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Is Egg White Safe In Cocktails

How to Make a Whiskey Sour

Of course! Egg whites are perfectly safe in cocktails. Its almost completely protein and has no ill effects on health. And, it has been used in cocktails since 1862 so its a tried and tested cocktail ingredient!

You may also be worried about egg white and salmonella but since this whiskey sour recipe contains alcohol which kills the bacteria it will be safe to consume the egg white.

How To Make A Whiskey Sour

  • Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  • Give the cocktail shaker a good shake. This is what makes for that nice frothy top on a whiskey sour.
  • Add a large ice cube each to two cocktail glasses. We love this ice cube tray to make them.
  • Strain the cocktails into the cocktail glasses. This will keep broken up ice cubes from getting into the drink and watering it down as it sits.
  • Garnish the cocktails. I love to do this with an orange wedge and a cherry for each cocktail.
  • For Allergy Sufferers: Chicken Egg Alternatives In The Whisky Sour

    Some people cannot eat eggs because they have a protein allergy and are therefore allergic to certain proteins in the egg white or yolk. If you need more information on allergies, check out the website of the American Allergy and Asthma Federation.

    The treatment for an egg allergy is often a change in diet that completely avoids eating eggs. In that case, you should check out our vegan alternative. However, some people can tolerate eggs under certain circumstances. The body’s immune response is only ever directed against one of the proteins contained in the egg. Since some of the proteins are not heat resistant, it happens that hard-boiled or double-fried eggs are tolerated after all. However, this alternative is out of the question for mixing a whisky sour with a chicken egg allergy, because the egg must be processed raw.

    Happily, there are other alternatives that can be used to make a whisky sour with a nice head without using a chicken egg: Quail eggs, goose eggs or duck eggs. At this point, however, I would like to point out one more thing. Although for some people who are allergic to chicken eggs, quail eggs can be a good alternative, in each individual case, medical diagnostics must rule out the possibility of cross-allergies. So if you have an allergy, check with your doctor first to see if you can use quail eggs or other eggs.

    When preparing quail eggs, check with your doctor first.

    egg type
    2 chicken eggs size M
    goose egg 4 â 5 chicken eggs size M

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    Why Is It Called A Whiskey Sour

    The Whiskey Sours name likely comes from the sailors of the 1800s. Sea travel was difficult at the time, not to mention extremely dangerous, and limited access to potable water meant that sailors turned to spirits like whiskey to quench their thirst. Furthermore, the lack of clean water meant that disease was abundant, and sailors found that whiskey, when paired with the citrus fruits they had on board, like lemons, worked to combat these diseases. They referred to the drink combination as a whiskey sour, and people in bars across the world have been enjoying them ever since.

    History Of The Whiskey Sour

    Blackberry Whiskey Sour uses blackberry brandy for extra sweetness. No ...

    The Whiskey Sour goes back a long way. Its said that sailors invented the Sour cocktail to avoid scurvy on the open seas.

    Several Sour cocktails, including the Gin Sour and the Brandy Sour, were first mentioned in The Bartenders Guide by Jerry Thomas in 1862.

    Later, a Wisconsin newspaper, the Waukesha Plain Dealer, first wrote about the Whiskey Sour cocktail on Jan. 4, 1870.

    Since then, the Whiskey Sour has found its way onto bar menus everywhere. It even has its own national holiday National Whiskey Sour Day is Aug. 25 each year.

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    Where To Get The Most Expensive Whisky Sour

    Whisky can be really expensive. Only in October 2019 the record for the most expensive bottle of whisky was broken. At an auction of the auction house Sotheby’s, about 1.6 million Euro was paid for a bottle of Macallan from 1926. A Whisky Sour with our recipe would cost about 138.000⬠with this whisky!

    Whiskey Sour Two Ways

    Whiskey Sour is a simple and sophisticated cocktail made with bourbon, lemon juice, and simple syrup. Its a beautiful classic cocktail that shows of your favorite whiskey bourbon with a perfect balance of sweet and sour flavors. You can make whiskey sour with egg white for a smooth and silky finish or leave off the egg white.

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    What Kind Of Whiskey Should I Use

    The Whiskey Sour is a very versatile drink you can make it with bourbon, rye, Tennessee whiskey, or even scotch. I like it best with rye whiskey for a little extra spice and edge to balance out the drink’s sweetness, but feel free to try this with whatever whiskey you happen to have around.

    If you’re buying specifically for this drink, I wouldn’t go for anything too expensive, since the lemon and sugar will cover the complexities that set those whiskeys apart. For rye, Rittenhouse and Old Overholt are very nice for bourbon, try Four Roses or Wild Turkey.

    What Is A Whiskey Sour

    Whiskey Sour – Tipsy Bartender

    The Whiskey Sour is from the Sour cocktail family, which means it is made with the Golden Ratio of Cocktails.

    Sours always contain a spirit, some sort of sweetener and some kind of citrus. For example, the is made with tequila, agave and lime juice.

    The Whiskey Sour calls for bourbon, simple syrup and lemon juice. It has a number of variations, including the New York Sour and Scotch Sour.

