Sourdough Bread Recipe With Yeast

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What To Use To Hold The Shape Of The Dough


There are several things you can use to hold the shape of your bread while it proofs. If you dont have a proofing basket, a colander or pyrex bowl works well.

Using a colander

If you use a colander, place a tea towel in it so the dough does not fall through the holes. Flour the towel very well to prevent the dough from sticking to the towel. Plain flour will absorb moisture over time so we recommend using a mixture of rice flour and all-purpose flour. Make a blend with equal amounts of flour for perfect results.

Using a Brotform

If you want to use a bread proofing basket like this Brotform, you will not only end up with a nicely shaped loaf but the basket will leave a lovely impression on the dough. It makes a beautiful loaf of bread. As with the tea towel, you will need to give it a generous dusting of flour. Make a 50/50 blend of rice flour and all-purpose flour. If you only use all-purpose flour to dust the Brotform, the dough will stick to the Brotform when you try to remove it.

Using a mixing bowl

You can even use a mixing bowl to hold the shape of your dough. Just find a bowl the size and shape that you would like your bread to be shaped. It does not need to be an oven-proof bowl because you will not bake the bread in the bowl. Give the bowl a generous spray of oil and plop the dough into the bowl.

Easy Sourdough Bread With Instant Yeast

This easy Quick Sourdough Bread recipe lets you have the authentic sourdough taste without the time and effort of maintaining a sourdough starter. The dutch oven method is easy and requires no kneading!

Sourdough bread makes delicious French Toast, Homemade Croutons, and Tuna Melt Sandwiches. Its also great for serving as toast with your morning eggs and bacon!

My son makes the best turkey sandwiches and hell let you know it. He uses crisp lettuce, juicy slices of tomato, a thin spread of mayo, and an obscene amount of sliced turkey. But the best part is the lightly toasted slices of sourdough bread that hold everything together. Perfectly toasted not too dark, not too light. And if youre lucky hell include a fancy toothpick and a pickle, too.

If youve been one of the lucky recipients of his fantastic creation, you know that the bread really does make a difference. Homemade sourdough is the number choice among chefs and kid sandwich makers, so this recipe has become a favorite.

Easy Sourdough Bread Recipe

We call this a lazy sourdough bread. If you are looking for an artisan sourdough bread, this is not it. Those type of loaves have to rise overnight. This recipe is for when you want a quick loaf of bread, which is why it still uses yeast.

This bread isnt as chewy as an artisan loaf, but if you use bread flour has a chewier texture than traditional white bread. Its a great way to use up sourdough discard since it still has yeast to help it rise.

Once you have the sourdough starter discard, mixing the bread is just like any other bread. This is an easy recipe weve made over and over again and had turn out perfectly every time. I love how the crust browns into a beautiful color that reminds me of autumn.

This bread is perfect alongside a bowl of soup, as French toast, in casseroles and sliced for sandwiches.

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For Faster Sourdough Add Yeast

This sourdough tip helps speed up the process.

Sourdough bread begins with sourdough startera homemade culture of wild yeast and bacteria that flavors and leavens bread and changes the dough’s pH, allowing it to absorb more water, resulting in a chewier final texture. But some bakers occasionally add a little yeast with the starter to a sourdough loaf to give a boost to fermentation. Sourdough bread baking is a slow process, and even a small amount of yeast can speed it up significantly. An assist from yeast is especially helpful in the winter, when temperatures in the kitchen can dip below 70 degrees and warmth-loving sourdoughs can be especially sluggish. Furthermore, there’s overlap between wild yeast and the commercial kind: A recent study performed by the Wolfe lab in the Department of Biology at Tufts University, which uses fermented foods to study microbiomes, showed that the dominant yeast species in most sourdough cultures is Saccharomyces cerevisiaethe very same species used in store-bought yeast.

Where To Obtain A Sourdough Starter

Wild Yeast San Francisco Style Sourdough Bread

All sourdough starters are different.

They can be made from scratch, purchased online, or if youre lucky, someone will share a portion of their starter with you.

Starters range from thick to thin in texture and can be made with a variety of flours. I use two different starters one is homemade and the other was a gift from my friend Celia. She dried a portion of her starter and mailed it all the way from Sydney, Australia.

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How To Make It

In the mixing bowl add the sugar, salt, baking soda, water, starter and part of the flour, beat with flat beaters until combined.

Cover the bowl and let rise 18 hours.

Stir in the remaining flour and knead to form a soft dough.

Move the dough to a lightly floured flat surface and form into a ball or oval shape. Place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet or in a loaf pan, cover and let rise 2 hours.

Pre-heat the oven, brush the dough with water then score and bake.

Once the dough is done immediately move to a wire rack to cool completely before eating.

Common Mistakes To Avoid:

Once you have an active sourdough starter and a few basic tools , you can start making sourdough bread. How exciting is that?!

