Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes For Weight Loss

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The Best Way To Prepare Sweet Potatoes For Weight Loss Is To Steam Bake Or Roast Them

Sweet Potato Recipe Easy Weight Loss Diet Recipe

Sorry, but having sweet potatoes in fry form probably isnt the most weight loss- friendly idea. Frying them or adding high-cal toppings like bacon might pack on many extra calories that compromise your weight-loss goals, says Kessler. She recommends steaming or roasting your sweet potatoes with a bit of cinnamon.

Cinnamon is a spice used to help keep blood sugar levels balanced and help manage cravings, she says The combination of these two together within healthy portion control and regular exercise offer a delicious option that is satisfying without compromising weight loss goals.

Huggins adds that you should explore using a variety of other warm spices, like nutmeg or sweet paprika, on your baked, roasted, or boiled sweet potatoes to add an extra dash of flavor.

Silky Ginger Sweet Potato Soup

As the temperatures drop, you’ll want to cuddle up to a bowl of this heartwarming sweet potato soup. This vegan-friendly dish is made with sweet potatoes, low-sodium vegetable stock, coconut milk, and fresh ginger. Top with thinly sliced green onions and hemp hearts for a healthy crunch that packs omega-3s.

Get the recipe from How Sweet Eats.

So Whats The Best Way To Have A Sweet Potato

The nutrition expert suggests that you can in fact eat it instead of 2 rotis or a bowl of rice in a meal to compensate for your carbohydrate intake. The idea is to create a balance in your diet with what you eat.

Sweet potato is sweet for diabetics

The beloved superfood has a low glycemic index rating, and that makes it okay for people with type-2 diabetes to consume.

But Kaul has a word of caution. Sweet potato must be added to a diabetes patients diet under supervision of an expert or educator.

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/4sweet Potatoes Are Packed With Nutrients

Looking for some healthy weight-loss-friendly snack option? What can be better than creamy, soft and delicious, sweet potatoes?

The root vegetable, generally available in the winter season is highly nutritious and versatile, which makes it a perfect snack option for people trying to shed kilos. It is indeed starchy and high in carb content but unlike regular potato, it is not unhealthy or branded as fattening. The delicious tuber vegetable is packed with plenty of minerals, fiber, vitamins, and phytonutrients, which helps both your body and mind.

Sweet Potato Recipes: Sweet Potato Pancakes With Coconut Cream

Spicy Sweet Potato Salad Recipe for Weight Loss

Yields: 16 pancakes Nutrition: 192 calories, 10.5 g fat, 8.4 g sat fat, 148 mg sodium, 21.3 g carbs, 1.2 g fiber, 3.4 g sugar, 3.7 g protein

These fluffy, lightly sweet pancakes dont get your children to eat their vegetables, were not certain which one will. Theyre made from a whole cup of sweet potatoes that have been mashed and then topped with coconut milk and the toasted coconut. Make it appear as if the syrup stream isnt there because you definitely do not really need it!

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Casserole Sweet Potato Recipes

1. Pecan Sweet Potato Casserole | Cookie and Kate2. Sweet Potato Casserole with Marshmallows | Spend with Pennies3. Mini Sweet Potato Casseroles | The Full Helping4. Sweet Potato Casserole with Brown Sugar Topping | Pinch of Yum5. Savoury Sweet Potato Casserole | Southern Living6. Buffalo Chicken and Sweet Potato Casserole | Erin Lives Whole7. Sweet Potato and Sage Butter Casserole | Martha Stewart8. Sweet Potato and Turnip Gratin | Epicurious9. Spiralized Sweet Potato Spaghetti Casserole | Cotter Crunch10. Southwest Sweet Potato Casserole with Chorizo | The Cozy Apron11. Sweet Potato Casserole with Coconut Pecan Topping | Favourite Family Recipes12. Sweet Potato Casserole with Black Beans, Kale and Quinoa | Happy Kitchen

Sweet potatoes are delicious, healthy and perfect for fall. Use these recipes to impress even your toughest critics!

