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I tried Hello Fresh’s LOW CALORIE range for a week!

Depending on your own home-cooking patterns and shopping habits, this is either a bargain or somewhat more expensive than usual shopping. That depends primarily on whether you tend to create good leftovers or food waste with your shopping excursions. If youre an experienced home cook, then youve likely found ways to make your dollar stretch further on your own than with any meal delivery service. Why? Because you can buy groceries and cook meals that produce leftovers, making for a bigger bang for your buck. Dont expect any leftovers from HelloFresh meals you get only what you need for your dinner, which is nice on the one hand because it reduces food waste. But it does also remove one possible savings opportunity that normally exists for home cooks who plan carefully.

But do you have the time to plan, shop, measure and chop ingredients? Time is money, too. This is why meal delivery services appeal not just to novices but also to experienced home cooks. For you, this kind of convenience may be well worth the extra few bucks per week. Certainly many Americans have come to that conclusion!

Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas With Mexican Cheese & Hot Sauce Crema

Im a massive fan of poblano peppers. They have a milder flavor but still provide a lovely spice, and they are great roasted and turned into a salsa verde.

This recipe calls for pre-made salsa verde to be added to the chicken and pepper filling, but if youre buying poblanos anyway, why not make your own?

Cheesy Herb Cauliflower Breadsticks

Talk about easy cheesy bites of joy! These cauliflower breadsticks are packed with flavor minus the carbs. Make extras to freeze, then defrost when youre craving a savory, low-carb appetizer or snack. Recipe makes 12 servings at 1 breadstick each.

Nutrition : Calories: 53 Total Fat: 3g Saturated Fat: 2g Monounsaturated Fat: 1g Cholesterol: 7mg Sodium: 108mg Carbohydrate: 4g Dietary Fiber: 2g Sugar: 1g Protein: 5g

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Why Youll Love Hellofresh Calorie Smart Recipes

  • Quick recipes low in carbs & calories but high in flavour

    We deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients so you can cut down on the prep time and get to cooking easy, health-conscious meals.

  • High-quality recipes to fuel you through the week

    Our meals are full of sustainably sourced ingredients including lean proteins, whole grains and nutrient-dense veggies that the whole family will love.

  • Enjoy smart carbs with the whole family

    Our meals are full of flavourful, nutritious ingredients that everyone will love. Plus, our recipes are easy enough for the whole family to get involved.

Lets Start With The Packaging

Turkey Steak, Lentils &  Sweet Potato Recipe
  • All the recipes and extras come in a sturdy isolated box. There is a large ice pack or a couple of ice packs on the bottom of the box. To make sure the meats stay cold, they are underneath the ice packs.
  • All of the packaging materials are recyclable or reusable.
  • Recipes are organized into individual paper bags and labeled. All the fresh ingredients are in each paper bag, and the meats are separate.

All of the recipes have beautiful color-coded recipe cards with step-by-step instructions. If you lose the recipe card by some chance, you can find the recipes on their website or app.

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How To Choose The Right Low

The meal-kit industry is now so extensive that it can be hard knowing where to start. There are more and more low-calorie meal kit options out there as well, so if you have weight-management goals, it can be overwhelming. We always recommend starting with our reviews and comparisons, as our team of experts has done all the testing and tasting for you!

We also think that it is a great idea to trial at least 2 companies at the same time so you can compare and get a better idea of what style of service best suits your needs. Most companies offer a pleasing amount of flexibility so you can skip weeks and trial more than one company at a time. You can also then take advantage of some great beginners promotions.

Then you need to assess the price, variety of the menu, the flexibility of the subscription, ease of meal preparation, the style of meals and finally the taste! When choosing a low-calorie meal kit service, there are quite a few things to consider. Only you will know what the most important factors are, and you will need to assess these accordingly.

Is Healthy Fresh Healthy

Hello Fresh is certainly healthier than ordering take-out, fast food, or dining regularly in a restaurant. All the ingredients are high quality and fresh.

They do offer some low calorie and low carb recipes options to choose from. However, some of their recipe selections are high in calories and do include a lot of carbs.

On one hand, many customers like this because it offers more variety, especially when youre choosing meals to feed your family. On the other hand, itd be nice to have a larger selection of low-calorie and low-carb menu options for those that want it.

So, my advice is to review the nutritional information prior to making your selections. If you want recipes lower in calories then make sure to choose those.

Also, while they do offer fresh ingredients, the ingredients are not organic. So, if thats important to you, thatll be an issue. If youre looking for organic ingredients along with meal plans that offer keto-friendly, low-carb, and plant-based, then I recommend checking out Green Chef or Purple Carrot.

Overall, I think Hello Fresh is a healthier option for people looking to cook more homemade meals at home than eating processed take-out.

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Blue Apron Vs Hellofresh: Comparing Meal Kit Price Taste Ease Of Use And More

We put two of the most popular meal kit delivery services to the ultimate test. A taste test, of course.

