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Import From The Web Or Scan From Physical Books

Food Recipe App with React / Food Recipe API / React Hooks

CookBook is the first recipe app allowing you to import recipes from physical books, magazines and even hand-written notes using Optical Character Recognition . You can also import from thousands of supported websites or just add recipes as you create them!

Web Import

Import from 1000’s of supported websites

Recipe Scanning

Import recipes from photos using clever OCR tech!

File Imports

Import recipe data from a variety of supported file types.

Create Your Own

Add and save recipes you know or as your create them!

Searching & Tags

Intuitively organise your recipes by tags and search by keywords.

Store Your Recipes

Create your own personal recipe collection from a variety of sources

Online and Offline

All recipes are stored safely in CookBook’s Cloud and on your device available anytime.

Cross Device

Use CookBook on your iOS iPad or iPhone, Android devices and PCs or Mac.


Seamlessly convert ingredients from your recipes to your preferred US, Imperial or Metric measures.

Leftover Ingredients

Got leftover ingredients in the fridge? Search for recipes including or excluding particular ingredients.

Finding Recipes For Ingredients You Already Have

Below are online recipe tools and apps that let you search by ingredients that are readily available in your home. The icon means that the service is also available as an app in addition to website form.

Allrecipes : Allrecipes is available on multiple devices, including tablet and smartphone. In addition to searching by ingredient, Allrecipes also allows you to exclude ingredients. For example, if you dont have chicken, the app wont show any recipes that contain chicken, even if you have all of the other necessary ingredients for a certain dish. You can also just search within a particular dish category, rather than searching ALL recipes.Top 8 bodybuilding food supplements trenbolone 200 10 ampoules 200mgml aspom musculation: results of the 2010 world powerlifting championships in south africa.BigOven : The BigOven recipe database is huge with 500,000+ recipes. The Use Up Leftovers tool lets you enter up to three ingredients for recipe suggestions. From there, you can narrow down the recipes by type and sort by rating.

Tasty : Tasty became popular for its overhead food videos with instructions for each step as you prepare a dish. After searching by ingredients, you can add filters such as dinner, brunch, and any dietary restrictions. You can also search by occasion. For the easiest meals, search for 5 ingredients or less and under 30 minutes.

This Recipe App Is Your Pantry Cooking Secret Weapon

Were cooking a lot differently than were used to. For some of us, this simply means having to cook at home, versus grabbing coffee, lunch and dinner from our favorite local shops and restaurants. For others of us, even if we love cooking, we cant just open a cookbook or find a recipe online and then run to the market to get the ingredients that we dont already have in the fridge. Trying to limit our time outside the house means less trips to the grocery store, and no more running to the neighbors to borrow a cup of flour or milk. It means using what we already have to make do especially those jars and bags shoved way back in the pantry.

This can end up feeling like an episode of Chopped, where youre asking yourself, Okay, what can I make with wild rice, canned tomatoes, half an eggplant and four eggs? Especially if youre newer to cooking, this can add a lot of stress to the prospect of making all your meals at home, especially when were all trying extra hard not to waste or throw away food.

You can use SuperCook through its website, although its functionality and interface are smoother when used as an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

What tools have been helping you become a more resourceful, confident home cook? Let us know here or on the !

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Food Network In The Kitchen

More than just a channel guide, Food Networks In The Kitchen app puts recipes from the networks celebrity chefs right at your fingertips. You can view thousands of recipes, photos and videos so you can cook with the pros, with new recipes added every month. Users can search by chef or ingredient, view seasonal collections, import recipes, create custom shopping lists and access useful extras like unit converters and cooking timers. Its not as dynamic as Food Network Kitchen, another one of the best recipe apps, but its entirely free.

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Best Free Option: Yummly

Food Recipe android app with add recipe by chef


Why We Chose It: With over 2 million recipes available on the free version of this app, the sky’s the limit when it comes to cooking inspiration. The step-by-step cooking videos featured in a number of recipes are also a nice touch.

ProsStep-by-step video instructions for some recipesConsOccasionally clunky shopping interface

With Yummly, you can personalize your recipes based on cooking goals , skill range , or dietary preferences . The step-by-step guided video instructions with some of the recipes are a nice touch. Yummly also enables you to schedule meals and sync directly onto your personal calendar rather than in the app. The shopping feature is set up so you can order ingredients instantly via a number of retailers and delivery services, including Instacart, Target, Walmart, Shipt, and AmazonFresh.

