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With thefirst day of autumn just around the corner, Im going to share 6 seasonalessential oil blends with you. These fall essential oils will bring thesignature seasonal scent into your home. We use cinnamon, nutmeg and clove tocreate those distinctive autumn aromas. So lets learn about natural ways toadd fragrance to your home!

Essential Oils For Fall

I dream of all the fall smells on those really, REALLY hot summer days, and as much as I love summer, fall is the best time of year. The cooler days, the beautiful leaves, and pumpkins. Have you noticed I am obsessed with all things pumpkin yet?

The only thing I dread about the fall is what comes next the dreaded Missouri winters. At least I have these fall essential oil diffuser blends to look forward to.

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Curious about how to get started using Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential oils are the only essential oils I trust to use on my family.

The reason I use only Young Living is pure and simple, I know the quality that goes into Young Living oils.

I only want the best and purest to use on my family and Young Living Guarantees that with their Seed to Seal pledge. If you are new to essential oils or have been using different brands, I’d love the chance to introduce you to Young Living essential oils. Let me help you get started on a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. To find out more, I’d love for you to check out my post on

It’s a fun and informative post about how this normal, plain jane mom got started with essential oils and how you can too! check it out here- How to get started with Essential Oils.

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The Best Autumn Essential Oil Blends For The Holiday Season

These are my favorites and the best Autumn essential oil diffuser recipes and blends. They also work very well for DIY recipes like room sprays, linen sprays, DIY homemade soaps, gifts and sanitizers.

  • Christmas Spirit is a fave!
  • Christmas Spirit + Northern Lights Black Spruce is another fave!!! This is my go to over Fall!
  • Pumpkin Spicer Blend

Why Use A Diffuser Instead Of Candles Or Air Fresheners

The perfect fall scent!

A diffuser is a unique household must-have that can replace those plug-in air fresheners which contain chemical ingredients that have been linked to a number of serious health issues together with scented candles which are far from natural. When you see the term fragrance on an air freshener or scented candle, remember that it can include up to 300 toxic chemicals but still just say fragrance. Scented candles are actually just as bad as second-smoke. How is that possible? The artificial fragrance and the air pollution caused by burning the candles.

Thats okay, theres a better way use a diffuser with therapeutic-grade essential oils instead. You can even recreate your favorite pumpkin spice and fall scents with essential oils, and by doing so, avoid all those chemical ingredients.

Diffusing these fall-inspired scents can be a great way to help transition you and your family into the fall season, which then can will help to address mood and emotions. Check out more diffuser recipes here.

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How To Choose A Diffuser

I have several models of diffusers, and I can tell you hands-down the best is Young Living. I use their oils in the diffuser too. But what I love about them is that the Young Living diffusers disperse way more essential oils into the air. You can literally smell the difference. The diffusers also come with a one-year product warranty, so you can easily get a part replaced or the entire unit if you need to. I had several diffusers from other online stores stop working within a couple of months with no replacement.

You can get a diffuser at retail, but I highly suggest getting a starter kit at 60% off that includes the diffuser for free. I really like the Desert Mist . That way you get the diffuser and the oils all in one set. I only use about 6-10 drops total in the diffuser for each use.

Essential Oils For Boosting The Immune System

Several essential oils can be used to boost your immune system. And diffusing them into the air can be very beneficial to your body. As you inhale the essential oils going into the air, they will start working to support your body and boosting the immune system.

Some of the most powerful immune-boosting essential oils happen to be the ones that smell like fall and Christmas. Maybe that is why we associate these scents with these seasons? Our ancestors were smart even without google!

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Young Living Fall Diffuser Recipes

Fall is finally here! The time change fall back is approaching ! Right now, were enduring our third snow in October here in Colorado where Im dreaming of actual fall foliage, not an early Christmas, ha! Maybe Mother Nature has blessed you with gorgeous foliage and some delicious fall temps. I love that initial cool down after the heat of the summer, dont you?

With autumn arriving, this cooler weather has gotten me in the mood to do a deep cleaning around the house! So yeah, it isnt spring, but a good deep fall cleaning does wonders as you head into the holidays! Not only am I offering you wonderful fall diffuser recipes for you and your family to enjoy, but below is a recipe not only for a brewed Thieves Tea blend but also for a gorgeously fragrant DIY Fall Room Spray!

