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What Is Dog Kidney Disease

Homemade Dog Food for Renal Disease Recipe (Simple and Quick to Make)

If the kidneys are damaged, it can lead to a loss of nephron function, the tiny filters inside the kidneys that recycle nutrients and eliminate waste products and toxins from the bloodstream. Without enough filtration units, toxins and waste products begin to amass in the bloodstream, which causes further harm to the kidneys. This cycle of damage is progressive and so CKD worsens over time.If youd like to learn more, see our article Kidney Disease in dogs.

Increased Levels Of Waste Can Cause A Loss Of Appetite

– Your dog may begin to feel nauseous due to the increase in waste in their bloodstream which can result in them eating less food.Weight loss – If your dog does experience a decrease in appetite, they may eat less food than usual which can result in weight loss for some dogs. Lethargy – A lack of calories and nutrients may also lead to a noticeable decrease in energy.

Once the amount of toxins and waste in their bloodstream has significantly increased, it is likely to have a detrimental effect on other organs, such as the stomach.

Simple And Quick Homemade Dog Food For Kidney Disease Recipe

As you’ll see in my video guide, I prepared many ingredients for this homemade dog food for kidney disease before beginning to put it all together.

It’s easiest to take 20 minutes and prepare many of the ingredients before mixing the food.

It’s a pretty simple homemade dog food for kidney disease recipe that will yield about 12 cups.

For better digestion, it’s best to serve your pet food 3 times per day. Your vet will discuss this with you.

The recommended serving size for this recipe is about 1/2 cup for every 20-25 pounds of body weight.

This is just an estimate, as more active dogs may need more calories, and lazier dogs may not need quite as many.

You can store the leftovers in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 5-7 days. You can also store them in an airtight container in the freezer for 6-8 weeks.

This is ideal for busy pet owners that may want to prep food in advance for use during weeks when they don’t have the time to prepare a homemade meal.

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How Much To Feed Your Dog:

Ive added this in as a further postscript because it is the single most frequent question Ive been getting over the years. The answer is simple but, I know, unsatisfactory: It depends. As I say to everyone, each dog trying this diet is different and unique. There are too many variables for me to answer. It depends on size, breed, age, metabolism, stage of disease, and other factors that make each dog special. My advice is simple, however. You know your dog. You know how much he/she would normally have eaten. Trust your instinct. As well, dogs with renal failure or disease are usually in a state of not eating and are prone to wasting. That is to say, theyre slowly starving to death. As such, let your companion be your guide. They will tell you if they want more or need more. Assuming their not overweight or have other diseases, let them eat till full is my personal recommendation. Thats what I did with Ben and to make it more successful, I tried when possible, to break his meals up into smaller amounts and feed him more regularly through the day. I hope this helps you all but if you need more advice, speak to your vet.

  • 2 lbs lean ground beef
  • â Option 2: or substitute half ground beef with half ground pork
  • â Option 3: or substitute 2 lbs baked trout
  • 500 grams liquid egg white
  • 1 lb green beens
  • â or substitute pearled barley
  • 2 lbs acorn squash, peeled and cubed
  • â or substitute 1 lb sweet potato and 2 cups purred pumpkin
  • 2-4 tablespoons coconut oil
  • A Dry Food Diet Is Void Of Water

    Renal Diet Recipes For Dogs

    Water is essential for kidneys and a diet void of water for CKD patients goes against every principle in the book. The very nature of the disease demands that lots of water is passed through the kidneys. There is nobody in human medicine or nutrition who would recommend a dry diet, with zero moisture, for kidney disease sufferers, yet pet food manufacturers and vets do, which is a disaster for our pets.

    Cats, with their lower thirst drive, are more prone to kidney disease than dogs . Studies show cats produce smaller amounts of concentrated urine, and this may be particularly marked when they are fed dry diets , than we see in dogs

    Based on fundamental principles, increasing the urine volume for a given solute load should decrease the level of saturation and hence the risk of crystalluria .

    Urine volume is determined to a large extent by water intake, so increasing water intake should result in an increased volume of urine that is further diluted, and an increase in the frequency of urination. As the authors conclude increasing the water intake showed clear benefits in studies of human urolithiasis.

    Stevenson et al. found that by increasing dietary moisture in Schnauzers and lab retrievers, there was a significant increase in the total moisture intake and a reduction in the urine-specific gravity. It also led to a reduction in oxalate and calcium oxide formation. All in all a bonus for the kidneys!

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    Homemade Dog Food For Kidney Disease Control

    Old age comes pretty hard on dogs, and it comes quite soon as well. Dogs have very small lifespans, ranging from an average of 15 to 18 years. However, these lifespans can be extended by a couple of years with the right kind of care. One of the most common problems that dogs experience in their later years is kidney failure. This is what were going to be focusing on today. Homemade dog food for kidney disease can help you minimize the effects of this common disease.