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Heres How You Should Be Having Your Sweet Potatoes For Weight Loss

Spoiler: not as fries.

Anyone whos ever had a bowl of sweet potato fries knows that the root vegetable is is truly a gift from earth. Somehow sweet potatoes strike the perfect balance between being succulent and sweet, and it also helps that theyre touted as a super nutritious food. How many times have you had a friend opt for the sweet potato over the regular one because they’re supposedly healthier? Im def guilty of it.

Theres no doubt that sweet potatoes are healthy. Theyre full of nutrients and vitamins that help your body perform its most important functions. But sweet potatoes are also pretty up there in carbs when compared to other vegetables. Potatoes are significantly higher in carbs than vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini, or leafy vegetables, says Elizabeth Huggins, RDN at

Whether sweet potatoes can aid your weight-loss goals ultimately depends on your eating plan , as well as how you prepare them. Someone trying to cut out carbs may have to pay extra attention to sweet potato servings, for example.

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If you’re unsure about how sweet potatoes fit into your diet, read on for information about how sweet potatoes can impact weight loss, according to dietitians.

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Sweet Potato Recipes For Weight Loss

With eatingcleanblog find out 10 sweet potato recipes for weight loss.

The sweet potato isnt only a necessary food item to serve the entire family at the table during the holidays. Theyre very healthy and may aid in your weight loss efforts too. Make sure you dont ruin them by putting them in the brown sugar bucket and marshmallows, Mama. Heres why:

One huge, flavor-packed sweet potato provides 4 grams of protein to boost your satiety as well as 25 percent of your daily fiber intake in addition to 11 times your amount of Vitamin A per day. which is a nutrient that helps with immunity in reproduction, vision, and cell communication. Most impressive is that you get the benefits of all of them with just 162 calories. Its indeed a true nutritional champion!

Beyond this, these sweet spuds can be used in a variety of ways and are simple cook. They can be cooked for burgers, used in the making of cakes, burgers, quinoa as well as added to mouthwatering salads and much and more! To help you maintain your health while enjoying delicious and healthy recipes, we compiled a list of the best sweet potato recipes from around the internet. To get more weight loss ideas learn the methods to shed 10,0 pounds..

Sweet Potato Recipes : Masala Khicdi

4 Healthy Sweet Potato recipes for weight loss

Serves: 8Nutrition: 288 calories, 2 g fat, 0 mg cholesterol, 45 mg sodium, 58 g carbs, 12 g fiber, 9 g sugars, 12 g protein

If you are a fan of Indian cuisine This is a must-try sweet potato dish. Indian food is usually prepared using Ghee however this tasty recipe substitutes it for more nutritious vegetable oil. This simple dish is also loaded with freshly grated ginger turmeric and cayenne spices along with lentils and other vegetables like sweet potatoes, eggplant green peas, and sweet potatoes.

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Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet

Need dinner on the table in 30-minutes or less? Give this ground turkey sweet potato skillet a try.

Not only is this recipe quick and simple to make, but it is also packed with protein and low in carbs.

Being so quick to make, you might think this dish is lacking in flavor. However, it is basically the opposite. The dish includes a spice blend with chili powder, cumin, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper.

Another great reason this dish is so great is that you can add to it however youd like. Make it creamy with some Greek yogurt or avocado, serve it on top of cauliflower rice, or add a layer of freshness with a squeeze of fresh lime juice on top.

Not sure what to choose with all these great options? Why not start with our favorite mashed sweet potato recipe. Whip it up in just over 30 minutes and enjoy!

Sweet Potato Recipes : Mason Jar Quinoa Salad With Sweet Potatoes And Thai

Serves: 1Nutrition: 505 calories, 22 g fat , 358.2 mg sodium, 10.6 g fiber, 14.37 g sugar, 12.6 g protein

This one is more about the quinoa and the amazing mason jar salad. Its a brilliant way to enjoy a variety of flavor in a hurry. But its sure to keep you full until dinnertime. Make sure to pack as the amount of spinach you can and then use a small amount of coconut oil for cooking your sweet potato.

