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Louisiana Cajun Turkey Burgers With Touffe Relish And Creamy Cajun Sauce

Healthy Fat Loss Recipes – Turkey Cheese Burger – Only 350 Calories!

Your guests will never complain about bland turkey burgers again if you serve them these spicy and savory Cajun burgers instead. Incorporating traditional Cajun flavors such as hot sauce, red onion, and bell pepper, theres nothing boring or bland about these burgers. Replace the pre-made seasoned turkey burgers with your own homemade patties if you dont want to buy frozen products.

How To Make Healthy Turkey Burgers

Its extra fast and easy to make these healthy turkey burgers! Plus, they make a quick dinner year round.

  • Combine turkey and zucchini: Simply add ground turkey to a medium size bowl and add grated zucchini. Yes! Thats my secret ingredient. It keeps the patties moist, flavourful, and zucchini is a superfood, loaded with nutritional benefits.
  • Add flavor: Add one chopped garlic clove, cumin, salt and pepper. Thats it! Mix well. Shape into patties.
  • Cook: You can pan fry, grill, or even bake your healthy turkey burgers!

Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe

Its time to shut down those old rumors and let everyone know that making a delicious healthy turkey burger recipe is possible. No more dried-up, flavorless burger patties. Trust me these will be the best turkey burgers you have ever tasted!

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I dont mean to brag or anything, but I can make some mean turkey burgers! I first started my weight-loss journey back in 2010, and one of the first things I did to begin lowering my fat and calories was swapping out ground beef for ground turkey.

In the beginning, I wasnt always as successful with making that swap. Often, I was left with dried-out meat, no flavor, and nobody in my household that would eat it.

However, I have learned many tips and tricks for getting the juiciest, most flavorful ground turkey burger over the years. Actually, Ive become quite the expert in ground turkey recipes!

Today, Im going to show you how to make the best turkey burger recipe. If you have a turkey burger skeptic on your hands, then definitely make this recipe, and I bet you can change their mind!

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For The Chipotle Turkey Burgers:

  • Avocado oil Because turkey is a lean meat, we add avocado oil to prevent drying out and also to make this recipes macros more keto friendly. Adding oil is the best way to cook ground turkey and keep it juicy! Olive oil will work as well.
  • Coconut aminos You can also use soy sauce, if you are ok with soy and gluten, but this is why I dont use soy sauce.
  • Spices Crushed chipotle pepper, smoked paprika, cumin, dried oregano, and sea salt. You can adjust the amount of chipotle pepper based on whether you like a spicy keto turkey burger or a more mild one the amount on the recipe card below is moderately spicy.

TIP: The crushed chipotle chile pepper is the secret ingredient that gives this turkey burger recipe so much flavor! Its made out of chipotle chile peppers, which makes a difference in flavor and level of heat. Chipotle chile peppers have a smoky flavor and moderate heat, whereas regular crushed red pepper is mainly just hot and sharp, with fewer other flavors. Although you could swap in regular crushed red pepper in chipotle turkey burgers, they would be a lot more spicy and youd lose the chipotle flavor.

  • Fresh cilantro If you dont like cilantro, try some red onion instead.
  • Ground turkey While any type of ground turkey will work, I recommend avoiding fat-free, which is incredibly dry. Lean is fine. You can also swap this with ground beef or ground chicken if you prefer.

How Can You Tell When Turkey Burgers Are Done Cooking

Delicious And Healthy Turkey Burgers

The best answer for this is that once they reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F they are done, which you likely can achieve by cooking them about 3-4 minutes per side. My basic rule is that once I think the burgers need one more minute of cooking, I remove them from the pan.

They come out perfect every time!

My family literally goes crazy for these and we make them at least once a week since they are so easy. I love burgers because you can customise the toppings and bread or simply enjoy on top of a bigheathy salad for a lower carb option.

Also, this burger is gluten free but if you do not need to keep it gluten free you can use regular breadcrumbs and enjoy it on a regular bun.

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How To Make A Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe

  • In a large mixing bowl, mix the lean ground turkey, spices, cream, and Worcestershire sauce.
  • Divide the turkey meat into four sections and then form them into patties.
  • Heat the grill to medium-high heat and let it heat up for 5 minutes.
  • Place the turkey patties on the grill and cook for 5 minutes per side.
  • Let the turkey burgers sit for 1-2 minutes, and then enjoy on your favorite hamburger bun with ketchup, tomato, lettuce, and all your favorite burger toppings!

You can make the turkey burgers using an outdoor grill or indoor grill pan. My favorite way to cook turkey burgers is indoors with my Lodge Cast Iron grill pan. I live in Buffalo, NY, so I dont grill outside year-round, so having a grill pan is essential. Ive used this grill pan for a long time, and it makes it very easy to cook turkey burgers and recipes like wraps, quesadillas, vegetables, and even steaks.