    A dogs kidneys function a lot like a humans. They act as the bodys natural filters that help in expelling a variety of toxins present within the body. Some of these toxins are natural while others are introduced into the body through what we eat. A diseased or malfunctioning kidney is a major problem since your bodys ability to filter out toxins becomes compromised. In fact, kidney disease in dogs is terminal and cannot be cured. As sad as this may sound, there are ways of controlling the acceleration of this disease. With proper care and a reevaluation of your dogs diet, you can reduce the impact of this disease. Doing so can ensure that your dogs senior years are comfortable and fun.

    Dog Treats For Dogs With Kidney Disease

    If you want a healthy pet treat to give to your dog with kidney disease, an occasional carrot can be good for them, Dr. Bailey says. “Green beans can be good sometimes, too,” she adds.

    The main reasons behind those foods are that carrots are low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins. Green beans have vitamins, too, as well as iron.

    But don’t just start feeding your dog random fruits and vegetables, Dr. Bailey warns. “Grapes and raisins are toxic,” she said.

    In fact, those fruits can actually cause kidney failure in dogs.

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    What Is Kidney Disease And Renal Failure

    Kidneys are the two bean-shaped vital organs that have the primary tasks of taking waste out of your blood, balancing your body fluids, and making urine. In this manner, kidneys act as your bodys filter. Kidney disease occurs when kidneys have damage and cannot filter blood correctly. Over time, the damage accumulates and causes waste to build-up in the body, which can cause additional health problems, and eventually lead to kidney failure. In dogs, the kidneys use about 20 percent of their hearts blood to operate. Unlike the liver, kidneys cannot rejuvenate. Some other functions of the kidneys in the body are:

    • Balancing the water level
    • Regulating the red blood cells
    • Regulating the acid level

    Some causes of kidney problems, especially in acute kidney disease, are easy to diagnose and treat. The onset of CKD is slower, making the causes harder to diagnose and treat. Causes of acute kidney disease in dogs are the result of eating some type of toxins such as poisonous plants, antifreeze, certain medicines, or bad foods. Accidental ingestion of pesticides or the chemicals we use to rid our houses of pests is one of the top causes of acute kidney failure. Even natural human supplements, such as vitamin D, a supplement people take to help with a lack of sunshine can be very poisonous to your dogs organs.

    These breeds are more predisposed to kidney disease and failure:

    • Samoyed
    • English Cocker Spaniel

    Tips On Switching Your Dog To A Renal

    Homemade Dog Food for Kidney Disease Recipe (Simple and Cheap)

    If kidney disease is discovered at an early stage, it may not be necessary to place your dog on a restricted diet. However, certain considerations need to be taken into account. For starters, switch to formulas made with limited ingredients.

    Consult your vet to find out if it is the right time to change to a specified renal diet. Make sure the transition is very slow, as most options with restricted protein levels may not be as tasty for your pup. Rotating the formula and gradually adding the new food to his meals will encourage him to eat.

    In case you are having a hard time with your pooch, consider seasoning the food with natural additives or delicious wet food options to make it more enticing. Just make sure you do not counter the benefits of special renal diets by adding foods high in sodium or other harmful ingredients.

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    Reducing Protein For Later Stages Of Kidney Disease

    While high protein levels generally work well for early to mid stage renal disease, it is not necessarily the case with late kidney disease. Monitoring urine protein/creatinine levels is a very useful progression tool, as are regular blood tests for BUN and Creatinine and Phosphate. As long as the UPC ratio is less than 3, there is no need to restrict protein. If Phosphate levels begin to rise above the normal range, then phosphate binders like aluminium hydroxide can be used to bind and eliminate excess phosphate. We would recommend blood and urine tests every 3 months with pets that are undergoing any stage of renal failure.

    As kidney failure does progress into the chronic, end stage disease, with the UPC ratio greater than 3, then it is time to restrict protein levels in the diet. To achieve this, we need to replace some of the proteins we use with what are described as high biological value proteins . The Moist Diet Formulas can be used to create a restricted protein diet that can be used for end stage renal disease, and for live failure .

    A classic Chinese herbal formula can also be used to support patients in chronic renal failure: Rehmannia 8 , which contains rehmannia, cornus, dioscorea, alisma, moutan and hoelen. This herbal formula can increase local blood pressure at the level of the kidney, and is able to reactivate kidney nephrons that are non-functional, but not yet destroyed, thereby improving renal function.

    Is It Important That I Change The Diet Of My Dog Suffering From Kidney Disease

    Yes, it is important to switch to a diet that supports kidney care. The food you feed needs to provide proper nutrition, absent the ingredients that can worsen the condition. Changing your dogs diet not only supports better organ function but helps control symptoms and prevent other health issues that are associated with kidney problems. Tailoring the formula is crucial for your dogs health and long life.

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    Dietary Guidelines For Dogs With Chronic Kidney Disease

    Angela Witzel Rollins


    Dr. Angela Witzel Rollins performed her DVM, PhD, and residency training at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Witzel is a Diplomate and former President and Chair of the Board for the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. She is also a Clinical Associate Professor of Nutrition at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center. Her areas of research interest include adipose hormones, body composition, and obesity management.

