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Sugar Free Cookies: How Do They Taste

Healthy Dessert Recipes for Kids: Chocolate Banana Ice Cream – Weelicious

When you bite into these cookies, the first thing you notice is that theyre just plain delicious: gently sweet and flavorful, with soft chewy oats and raisins. If youre skeptical they wont have enough flavor without sugar, youre in for a pleasant surprise.

The cookies boast a slightly crispy, caramelized taste at the edges, and an interior thats moist and cinnamony. You and your kids will want to have two or three at once. And you can.

The secret to a delicious, nourishing sugar free cookie lies in the fruit. Some fruits can stand in for sugar in baked good recipes, like dates, mangoes, and applesauceanything with a high sugar content. In this recipe, we use bananas. Bananas are naturally high in sugar, and they also help keep the texture of the cookies moist and fluffy.

How To Make And Store Sugar Free Cookies

These cookies are ever-so-simple to make. The dough may look a bit more wet than your typical cookie dough, but dont worryitll turn nicely golden brown in the oven.

Because the cookies dont change shape dramatically in the oven its wise to flatten the dough/batter into the size and shape you want your cookies to be before you bake.

You can store them in the refrigerator to help them keep their color Let them come to room temperature before eating, or warm them up in the toaster oven for a few minutes.

Leftovers do freeze well, if you can restrain yourself long enough to freeze them.

Tasty And Healthy Baking Recipes To Try With Your Kids

Baking is such a wonderful hobby. Who doesnt love the smell of newly baked cookies or cupcakes?

Its also a great way to bond with your kids and introduce them to cooking. They can help you measure the ingredients, shape the dough or decorate the cookies, depending on their level of skills. You can start with this delectable selection of nutritious yet easy recipes!

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What Makes A Healthy Cookie Recipe

For me, it comes down to 2 things, well maybe 3 at a push

The 2 main things that I use to determine if a cookie is a healthier option is sugar content and fibre content. The goal being low sugar and high fibre

This doesnt mean these cookies contain no sugar, it means that they contain less than traditional cookie recipes. Some of the cookies in this collection are exceptionally low in sugar as they are designed for the littlest members of our family ie babies and toddlers

Where my cookie recipes for older kids are traditional recipes made a little healthier because of little baking hacks to decrease the sugar and increase the fibre.

Many of my cookie recipes contain rolled oats (or oatmeal depending on where you are from. I love baking with oats as they are such a great sustained energy source for kids.

Oh and the third thing that I see as an added bonus in a cookie, is either a good dose of protein or healthy fats, as these things fuel kids for longer.

I, therefore, love recipes that contain nut butter as they provide both protein and fats.

Classic Chocolate Chip Muffins

Easy and healthy M &  M cookies recipe

Image source: My Fussy Eater

This healthier chocolate chip muffin recipe calls for Greek yogurt, bananas and oats. The added protein and fiber are an excellent choice for growing children. Since this recipe has no added sugar, except a few tablespoons of honey, parents can feel better about serving these for breakfast on the go or with a tall glass of milk at snack time.

Find the recipe from My Fussy Eater. Creator Ciara is a cookbook author and mom to two kids who are fussy eaters.

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The Slightly Chewy Easy Anzac Biscuit Recipe You Need To Make Today

ANZAC Day is almost here, which means it’s time to start making our favourite quick and easy biscuit of the year. This recipe is very close to the traditional version we all know and love, but with slightly higher amounts of coconut, golden syrup and butter, the end result is more chewy than crumbly.

“These biscuits are a healthy version of the traditional Anzac biscuit, delicious on their own or sandwiched with ice cream,” says Phoebe Wood. Vegan ice cream sandwiches – perfectly indulgent without the guilt.

Gooey Nut Butter Chocolate Pots

A delicious Gooey Nut Butter Choc Pot that is incredibly simple and quick to make using just 6 easily sourced ingredients!

And it is gluten free, vegan and refined sugar free so the perfect quick dessert for those with food allergies. If you love nut butter and chocolate then trust me this dessert is for YOU!!!

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Healthy Recipes You Can Cook With Your Kids

With many schools now closed due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, you may be looking for activities to keep your children active, engaged, and entertained.

Although numerous activities can keep kids busy, cooking is one of the best choices, as its both fun and educational.

Cooking may help develop their problem-solving and hand-eye coordination skills, increase confidence, and even improve diet quality by encouraging fruit and veggie intake .

