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Purina Pro Plan Puppy Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Chicken and Rice Recipe for Dogs with Sensitive Stomach

Best for: Puppies

First five ingredients: Salmon, rice, barley, fish meal, canola meal

Puppies are delicate as it is, so you want to make sure youre feeding them the right things, and this offering from the Purina Pro Plan line does just that. It contains salmon and rice which are easy to digest, live probiotics to promote gut health and its loaded with omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin A which are great for your puppys healthy skin and coat.


Why Do Dogs Suffer From Sensitive Stomachs

A variety of things can cause your dog to suffer from a sensitive stomach, and youll need to perform a little bit of detective work to determine the things that cause her the most trouble. You should learn as much as you can about the things that commonly upset dogs stomachs, but youll also have to engage in a little trial-and-error.

However, it is important to realize that it may be impossible to definitively determine the root cause of your dogs digestive difficulties. In such cases, youll simply need to do your best to find a dog food your dog can digest easily.

Four of the most common reasons for a dogs stomach sensitivity include:

More About Puppy Food For Sensitive Stomach



  • Purina Pro Plan Wet Dog Food Best Overall. One of the biggest causes of sensitive stomachs in dogs is the use of chemicals and other fake ingredients in dog food.
  • Wellness Grain Free Dry Dog Food Best Value. While we feel that the Pro Plan is the best food you can feed a picky pup, its expensive. If youre looking for something a little more budget-friendly, we believe Wellness 89147 Natural is the best puppy food for sensitive stomachs for the money.
  • AvoDerm Natural Puppy Dog Food Premium Choice. In addition to chicken and white and brown rice, AvoDerm 100064769 Natural is bolstered with avocadoes, which are chock-full of the omega fatty acids your dog needs to grow a healthy immune system.
  • NUTRO Puppy Dry Dog Food. NUTRO 10157655 has added calcium in it, which helps build strong teeth and bones .
  • Blue Buffalo 574 Dry Dog Food. Blue Buffalo 574 Natural is a limited ingredient food, so there arent a lot of potential culprits to make your mutt sick in each bag.
  • Natures Recipe Dry Puppy Food. Fiber is important for keeping everything running smoothly in a dogs gastrointestinal tract , and Natures Recipe 730521504373 is packed with fiber.
  • Blackwood Sensitive Stomach Dog Food. Blackwood Pet 22300 Sensitive Stomach is more like a home-cooked meal for your pup than it is a bag of dog food, as each batch is slow-cooked with quality ingredients like salmon, celery, beets, and spinach.


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No Time To Bake Your Dog A Grain

If you dont have time to bake your pup a grain-free cake, The Dog Bakery is your go-to bakery. Our talented team will make you a custom wheat-free or grain-free dog cake from scratch and decorate it to perfection. Youll be able to choose the shape, color, and include a personal message on the cake.

We offer easy online ordering and convenient in-store pick-up. Visit our website for more information on our grain-free cake recipes and frosting options.

Our pup loved the cake! Stayed fresh for 2 weeks in the fridge so she could enjoy it for dessert several nights after her birthday as well.Jordan W.

Rocky Kanaka

Lorna Ladd

Taste Of The Wild Prey Angus Beef Limited Ingredient Dog Food

The Best Dog Treats For Sensitive Stomachs

Image courtesy Taste of the Wild

This food is made with Angus beef, which is a great source of protein. It also has peas and potatoes, which are an excellent source of carbohydrates and fiber.

It is grain-free and does not contain any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. This food is made in the USA with high-quality ingredients.

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What Can I Give My Dog For Diarrhea: Supplements That Help

Besides a bland diet, supplements added to your dog’s food can aide in correcting your dog’s diarrhea. Supplements can also help to harden your dog’s stool.

Slippery elm is one of the most popular herbal treatments for dogs with diarrhea.

Some dog owners mix slippery elm tea with food and feed it to their pets, others use slippery elm tea bags.

As an alternative, there is something called slippery elm capsules, which may be more appealing to dog owners.

You Always Want To Watch For:

  • Vitamins and Minerals These help your dog stay healthy and function correctly. They will assist in helping your dogs body to grow in the best way possible. Keep in mind that not all dog foods include vitamins and minerals. Therefore, you must be proactive with this important detail.
  • Carbohydrates You may have heard that carbohydrates are only fillers/empty calories. This is not true. Carbs are good for your dog, providing them with much-needed energy, nutrients, and fiber. They also assist in keeping your dogs brain functioning properly and keep their glucose level steady. The fiber will help to regulate their digestive system and keep them from feeling hungry all the time.
  • Fat Fat is essential and provides energy to your pet. Fatty acids are essential for a healthy coat and skin and the development of their organs. Not to mention, they love the taste!
  • Protein If your dog suffers from a sensitive stomach, a single protein in their food is best. If they are puppies, pregnant or nursing, you may want to give them a bit more protein during these times for optimal health.
  • Prebiotics This is the good bacteria that is needed for gastrointestinal health and digestion.
  • Probiotics Living microorganisms that colonize the digestive system with good bacteria.

