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This is a hearty dip, that beer is one of the ingredients. You dont want to miss this dip. This dip even goes well as a sandwich spread on some hearty pumpernickel bread.

Having your friends over on game day should be all about having fun, not stressing out. Make things easy on you by stocking up on plenty of simple snacks and drinks in advance, and dont forget to whip up this Beer and Cheese Dip recipe.

This easy beer cheese dip differs from other recipes because you serve it cold. That means you can make it up to two days in advance and wont ever have to figure out a way of keeping it warm past halftime. Whatever team you root for, youll agree that this dip is the MVP of beer cheese dip recipes.

Variations On Beer Cheese Dip Recipe

Our motto is Make it Yours want to make this spicer, add more cayenne, change the flavor by changing the cheese.

  • SpicyBeer Cheese Dip | Increase Cayenne pepper up to ¼ teaspoon toss in a 4 oz can of green chilis or canned jalapeños. Stir in a little Sriracha sauce at the very end.
  • Gourmet Beer Cheese Dip | Use smoked gouda or gruyere cheeses along with the cream cheese, yummy!

Soft Pretzel Bites With Beer Cheese

This take on beer cheese is slightly different than the others as it includes Worcestershire sauce, paprika, and cayenne, all of which bring their punches of flavor.

If youre feeling motivated, this recipe also includes a method for making your very own soft pretzel bites to dip with!

If you dont have the time to make those, pick up a pack from the freezer aisle. I love to make this dip for a fun get-together with friends and serve it alongside hot dogs, wings, and fresh veggie sticks.

Five ingredients immediately make me think: easy! And I love an easy recipe.

If youve had a buckeye before, you know the flavors, peanut butter and chocolate.

This dip combines those two flavors with the tang of Greek yogurt and the sweetness of maple syrup.

It makes a delicious dip that you can serve with pretzels for saltiness, or even sliced apples, strawberries, or graham crackers.

No matter what you serve it with, youll love the fact that this recipe comes together in a quick 5 minutes for a scrumptious snack.

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Tips For Making Soft Pretzel Dip Sauce:

  • This cheese sauce uses flour to thicken, keep the temp lower and stir often so it doesnt get grainy.
  • I suggest a lager, but a light beer, a stout beer, an Ale Beer or an IPA beer will work. The lighter beers go great with vegetables and mild breads. If you use a stout or dark beer they pair really well with the strong flavors of the pretzel and more filling breads like rye bread.
  • Make this pretzel sauce ahead of time, it keeps in the fridge in a sealed container for up to 5 days and just warm it up to save even more time.
  • Serve this with homemade pretzels, crackers, soft pretzels, tortilla chips, vegetables or as a sandwich spread.
  • This pretzel dip doesnt freeze well, the texture changes too much and it becomes clumpy and grainy.
  • Having a party and want to keep it warm. Use a mini crock pot like the ones I use here to serve directly from so it keeps it warm for a long time!

What Else You Can Make From Frozen Rolls

Pretzel Cheese Dip

After you make this amazing pretzel and cheese dip appetizer, you are most likely going to have some frozen rolls leftover. Dont worry, I have another easy and delicious recipe to solve that problem! Cinnamon Roll Pull-Apart Bread! This recipe turns frozen dinner rolls into one of the best monkey bread, pull-apart cinnamon roll treat youve ever had. We make these for special occasions and they are always a hit!

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How To Make Pull

  • Place 8-10 frozen rolls on a baking sheet with wax paper or parchment paper that has been sprayed with non-stick spray to thaw and rise for 3 hours.
  • After 3 hours, preheat your oven to 350°. Cut each ball of dough in half and make two small balls. Cut a shallow x on top of each ball.
  • Bring the water and baking soda to a boil in a small saucepan. Add 4-5 balls at a time and cook for 1 minute, gently rotating halfway through. Use a slotted spoon to remove each ball and set them on a rack to drain. Continue until you have cooked all of the balls in the baking soda mixture.
  • Take each dough ball and place them around the edge of your cast-iron skillet. Beat the egg to make a quick egg wash and brush it on top of the dough balls. Sprinkle with the coarse salt.
  • How To Make Pretzel Dipping Sauce

    • Start by making a roux, a butter mixed with flour.
    • Let the flour mix cook for at least a minute to release the nutty flavor and let the flour really mix in.
    • I like a lager but any beer will work. The beer adds a depth and tanginess to the cheese dip.
    • Feel free to use 2% or whole milk either works fine. Skim milk doesnt thicken as well so I try to avoid it.
    • Let the flour, milk and beer get a thickness you like before adding all of the flavorings then remove from heat and add the cheese while stirring constantly to incorporate.