    Nutrition is arguably the most important aspect of chronic kidney disease management. Manipulating the composition of a patients diet can slow the progression of CKD, minimize uremic symptoms, and improve quality of life.

    A seminal study in dietary management of CKD demonstrated that dogs with spontaneous CKD lived an average of 13 months longer when fed a diet designed for renal disease compared with a maintenance diet.1 In addition, dogs eating the renal diet had a 3-fold reduction in relative risk of uremic crises compared with dogs eating the maintenance control diet. At the end of the 2-year study, only 33% of dogs receiving the renal diet died from renal-related causes, compared with 65% of dogs receiving the maintenance diet.

    Diets For Kidney And Renal Disease In Dogs And Cats

    Best Diet For Kidney Problems Dr. Harvey

    We endeavour to deliver the best information possible on natural health and diets for dogs and cats. Our articles involve contributions from senior veterinarians and are researched thoroughly. They remain the opinion of Vets All Natural however and we always recommend seeking professional advice specific to your pet from a veterinarian.

    Prescribing a diet for dogs and cats with kidney or renal disease is an area of much debate. Traditionally diets for kidney failure have involved low protein and high carbohydrate models with vets commonly recommending prescription dry foods. However, increasingly there is a shift towards moist, acidifying, raw diets, something we have long been advocating for. Below we discuss what kidney disease is, why we recommend a raw diet, more detail on managing protein levels at different stages of the disease and suggested homemade recipes. Note if your dog or cat has kidney disease then its important to talk to a vet about tailoring a diet specifically for their stage of disease.

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    List Of Ingredients To Work With

    Protein Sources:Lean Ground Beef duck white fish and egg whites ground pork â all good choices because of the ratio of fat to phosphorus

    Fat:Coconut oil alternatively, avocado oil

    Veggie Sources: Green beans collards or kale broccoli

    Carbs: Sweet potato acorn squash pumpkin carrots and apples, skin on, in moderationâ all should be boiled/steamed water discarded because the water leaches out the phosphorus

    Fibre/Carbs:White rice pearled barley white breadâ contrary to what we might think, refined grains are lower in phosphorus so better in these diets than whole grains

    Grain Mould Is Linked To Kidney Disease In Dogs

    Grain is the enemy of your dogs kidneys. Ochratoxin is produced by moulds and these are well established to affect kidney function. These moulds are common not only on the ingredients used in dry food but also on finished products as soon as the bag is opened. In a study of 26 canned foods and 17 dry pet foods, OTA was detected in 47% of the samples .

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    So We Went To Work & Spent The Days/weeks That Followed Researching Canine Kidney Disease Like Hooch’s Life Depended On It

    After reading what felt like every article on the internet we were excited to know that there were a few really easy lifestyle changes we could immediately make at home. We hoped some of this would really help Hooch and make things easier on his kidneys. Here are a few of thebiggest impact changes we’ve been able to make:

    Helping Prevent Kidney Disease Through Diet

    Homemade Dog Food for Kidney Failure Recipe (Healthy and Cheap)

    As with preventing many common ailments in cats and dogs, we always come back to nutrition. A natural, balanced diet high in protein with all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the right proportions will reduce stress on your pets organs and give them everything they need. In particular a moist diet, as with a raw meat-based diet, will help ensure proper hydration and therefore kidney function.

    Early detection is the key, so it is important if your pet shows any signs or symptoms to get them checked by a vet. They will be able to perform further blood and urine tests to establish whether they are suffering from kidney disease and the severity. Get a check up with your vet twice a year and if you see changes in urination or water consumption seek their advice as soon as possible.

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    The Doctors Opinion For Your Dogs Health

    According to animal health specialists, dogs develop acute renal failure that arises as a result of ingesting toxins, including antifreeze, certain medications, tainted foods, stress, high blood pressure, kidney trauma, kidneys stones, etc.

    Other conditions attributed to this type of kidney failure include decreased blood flow or oxygen delivery to the kidneys, infections and urinary obstruction. A dog with acute renal failure should receive intravenous fluids under the care of animal health specialist in early stages to prevent progression to chronic failure.

    While some kidney problems have an immediate cause that can be treated, chronic kidney disease shows up over a period of time and it causes are harder to determine. This condition develops slowly and affects mostly other dogs.

    Symptoms Of Kidney Disfunction

    There are certain symptoms that are indicative of kidney problems. They are mostly connected with water intake and urinating. Also, general health changes like a loss of body weight are often an alarm. In order to be sure, it is best to visit a vet and do a few checkups.

    You can find out a lot from blood work. The levels of creatinine, calcium, potassium, sedimentation, and phosphorus can tell a lot. Here is a list of the most common symptoms of kidney dysfunctions, which can serve as a guideline. However, there can be other symptoms that are not listed here.

    Excessive water intake

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