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What To Eat On The Paleo Diet

COOK WITH ME! | 3 Quick and Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes

Most people who enjoy Paleo lifestyles still indulge in foods like coffee and chocolate. But the spirit of the diet is one of whole foods that are easy to digest, nutritious and delicious because theyre from nature, not a factory.

On the Paleo diet, eat: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruits, plus healthy baked goods made with grain-free flours.

When shopping, look for grass-finished and pasture-raised meats. Buy organic and non-GMO veggies.

And enjoy these quick and easy Paleo recipes that make cooking dinner no. big. deal. AND delicious!

Easy Paleo Diet Recipes

Does the Paleo Diet work? Some men will answer that quesiton with a Hell, yes! Others? Theyre more skeptical.

But whether youve gone full Paleo, are simply dabbling in the diet, or know nothing more about it than its CrossFit association, one things for sure: Any gym-going dude is going to benefit from upping the protein and produce every once in a while.

So here, 18 healthy breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts built for the fit guycourtesy of Dana Carpender, author of 500 Paleo Recipes: Hundreds of Delicious Recipes for Weight Loss and Super Health. Use them to fuel up tonight.

All recipes are adapted from the book however, the photos you see here do not appear in the book.

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No Cook Chocolate Nut Butter Fudge

This two layer fudge from Paleo Newbie is made with one layer of sweet, nutty chocolate and a second layer of nut butter . If you made this with peanut butter, I imagine the results would taste like incredibly delicious Reeses cups turned into fudge. Try it and see.

On the Chocolate Covered Katie blog, youll find the best of easy paleo desserts. These Unbaked Brownies are no exception. Ready in 10 minutes, they taste like a cross between a brownie and a candy bar.

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Vegetarian Red Curry Stir Fry

Easy and wholesome Vegetarian Red Curry Stir Fry Recipe makes for a nutritious weeknight dinner ready in just 30 minutes! Its also vegan, gluten free and paleo, not to mention flavorful and easy to make! See also Healthy vegetarian paleo dinner recipes and healthy gluten-free comfort food recipes.

Check it here.

Quick And Easy Paleo Comfort Foods 15 Best Paleo Recipes

21 Easy Paleo Recipes That Are Perfect for Beginners

be-k Recipes

If you are craving for some delicious comfort food but you dont want to count calories, then here are quick and easy paleo comfort food recipes you will love!

Remember in our last blog where we talked about Paleo dinner recipes? Well, we arent quite done with the Paleo diet just yet. There is still a lot more to cover. In this blog, I am going to show you a thing or two about Paleo comfort food. Dont we just love eating? Munching on a couple of hotdogs or burgers while watching our favorite movie or eating some chocolate right before we go to sleep. But this time around, we arent just going to talk about comfort food. We are going to talk about comfort food, the Paleo way.


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Pineapple Paleo Chichen Curry

Image and recipe by foodfaithfitness.com

The ingredients are simple yet delicious.

This is an easy paleo recipe and the dish is so satisfying that you won’t be able to stop eating it.

It’s perfect for the winter months when we all crave comfort food. Enjoy this warm and hearty dish!

This is a mouthful paleo recipe where the coconut milk will give a smooth creamy texture.

Main ingredients: Coconut oil, chicken breast, broccoli, ginger, coconut milk, pineapple, yellow curry paste, cauliflower, cilantro, and onions.

Prep time: 5 mins, Cook time: 15 mins

Image and recipe by jaysbakingmecrazy.com

Paleo dinner recipes can taste all like pizza just without the extra carbs.

Nothing could be more delicious and healthy at the same time than a bowl of pizza soup.

Main ingredients: Chicken sausage, pepperoni, jar marinara, roasted tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, black olives, dried oregano, and garlic powder.

Prep time: 5 mins, Cook time: 30 mins

Here goes the recipe from jaysbakingmecrazy.com

Image and recipe by bravoforpaleo.com

Lemon rosemary chicken gives the best flavors in the world.

Easy to make and so healthy for the body.

