Old Fashioned Hot Toddy Recipe

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Old Fashioned Hot Toddy

Making Old Fashion Backwoods Hot Toddy

2 cups soft peppermints

2 cups local honey

1 cup whiskey

1/2 cup lemon juice



  • In a large nonstick pot, add the peppermints and a few tablespoons of water on low heat. Allow these to begin dissolving stir constantly. Add more water a little at a time as needed when it becomes too thick to stir.

  • When all the mints are dissolved, stir in the honey, whiskey, and lemon juice. Bring this to a simmer and leave it there, stirring occasionally, for about 30 minutes. The mixture should become syrupy.

  • Remove from heat, let cool slightly and carefully pour into mason jars or a decanter. Store covered.

  • Take 1-2 large spoonfuls every night!

  • Does Hot Tea And Honey Help A Cough

    Honey has been studied for an old fashioned cough syrup recipe for children. In a study, honey relieved cough symptoms better than no treatment or diphenhydramine, and it was the same effectiveness as using dextromethorphan

    Drinking hot tea in a hot toddy recipe for cough can temporarily relieve cough symptoms because it opens airways due to the steam.

    How Strong Is A Warm Old

    If using a robust bourbon that’s bottled at a flavorful 90 proof, this is not going to be a light drink. If you pour a full 2 ounces of water, the whiskey is knocked down to a pleasant 22 percent ABV . That’s a comfortable range for a short, casual sipper and will retain a nice whiskey flavor.

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    Does Whiskey Help A Cough

    How to make an Old Fashioned Hot Toddy with Lemon and ...

    In the 19th and early 20th century, alcohol was popularly used as medicine: Many historic cocktails were invented by apothecaries! Its likely that the alcohol content in the hot toddy derives from that traditional use.

    Today, whiskey or bourbon is added to a toddy to relax the drinker, and to encourage a drowsy state for sleep. Since most coughing fits can intensify at night, its helpful to feel relaxed and drowsy to help you drop off rather than stay up tossing and turning . Dig deeper into the science behind the hot toddy.

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    Hot Toddies For Coughs & Colds

    Hot toddies are reported to help reduce cold symptoms, although you really dont want to overdo it on the whiskey. Your body needs to heal, and the simple combination of warm water, honey and lemon combined can work wonders.

    Alcohol doesnt mix well with over-the-counter and prescription medications. So, no hot toddies for you if youre taking medicine! Nurse yourself back to health with everything but the whiskey.

    Is A Hot Toddy A Good Cold Remedy

    Yes! Its the best cold remedy I know. The warmth of the drink & ingredients can really soothe your sore throat & cough symptoms. Plus whiskey is a pretty good decongestant, and it definitely helps take away the pain of a headache. *Im not a doctor and this is not an actual cure, but it does make me feel better!

    This Hot Toddy Recipe has made an appearance at our house more than a handful of times this winter.

    When you have a baby in daycare, you have to learn all the tricks to stay healthy. Sometimes when I feel so sick and disgusting and lazy, and the only words being exchanged at our house are bless you and leave me alone.

    We have had a doozy of a cold and flu season this year and this drink has gotten me through! Once Henry is in bed for the night, its time for Mommy to feel better too!

    This whiskey Hot Toddy Recipe is the only drink that gets me through a bad cold that and a nice bowl of soup. You understand. And on days we arent sick, I still crave this deliciously warm cocktail!

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    Lemon And Whiskey Cough Syrup Directions

    To make this whiskey cold remedy, follow these steps:

  • Place lemon slices in the jar.
  • Pour whiskey over the lemon slices.
  • Spoon the raw honey on top.
  • Seal the jar and shake for a minute.
  • Let rest overnight, shake every few hours.
  • To use this whiskey cough syrup, take a tablespoon every four to six hours. You can also stir it into a mug of black tea or herbal tea.

    Is A Hot Toddy Good For A Cold

    A Southern Hot Toddy Recipe

    When you look at the base ingredients of the drink it does make sense that people tend to think of it as a means of treating a cold. According to another great article on the Smithsonian website, the spices help to stimulate saliva and the lemon and honey combined will benefit mucus production.The Mayo Clinic has also stated that hot drinks might be soothing and might ease congestion by increasing mucus flow. In the end, if it makes you feel better then that’s all that matters.

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    How To Make A Hot Toddy

    This hot cocktail is so simple to make in just a couple minutes.

    • Steep the tea. Microwave water in a glass mug until it simmers. Steep the black tea in it for about 3 minutes. Discard the tea bag.
    • Add the remaining ingredients. Add the whiskey, honey, and lemon juice. Stir until the honey dissolves. Taste test and add more honey or lemon according to your desired taste.
    • Garnish and enjoy. Garnish with a lemon round slice and a cinnamon stick.