Owned by kitchen appliance giant Whirlpool, Yummly also lets you link smart appliances, such as Yummlys very own smart thermometer, to the app via the My Connected Kitchen function. The Virtual Pantry feature enables you to keep a digital running tab on all the ingredients you have on hand and search for recipes that use up those items. The feature will even remind you when an ingredient is running low or about to expire. One of the biggest standout features in the premium version is Yummlys diverse collection of recipes and instructional videos from featured chefs, including Carla Hall, Tunde Wey, Wen-Jay Ying, the Potash Twins, Judy Joo, and others.

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A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish

Start your week off with a plan that has everything you need to reach your goals. Browse collections of quick and easy recipes alongside partial prep and ready to eat products for those nights when you don’t have time to cook from scratch. It doesn’t stop at just meals, Cooklist can help you plan for the household essentials and personal care items you need too. Once you’re done planning, a shopping list is automatically created with everything you need.

Cook And Eat Smarter With Recipeiq App

With our nutrition calculator, discover exactly what’s in your home-cooked meals at the touch of a button

Swap Ingredients

Want to cook your favorite meal but are not happy with the nutritional value? No worries! You can swap ingredients and re-calculate the nutritional values.

Personalized Cookbook

Have amazing recipes that work perfectly for you but are tired of recreating them ? You can now save them in RecipeIQs app , create your personalized cookbook, add images to your recipes and save valuable time!

Menu Feature

Want to group a number of recipes together to get the total nutritional value for a meal? Or for a day or a week? By using our menu feature, you can select your saved recipes and see the full picture!

Sub Recipes

Are you creating a healthy recipe and want to add your all-time favorite sauces? You can now add sub-recipes from your saved recipes and calculate the overall nutritional value.

Reverse Nutrition

Want to see which ingredients in your recipe contribute to the nutrients you need or want to eleminate? You can determine which ingredients contribute to each component. Where is the fat coming from? Why is there so much sodium? Now you can get the answers.

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Turn Your Recipes Into Shopping Lists With This Meal

Use the Android and iOS app Whisk to order groceries online or create a shareable shopping list.

Alison DeNisco Rayome

Managing Editor

Alison DeNisco Rayome is a managing editor at CNET, now covering smart home topics after writing about services and software. Alison was previously an editor at TechRepublic.

If you like to plan your meals ahead of time, you know what a drag it can be to find recipes, make a detailed list of ingredients and actually get yourself to the grocery store each week. An updated app from smart food platform Whisk wants to cut down on the hassle by turning your saved recipes into shopping lists for you. You can share those lists across devices, or use them to order groceries online.

Data shows that the responsibility for planning meals, checking for ingredients and the actual grocery shopping tends to be shared by different people in a house. That’s where a shared shopping list can help, Nick Holzherr, head of product for Whisk at Samsung Next, told CNET in an email.

Whisk joins a growing number of apps focused on managing groceries, including AnyList, Mealime and Yummly — all of which aim to help you stay organized and share responsibilities for keeping track of ingredients and shopping lists.

Here’s how to use the Whisk app to add recipes and ingredients to your shopping list:

1. Download the Whisk app, or use the web version.

2. Navigate to a recipe page anywhere on the internet, for example, Food Network, AllRecipes or Bon Appetit.

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Cheftap: Recipe Clipper Planner And Grocery List

Do you have a friend whos into cooking a lot and constantly collecting different recipes from everywhere? Later on, of course, he or she loses all of them, because you know, they say, that a person is gifted in something one.

And then they are spending days complaining about what a cool idea it might have been if the only theu would find that recipe again

Tell them that there goes their savior. The app not just has the limited list of supported websites, but you can literally pin recipes from any web source you want. Besides, it works not only with websites in English but in other languages as well.

Plan your meals for the week, including make-ahead and leftovers. Once you have your plan ready, add everything to the grocery list at once. Search for interesting recipes according to what you usually like. If you noticed that you cook something more often you can save it to your list. The list can consist of complex menu and from separate items as well.

It can happen that you want to alter your daily recipe a little. In this case, make a copy of the original one and add changes to another. When you fill your grocery list, all the products are sorted automatically into categories and pantry organizer helps you keeping the track on what you already have.

Find Any Recipe Instantly

Quickly lookup your recipes by name, ingredient or directions or simply browse your recipes by course, category and rating.

Got some leftovers in the fridge? Search for a recipe to use them up.

Cook more of your favorite meals and rediscover those long forgotten recipes to make meal times interesting again.