How To Use Diffuser Recipes

July Gift with Purchase | Young Living Essential Oils
  • find the diffuser blend you want to try There are 30 fall essential oil diffuser blends to pick from below. Find the one that suits your mood, find a new one to try, or find one that has the emotional/physical essential oil benefits you need. If you dont have a specific essential oil, dont worry. Either you can substitute a similar oil or try one of the other 30 recipes. There are sure to be a few for which you have all the needed oils.
  • add water to your diffuser equals more mist. Too much water equals little to no mist.)
  • add the essential oils to the water
  • put the cover on your diffuser
  • plug in your diffuser and turn it on
  • Dont have a diffuser? Dont worry you can still diffuse essential oils. 25 ways to diffuse without a diffuser and 15 ways to make your home smell like fall

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    The Best Fall Diffuser Blends

    I used to love burning fall-scented candles. But when I learned how toxic most candles are and how many chemicals they release into the air, I decided to ditch and switch! I ditched candles and switched to diffusing essential oils. You get all the yummy smells, plus the added aromatherapy benefits without the toxic chemicals or the fire hazard! I make sure my diffuser is set to flickering candlelight mode to retain the cozy ambiance! Try these delicious and warming blends in your diffuser this fall!

    For something a little different try using pinecones as diffusers! Make these fall scented pinecones to use centerpieces or to put in decorative bowls around the house!

    Tools To Diffuse Essential Oil Blends For Fall

    Tap thelinks below to shop the products used to diffuse fall essential oils.

    • essential oils for fall You can find all essential oilsfor fall from this article and more in my Amazon shop.
    • ultrasonic diffuser This aroma diffuser is excellentto diffuse your home or workspace safely.
    • ceramic essential oil burner I also love this ceramicessential oil burner. Burning a tea light is so cosy and a fun way to diffuseessential oils at home.
    • mini portable diffuser A mini portable essential oildiffuser is perfect for the office or when youre on the go.
    • diffuser reeds Rattan diffuser reeds are perfectto fragrance every room in the house.
    • glass diffuser bottles This clear glass diffuser bottlesare designed for diffusing essential oils.
    • milk glass bottle Mini milk glass bottles are thecontainer of choice to gift your homemade essential oil diffuser blends.

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    Immune Booster Diffuser Blend

    1 drop rosemary + 1 drop clove + 1 drop eucalyptus + 1 drop cinnamon + 1 drop orange

    Most colds and flu happen during the fall and winter months when were all indoors. Close quarters means were all sharing the same air and germs are more likely to spread. Give your immune system an extra boost with this fresh, clean, and slightly spicy blend of essential oils.

    some benefits of this essential oil blend: immune support, decongestant, improves focus and concentration

    Sweater Weather Diffuser Blend

    Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe Guide

    3 drops eucalyptus + 2 drops juniper berry + 1 drop sage

    This diffuser blend of eucalyptus, juniper, and sage has a wonderful woody, fresh, and crisp aroma. It reminds me of how wonderful it feels to pull on soft, warm sweaters when the days start to cool off and the autumn nights turn brisk. It gives a deep sense of comfort and well-being.

    some benefits of this essential oil blend: immune support, decongestant, expectorant, energizing, purifying and cleansing, deodorizing, and helps face fears in order to find a path to greater wholeness

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    The Best Essential Oils For Autumn

    What essentialoils are good for fall? When we talk home fragrance, spice essential oils, suchas cinnamon or clove, and conifer essential oils will set the mood and giveyour home an inviting autumn scent. Now that we know 6 wonderful fall essentialoil blend recipes, lets learn more about the aromatherapy benefits ofessential oils.

    Diy Essential Oil Blends For Fall

    Myessential oil blends for fall are very fragrant and reminiscent of your fallfavourites: pumpkin spice, apple pie, crunchy autumn leaves, crisp fall air,cosy sweaters and sunny walks in the woods. These seasonal essential oil blendrecipes are perfect for diffusing and DIY home fragrance projects from nowuntil Christmas.

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    Essential Oil Blends To Make Your House Smell Like Fall

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    The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air! Ive been experimenting with a new warming diffuser, trying out different essential oil blends for fall. I love how the spicy scents of ginger, clove and cinnamon make the house feel warm and cozy while the woodsy notes of fir and juniper remind me of a walk through the leaves.

    Be warned, spice oils like clove and cinnamon oils are strong! They will easily overpower other scents and can even irritate the mucous membranes. Citrus scents go well with the spicier ones, so I like to start with a base of orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit or bergamot and then add a drop or two of a spicier oil like cinnamon, clove, myrrh or nutmeg.