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    Tips For Making And Serving This Beer Cheese Dip Cold Version

    • Use sour cream. For a smoother consistency with even more tang, try replacing up to half of the cream cheese with an equal amount of sour cream.
    • Cayenne pepper if you like a little zing, add about 1/2 teaspoon to start.
    • Hot sauce dont have any Cayenne on hand, a dash of hot sauce like Tobasco can also give this a bit of flavor.
    • Smoked paprika if you have it on hand, this adds a subtle touch of smokiness to the dip, I recommend 1 teaspoon.
    • Garnish with bacon bits and sliced green onions or chives. You can even mix them into the dip if you prefer.
    • Store in the fridge for a total of around five days.

    Soft Fluffy Pumpkin Spice Pretzels With Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip

    Homemade Pretzels with Beer-Cheese Dip

    In this edition of Menu Mashup, soft pretzels are combined with classic pumpkin pie to create these delectable pumpkin spice soft pretzels. Topped with a pumpkin spice sugar blend and served with a pumpkin cream cheese dip, this fall-inspired dessert is sure to be your new favourite pumpkin dessert step aside, pumpkin pie!

    Love Philip and Mystiques pumpkin pie pretzels? Try their croque madame rolls next!

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    What Is Fruit Dip Made Of

    Every dessert fruit dip is a little different. Mostly, theyre made with a base of softened cream cheese and sweetened with things like powdered sugar, marshmallow creme , honey, maple syrup, or brown sugar.

    I like to add a little cinnamon to mine for an extra kick of flavor. Ive even seen some people add melted marshmallows or chocolate chips for an extra sugar rush.

    Theres no wrong way to make a fruit dip, honestly. And truthfully, this one is SO MUCH better than the pre-made dips you can find in the grocery store fruit platters.

    How To Make Soft Baked Pretzels

    The pretzels come together super easily – a little bit of beer in the dough adds another depth of flavour. You can either prepare the dough the night before, or make the day of, and can shape it into whatever shape you like – whatever you prefer to use as a vessel to get as much cheese sauce in your mouth in one go. The cheese sauce can be easily reheated, making preparing it ahead of time super easy. Happy dipping!

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    Soft Pretzels With Cheese Sauce Dip

    It has taken me a really, really long time to properly fall in love with New York. I moved here four years ago, chasing a two-year long-distance relationship , and kind of expected to just instantly fit in. Turns out that its not all that simple. It took me a long time to make friends that were mine, rather than just Richards friends, and I found it really hard being away from home, and finding a new routine in this big, strange city. There was also this weird feeling of guilt – that I should be having the time of my life living in my dream city, yet somehow, I wasnt.

    New York and I are getting there, but soft pretzels with cheese sauce and I were love at first sight. I had one for the first time the day I landed in NYC, and its been a long-term committed relationship ever since. Im addicted.

    Reheating Cheese Dip For Pretzels

    Pretzel Bites and Beer Cheese Dip

    I prefer reheating cheese dip on the stove. If frozen, thaw it overnight in the fridge before pouring it into a saucepan.

    Cook over low heat, stirring often, until the desired temperature. If its too thick, add milk or beer.You can also reheat it in the microwave. Set your power to 50 or 60% and cook in 30-second intervals until hot. Stir between each interval, and add liquid as needed.

