Summer Cocktail

    As the worlds most popular whisky cocktail, the Old Fashioned has been on the receiving end of countless reinventions both good and bad, as Jake Emen finds.

    Time and again, thirsty bar-goers the world over have ordered an Old Fashioned only to end up with an alcohol-soaked fruit salad in their glass. Not only is it a disappointing experience, its also a far cry from what the drink actually is a timeless cocktail that shines due to its simplicity.

    The drink is best served with a characterful spirit that is enjoyable on its own, but which may also be improved upon with a few bright spots of flavour, applied in the form of a touch of sweetness accompanied by a punch of bitters and a kiss of citrus. Easy-sipping yet strong, the drink holds its own at happy hour or later in the evening, alongside food or without. Here, explore the cocktail, its history, and how to make it.

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    Wisconsin Brandy Old Fashioned

    We have a lot of unique food traditions here in Wisconsin. From these unconventional brandy old fashioned cocktails to chicken booyah and deep fried cheese curds , there are so many awesome foods I want to teach your about. So Ive decided to start The Supper Club Series to share classic Wisconsin recipes and recreate them without milk when needed.

    The first in the series is Wisconsinss most classic cocktail: the brandy old fashioned. A traditional old fashioned cocktail uses whiskey, but here, we make them with brandy.

    The reasons arent really clear, since most of this sort of stuff gets lost to history. Popular theories are that brandy was more familiar to German immigrants and that brandy was more readily available during prohibition times, but Ill leave the historical internet research to you. Just know that you can order your old fashioned with either brandy or whiskey and no one will think twice about it.

    Another thing that makes a Wisconsin old fashioned different than its more widespread counterpart is the wash. A wash is basically when you add soda or seltzer to a cocktail after mixing it. Ive described the different ways we use this wash below, and you can choose whichever option you like best.

    More cocktails fun: ginger saketinis / jam cocktails / pamplemousse fizz

    Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet

    A brandy old fashioned sweet is a classic Wisconsin Supper Club cocktail. Made with maraschino cherries, oranges, sugar, bitters, brandy, and lemon-lime soda, this vintage cocktail recipe is a must-try!

    Is it too early to have a guest writer? Since my husband is Mr. Wisconsin, this drink is near and dear to his heart. He had a lot he wanted me to tell you about this classic cocktail recipeso he guest-wrote the below introduction on making the PERFECT Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet.

    Every stage of life has its own drink. When youre in your early 20s, you might have gone with cheap beer, party mixers like Jack & Coke, and Trader Joes Two Buck Chuck because, frankly, it was all you could afford! By your late 20s, you maybe earn a bit more money and some of your debts are paid off, so youve moved on to nice craft beer and *gasp* a $15 bottle of wine! By the time you reach your 30s , a nice cocktail is the only way to go. Perhaps spurred on by hits like Mad Men, classic cocktails have been in vogue for the past few years in particular, the Old Fashioned is back in a big way.

    The truth is, though, in Wisconsin, we never stopped drinking them. Its not back in style because it never fell out of style here! That being said, if Don Draper walked into Wisconsin supper club and ordered an Old Fashioned, hed be a bit surprised by what the barkeep would hand him.

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    Months Of Testing Old Fashioned Style Recipes

    For 3 months I have on and off again tested various Old Fashioned style recipes to find a “general recipe” for my taste that I think works for almost* any Bourbon/ Whiskey – Rye. What I came up with was a recipe for bourbon/ whiskey and a recipe for rye that work for me and my taste.

    I settled with the two separate recipes because I noticed there was a distinction between rye and bourbons enough to need two recipes. These are two very common recipes, so I am not saying I came up with them just that I settled on them being my go to.


    Bourbon Old Fashioned – 2 Oz Bourbon 3/4 oz Rich Simple Syrup with Turbinado Sugar, 2 Hard Dashes of Orange Bitters , Orange Peel Expressed into drink and dropped in with peel coming out. All those are dry stirred into the glass and then I add a large clear ice cube and gently stir for minimal dilution then I make sure the orange peel comes out of the glass a bit to smell it as I drink.