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Who Should Not Use A Bland Diet

This diet isn’t for pets with chronic diarrhea or vomiting. Those pets may have problems that need to be dealt with through discussions with your veterinarian.

This diet is not ideal for dogs with true food allergies, or inflammatory bowel disease. However, if you know what your dog is allergic to and choose an appropriate protein source, you may work around this.

How To Treat Dogs With Sensitive Stomach

Homemade Pumpkin Dog Biscuits for Sensitive Stomachs Recipe

The first step to fighting stomach sensitivities in a dog is to simplify their diet and go back to the basics.

Getting rid of as much unnecessary filler ingredients as possible will make meals easier to digest, and also potentially pinpoint the biggest offenders.

For these reasons, many pet owners choose to feed a homemade diet if their pup has a sensitive stomach.

Does your dog show clear signs of a sensitive stomach?

You ought to try making this beef stew recipe, one of the best dog food for a sensitive stomach!

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How Much Slippery Elm Should I Give My Dog

Dogs take slippery elm in different amounts.

Many dog owners give their dogs 100 milligrams per 10 pounds, and many inflammatory conditions require giving slippery elm multiple times daily.

Its always best to talk to your veterinarian before giving any medication to your pet. They can give you the right dosage based on your dogs needs, health, size, and age.

How To Make Chicken And Sweet Potato Instant Pot Dog Food

Keeping your dog fed with safe, nutritious food is an important part of pet ownership. Its right up there with giving them lots of loving tummy rubs! But not all dog foods are straightforward about what they contain. If you want more control over what your dog eats, try making your own dog food. Its surprisingly simple!

Before you begin, you should always make sure that the ingredients in your homemade dog food are safe for your pup to consume. This dog food recipe is safe for most dogs and provides them with plenty of nutrients. Before you cook anything for your pet, though, consult your veterinarian to ensure youre serving safe food in just the right amount for your unique doggo.

Featuring hearty chicken and sweet potatoes, our Instant Pot Dog Food also contains carrots, green beans, rice, apples, and celery. Your Instant Pot will turn it all into a delectable dish that your dog will love. You might be tempted to take a bite yourself!

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What Should I Look For In Sensitive Stomach Dog Food

While it is best to consult a veterinary nutritionist, pet parents can do their own research to decide on a good brand that makes food for sensitive stomachs. Your vet might place your dog on a limited ingredient diet or a prescription diet depending on their problems. However, it is still advised to reach the label of the product.

The most common factors that one needs to consider in a sensitive stomach diet include

  • Low Fat and Carbs. If your dog food contains low amounts of fat and carbs, then you can consider using that brand of dog food. This will prevent unnecessary weight gain and keep your dogs GI tract functioning well.
  • Probiotics and Prebiotics. Probiotics and prebiotics help improve the quality of gut flora. These are beneficial bacteria that help with digestion.
  • Single Protein Source. Often, a single source of protein can reduce the chance of an allergic reaction in most dogs. Make sure that the protein is present without any meat by-products.

Preparation And Feeding Tips

Dietary Guidelines for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

Even if you dont like to cook, preparing homemade food for your canine is a pretty straightforward process. Instead of buying specially prepared food for your pets sensitive stomach, you can learn how to make your own dog food and provide the nutritious and tummy-soothing meals your pet needs.

Keep in mind a few things while working on homemade dog food meals:

  • Depending on your dogs situation, butter, oils, or any seasonings can make the problem worse
  • Never include any onions, chives, or leeks as they can be deadly to dogs
  • Prepare once a day for several feedings, or prepare once a week and refrigerate or freeze in individual portions
  • Use one cup of food for every 25 pounds of weight as daily serving size total
  • To aid digestion, feed your dog smaller meal portions several times per day
  • Speak to your vet to gain a better understanding of dog nutrition so that you can either choose nutritionally balanced recipes and ingredient combos or get vet-approved supplements to add to your dogs eating plan.

By the way, you also dont have to use the foods just for meals. You can make them into baked dog treats to give your dog some variety. This also makes foods portable for park outings, traveling.

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When Is It Appropriate To Use This Diet

This diet is only recommended for mild stomach upset. This type of thing usually results from serious dietary mistakes, like a dead mouse found on a roadside, or mild cases of gastroenteritis.

You should use this diet if:

  • Your dog usually has regular stools, but has suddenly developed diarrhea.
  • The diarrhea hasnt persisted for over 2-3 days.
  • Your dog is still bright, alert and playful despite the diarrhea upset
  • Your dog can keep food down without vomiting.

Vomiting can be an indicator of more serious issues. While an isolated episode is not a big deal, a veterinarian should address any persistent vomiting.

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What Other Users Are Saying

Diamond Care has a decent fan-base, with customers enjoying this line of science-based diets. Heres what their loyal customers and dog food pros have been saying about this line of dog food:

  • HerePup would rate this as an average product.
  • Dog Food Guru Most Diamond foods provide good nutrition at a reasonable cost
  • Chewy As pet owners, we always double-check with Chewy reviews from buyers before we buy something. You can read these by clicking here.