Yet, its important to choose age-appropriate recipes and assign kitchen tasks that are safe for your child to tackle.

For example, very young children can help by washing vegetables, stirring ingredients, and cutting out shapes with cookie cutters while older children can take on more complex tasks, such as chopping and peeling.

Here are 15 healthy recipes that you can make with your kids.

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Child Friendly Baking Recipes

10 Child Friendly Baking Recipes

Hey guys,

So I dont personally have kids but I can imagine how tough it is right now to entertain them.

Baking is definitely a great way of doing that. Getting them involved in the whole process helps them learn + keeps them entertained.

And the best bit at the end being rewarded for all their hard work, eating them of-course!!

So I have compiled 10 super easy gluten-free, vegan and refined sugar free child friendly baking recipes that kids can make with your guidance/help.

And this list is in no particular order. So make sure you scroll to the end as some of my personal favourites.

If youre struggling to choose maybe let your children have a scroll and pick which they want to make?

Some of the key ingredients youll need or already have in your store cupboard to make these recipes.

  • Flour Self Raising Gluten Free Flour, Buckwheat Flour
  • Maple Syrup

Number 1 as these are my Nieces favourite thing to bake with me. In fact every time I see her she says cookies to me!!

Easy to make 6 ingredient gluten-free & vegan Peanut Butter Cookies.

So if you have kids, get them involved. They will totally love making these cookies during the isolation period!

You can also watch me make them on

Delicious and quick to make Carrot Cake Cupcakes that are the perfect baking treat during isolation.

Dont have carrots? Dont worry, simply swap for fruit such as blueberries!

You can also watch me make them on

Of The Best Muffin Recipes For Kids

Muffins are a childhood essential, and for good reasons. Theyre versatile, mobile, delicious, and healthy too! Whats better than a fresh warm muffin straight out of the oven? Pretty much nothing! Did you know that most of these muffin recipes for kids can be made from scratch in just a few minutes? Seriously! They are so easy to make and most of them require minimal ingredients. Serve them fresh and warm for breakfast or grab them to go for a quick dash out the front door on busy mornings. They are also a great lunch idea for kids too!

Kids of all ages can enjoy a muffin, from a toddlers earliest finger foods to a hungry teen looking for something filling. They are also a simple enough recipe to teach beginning cooking skills measuring, mixing, pouring to young children. Whether you are looking for something healthy, something sweet, or even something that is free from allergens, there are recipes below for you! These muffin recipes for kids are sure to become some of your familys favorites.

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How To Make Loaded No

These loaded no bake cookies are a winner! The base is made from oat flour, nut butter, maple syrup and a little bit of milk to form together.

For those with nut allergies, this works really well with Sunflower seed butter or soy nut butter. Also, if you dont want to use maple syrup, you can use brown rice syrup. It is a little bit trickier to find in stores though. You can also use honey or another sticky sweetener. Be sure to increase it by around 1-2 tablespoons.

Instead of adding the chocolate pieces in the dough, I like to press them onto the cookies after they are formed. It gives it a fun appearance, and its also fun for kids to do themselves and customize their cookie.

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14 Healthy Dessert Recipes for Kids

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Sweet Shop Chocolate Slab

Make your own customisable chocolate bar at home and get creative with colourful toppings. Weve selected crème eggs, chocolate flakes and other sweeties, but other combinations are just as fun and delicious. These would make a great edible gift for a birthday party or any special occasion. We have a variety of chocolate slabs and barks in our chocolate bark recipes collection, plus ideas for some leftover chocolate recipes.

Fun Recipes To Bake With Kids

Fun recipes to bake with kids Get the little ones involved in the kitchen from an early age with these simple baking recipes you can make together. Family baking is fun and creates wonderful memories for everyone. Grab a whisk, a lovely apron, and lets get started!

I have been baking with kids for years, starting with my nieces, nephews, friends children, and now with my toddler, and despite the obvious mess in the kitchen, its one of the baking activities I cherish the most. The sparkles in their eyes is bliss! Baking with kids is a great way to spend quality time with your little ones. It helps them develop their fine motor skills, learn new words from a very young age, and even practice reading when they are a little bit older. Above all, baking with kids is a wonderful opportunity to bond, have a great family time, and enjoy a delicious treat.