If you love chicken then you are gonna love this recipe. This is simple and so good.

Main ingredients: Olive oil, chicken breast, sweet potatoes, lemon, rosemary, and garlic cloves.

Prep time 5 mins, Cook time: 30 mins

Check out the wonderful recipe from bravoforpaleo.com

Quick And Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes For Weight Loss

Finding something quick paleo dinner recipes for weight loss? Great! because I have got some new and amazing paleo recipes to try today.

The recipes are great to eat with your friends and family and they are so nutritive and palatable that even your kids would love to have them.

I recently got to know about paleo and i was really impressed by the fact that in paleo you can eat all your traditional recipes and foods without starving your body.

What to eat and avoid in Paleo

You have to mainly look after your carbohydrate intake. The food you are having should be clean and less processed. In short, you can have all the healthy home cooked meals and still can lose weight with your regular exercise routine.

They focus on eating fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, home cooked meat, fish, eggs, good quality fats and oils. Which means you can have all food groups in a minimal amount without affecting your body with deficiencies.

While following the diet you have to take care to avoid eating processed foods, soft drinks, grains, legumes, sugar and sugar products, vegetable oils, trans fats, margarines, and most of the high fat dairy products.

What are the basic rules of Paleo

Paleo does not have such hard and fast rules like keto and other diets. You can eat what you like eating but in a clean and healthy manner. You simply have to avoid the things that make you fat.

You can still have your favorite meats, eggs, fishes, fruits, vegetables, etc.

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Beef And Broccoli Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Russets aren’t the only spuds worth stuffing. Smoke and heat, achieved with chili powder and ground red pepper, work particularly well with sweet potatoes. This makes for a great paleo main dish, or cut them smaller and serve open-faced as a Super Bowl-style appetizer.

Turkey Meatballs With Apple Herbs

What I Eat in a Day | Quick and Easy Paleo Meals

Image and recipe by paleorunningmomma.com

The turkey meatballs are easy, healthy, and perfect for your next meal!

One of the quick paleo dinners.

The meatballs themselves are made from ground turkey mixed with some fresh apple herbs as well as a little bit of garlic powder and salt.

Do not overcook the meatballs or they may ruin them.

The shredded apples will add the right amount of sweetness and flavor.

Main ingredients: Ground turkey, apple, almond flour, rosemary, thyme, sage leaves, pepper, and coconut oil.

Prep time: 5 mins, Cook time: 15 mins

Check out the recipe from paleorunningmomma.com

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Easy Beef Paleo Dinner Recipes

15-Minute Keto Asian Beef Bowl A super simple sauté of ground meat thats uber-flavorful and sure to please. Serve on cauli or white rice .

Mexican Lazy Cabbage Roll Casserole This recipe is also low carb. Theres no prep before sliding the casserole dish into the oven. Just stir together and bake, and out comes a flavorful, lovely meal. Paleo, but can be made Primal, if you eat/enjoy dairy.

Thai Beef Curry Stew This recipe is also Low-FODMAP, but youd never know it. The flavors are incredible. This recipe is a dump and go Instant Pot recipe, so almost no work involved.

Keto Greek Bowls The best thing about this bowl, other than the fast prep time, is the crazy-good strong Greek flavors, of the spiced meat and of the Spearmint Cream Sauce that gets poured over all. Also low carb and may be made with lamb, too. This recipe is actually Primal, which means it includes well-sourced dairy.

Thai Beef and Pineapple Kabobs In the oven or on the BBQ, these are fast and fun.

Beef Stir Fry With just a few choice veggies and an easy homemade Teriyaki Sauce, everyone loves this economical steak dinner.

Asian Meatballs Sheet Pan Dinner Everything cooks on one pan, and then dinners ready. Just form the flavorful meatballs with a scoop, so its extra low-fuss.

Chinese Beef Short Ribs Just 10 minutes of prep for this one, and your guests will be asking you for the recipe.