    Hot Toddy Recipe With Infused Whiskey

    Learn how to make a hot toddy with peppermint, lemon, and honey infused whiskey. This is an old fashioned drink recipe that’s often used to relieve the symptoms of cough and cold.

    I like this recipe because I can make the infusion and then use it to make a hot toddy. When I’m sick, I don’t want to be messing with a lot of ingredients. I want something simple to make. This does have whiskey in it, so it’s for 21+. Be responsible and do not drive even with a small dose.

    I used honey, lemon slices, and peppermint candies. The candies are shelf stable, so I don’t have to worry about it spoiling. You should remove the lemon slices after 48 hours. Then this whiskey mixture is shelf stable and ready for when you want to make a hot toddy.

    You can take a tablespoon of the mixture alone or use it to make a hot toddy. I have a recipe without peppermint in my how to make homemade cough syrup post.

    Hot Toddy Recipe With Infused Whiskey
    • Prep time: 15 MinutesCook time: 0 MinutesTotal time: 15 min
    • 1/4 cup raw honey, local is best
    • 1 lemon sliced
    • 1 cup hot water or tea

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    How To Make A Hot Toddy Recipe

    December 7, 2018 by Tiffany Davis

    How to make a Hot Toddy recipe. This is the best Hot Toddy Recipe and Grandmas secret home remedy for colds. When it comes to nasty winter colds and coughs I havent found anything that works as well or as fast as this Hot Toddy Recipe! The Hot Toddy, or warm whiskey, is a classic recipe that has been around for generations. The medicinal drink is said to have originated in Scotland as early as the 1700s. Before store-bought and over-the-counter medicines were readily available, people sipped on a warm Hot Toddy to fight colds and respiratory ailments. And before you fret about the whiskey remember that drug store cough and cold syrups have alcohol in them plus a bunch of other things I cant pronounce. I can also tell you that doctors were proscribing whiskey for coughs and colds long before pharmacy medications.

    But I am not a doctor, so this recipe should be used at your own discretion.

    That Is Good But Can Be A Little

    How to make an old fashioned Hot Toddy Recipe

    Old fashioned hot toddy recipe. Grandpa’s legendary hotty toddy will actually help relieve those cold symptoms. Made with just a few ingredients, an old fashioned is a balanced cocktail from the 1800s thats as easy to throw together as it is to customize. Warm yourself on cold nights with this hot toddy.

    Plus, lots of suggestions for variations. Garnish with an apple slice and star of anise. Add the whiskey, 2 teaspoons honey and 2 teaspoon lemon juice.

    2 droppers old forester smoked cinnamon bitters. Old fashioned hot toddy recipe classic flavors infused into a hot tipple. Slowly warm 1 cup of local honey to loosen and pour over top of lemons and ginger.

    Pour the cider into your favorite serving glasses. A classic hot toddy, done the old forester way with rich demerara sugar and warm baking spices. Cuddle up with your cup, an electric blanket, some netflix and get your rest on.

    Be sure to give it the time or else your drink will be a little gritty. This steaming cup of liquor and tea with a little lemon and honey is both simple and fantastic, and that’s why it’s long been a favorite among hot cocktails. The hot toddy is a drink that combines lemon, scottish whisky, honey, cinnamon and other spices along with hot water to create a soothing drink best enjoyed on cold or rainy days.

    The word toddy apparently comes from the hindi word taddy which meant. While it can be served either hot or cold, the hot toddy is. A hot toddy is like whiskey.

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    Add Spices For Even More Health Benefits

    Your hot toddy recipe for a cold should definitely include a dash of cinnamon because, among other things, spices stimulate saliva, helping a sore throat to feel better. In addition to cinnamon, you can try ginger, nutmeg, cloves or cardamom. Feel free to improvise, too, based on the health benefits youre seeking.

    But First Let Me Introduce You To Old Dominick Distillery

    It started with 16-year-old Domenico Canale in 1859. He left his home in Italy and journeyed to Memphis, Tennessee, where three of his uncles were already living and working. He joined them and began running a fruit cart as part of his uncles wholesale grocery business. Several years later, Canale opened his own grocery business in a warehouse, where he sold his first jar of whiskey he called Old Dominick. In 1880, Canale developed the Dominick Toddy, a rye-based liqueur with fruit and spice flavor notes. He said himself it was the one of which we are the proudest.

    Canale passed away in 1919, just three days before Prohibition. During Prohibition, his oldest son John Dominick Canale expanded his grocery business, eventually making it one of the largest grocery distributors in the South. It even caught attention from Anheuser-Busch and became a regional distributor for Anheuser-Busch beer. In 1965, his son John D. Canale, Jr., became president of the business and led it to some of its most prosperous years. Business continued throughout the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, until D. Canale Beverages was sold in 2010.