    Sometimes it has a fourth element: egg white. The egg white adds a thick, smooth, silky texture to a cocktail.

    When the egg white is added, the cocktail is sometimes called a Boston Sour. If egg white isnt your thing, you can skip it and serve the Whiskey Sour on the rocks.

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    An Easy Whiskey Cocktail

    As we steer away from the warm summer months to the cooler fall weather, I find myself reaching less for the refreshing fruity cocktails and and more for the drinks that warm you from the inside out. And one of my go-to drinks is a Whiskey Sour.

    Sure, you can enjoy this simple whiskey cocktail anytime but to me, the slow sips of that sweet tart taste with the warmth of whiskey are just perfect for fall. Though super simple to make , a whiskey sour always feels like a special cocktail.

    Its a great drink to serve guests as well. Friends served us this cocktail last fall, before treating us to some awesome pizzas from their new outdoor pizza oven. And since we recently flipped the calendar to September, I cant get this beautiful cocktail off my mind!

    Some whiskey sours include egg whites but I skipped that and stuck with the traditional bourbon sour bourbon whiskey, lemon juice, and simple syrup, shaken and served over ice. No unique twists here, just a simple, timeless classic!

    Here are a couple more cocktails that are perfect for fall: This Apple Sangria with Bourbon and Thyme is wonderful for an evening around the bonfire. And friends always love this Cranberry Gin and Tonic!

    Honey Lemon Whiskey Sour

    Enjoy a honey lemon whiskey sour for happy hour! This recipe modifies the classic whiskey sour by replacing the lime juice with lemon and the sugar with local honey.

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    I realize I probably sound like the poster child for whiskey because so many of the cocktails I have shared lately have been whiskey-based.

    What can I say? Its January. Its really cold out, and I want it to be spring already.

    Im dreaming of warmer days, and theres nothing like a little whiskey cocktail to make you dream more.

    Lets talk about this honey lemon whiskey sour. It also goes by another name: the Gold Rush cocktail.

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    Best Cocktail Mixing Set

    • Becoming your own Bartender requires a few tools that are key to have on hand when making any cocktail. But, they really are the gift that keeps on giving. My favorite cocktail mixing set includes: Cocktail Shaker, Jigger, Cocktail Mixing Spoon, Strainer, Ice Thong, Bottle Opener, & a Stylish Wooden Stand to hold all the tools!

    More Easy Cocktail Recipes:

    Whiskey Sour

    Prep Time: Total Time:

    Made with bourbon whiskey, fresh lemon juice, and simple syrup, this Whiskey Sour is a classic cocktail that’s easy to make. Just 3 ingredients and a few minutes is all you need to make this sweet tart drink!

    • 2 ounces good quality bourbon whiskey
    • 2 ounces fresh squeezed lemon juice
    • 1 ounce simple syrup

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    How Many Whisky Sours Can I Drink

    Prof. Dr. Helmut Seitz and Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bühringer from the German Head Office for Addiction Issues make recommendations regarding the limits for the consumption of alcoholic beverages:

    “Every person has an individually different risk for alcohol-related disorders, due to the interaction of their genetic make-up and their learning experiences. . The following values apply to healthy people without genetic or acquired health problems: The low-risk threshold dose in dealing with alcohol in healthy people without additional genetic or acquired risk is man at 24g alcohol per day and in women at 12g alcohol per day. . At this alcohol dose, at least 2 alcohol-free days per week should be observed.

    You can also find more information on the information portals SAMHSA and NCBI

    If you look at our nutritional table, we can see that one Whisky Sour contains about 18.7g alcohol. As a man you can drink a Whisky Sour at the end of the day with low risk if you don’t drink alcohol for two days a week. Women are accordingly allowed to drink a small Whisky Sour at the end of the day. For our recipe this simply means: take a third less of everything.

    The History Of Whisky Sours

    The cocktail variant “Sour” was mentioned in writing in 1862 in the book “Bar Tender’s Guide by Jerry Thomas.

    The idea of mixing lemon, sugar and spirits was born much earlier, on board the many ships that were trading at that time. On these ships there was often a shortage of water and the sailors suffered from the dangerous disease scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency. Lemons and spirits could be kept even at sea and the vitamin C in the lemon prevented the spread of scurvy. Whenever the sailors went ashore, this recipe spread and sours with rum or brandy became the standard of any bar that was worth its salt.

    The Whisky Sour was first mentioned in January 1870 in the US American daily newspaper “The Waukesha Plaindealer“.

    The popularity of Whisky Sour continued to grow and it quickly became a classic that no bar could do without. 1879 the great American daily newspaper “The Atlanta Daily Constitution” wrote: “When American meets American, then comes the Whiskey Sourâ.

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    The History Of The Whiskey Sour

    The Whiskey Sour is one of the oldest cocktails around, the original Whiskey Sour recipe dates back to the 1860s, when it was published in The Bartenders Guide: How To Mix Drinks, by Jerry Thomas. That recipe is the one we have listed here, except you no longer have to dissolve sugar granules in water simple syrup for the win.