    Rye Old Fashioned – 2 Oz Rye Whiskey, 3/4 Oz Rich Simple made with White Sugar, 2 Hard Dashes of Regular Angostura Aromatic Bitters, Lemon peel expressed into drink. Same as for the bourbon just change out the simple, lemon instead of orange and aromatic bitters instead of orange bitters.

    Other ingredients I tested and a list of bourbons/rye and techniques.

    Techniques – Wet stir, shaken in cocktail tins, flaming citrus oil and I ended up with dry stir then adding ice for a quick dilution stir.

    What Makes It Old

    Old Fashioned Sweet Cocktail

    Back in the early 1800s, the very first known recipe for a cocktail was essentially a spirit with sugar, bitters and water. As the general concept of the cocktail gained popularity, modifications were created by adding different liqueurs. This was considered fancy and an indication of wealth as not everyone could afford the expensive elaborations.

    This led many traditional cocktail drinkers to request the old-fashioned whiskey cocktail. The name has stuck ever since.

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    Sugar Cube Or Simple Syrup

    Old Fashioned purists say the proper thing to do is to muddle a sugar cube with the bitters in the bottom of the rocks glass. Non-purists, like myself, think that’s nice but the sugar never seems to fully dissolve this way. Either my muddling skills are weak , or there might be another way.

    I’m in favor of using simple syrup for an Old Fashioned because it’s easy and convenient. Here’s how to make it.

    Classic Whiskey And Sweet Vermouth Cocktails

    Manhattan: 2 oz. rye whiskey + 1 oz. sweet vermouth + 2 dashes Angostura bitters + Orange peel or maraschino cherryStir all ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with orange peel or maraschino cherry.Rob Roy: 2 oz. blended Scotch whisky + 1 oz. sweet vermouth + 2 dashes Angostura bitters +Stir all ingredients with ice. Strain into chilled coupe glass. Garnish with maraschino cherry.

    Bobby Burns: 2 oz. blended Scotch whisky + 3/4 oz. sweet vermouth + 1/2 oz. Benedictine + Lemon peelStir all ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with expressed lemon peel.

    Double Barrel: 1 oz. Wild Turkey 101 rye or other rye whiskey + 1 oz. sweet vermouth blend + 1 oz. Dolin dry vermouth, 4 dashes each of Angostura bitters and orange bitters + orange peelStir all ingredients with ice. Strain into a chilled coupe glass. Express orange peel and discard.

    How to Make Trevor Fryes Sweet Vermouth BlendCombine 10 oz. Cocchi Vermouth di Torini with 10 oz. Gonzalez Byass Vermouth La Copa and 5 oz. Carpano Antica Formula in an empty 750 ml. bottle. Cork and store in refrigerator.

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    Prepare The Old Fashioned

  • Add 1 oz of whisky . You can play around with this to figure out what you like best

  • Add 1 ounce of your orange simple syrup

  • Add one orange slice and muddle

  • Add ice

  • Add one more ounce of whisky. Remember 2 to 1 ratio

  • Stir and let it sit for 2 minutes

  • And Bob’s your uncle, you have just made an Old Fashioned, Whisky Boss style.


    Best Rye Old Fashioned Recipes

    Cocktail recipe: Still Austin Whiskey Co.s old fashioned | KVUE

    This is for the whiskey lover who wants a cocktail but expects to taste the whiskey. Theres no better choice than a rye Old-Fashioned. An Old-Fashioned is the godfather of whiskey cocktails. It is whiskey forward, potent, yet uncomplicated:

    • 2 ounces rye whiskey
    • Orange and/or lemon peel garnish
    • One very large ice cube

    This simple recipe has stood the test of time. Truly. Rye was the traditional type of whiskey around the 19th century when the Old-Fashioned made its debut. While the recipe has seen numerous variations , the staples remain consistent keeping this particular cocktail at the head of the pack.

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