Whether you are wondering what you should bake with kids for the holidays, a birthday party or just on a random weekend, these recipes will give you plenty of options to explore. Make sure kids always make these recipes under the supervision of an adult, and be ready to have a blast baking together.

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Healthy Cookies For Kids

The Ultimate Healthy Cornbread | Amy’s Healthy Baking

by My Kids Lick The Bowl · This post may contain affiliate links.

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My website has quite a few cookie recipes these days

Some are quite healthy cookies for kids, while others are more traditional cookies that are lovely to eat but fun to make but not really a nutritious snack.

I, therefore, thought I would put all the healthy cookie recipes in one place! ie right here!

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S’mores Ice Cream Sandwich

This Smores Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe is the perfect SUPER EASY Summer Recipe. Beat the heat with ice cream, chocolate frosting, and marshmallow fluff all frozen between two graham crackers. Kids go crazy for this fun and simple Ice Cream Sandwiches hack. Nothing beats an ice cold smore on a hot Summer day!

A simple orange smoothie that tastes just like an Orange Julius. Fresh oranges are pureed with milk and vanilla – a delicious way to get more fruit into your family!

Hot chocolate bombs are a homemade Hot Chocolate mix recipe thats super creamy, extra chocolaty, & made with simple ingredients.

Funfetti Yogurt Pops are made with tasty ingredients, drizzled with dark chocolate ganache and topped with colorful sprinkles. These popsicles are the ulimate dessert to enjoy as a weeknight or weekend treat!

Outstanding 7 layer rainbow popsicles! Make your own homemade rainbow popsicles with lots of fresh fruit!

Everyone goes crazy for these Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods dipped in melted caramel and chocolate and sprinkled with your favorite toppings.

Canadian Bacon and French Toast Kabobs make a fun and delicious breakfast! Loaded up with fresh fruit, Canadian bacon, and french toast these will become a new favorite way to eat breakfast!

Lunch Kabobs are a cool and exciting twist for lunch or snack time. Packed with kid-friendly ingredients, these kabobs are sure to be a hit by everyone!

Healthier Chocolate Treats Cookbook

The Healthier Chocolate Treats cookbook is perfect for any and all chocolate lovers. Whether you enjoy chocolate occasionally or every single day , there are plenty of goodies inside for you!Healthier Chocolate Treats contains 50+ brand new healthier recipes. These recipes have never been seen before or appeared on my blog. You wont find them anywhere else!And yesevery single one contains some form of chocolate. Whether you prefer milk, dark or white, there are lots of treats inside for you! What Inspired You to Write Healthier Chocolate Treats?I have always loved chocolate. Every Halloween throughout my childhood, I inverted the entire contents of my bright Read More

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Kids At Home Make Healthy Baked Goods Together

You wake up Friday morning to get the kids ready for school, and suddenly you get the call that the school is closed due to snow. Sure, if you had the house alone to relax and rejuvenate this would be the ultimate surprise. But you have little ones who are waking up soon, and now you have to keep them occupied indoors all day.

Keep calm: fun is on the way. Here are 10 of our most family-friendly recipes for a tasty day at home.

Fun And Delicious Health Baking Ideas For Kids


We love baking with our little cooks. Seeing happy little faces watch as cakes come out of the oven and then the excited little jigs they do whilst waiting for them to cool is a lovely sight. Whether youre baking cakes, biscuits, muffins or brownies we bet your children love to get stuck in with the helping and the eating too. Many recipes that are fun to bake with your children can mean they end up consuming loads of sugar though. If you are looking for some easy things to bake for kids that are healthy and nutritious, then look no further. At Little Cooks Co, all our recipes have been designed to help you pack as much nutrition as possible into your childrens diets. We love this quote from a family who have tried out our version of Rocky Road:

Really quite impressed by how delicious the sweet items are without sugar etc. Its a borderline mini miracle! The Rocky Road was one example which when we thought theres just no way this will taste like Rocky Road. Lo and beholdit was so good! Id happily have it over normal Rocky Road!

Healthy baking for kids

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Peanut Butter And Jelly Muffins

Image source: A Moms Impression

Is there anything more classic to childhood than peanut butter and jelly? This combination pairs perfectly in a muffin to pack in a lunch box or serve for breakfast. Make a double batch of these on the weekend and then simply grab and go on busy school day mornings.

Get the recipe from A Moms Impression. She uses strawberry jam, but this would work just as well with classic grape or any other fruit preserve.

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