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Harissa Sweet Potato Wedges

Sweet potato chips make a healthy, high-fibre alternative to traditional chips, but taste just as good

  • A star rating of 3.3 out of 5.7 ratings

    Sweet potatoes are a versatile veg and far healthier than your everyday spud

  • A star rating of 4.7 out of 5.244 ratings

    Fragrant, tender chicken and creamy sweet potato mash makes a comforting and low-fat midweek meal

  • Sweet Potatoes Are Loaded In Fiber

    Spicy Sweet Potato Salad Recipe for Weight Loss

    This is especially true when you keep the skin on, says Ryan Maciel, R.D., C.S.C.S., a dietitian based in Cambridge, MA. A medium tuber packs about 3.8 grams and men under 50 want to aim for about 38 grams a day.

    So whats the hype about fiber? Dietary fiber is a carb that can reduce levels of hunger hormones, increase the production of hormones such as cholecystokinin that make you feel full, help slow down digestion, improve blood sugar control, and call for more chewing and slower eating which can in and of itself play a role in satiety, Maciel explains. Even more: In particular, sweet potatoes have a sort of fiber called resistant starch, that, according to some research can help reduce the risk of obesity.

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    They Are High In Water Content

    We are all aware of the importance of water. 77 percent of sweet potatos calories come from water. It promotes hydration by rehydrating your cells. An adequate water intake is crucial to maintaining your metabolism and weight. It can keep you satiated too, which in turn prevents overeating and cravings.

    Recipe For Baked Sweet Potato In Oven

    Recipes with sweet potatoes baked are full of nutrition, and low in calories.

    Sweet potatoes are packed full of antioxidants. This makes them a healthy alternative to other carbohydrates.

    Recipes for baked sweet potatoes are also lower in calories, higher in fiber, and lower on the glycemic index when compared to other potatoes.

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    Sweet Potato Kale & Corn Chowder

    Serves: 2Nutrition: 463 calories, 9.4 g fat , 865 mg sodium, 12.5 g fiber, 11.7 g sugar, 10.6 g protein

    You may be packing away the soup bowls for the season, but this recipe will convince you to break them back out. Corn chowder gets a creamand healthyupgrade with sweet potato and leeks. You’ll never go back to the canned stuff again.

    Get the recipe from A House in the Hills.

    Instant Pot Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet Potato Pie Breakfast Smoothie – Clean Eating Vegan Weight Loss Shake!

    When you think of cooking in your Instant Pot, you typically think of soups or meat-forward dishes. But did you know you can also use it to have perfectly cooked sweet potatoes?

    I wasnt so sure about this method but decided to give it a try anyway. Lets just say I was glad I tried it out!

    The potatoes were tender all around. The flesh inside the potato was also perfectly caramelized, bringing out the natural sweetness of the sweet potato.

    It seems safe to say that this is going to be my new go-to method for cooking sweet potatoes!

    Your tastebuds are about to fall in love thanks to this black bean-sweet potato skillet.

    So, what makes this skillet so incredibly delicious? Its all in the ingredients.

    The sweet potatoes cook with black beans, onions, peppers, and chipotle pepper in a spice-filled broth to make a mouthwatering dish.

    The veggies are then served on top of couscous to create the ultimate bite. Not a fan of couscous? No problem. Sub in rice, farro, quinoa, or any grain of your choosing.

    Can you believe this sweet potato casserole is gluten-free and dairy-free?

    I wasnt convinced that it would be as tasty as the traditional recipe.

    However, after making it myself, I am hooked. Its light, fluffy, and super filling.

    You can also make this casserole vegan with just a few simple swaps. Go with a flax egg and vegan marshmallows, and youve got yourself a vegan casserole to indulge in.

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    Healthy Recipes: Sweet Potato Recipes

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    Sweet potatoes have a relatively low-calorie content that can make for a good snack whenever you are hungry. This doesnt mean that you fry and enjoy it instead choose to roast or grill it to ensure a healthy weight loss. One of the key rules to losing weight is to eat low-calorie foods . 3. Has high water content.