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Dr Harveys Specialty Diet Allergy Turkey Recipe Human Grade Dog

  • Brand: Dr. Harveys
  • Manufacturer: Dr. Harveys
  • Dimensions: Height: 12.0 Inches Width: 4.5 Inches Length: 12.0 Inches Weight: 5.0 Pounds `

This is an excellent food for dogs who are allergic to many things. It is made with human-grade ingredients and is free of corn, soy, wheat, and artificial flavors.


  • Dr. Harveys Specialty Diet Allergy Turkey Recipe is a human grade dog food that is perfect for dogs with allergies.
  • This food is made with real turkey and is free of grains, fillers, and artificial ingredients.
  • The Turkey Recipe is also enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your dogs overall health.
  • This food is highly digestible and is perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • Dr. Harveys Specialty Diet Allergy Turkey Recipe is a great tasting food that your dog will love!

Tips For Making Your Dogs Food At Home:

Homemade Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach Recipe (for GI disorders)
  • If youre not ready to make the leap to cooking all of your dogs food, try just adding some real, whole foods to their kibble. You can start with simply stirring in a scrambled egg, mixing in some chopped apples or carrots, or adding a small amount of the homemade dog food in with their normal kibble.
  • You should be able to serve this homemade dog food to your dog either hot or cold. Ive found that dogs love this dog food so much, that they are not picky about how its served.
  • Its not usually a good idea to abruptly change your dogs food. Start transitioning them to homemade food by mixing some of this in with their regular food or kibble for a few days until they are used to the new food. Your dogs belly will thank you. And again, remember to always discuss with your vet before feeding your pet something new.
  • To give your dog a variety of different nutrients, use different meats, fruits, and vegetables to make your dogs food. However, if your dog has a sensitive stomach, it might be best to stick to one combination that you know works.

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Recipes For Homemade Sensitive Dog Food

There are actually several prescription commercial diets for dogs suffering from delicate tummies, but one main problem is that often dogs simply do not like them. The diets may be too bland tasting, and the dog may blatantly feel no incentive to eat what you are serving. This can make the sensitive tummy ordeal even more frustrating for dog owners. Not only will they have to deal with the digestive issues, but also with the dog’s capricious whims. So what to do?

Most dogs crave homemade foods not simply because they are made with fresh ingredients, but because watching their owners prepare it for them seems to stimulate their appetite. Not to mention the pleasant smells lingering in the kitchen as the homemade food is being prepared. By the time the food is ready, you will have a dog licking his lips in anticipation.

Following is a bland diet for dogs that is easy on the dog’s stomach and readily digestible. It may also work for dogs that simply do not want to eat. When dealing with digestive issues, it is fundamental that the homemade diet is low in fat and has good fiber content to make it easier on the stomach.

Veterinarian Keith A. Kremer, a board-certified specialist in small animal internal medicine practicing in Virginia Beach, Virginia, suggests the following homemade recipes:

  • A boiled diced or shredded chicken breast with white rice. The rice must be the bulky part of the meal, therefore calculate one part of meat to three to four parts of rice.
  • How To Make Chicken And Rice Dog Food

    Skinless and boneless chicken breasts are used in this homemade dog food recipe as the white meat is easier on your dogs digestion.

    The chicken and white rice are cooked together in a pot, then mixed with lightly cooked vegetables. We added the vegetables for extra vitamins but these can be omitted if you need a bland meal.

    We shred the cooked chicken breasts so its easier to eat but you could cut the cooked chicken breast into small pieces for the size of your dog.

    Always check with your veterinarian before introducing any new foods into your dogs diet.

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    Best Foods For A Pit Bull With A Sensitive Tummy

    I feed Pro-Plan salmon/rice for sensitive stomach and skin, chicken/poultry makes mine break out in rashes, itchy, the Pro-Plan works great, no problems.

    Upvotes: 12

    We are on hills science sensitive skin & stomach, still not 100% solid stool. Be careful with grain free foods, another friends pittie is dealing with heart issues linked to grain free food

    Upvotes: 21

    My boy has been doing really well on Purina Pro Plan sensitive stomach lamb and rice. He was one that would go a day without eating or when he did he usually would vomit or be super gassy and eat grass all the time. Hes been on it for a year and doesnt miss meals and no more vomiting.

    Upvotes: 5

    We make ours Salmon and rice. Shes allergic to poultry and most dog food on the market has some sort of poultry in it.

    Upvotes: 5

    My familys dogs have almost always been on Natures Domain dog food. Both my dogs are on different bags though since the chihuahua is on Salmon and Sweet potatoes Natures domain well our lab/pit mix is on lamb and rice Natures domain bag.

    Upvotes: 1

    Nothing but homemade sweet potato broccoli chicken pork beef 165 pounds of pitbull Hes 10 years old

    Upvotes: 5

    Started my 13 y/o Bella on this 3 months ago Salmon. Within a week all her allergies, licking, scratching and tummy issues were done. Its been heaven since

    Upvotes: 23

    Upvotes: 27

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