    In spite of this drinks early origins, versions of the Whiskey Sour pre-date even the recipes original publication in Jerry Thomass book. British navy sailors drank lemon rum cocktails to fight off bouts of scurvy on long ocean voyages. It was due to the habit of consuming these citrus whiskey beverages that British sailors earned the nickname limeys. The popular drink was known as sailors grog, and was a staple of British naval sailors due to the abundance of rum in the Caribbean region.

    Rum, which is made with sugar cane molasses, was widely available in the Caribbean, but not a staple drink in the United States as of yet. Its possible that this grog became the whiskey sour simply due to the abundance of whiskey in the Americas.

    Cocktail Cherry Maraschino Cherry Or Cherry Garnish For The Whiskey Sour

    The BEST WHISKEY SOUR Recipes! (Top 3)

    The cocktail cherry can be found as a garnish in many cocktails and so, of course, in the whiskey sour. For most people, it is one of those things that they have seen many times but don’t actually know anything about. Here are a few facts about the cocktail cherry:

    • The cocktail cherry is also called the Maraschino cherry. This name comes from a type of sour cherry that originated in Croatia, the Maraska cherries. These used to be preserved in Maraschino liqueur.
    • Nowadays, different types of cherries are used and first bleached by a brine with salt, sulphur dioxide and calcium chloride to give them their usual colour with food colouring. To preserve them, they are pickled in malt sugar. Flavourings are also added.

    If you want to find out even more information about the cocktail cherry, I can recommend this article on the from the New York Times. By the way, I recommend you try your whiskey sour next time with real maraschino cherries.

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    Whiskey Sour Recipe Ingredients

    There are just 5 ingredients in this classic whiskey sour cocktail.

    • Whiskey We typically use bourbon whiskey. See below for notes on the best whiskey for a whiskey sour.
    • Lemon juice Freshly squeezed lemon juice is essential.
    • Simple syrup You can either make your own or buy some at the store.
    • Orange slice & maraschino cherry Traditional whiskey sour cocktail garnishes.
    • Egg white We included variations of this cocktail with and without egg white.

    What Makes A Whiskey Soursour

    While were talking about lemon, lets call it what it is. Sour! That pucker-your-mouth tartness is exactly what wakes this cocktail right up and gives it its name the whiskey sour.

    Of course, in some mainstream establishments, the whiskey sour is made from whiskey and sour mix. Sour mix isnt typically an ingredient I choose because its loaded with sugar and artificial crap and it tasteswell, artificial!

    Fresh lemon juice is so much brighter and it gives this drink the perfect pucker youre wanting from something with a title like whiskey sour. Plus, no need to go to the store and buy sour mix that will sit collecting dust in your liquor cabinet. Just grab an ole lemon out of the fridge and youre about good to go!

    To balance out the sour, you need some sweet

    I actually love using maple syrup and agave in cocktails. I think they incorporate just as well as simple syrup and add a touch of flavor. Plus, avoiding refined sugar usually cuts down my chances of a possible headache the next day.

    I chose maple for this drink to up the cozy, warm factor. Of course, you can absolutely sub simple syrup directly for maple, but why bother, really when Im sure you more typically have maple syrup laying around the house.

    But, you cant stop at just whiskey, lemon and maple for the absolutely BEST whiskey sour. That would make things a little too baseline. Lets talk about adding an egg white.

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    Should I Add A Raw Egg White

    You can make a perfectly lovely Whiskey Sour by sticking to the original recipe of just whiskey, lemon juice, and sugar. These three ingredients balance each other beautifully.

    But if you want to take your Whiskey Sour to the next level, add an egg white. This will not, in fact, make your cocktail taste like egg. Instead, the egg white will add texture, richness, and a particular creaminess that will make it seem almost like a whiskey milkshake.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking: What about salmonella?

    Your chances of getting salmonella from raw eggs are pretty low. The CDC estimates that only around 1 in 20,000 eggs are contaminated with the bacteria, and even if you do get a contaminated egg, as long as the egg is kept refrigerated below 45 F, the bacteria will have no chance to grow.

    If you’re still worried, you can purchase pasteurized eggs, which are heated for a period of time to eliminate bacteria. You can also use pre-packaged, pasteurized egg whites like Egg Beaters, which will also save you the trouble of extracting the egg white from the yolk.

    How To Make Whiskey Sour With Egg Whites

    Spiced Whiskey Sour

    Whiskey sour made with egg white can also be serve over rocks or straight. If you plan to serve it straight, chill the glasses first.

    You can use an orange twist or a cocktail cherry to garnish this cocktail.

    Combine fresh squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup, splash of fresh orange juice, and bourbon in a cocktail shaker. Crack a small egg and add egg white* only to the cocktail shaker. Discard the egg yolk. Note: you can also use pasteurized egg whites from a carton and use about a tablespoon and per cocktail.

    Add a few ice cubes and shake vigorously for about 30-40 seconds.

    Add a few ice cubes to the glass if desired, pour the cocktail into the glass through a strainer, and enjoy.

    *Raw Egg Warning: Consuming raw or under-cooked eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.

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