    If youd like to geek out more about the history of Old Dominick, check out the full timeline on their website.

    Side note: The Educated Barfly is a really great resource for those wanting to get into home bartending. Ive learned a lot just from watching his videos.

    Now, lets make a cocktail.

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    Can Whiskey Help A Cough

    While there are no studies answering can whiskey help a cough, many people swear by it. Personally, I’ve been sick and whiskey was the only thing that gave me relief.

    When you drink alcohol, it dilates your blood vessels. This makes it act like a natural decongestant. Further, the steam from a hot drink also acts like a decongestant, which is why I usually make a hot toddy recipe for cough.

    Drinking alcohol also works like a sedative. It slows down your breathing and heart rate slightly, which can reduce coughing.

    Whiskey can also help you feel calmer. If you’re stressed from being sick, it can help you get some temporary relief.

    Tips & Tricks For The Perfect Hot Toddy

    LET’S MAKE A HOT TODDY Helps with Fevers, Colds and Congestion.
    • This drink is also excellent with hot cider if you want some more bite and a more sour taste.
    • Use fresh lemon juice if you have it. It just tastes better than the stuff you get in the bottle.
    • When pouring the hot water into your glass, do so over a spoon to prevent the glass from cracking.
    • Avoid peated scotch for this particular drink, something smoother is probably better .
    • Drink one on January 11 to celebrate National Hot Toddy Day!

    However you enjoy yours, whether it’s sitting in front of the campfire, curled up in bed or trying to recover from a cold.. I hope you enjoy!

    Here are some other great cocktails to try:

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    Sleepy Time Hot Toddy Recipe:

    • Fill a mug with boiling water, add a generous spoonful of raw honey and a bag of your favorite chamomile tea.
    • Add sliced lemon and ginger, beat them up a little first to get the juices flowing.
    • Top it up with some honey whiskey.
    • Cuddle up with your cup, an electric blanket, some Netflix and get your rest on.

    My daughter Mary was very interested in my photo taking, she added in some special staging props. I promised her Id show all my friends her picture:

    Look for cocktails? Check out my new site Tipsy Chickens!

    You can also check out my Recipes page or start here:

    Where Does The Word Toddy Come From

    There are two different ideas as to where the word comes from. One suggests that it’s origin is another drink which is called a toddy in India that is a type of palm wine made by fermenting the sap from Palm Trees. The second theory is that it originates from a place called Tod’s Well which is a spring in Edinburgh. Wherever the true origin lies, I’m glad we have it today.

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    Is Lemon Good For A Cough

    Lemon is commonly used in a whiskey cough syrup. It adds flavor, and people swear that it can help relieve a cough. Personally, I think the whiskey and steam do more than the lemon.

    However, in a study, citrus did reduce inflammation in mice. Although this doesn’t prove that lemon is effective in a whiskey honey lemon cold remedy, it does show some promise.

    Sweeten With Honey Maple Syrup Or Agave

    Old Fashioned Hot Toddy Recipe Recipe beverage, cocktail ...

    When youre nursing a cold or flu, sweet flavors can be comforting. To sweeten your hot toddy, add a natural liquid sweetener, which blends more easily than granulated sugar. We like honey the best because it helps to coat your throat a bit, which can be soothing for a nasty cough. It also has a few health benefits!

    Whether you add a bit of brandy or not, a hot toddy is a soothing way to nurse a cold and tasty to enough to sip long after youve recovered.

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    How To Make The Best Hot Toddy

    The secret to making the best hot toddy is simplejust tinker with the amount of lemon juice and honey until it suits your taste buds. Ive provided some guidelines in the recipe below. I think youll be surprised by how much an extra teaspoon of lemon juice or honey changes the flavor.

    If you order a hot toddy at a bar, youll probably receive a whiskey drink. Any good whiskey will doIve enjoyed hot toddies made with Bulleit Rye, Jameson, and Wisers.

    If you prefer, you can make your hot toddy with dark rum or brandy. Youll find more ways to change up the drink in my recipe notes.

    Whiskey And Honey For Cough

    When you can’t stop coughing, you’ll do just about anything for relief. I’ve tried over the counter medications, prescription medications, and a cough remedy with whiskey.

    I’m not much of a drinker, and I definitely prefer a White Claw over the hard stuff, but a whiskey cough syrup works better than anything else for me.

    This whiskey honey lemon cold remedy, hot toddy recipe for cough, and peppermint cough syrup recipes are easy to make, and they are shelf stable.

    Before we get to the whiskey cold remedy recipes, each of these old fashioned cough syrup recipes is for adults 21 and older. Do not give them to children.

    Although it’s a small amount of whiskey, be responsible. Do not drive or otherwise operate any heavy machinery after you take a dose.

    For more natural recipes, try one of these ideas:

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