You have a whole lot of choices when it comes to meal kits. Too many? Perhaps, but all the competition keeps any one company from resting on its laurels. Two of the most popular meal kit outfits are Blue Apron, the original meal kit service, and HelloFresh, which markets itself as slightly more approachable, affordable and good for families and beginner chefs.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate cooking . I can make food to survive — can I get a yeehaw from Team Ramen? — but I’m no chef. Meanwhile, my husband is an excellent cook. He loves cooking, watching cooking shows, learning how different foods are made and making literally everything from scratch. Blessed? Yes. Stressed when he wants me to cook with him? Also yes. When I was told my assignment was to pit Blue Apron against HelloFresh by testing both meal kit services, which I still suspect may have been a cruel joke among my editors, I can’t say I didn’t start sweating.

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Sausage And Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta With Creamy Parmesan Garlic Tomato Sauce

Hello Fresh Low calorie meal / Box Opening

Sausage and peppers are such a classic, and Im used to it inside a giant, toasted hoagie. But over pasta is just as good if not better!

Youll be amazed at how quick this is, including making your own sauce using tomato paste, pasta water, and chili.

Add in some sour cream and parmesan for a creamier finish, and youll have one helluva filling meal in just about 30 minutes.

When it comes to the sausage, I like to choose something with a bit of spice, and Ive even used a variety of chicken sausages in the past. Its totally up to you.

What better way to get the kids to eat their veggies than to hide them in pasta?

For this recipe, youll grate zucchini and mix it in with tomatoes and marinara.

This recipe gets its creamy texture from a seasoned ricotta mix, and the whole thing needs to be baked so the cheese will melt.

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Variety That Changes Per Week

Hello Fresh offers a large number of meals per week that you would want to get. Every recipe is chef-designed and full of fresh ingredients.

Apart from low-calorie meal kit delivery dinners, you can also choose from a selection of vegetarian, pescatarian, kid-friendly, family-friendly, low carb, and many more recipe options every week.

Enjoy More Balanced Meals With These Low

Looking for foods that are lower in calories but high on flavour? A balanced diet means you can get the best of both worlds. With these smart low calories meal swaps, you wont have to worry about counting calories.

Soda water and fresh lemon over soft drinksSoft drinks can often be packed with sugar. A refreshing, low-calorie alternative is soda water with a splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Oatmeal over granolaGranola gets its crunch from added oil and sugar. Instead, opt for oatmeal and enjoy a more balanced breakfast, that will keep you feeling full for longer.

Veggies and hummus over chips and dipChips and dip makes for a great afternoon snack, but veggies and hummus will satisfy your cravings, minus the added calories and sodium.

Zoodles over noodlesTry spiralising veggies like beetroot, carrots, zucchini or sweet potato instead of cooking traditional spaghetti or egg noodles.

Cauliflower over riceIn a food processor, pulse cooked cauliflower to form a rice-like texture. Dont over pulse or your low-calorie cauliflower rice will turn into a paste.

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Calorie Smart Meals That Taste Like More

At HelloFresh, we know that everyone follows a different dietary lifestyle. Thats why our skilled chefs continuously come up with yummy Calorie Smart recipes that meet your specific needs. If you care about your caloric intake but dont want to go without delicious flavors and textures, youve come to the right place! Our collection of Calorie Smart dinners is filled with tasty 650 calorie meals that are easy to make and leave nothing to be desired. For instance, how about a Sesame Chili Pork Chops & Veggie Stir-Fry? Or maybe youd prefer some Caesar Crunch Chicken with Parmesan Frico Roasted Veggies? With our help, you get to whip up delicious home-cooked meals and enjoy them with a clean conscience. Taste for yourself and discover the world of our famous calorie smart foods!


Cut calories by opting for low calorie food substitutes at home like plain, low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream, and rice noodles instead of ramen.

Bottom Line: Hellofresh Is Best For Beginner Cooks And Those Who Benefit From The Delivery Feature

7 meal delivery kits that make cooking so much easier ...

I have access to multiple grocery stores and can get these ingredients at a lower price where I live, so HelloFresh is a fun option for me if I want to try some new recipes. But for someone who lives in a food desert, doesn’t have time to shop, or can’t carry heavy groceries home, delivery kits like HelloFresh can be lifesavers. The meals are filling and customizable, and they would be great for people just getting into cooking at home. The recipes are available online without a subscription, too, if you want to try them yourself without becoming a subscriber. So if you’re looking for simple recipes without the hassle of grocery shopping, HelloFresh is a great option and so worth it.

Eat This, Not That!

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Did Hellofresh Save Me Time

According to the website, HelloFresh meals take between 20 and 50 minutes to make, depending on the recipe. Well, that must be if youre quick in the kitchen. Im shamefully slow at food prep , but each meal took me between 10 and 15 minutes longer to make than projected.