How do I know if my starter is ready to use?

  • You will need an active, mature sourdough starter to make this bread. It should be on a predictable feeding schedule. This will vary, but it should double or triple in volume between feedings.
  • Ideally, your sourdough starter should require at least one, preferably two, daily feedings on 1:5:5 ratio. For more information on feeding ratios, please review my Sourdough Starter Troubleshooting Guide. While you can make bread with less active starters, youll need to watch the dough carefully and most likely have to extend bulk fermentation significantly.
  • The most common mistake for new sourdough bakers is poor fermentation and under-proofing, which is often the result of a weak or young sourdough starter. Under-proofing produces dense, gummy, and poor crumb structures.
  • If your sourdough starter is sluggish, I recommend building up its strength with another week or two of feedings before baking again. Sourdough bread baking is a learning process and requires a lot of patience, as well as trial and error.

Troubleshooting Issues:

If youre experiencing troubleshooting issues with this recipe or other sourdough baking, please check out my Sourdough Bread Troubleshooting Guide.

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Ingredients For Baking Sourdough

  • Flour For this loaf, I use unbleached all purpose flour from King Arthur Baking Company. It has a higher protein content than most AP flours. You could bread flour if thats what you have. If you want to add whole grain flour, replace 100g of the total flour amount with the whole grain flour of your choice. Do not substitute the total amount of flour for whole grain flour, as the results will vary greatly, and you will likely end up with a much more dense loaf of bread.
  • Water I use filtered, room temperature water. Spring bottled water would work too. You just want to avoid using tap water that may have added purifying chemicals like chlorine, which can kill sourdough yeast bacteria, and prevent fermentation.
  • Sourdough starter A whole wheat, all purpose, rye, or spelt sourdough starter would work really well. Each starter will result is different flavors in your loaf, but thats part of the fun of this break baking experimentation. Use your UNFED starter, straight from the fridge. If it has been longer than 1 month since youve fed your starter, I suggest giving it at least one feed prior to baking.
  • Kosher salt I use Mortons kosher salt in all of my bread recipes. If you are using Diamond Crystal, add another 4 grams of salt.

What Does Bread Machine Sourdough Look Like

I’m Capturing Wild Yeast! (NO FUSS Sourdough Starter Recipe)

Bread Machine Sourdough can look just as good as hand stretched sourdough.

The knead function in your bread machine is actually very good at developing the gluten in your flour.

Many bread machine sourdough recipes use a lower hydration which results in a very tight crumb. There is no need to lower the hydration when kneading in your bread machine.

My simple sourdough recipe is 71%. You can successfully mix and knead this level of hydration in a bread machine. You’ll find my traditional sourdough recipe here.

You could even increase the hydration of the sourdough bread in a bread machine as it will handle the wet dough easily.

The dough will not be sticky when it’s finished kneading. It will be stretchy and elastic. You should be able to transfer the dough to a bowl in one stretchy piece.

If you feel like the dough is sticky, wet your hands and it will help you to handle the dough more easily.

Making sourdough bread in a bread machine may not be the right method for everyone.

However, if using your bread maker means that you can enjoy baking sourdough bread more often, why not use the convenience?

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Sourdough Bread: The Equipment

You do NOT need a bakery full of fancy equipment to make sourdough bread, however, there are a few tools that will make the process easier:

A large bowl. You need a large bowl for the dough. Since it rises overnight , youll want to use a bowl thats tall enough to avoid overflowing and the subsequent mess. I LOVE this handcrafted stoneware mixing bowl for mixing up bread dough.

Dough scraper. This is a super handy little tool that can help you get scrape the dough out of the original large bowl without deflating it and ruining those precious air bubbles in the dough. If you dont want to get a dough scraper, you can use a stiff spatula instead.

Bench Knife. While you dont need a bench knife for making sourdough, it makes the process easier, especially for higher-hydration doughs. Plus this one is handcrafted and makes you feel like a sourdough rockstar.

Proofing basket. A proofing basket helps support the shape of the sourdough loaf during the final rise before baking. This awesome bread bakery set includes both a dough scraper and a proofing basket. If you dont want to get proofing baskets, simply line a 9-inch bowl or colander with a tea towel that youve generously dusted with flour. Thatll work in a pinch.

If you really dont want to use a Dutch oven for this recipe, you can bake your loaf on a cookie sheet or baking stone instead. However, the crust of your finished sourdough will be different.

No Yeast Sourdough Bread

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This no yeast sourdough bread recipe is extra tangy and uses just 5 ingredients! It does take a while from start to finish but its 100% worth it for that tangy sourdough taste. Trust me, youll love making this easy bread!

Disclosure: King Arthur Flour sent me products for no charge but all opinions are 100% my own.

There is never a bad time to make bread.

Especially if that bread is sourdough!

Even more specific no yeast sourdough bread! Mostly because there are times when you simply cannot find yeast or you just dont want to hit up the grocery store.