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    How To Make Cream Cheese Pretzel Dip With Mustard

  • Place the cream cheese, Monterey jack cheese, heavy cream, and salt into a large mixing bowl. Mix everything on the lowest speed of your hand mixer or by hand with your whisk.
  • Pour the cheese mixture in the middle of the dough balls in your skillet. Bake in the oven for 32-35 minutes. Remove the skillet from the oven and make a ring of stone ground mustard on top of the cheese next to the pretzels.
  • Pretzel Cheese Dip For Pretzels

    Posted on Last updated:

    Beer Cheese dip is great for pretzels, dipping bread into or slathered over a hot sandwich. Easy to make, super quick with pantry ingredients, this pretzel sauce is perfect for parties for a crowd or an easy cocktail appetizer!

    We love to use this pretzel sauce with our Spicy Brisket Sliders and subbing in a pretzel bun for watching all the football games!

    Pretzel cheese dip or in this case Beer Cheese sauce is velvety, rich with hints of spices in each bite. With football season just around the corner, this dip will be perfect for game-day snacking!

    Sometimes you need a cheesy dip not made with the tried and true cream cheese. This beer cheese dip is my go-to for a rich velvety cheese dip that you can make in about 15 minutes.

    Beer cheese is something I had when we were in Germany. It was often served at the local pubs alongside German Pretzels.

    When I made the super fast version of soft pretzels bites this pretzel dipping sauce is what I made with them! Both done in less than 30 minutes!

    My favorite part about this beer cheese dip is that it doesnt have to be warm to be one of those dips that you cant get enough of! While the texture changes a little bit, it works just as well served cold out of the fridge if you want to make it ahead and serve it with vegetables!

    Not only does this soft pretzel sauce work for pretzels, but it is amazing over hot sandwiches but it also works for dipping bread into on cold winter nights.

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    Creamy Bacon Ranch Dip

    Wondering what to dip pretzels in? Well, this dip is what should be on your list! Its exactly what the title describes. It is creamy and filled with crunchy bacon.

    It also uses tangy sour cream to twist it, and of course, as all good things do, it uses cheese! What I like about this recipe are all the variations and substitutions you can make.

    You can use your favorite cheese in place of the cheddar, like blue cheese, asiago, or pepper jack.

    Instead of a ranch packet, you can use taco seasoning or a French onion dip packet. The options are endless!

    What To Serve With Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

    Soft Pretzels with Beer Cheese Dip

    Youll want to start with some sturdy dippers for this fruit dip apples, pears, strawberries, pineapple, and grapes are all great options. Add a few graham crackers too! Store-bought are fine but homemade graham crackers are truly amazing.

    If youre making a dessert charcuterie board, you need a few sweet dips in the mix. This fruit dip recipe is one of the best simple options, but dont stop there!

    Cinnamon Toffee Cream Cheese Dip is a more textured dip for graham crackers, cookies, and fruit. Its sprinkled with homemade toffee bits and is perfect with almost anything dipped into it.

    A homemade cannoli dip is another phenomenal recipe to make to go with a sweet dessert board too! Just add some broken cannoli shells or waffle cones to the board for some extra dipping vessels.

    Make it a sweet and savory party with this White Pizza Pretzel Cheese Dip! Just make some soft pretzel bites and let everyone choose their own adventure.

    Sweet treats need delicious drinks, and I love a homemade latte! Its so easy to skip the coffee shop and make it at home. You can even make an iced latte for those summer pool parties.

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    Grocery List For Beer Cheese Dip

    • Cheddar Cheese shred your own instead of buying shredded cheese for faster melting, and avoiding the anti clumping issues with pre-shredded cheese. You can use sharp cheddar cheese or mild cheddar.
    • Flour all purpose flour works well
    • Butter- salted or unsalted works fine
    • Beer Lager, Stout, Ale, IPA basically your favorite beer
    • Cayenne Pepper- optional if you dont like spicy, omit it
    • Pepper
    • Mustard- dijon mustard, regular mustard or a grainy mustard will work
    • Melt Butter