With this being said, when making other meals, I normally spend around an hour in the kitchen. All my HelloFresh meals were on the table in 55 minutes or fewer, thanks to the portioned ingredients, trimmed meats, etc. In addition, I spent less time making my grocery list and perusing the supermarket. Taking all this into account, I probably saved around 30 minutes per night. Not bad!

Unfortunately, though, I can say no time was saved on cleanup. The number of dishes used, with the exception of maybe some measuring spoons, wasnt noticeably reduced. Expect the standard amount of pots, pans and measuring cups to be piled in your sink by the end of the mealor, if youre concerned about the mess, try one of the companys Easy Cleanup recipes!

By Step Guide To Using Hello Fresh For Weight Loss:

When you make a home cooked meal, it can sometimes be really hard to count the calories in it. Sure, youll get a ballpark by tallying ingredients, but its hard to know for sure without a food scale.

Hello Fresh solves this common dieting problem by letting you eat delicious meals at home that have the calories and nutrition data printed right on them!

Heres how to do it using the CICO method:

1. Determine your daily maintenance calories

Your TDEE, or Total Daily Energy Expenditure, is a measure of how much energy, or how many calories, you burn in a given day by simply existing and doing your usual level of activity. If you weigh more, your TDEE will be higher, as it will be if youre very active vs sedentary.

2000 is the commonly cited daily calorie need for most people, and its a good starting point. Most men will probably need more than 2000 in a day and most women will probably need a little less, though thats hardly a hard and fast rule.

This is the number of calories you should eat every day to maintain your current body weight.

Simply multiply your bodyweight times 15 or use a calculator like this one to determine your TDEE or daily maintenance calorie level.

2. Decide on a proper and safe calorie deficit

To lose weight, youll need to eat fewer calories than your maintenance level, or TDEE.

The more fat you have to lose, the larger deficit youll be able to get away with.

Using a 500 calorie deficit, you should lose roughly one pound per week.

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Pork And Veggie Bibimbap With Zucchini Carrots & Jasmine Rice

Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish that can be served with meat and/or veggies.

Youll make ginger and garlic pork to go over the simple white rice. Ground pork is easier, but if you like it with extra texture, try thin slices of a pork chop.

I happen to think these look best when served in the peppers, but itll be just as delicious if you slice it all up and serve in a big bowl.

In fact, you could easily serve this like the Mexican burrito bowl from above.

Layer the basmati on the bottom and top it with the peppers and mix of Garam masala spiced beef, carrots, and peas.

Best Hello Fresh Recipes

*CALORIE SMART* Sweet And Sour Chicken With Bulgar Wheat & Red Peppers (Hello Fresh Recipe)

Did you know you can try out a bunch of Hello Fresh recipes without having to buy the box?

If you dont know, Hello Fresh is a meal delivery service that brings dinner right to your door.

Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send the recipe straight to your inbox!

You can change up the recipes, specify how many people its for, and get fresh ingredients ready to make healthy and delicious meals.

Im sure youve seen them being delivered all over and that youre a little bit curious, right?

And I dont know about you, but after a year of almost exclusively eating at home, Im getting a little over my regular weekly dinner routine.

But if you think its too expensive, dont worry. I have 30 recipes right here that you can make yourself!

Some might be familiar, but I bet there are a few that youve never tried before. What better time than now?

Its amazing what a good title can do! Im a fan of crusted chicken , but its the blistered tomatoes that really got me.

This is such a simple recipe, needing just seven ingredients .

The tomatoes and potatoes roast together, and once you have the chicken covered, it will be ready in just 20 minutes.

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Looking For Carb Smart Recipes And Calorie Smart Recipes For Dinner

Look no further than HelloFresh! We have wholesome, tasty recipes that can fit your households personal nutritional needs. Made with fresh ingredients that you can feel good about cooking, our carb and calorie smart meals are a great way to try something new without compromising on flavour.

Recipes under 600 calories

Why Youll Love Hellofresh Calorie And Carb Smart Recipes

  • Quick recipes low in carbs & calories but high in flavour

    We deliver fresh, pre-portioned ingredients so you can cut down on the prep time and get to cooking easy, health-conscious meals.

  • High-quality recipes to fuel you through the week

    Our meals are full of sustainably sourced ingredients including lean proteins, whole grains and nutrient-dense veggies that the whole family will love.

  • Enjoy smart carbs with the whole family

    Our meals are full of flavourful, nutritious ingredients that everyone will love. Plus, our recipes are easy enough for the whole family to get involved.

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Important: Calories In/calories Out Is Only One Small Part Of The Health Equation

Im a huge believer that CICO is the main driver of weight loss. When combined with proper exercise, strength training in particular, the results can be dramatic.

However, a diet lacking core macro and micronutrients, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, etc., is not a good diet, even if it does help you slim down. Consult your doctor before you try something drastic like eliminating all carbs, all fats, or eating nothing but Twinkies

With the plan I outlined above, you can definitely enjoy some amazing Hello Fresh meals on your diet and still lose weight, no question.

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