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees. On the stove, melt nut butter with maple syrup. In a large bowl, add mashed sweet potatoes, melted nut butter, maple syrup and cocoa powder and mix well. If using cacao nibs, add to mixture. Pour mixture into greased pan or mold and bake for 20 minutes or until cooked through.

    1. Milk 1 1/2 cup 2. Flaxseed powder 1 tsp 3. Sweet potato boiled and mashed 1 cup 4. Oats flour 3/4 cup 5. Oil 1 tsp 6. Vanilla essence or elaichi powder 1/2 tsp

    Healthy Sweet Potato Noodles Recipe . If you like spirilized vegetable noodles then you have to try this healthy recipe for sweet potato noodles. They are super nutritious and delicious especially sautéed with some of your favorite spices. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins and minerals which makes them great for vegan dishes like this one.

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    What Flavors Go Well With Sweet Potatoes

    The addition of salt and pepper provides a good taste to roasted sweet potatoes. However, there are a lot more ways to make your snack more scrumptious. A variety of flavors can be added to sweet potatoes, such as cumin, ginger, cinnamon, and even honey. Sweet potatoes are already sweet, but if you want to enhance their flavor drizzle honey or brown sugar and cinnamon. If you want to spice it up then red pepper or cayenne pepper is the best, though there are several other spicy seasonings too. A minimal amount of spices is enough to avoid going overboard, but you can add as much as youd like.

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    An Infusion Of Flavour

    Olive oil, though tasty on its own, gets even better when gently infused with ginger and garlic. And its so easy to do!

    While the sweet potatoes are boiling away, simply peel and roughly chop a couple of garlic cloves and a thumb of ginger. Take one red chilli pepper and slice it down one side. Add these to a small frying pan, along with olive oil and let it cook slowly for a few minutes.

    When the potato is soft and ready to be mashed, take the oil from the heat and spoon away the chilli, garlic and ginger. Mix the oil with the potatoes and youve got a soft, warm mash emanating with a gentle taste of ginger and just a subtle hint of heat from the chilli.

    And the best best news? You can take this mashed sweet potato to exactly the level you want.

    Dont want the chilli heat? Just leave the chilli out. Want a bit more spice? Make four incisions down the chilli instead of one itll release more heat. Want an absolute burst of flavour? Chop the ginger, garlic and chilli pepper into tiny pieces before putting them in the oil then mix them all into the mash at the end. Wow, just wow.

    So there you have it. One seriously healthy sweet potato mash recipe made just right for you.

    Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes Youll Love

    21 Healthy Recipes for Weight Loss on a Budget

    by Lisa Bryandisclosure policyJump to RecipeJump to Video

    These sweet potato recipes might just convince you that these spuds are the best vegetable ever. Sweet potato is so darn versatile and can be used in numerous recipes for endless savory combinations. Trust me, these recipes sure wont disappoint.

    If you havent hopped on the sweet potato bandwagon yet, let me tell you why you should. First of all, sweet potatoes have a delicate, natural sweetness and insanely creamy texture when cooked. A combination that makes it one of the most versatile vegetables to use in the kitchen.

    But the best part is that even though you blend, mash, roast, or bake it. Its delicious sweet n savory flavor just gets better and better in any form.

    Beyond their delicious flavor and tenderness, these spuds are one of the biggest nutritional powerhouses youll find in your produce section. They hold a variety of health benefits and are great sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. For me, this makes incorporating them into my daily meals a worthy goal.

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    Sweet Potato Recipes : Sweet Potato Carbonara

    Serves: 4Nutrition: 213 calories, 11.2 g fat , 489 mg sodium, 1.7 g fiber, 3.5 g sugar, 15.8 g protein

    Pasta dishes garnished with bacon arent unhealthy meals when you create your pasta with the spiralized sweetness of sweet potatoes. Plus, this version comes with an energizing dose of Sriracha to boost your metabolism.

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