Now, because this bread uses no added yeast it takes a bit of time from start to finish.

Please dont let that stop you from making this bread though.

It turns out super tangy and most of the work is hands-off. And by hands-off I mean youll basically just be waiting for it to rise after each step.

Honestly, you couldnt ask for an easier bread recipe.

I should also note that this recipe makes 2 loaves and this freezes like a dream.

Everyone needs a loaf of sourdough in the freezer right?

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How To Make Artisan Sourdough Bread

In the morning, feed the starter to get it active and bubbly. Wait 4 to 12 hours before using so that its at optimal activity. Below is an example of the rise and activity after a feeding:

In the evening, stir down the starter and remove 1/4 cup to make the bread.

Since I am an infrequent baker, I put rest of the starter in the fridge until I need it. Refrigeration hibernates the sourdough starter, allowing me to feed it every week or two, instead of daily.

Why Didnt My Sourdough Bread Rise

Sourdough Wild Yeast) Bread Recipe

Dont worry it happens to the best of us. When sourdough bread dough doesnt rise, its usually because the starter you used wasnt active enough. To remedy this problem, make sure youre using recently fed, active starter with lots of bubbles. Also, next time try using warm water when you mix up the dough and rising it in a warmer location. If your bread doesnt rise properly, you can always use the loaf to make breadcrumbs.

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Conversions For Overnight Sourdough Bread Recipe

We realize that many of you arent comfortable using a scale. The closest conversions are the following.

  • 4 cups flour
  • 2/3 cup starter
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt

A disclaimer is that Ive never made this recipe without weighing the ingredients so I cant guarantee or possibly troubleshoot any problems you may have with the recipe.

This bread was made possible by the resources and recipes shared by Elaine, Selma, and Celia! Please visit all three of these blogs for amazing bread information!

  • 1st attempt

Artisan Sourdough Bread Recipe

Lauraon200privacy policy

My favorite everyday artisan sourdough bread recipe. For more visuals and guidance, please watch my step-by-step YouTube video and reference my other sourdough resources.

While it requires patience and dedication, bread baking has become a serious passion of mine. I created a sourdough starter nearly two years ago and bake bread at least once a week. I absolutely love it.

Artisan Sourdough Bread Recipenew

Recipe Note: This sourdough bread recipe offers a rough timeline, but will need to be adapted to meet your specific conditions. Ambient temperature, starter strength, and flour type affect fermentation and play a very important role in bread baking.

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One Hour Sourdough Bread

Given how much getting things done quickly, and given how much I love baking with sourdough, I had been dying to try out a very quick, very easy sourdough bread. And, today, I want to share it with you.

Let me first clarify for all those purists who will want to rage at me that this is not a true sourdough bread, as in it is not fully leavened with a sourdough starter. A true sourdough bread, like this no-knead sourdough bread or this sourdough sandwich bread, would need at least two rises, of which one would be a pretty long, even overnight one, with nothing but sourdough helping it rise and develop flavor.

I love those breads, and I love baking them when I have the time. But don’t you have those days when you truly, madly, deeply want a homemade loaf of bread, warm from the oven, to serve with that lovely tomato soup you just made and you know it will be impossible to make a loaf instantly, which sends you into a downward spiral and makes you want to throw in the towel and just serve PBJs, which just ruins the day for everyone else as well and then…well, you get the picture?

Anyhoo. This is the loaf you want to bake on that day, so everything is just as it should be, and everyone–especially you–is happy.

How To Make Sourdough Bread With Instant Yeast

Best Beginner Sourdough Sandwich Bread Recipe | HOMEMADE YEAST

This easy dutch oven method results in a tender sourdough bread with a crunchy crust. You can even prep the dough the night before it doesnt get any easier! Dont have a dutch oven? See the recipe for how to make it using a sheet pan.

  • Mix together salt and instant sourdough yeast.
  • Add warm water. Use an instant read thermometer to measure the water temperature. You want it to be between 105-110 degrees F. Let it bubble for a few minutes
  • Mix Dough: Mix together the bread flour, yeast, and salt then add the warm water and stir to form a dough. If needed, add additional flour or water.
  • Allow Dough to Rise: First, let the dough rise in a bowl in a warm spot for 2 hours.
  • 2nd Rise. After it has risen, fold into a domed shape on a floured surface and allow it to rise again .
  • Preheat Dutch Oven and Bake Sourdough Bread: Line a dutch oven with parchment paper and place in the cold oven with the lid on. Preheat the oven with the dutch oven inside. Getting the dutch oven hot is key to that great bread crust. Very carefully remove the hot dutch oven from the oven and place the dough inside . Reduce the oven heat and bake the bread with the lid on for 30 minutes before removing the lid and baking for another 10-15 minutes. Allow the sourdough bread to cool on a wire rack before enjoying.
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