Tips For Making The Perfect Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers have a mixed reputation as being dry or bland compared to other meats, but this is usually the result of not cooking them correctly. Here are some of the best ways you can perfect your turkey burgers:

  • Boost the meats flavor. Turkey can be mild on its own, so be sure to add plenty of spices, seasonings, and herbs to help bolster the flavor of the meat.
  • Add liquid to keep turkey burgers moist. Marinate your turkey burgers to keep the meat from drying out.
  • Dont undercook them. Unlike beef burgers, turkey burgers are classified as poultry and need to be served fully cooked to be safe for consumption. This means cooking the burgers to an internal temperature of at least 165F. This means the turkey burgers should be cooked for around five to six minutes on each side.
  • Use a thermometer. Having a meat thermometer and using it on your turkey burgers is the best way to know exactly when theyre done. This will allow you to serve your turkey burgers fully cooked without overcooking them.
  • Use a binder. Without something to hold the ground meat together, turkey burgers will fall apart on the grill. Mix breadcrumbs and an egg into your turkey burger recipe to help hold the meat together and keep the burger from crumbling under fire.

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Tips For Recipe Success

Here are my top tips for the best ground turkey burgers:

  • Do not over mix When combining the ground meat with the other ingredients, be careful not to over mix. This can lead to tough burgers.
  • Making patties The turkey mixture can be a bit sticky. To prevent the meat from sticking to your hands when forming the patties, dampen your hands with a bit of water before touching the meat.
  • Dont press the patties Try to avoid pressing down on the burger patties while they are cooking, it presses out the natural juices and could make them dry.
  • Meat thermometer. Its a good idea to use a food thermometer, so you know exactly when your burger is fully cooked. Temperature of the inside center should reach 165ºF.

Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

High Protein Turkey Burger | Low Calories Low Carb | Weight Loss Recipe

This particular recipe splits up the meat mixture into tiny meatloaf muffinsbaked right in your muffin tin! It saves you the trouble of wondering if the meatloaf is cooked all the way through once you slice into it. Plus, by exchanging ground beef with ground turkey, your meal instantly becomes leaner.

Get our recipe for Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf Muffins.

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Mediterranean Grilled Turkey Burgers

While turkey isnt a traditional protein in Greece, the ground turkey in these Mediterranean turkey burgers is a low-calorie alternative to more traditional Greek chicken. These burgers use plenty of fresh ingredients such as fresh greens, yogurt sauce, and roasted red bell peppers.

Crumbled feta and fresh baby spinach also provide some additional texture. Add the feta directly into the meat mixture to get a pungent punch of flavor without a ton of extra calories.

Delicious And Healthy Turkey Burgers

Recipes, Weight Loss Help

Whether youre just starting out on your weight loss journey or wanting to maintain your healthy lifestyle, making things as simple as possible is one of the keys to success.So we have created The 5 Ingredients And Under Recipe Book, with healthy recipes that are quick and easy to prepare.Here is one of our favourites from the book

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Grilled Pesto Turkey Burgers

Pesto turkey burgers are a fun way to use up extra basil if you have an over-producing vegetable garden in the summer. Pesto is tasty and adds vibrant green color to your burger mixture. Along with being a flavor bomb, pesto is also good to add to turkey burgers because it is packed full of minerals and essential nutrients.

You should try to add fresh herbs to your healthy dishes whenever you can to get the benefit of extra nutrients and flavor with every meal. If you cant make your own homemade pesto for these burgers, store-bought works fine too.

How To Make This Recipe

Healthy Burger Recipes Weight Loss

Making Greek turkey burgers is super quick and easy! You can use a grill pan or skillet inside or make these on an outside grill. Heres the simple process:

For the printable recipe, scroll down to the recipe card below.

  • Make the burger patties In a large bowl, mix the ground turkey with the spices and yogurt. Once everything is combined, add the peppers, olives and feta to the mixture and gently work into the meat until the ingredients are evenly distributed. Form into four patties.
  • Cook the patties Heat a grill or grill pan over medium heat and place burger on the pan. Grill for about 4 to 6 minutes per side and until internal temperature of the burgers reaches 165ºF.
  • Serve & enjoy Place burgers inside a few leaves of butter lettuce and top with a couple of tablespoons of Tzatziki sauce and enjoy.
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    Expert Tips For Making Amazing Turkey Burgers At Home

    • Use good quality ground turkey that is not too lean. I used 93/7 organic ground turkey. If it is too lean then the burger wont be as juicy.
    • Dijon mustard instead of yellow mustard in the turkey mixture will give it more flavor.
    • Dont over mix the burger mixture or the burgers will turn out too tough. Just mix it enough with your hands to incorporate all of the ingredients together.
    • Score the burger mixture with your hand before forming the patties to ensure they are even in size. You can also use a food scale and measure the burgers into 4 oz portions before forming them. I used a 1/2 cup measuring cup to measure out the burger mixture and it came out to four perfect size buns.
    • Use a cast iron pan if you have one. I used a cast iron grill pan, which is an amazing pan that you should buy if you dont have one already. If you dont have a cast iron pan them any heavy bottomed pan will work or you can use an indoor grill if you have one. Make sure you brush the pan with olive oil so the burgers do not stick to the pan.