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No Idea What To Cook These Clever Apps And Websites Will Help You Find Recipes Based On The Food You Already Have

Ever stare into your fridge, cupboards and pantry with no idea what to cook or where to begin? If youre lacking inspiration, help is just a tap away.

There are lots of free meal planning apps available on tablets and smartphones that provide instant recipe ideas based on your current food supplies and leftovers. Not only does this type of meal making save you a trip to the shop, but it also helps cut costs and reduce your waste at the same time. Here are seven apps designed to help you see the potential in your kitchen cupboards and cook with what youve got.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Recipe Keeper App for iPhone

Some people are capable of keeping dozens of recipes in their heads. You can always say they are really into cooking. But we all know that humans are not machines and sometimes we tend to forget something and make mistakes.

What happens if you will forget the name of your favorite spicy? Or forget how to cut zucchini right the whole dish will not be the same. For cases like this, you got this app.

It will provide you with thousands of recipes and let you discover the new limits of taste. Now you can organize your grocery shopping without forgetting anything. In case if you have your favorite websites with recipes, you can download it from there via this app.

Tired of keeping track of ingredients that you bought so they dont go off? Just put the info about them into the app and it will do all the job for you. The app will tell you if the ingredients that you have are still eatable or not. Use calendars to make your own meal plan for a week or a month.

Save your favorite meals and make manus out of all the items. Since now you wont have to stick to only one device to get back to all your recipes because you can synchronize the app among all your devices.

The app is also extremely convenient while cooking since you can highlight the step youre currently at and stay concentrated on the process. The problem with measurements will be solved as well you can define the size of ingredients in settings and therefore regulate the size of portions.

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Recipe Book: Recipes & Shopping List

Are you tired of buying kitchen appliances that are left then collecting dust because you simply have no time to get recipes out of books? Or you found an exciting and rare dish to cook but, unfortunately, those tools that you bought before are not needed?

That is the moment when you start questioning yourself if youve wasted your money. But hold on a second before youre frustrated. Check out this app you will surely find something that matches.

RecipeBook app built with Artificial intelligence and having won the Editors Choice Award twice over opens up a whole New World of Cooking to be explored by chefs, homemakers, and beginners alike! Lots of recipes for any taste, type, and portion many of which are easy to make.

It is a lot of fo fun checking what you can cook according to certain categories: Diwali recipes, Chicken recipes, Halloween recipes, Healthy recipes, Biryani recipes, Pastry recipes, and many more.

Maybe you also know a curious recipe that would fit into one of those categories? You can add it to the app and use it in the future along with others, who will probably appreciate that.

Here you must be extremely motivated to upload your own stuff the app gives you a chance to win valuable prizes for it! Contests and hamper give ways are held regularly and are sponsored by top food brands. This gives our users a chance to win quality gifts and hampers!

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Accuracy Is The Problem

I had high hopes for this app – but it hasnt lived up to expectations. The interface is fine, and the choice of using a photo, a weblink or entering manually is great. That said, accuracy is poor. Some ingredients simply arent right – so youll end up with an order-of-magnitude error This has happened multiple times. To their credit, when Ive contacted the app, the problem does get resolved, but it happens far too often. In addition, when Ive double-checked the total for a recipe using the app by hand-calculating each item, Ive found a high rate of inaccuracy there as well. Its not as obvious, since the difference is smaller, but it does mean that I dont really trust the information Im getting through the app, so Ive stopped using it.I wonder if those things are happening because the app allows users to input individual ingredients? Its disappointing, because for those of us that need to manage our calorie budgets, and dont use processed or ready-to-eat foods, this app is exactly what were looking for.I hope the developers can improve accuracy, and if they do, Ill happily return to RecipeIQ and update my review.

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Personalization Block: Let Users Add Recipes Comments & Bookmarks

We all have different preferences and habits when preparing food and your cooking app design should reflect it, too. Thats why we believe some personalization features should be in your application in one way or another.

First of all, you can make it possible for the users to upload their own recipes. They can either be private or public. In the first case, each user will be able to only see his/her recipes and the ones that were shared publicly therefore, no moderation will be needed. In the second case, anyone will be able to see each others recipes, so moderation from your side will be needed.

Secondly, you can deliver more personalization by letting users leave comments. And even more interesting getting into discussions with the author. Thus, they will be able to share their own hints & tips regarding particular recipes or simply express their thoughts about the dish.

Thirdly, an absolute must-have is bookmarks. The possibility to save favorite recipes is essential for many users, so dont neglect it during cooking app development.

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