Creamy Potato Chowder Shrimp Bacon

Creamy potato chowder with shrimp and bacon is fully loaded with vegetables. Cashew cream, which is simply cashews blended until they are creamy, is added to make it creamy and as a perfect substitute for heavy cream.

This one-pot dish is the ultimate dish to keep you warm on a chilly night. Its creamy sweet aroma just adds to the flavor. It is paleo and will help you in maintaining your diet.

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Uses For This Easy Caesar Dressing

Caesar salad with homemade dressing goes with everything. Serve it with any meal, any time of year. It’s a crowd-pleasing salad that everyone loves !

While it pairs naturally well with Italian-inspired mains like our easy baked lasagna, Italian sausage pasta, or summertime easy caprese pizza, it’s also great with chicken and meat dishes. Or simply enjoy it on greens as a lighter lunch.

Here are a few other favorite ways to use this easy caesar salad dressing:

  • In place of the dressing on one of these salads

My Take On Paleo Dinner Recipes

Clean Eating Meal Plan for the Week

I started with the keto diet and after that came to know about the paleo diet.

Paleo diet recipes are equally delicious and nutritious which help lose weight.

These are some of the delicious and easy paleo dinners for a week or two.

The best part about these paleo dinner recipes is that they are easy to make and full of flavor. They will help you stay on track with your eating habits while giving you a break from cooking every night!

There are so many success stories about the Paleo diet, that you will fall in love with these diet recipes too.

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Easy Chicken Paleo Dinner Recipes

Spicy Honey Lime Chicken Thighs A super popular recipe on the blog for good reason, and comes with a low carb option.

Easy Dump & Bake General Tsos Chicken A simple sauce that coats meat and veggies with an appealing glaze, pieces of tender chicken and broccoli all get baked together briefly. Very little work.

Maple Rosemary Chicken Maple Rosemary Chicken is a delicious 1-pan dinner that only takes 10 minutes of prep time.

Tom Kha Gai Tom Kha Gai is that Thai coconut chicken soup everyone loves with the comfort food flavors of coconut milk, fresh lime juice, ginger, lemongrass and a buttery chicken stock.

Instant Pot Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew A lovely yellow cream base, chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes. This recipe is also low histamine, but everyone loves it, low allergy or not.

Meal Prep Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs Inside this recipe post, I give lots of ways to eat this simple yummy preparation of baked chicken thighs: salads, bowls and wraps, all perfect for easy Paleo chicken dinners.

Rosemary-Honey Chicken with Smashed Cauliflower An infused rosemary-honey simple syrup and chicken pan juices make this recipe taste complex.

And one recipe with turkey Turkey, Apples and Onions Hash I love hashes, especially with sautéed onions and apples. Everyone loves this recipe. Makes a lovely casual dinner.

Chicken Cabbage Stir Fry

Image and recipe by eatdrinkpaleo.com.au

This is an easy-to-make dish that is full of flavor and perfect for any night of the week!

A super healthy light paleo dinner recipe.

This is a colorful paleo dish.

Main ingredients: Coconut oil, chicken breast, white pepper, grated ginger, cabbage, broccoli, carrot.

Prep time: 10 mins, Cook time: 10 mins

Here goes the recipe by eatdrinkpaleo.com.au

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Classic Paleo Potato Salad

via The Clothes Makes The Girl

We highly doubt your non-paleo friends will be able to tell the difference between this potato salad and conventional potato salad. But even if they do, theyll be too distracted by the delicious bacon in this one to care. Weve also tried this one with sweet potatoes, and we highly recommend it.

Bacon Garlic Spaghetti Squash

QUICK Dinner Recipes | healthy paleo recipes under 10 minutes!

Image and recipe by paleoglutenfree.com

This recipe is really easy to make and tastes great.

The perfect recipe for you to make on a cold winter day!

This spaghetti squash is not only healthy but also tastes amazing.

Use cooked bacon for this delicious dish and squeeze out the excess liquid from the squash.

Main ingredients: Spaghetti squash, bacon, broccoli, coconut milk, egg, garlic powder, and pepper.