    Slow Cooker Ground Turkey Recipes

    • Slow Cooker Turkey Pumpkin Chili This slow cooker turkey pumpkin chili is a delicious, warming recipe for chilly fall nights. You are going to love this chili! This gorgeous pumpkin chili hits all the best flavor combos.
    • Thai Slow Cooker Ground Turkey Healthy Thai Slow-Cooker Ground Turkey Recipe is an easy dinner or meal prep idea! It only takes 10 minutes to prepare, plus its gluten-free and dairy-free!
    • Slow Cooker Turkey Chili This Slow Cooker Turkey Chili is a family favorite thats full of flavor! Simmer this lean ground turkey for hours in the Crockpot for an easy dinner.
    • Slow Cooker Ground Turkey Stroganoff This Ground Turkey Stroganoff is flavor filled, budget friendly and easy to make. Youll instantly fall in love with this classic comfort dish!
    • Crock Pot Turkey Bolognese For an easy weeknight dinner serve this crock pot turkey Bolognese sauce with zucchini noodles. Bonusyou can use this paleo and Whole30 spaghetti sauce for so many recipes!

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    How To Make Keto Turkey Burgers

    This section shows how to make keto friendly turkey burgers with step-by-step photos and details about the technique. For full instructions, see the recipe card below.

    TIP: Dont overmix. To ensure a super juicy turkey burger, be careful not to over mix the turkey meat, because otherwise it will be too tough.

    • Form burger patties. Divide burger meat into 4 sections and form patties. Make a thumbprint in each.
    • Cook turkey patties. You can bake and then broil, or simply pan fry them. Be sure the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F.
    • Rest. After cooking, let the burgers rest for 5 minutes.
    • Serve. Serve these low carb paleo turkey burgers with desired toppings in a keto burger bun or lettuce leaves.

    Where’s My Healthy Fat

    BEST TURKEY BURGER RECIPE | easy & healthy

    When you substitute in grass-fed beef, you get almost as much fat-fighting omega-3s as you do from some fish. That’s why grass-fed beef and fish make great burger options.

    Here’s how to use the matrix to create the Zero Belly burger of your dreams:6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

    Ground turkey, Ground chicken, Ground beef , Salmon, Tuna, Chicken breast

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    What Youll Find In This Article:

    • Turkey Burger Ingredients
    • How to Make a Turkey Burger
    • The Best Turkey Burger Recipe
    • Nutrition and Calories in Turkey Burgers

    What makes this turkey burger recipe best, is the low calories, and the high flavor. We have also included some options for delicious toppings, and our low calorie turkey burgers seasoning.

    Up next, youll find a shopping list for the best turkey burger recipe

    Do Turkey Burgers Taste Good

    Turkey burgers have caught a bad wrap compared to regular beef burgers and generally have a reputation of being a diet food, but this doesnt have to be the case. Knowing how to prepare turkey burgers properly goes a long way towards making them as moist and flavorful as any other burger.

    Here are some key tips for keeping your turkey burgers delicious:

    • Cook them right. Theres nothing worse than dry, crumbly turkey burgers. Many people actually dislike turkey burgers because they have had them cooked improperly when they were younger.
    • Season them. Lack of herbs, seasoning, and spices can make turkey burgers feel more bland than other burgers. Make sure to ramp up the flavor to make these burgers just as appealing as beef or chicken.
    • A plain turkey burger with no toppings or condiments will seem like a blah meal to most anybody, but going through the trouble to whip up some relishes, sauces, or fresh sliced vegetables for topping can make all the difference in the flavor of your final sandwich.

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    Healthified Cowboy Turkey Burger

    These light turkey burgers are called cowboy burgers because of the aromatic and spicy ingredients they include such as hot sauce, jalapenos, cilantro, and sharp cheddar. A little bacon is also mixed into these patties to help keep them moist while also adding an additional savory flavor note.

    To help cool everything off and give the burger some refreshing crunch and texture, whip up the cool ranch slaw included in this recipe to spoon over each patty before serving.

    Asian Inspired Ground Turkey Recipes

    Weight Loss Hamburger
    • Egg Roll in a Bowl Egg roll in a bowl is a healthy deconstructed egg roll without the deep-frying! Its a low-carb meal packed with veggies and flavors!
    • Ground Turkey Teriyaki Bowls These Ground Turkey Teriyaki Bowls are packed with bold and fresh flavors! Theyre great for a quick and easy dinner, meal prep and leftovers.
    • Turkey Banh Mi Bowl This turkey banh mi bowl recipe is absolutely delicious and richly flavorful! This recipe really is a riot of complementary flavors from the quick pickled veggies to the herby meatballs.
    • Coconut Turkey Curry A veggie-filled, flavor-packed, ground turkey curry that comes together in 30 minutes! Its simple. Its lightened up. And its a great balance of protein and fresh vegetables.
    • Thai Inspired Turkey Stir Fry If youre a fan of Thai food you have to try this amazing Thai-Inspired Ground Turkey Stir Fry youre going to love this recipe!

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