    Hot Garlic Cheese Dip With Pretzel Crumb Topping

    Looking for a dip to impress a crowd or thats different from the usual dips youre accustomed to? This garlic cheese dip meets both criteria and is sure to be a hit. Made with cream cheese, mayonnaise, garlic, Cabot Garlic Herb Cheddar cheese, Cabot Monterey Jack cheese, fresh chives, and fresh parsley and topped with Bacon Habanero Pretzel Crisps crumbs this recipe delivers a ton of flavor, putting this dip in a category above regular dips. Wed love for you to share this recipe with your friends and family members on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

    To make this garlic cheese dip, combine the softened cream cheese, mayonnaise, minced garlic, Cabot Garlic & Dill Cheddar cheese , Cabot Monterey Jack cheese, diced chives, and minced parsley. Mix well with a hand mixer or stand mixer.

    Spoon the mixture into an oven-safe dish and top with shredded cheese. Toss Bacon Habanero Pretzel Crisps into a food processor and break down into breadcrumbs. Sprinkle pretzel crumbs on top of shredded cheese.

    Bake in the oven at 375°F for about 20 minutes, or until bubbling around the edges, and serve with additional Bacon Habanero Pretzel Crisps, fresh vegetables, and crackers for dipping.

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    Stovetop Or Oven Variation

    Maybe like the first time I made this, the wind whipped up and it just wasnt enjoyable to make outside, so instead, move inside just as easily.

    • Stovetop | Add all ingredients to cast-iron or other heavy bottomed pan and cover, heating over medium-low heat until hot, bubbly and cheeses are melted. Stir occasionally to combine.
    • Oven | Place all ingredients in cast-iron skillet or other oven safe pan or dish, cover with foil and bake at 400 for 10-15 minutes until melted and bubbly. Stir until smooth.

    TFC PRO TIP | If Golden top on cheese is desired place under broiler for a few seconds to a minute, watching closely. I like to put mine a little lower and stand and watch it, it can go from golden to burnt in seconds!

    Why You Will Love This

    Pretzel Dip
    • It’s creamy. This recipe calls for heavy whipping cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese. These all help to create the creamy, delicious texture for this dip.
    • The bacon. Cooked and crumbled bacon is mixed in and it adds the best flavor. Can you even go wrong when bacon is included in a recipe?
    • The sharp cheddar cheese. The sharp tang of the cheddar cheese pairs well with the cream cheese, bacon and green onions.

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    Why You Need A Cast

    I LOVE my cast-iron pan and I use it all the time! Its perfect for searing meat, charring vegetables, making pizza, and for any skillet meal there is. Cast-iron pans go from stovetop to oven and can handle super high heat. They also hold the heat longer than a regular pan which is why its perfect for this recipe. I have a Lodge cast-iron pan and highly recommend it to everyone I know. Its inexpensive and will last forever if you take care of it.

    Spicy Cheese Pretzel Wontons

    In my continuing quest to make everything a pretzel-ized version of itself, today I present you with my new favorite snack: spicy cheese pretzel wontons. And let me tell you, it was a journey to get here.

    Rifling through cookbooks recently in an effort to spice up my meal plan, I noted the pretzel dumpling recipe in Dale Taldes book Asian-American.

    However, Talde fills his dumplings with a traditional Asian pork and chive filling, and deep fries them after a quick simmer in pretzel liquid.

    As much as I love to deep fry, I wanted something simpler. And cheesier.

    More of a bar snack that reminded me of dipping a soft pretzel into spicy, grainy mustard and beer cheese, the way I used to do when I actually went out to bars.

    You know, something like spicy cheese pretzel wontons.

    After much trial and error, I think Ive nailed that combination. Inside a crunchy, pretzel-tasting wonton shell, youll find a gooey cheese filling spiced up with jalapeno peppers, scallions, and mustard.

    And you can keep that Dutch oven and deep-fry thermometer in the cupboard for this recipe. These spicy cheese pretzel wontons can be crisped up in the air fryer, a toaster oven , or a traditional oven.

    The necessity of freezing the wontons before baking keeps the cheese from oozing out too quickly once it bakes up under high heat.

    But its also a bonus: you only need to make as many wontons as you want to eat at one sitting. No need to bake up all four dozen unless youre really feeling hungry.

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