Prep time:10 mins, Cook time: 15 mins

Here goes the recipe from paleoglutenfree.com

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Turkey Meatballs & Kale In Lemony Garlic Broth

This super nourishing soup of turkey meatballs and kale braised in lemony garlic broth is full of flavour and makes for a great comfort dish that is still very healthy. You get the benefits of antioxidant-packed kale, chicken broth and protein-rich turkey or chicken meat, plus all those beautiful notes of citrus and garlic. I made this dish for my Paleo reset program and its become a crowd-favourite, so I am sharing it on the blog as well. Its paleo, gluten-free, Whole30 and keto-friendly.

Check it here.

If youd like to try some of the recipes in my list at any time later, just save THIS PIN below to your Paleo board on

Creamy Lemon Basil Spaghetti

Image and recipe by jessiskitchen.com

This dish is so light and refreshing for a summer meal, but it’s also perfect as a side when you’re cooking something heavy.

This recipe is great because if you don’t have any fresh basil or lemons on hand, feel free to substitute dried herbs!

Basically, I do not like squash that much. But this paleo recipe is different.

I like the creaminess of this dish.

Main ingredients: Spaghetti squash, chopped kale, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, black pepper, avocado, basil leaves, lemon zest, and olive oil.

Prep time: 20 mins, Cook time: 15 mins

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Best Quick Paleo Dinners For Weeknights

Sharing is Caring!

Its all the fastest paleo dinners for weeknights that everyone loves! From one skillet chicken recipes to burgers and seafood, theres something here for every day of the week and every appetite! All recipes are gluten free, dairy free, legume free, refined sugar free and paleo friendly.

School is BACK and that means I have about 20-30 minutes to make dinner each night.

Im not much of a prepper to be honest so I like minimal prep, quick simple dinners that the kids wont refuse to eat or toss in the trash ð

Or lets face it now that theyre older theyll just leave it there and grab their own snacks instead. So we need GOOD ones!

My kids have always been fans of meatballs, burgers, chicken cutlets, and shrimp with simple sides like salads, cauliflower rice and roasted veggies.

Some of the sides like roasted veggies and potatoes I DO prep ahead of time and even cook ahead of time so I can just do a quick reheat while the rest of the meal cooks.

Weeknights mean I dont have time anymore to sit and wait for potatoes to roast for 35 minutes!

So, that part gets done on Sunday, along with any recipes that involve baked potatoes . I store baked potatoes or sweet potatoes in the refrigerator and then just reheat them in the oven, which only takes about 10-15 minutes or so.

Okay, I believe its now time to get to the good stuff! I hope you love these quick paleo meals as much as we do!

Lemon Rosemary Chicken Recipe

Italian Sausage &  Potato Quick Skillet Recipe

The lemon rosemary chicken recipe is a gorgeous, easy, and delicious recipe. The chicken in this Paleo recipe is tender and juicy.

You can have this delicious chicken as your paleo diet dinner meal. The potatoes will give a creamy texture and melt into your mouth. Potatoes with the chicken give a nice combo of flavor.

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Paleo Cinnamon Coffee Cake

I just love a good paleo cinnamon coffee cake! This heavenly treat is packed with flavor and nutrients, and its perfect for any time of the day.

Whether youre looking for a delicious breakfast on the go, or a mid-day treat to satisfy your sweet tooth, this recipe is sure to hit the spot.

Its made with wholesome ingredients like coconut and cinnamon.

This coffee cake is brimming with healthy fats and antioxidants to keep you energized throughout the day.

What Dinner Meals Can You Prepare For Paleo Followers

Paleo diets are gaining a lot of popularity. That is because it includes a wide variety of food options that you can enjoy for any meal of the day. Simple paleo dinner recipes also have a lot of benefits. It is a good start for weight loss journeys and other healthy lifestyles.

Because of the stone age diets long list of benefits, its no question why a lot of people are beginning to take more interest. You might have already encountered a few people in your inner circle that follow a paleo diet. In that case, we have a few fantastic paleo dinner recipes that they are sure to love.

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