    Use these four categories to mix and match oils to make homemade air fresheners that will make your home smell like fall.

    The Best Essential Oil Blends For Fall

    Peppermint Essential Oil: Benefits & Uses | Young Living Essential Oils

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    Its October and cold northern air is whipping through my boys fleeces at the bus stop. That one coughs, and this one wipes his nose on his sleeve. As the bus pulls up with foggy, finger-smudged windows, I cant help but think of it as an incubator for winter ick.

    I wave goodbye and walk home with the dog, brainstorming ways to keep my family healthy this season.

    Im greeted back home by the warm scents of cinnamon and clove. No, Im not bakingits the oil diffuser loaded with my favorite fall essential oils. I can do many things to support my familys health this season reducing sugar intake, putting everyone to bed on time, and making sure that my boys are dressed appropriately for the weather. I have also chosen to use essential oils to support our immune and respiratory systems.

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    What Essential Oils Smell Like Fall

    Some of my favorite essential oils that summon in the fall season are: Cinnamon bark, Clove, Nutmeg, Citrus fresh, Orange, Frankincense, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Northern Lights Black Spruce! Add a few drops of each to your essential oil diffuser and make the whole house smell like fall! Or apply a few drops topically to your temples or neck to summon the season.

    How To Use A Diffuser Recipe

    Essential oil diffusers are a true blessing to freshen up stale air. They are used to disperse fine particles of oils blended with water into the surroundings of the room. Please refer to our guide on how to use an essential oil diffuser if youre completely new to the topic of diffusing oils.

    Though some diffusers have instructions to dilute up to 12 drops of oil, that much isnt required unless you have a water tank of 300+ mL. Most common essential oil diffusers have a reservoir of around 150-200 mL, which requires 6-7 drops of essential oils only.

    For an exact chart of essential oil diffuser sizes and how many drops to use in each unit, please refer to our dilution rates guide here.

    • For a diffuser size around 100 ml: cut the recipes in half.
    • Larger sized diffuser of 300+ ml: double the recipe drops.

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    Crisp Morning Diffuser Blend

    2 drops grapefruit + 2 drops orange + 2 drops basil

    The slight grassiness of the basil blends well with the fresh, citrusy notes of grapefruit and orange to evoke feelings of freshly raked leaves on a sunny fall day. I cant think of a better way to start an autumn day than with diffusing this blend of grapefruit, orange, and basil. Since its both uplifting and energizing, its a great way to start the morning off on the right foot.

    some benefits of this essential oil blend: uplifting, energizing, invigorating, refreshing, and encourages love, tolerance and self-acceptance

    Best Fall Diffuser Blends

    Thrive this Fall with this list of must

    Apple Pie, Autumn Leaves, Pumpkin Spice and everything nice is in the air right now.

    I love a good smelling house, dont you? When fall and the holidays hit I try to do anything I can do to make my house smell like pie, a walk through the woods or snickerdoodle cookies. haha. Those smells bring up joy, happiness, memories and all the feels. I use to use candles but now Im hooked on diffusing essential oils and customizing those to what I feel for that day. Plus, they dont give me the headaches that the candles do!

    So today youre getting my favorite 7 Fall Diffuser Blends that will keep your home smelling warm and cozy all season long. Dont worry if youre in need of a diffuser Ive got your back. Here are my two favorite diffusers RenWer Essential Oil Diffuser and the Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser

    And if you decide to become a monthly member at Young Living like me then youll get a FREE diffuser in your starter kit! Youre welcome!

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    Crisp Fall Day Diffuser Recipe

    Raven essential oil blend is a cool, refreshing combination of Ravintsara, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, and Wintergreen essential oils. A chilly yet minty blend with sweet undertones, Raven creates that feeling of an effervescent breeze through a grove of eucalyptus trees! Thieves essential oil blend is a powerful combination of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils that fills any space with a rich and spicy aroma. As one of Young Livings most popular products, Thieves blend is your go-to for an invigoratingly clean and spicy scent that smells just like fall baking! I diffuse Thieves every day! Together, though, this is a powerful blend of two powerhouse Young Living oil blends!

    Evening By The Fire Diffuser Blend

    2 drops Douglas fir + 1 drop frankincense + 1 drop sandalwood + 1 drop lavender + 2 drops orange

    This cozy diffuser blend combines a mix of woody, fresh, and slightly sweet essential oils. Dont you just want to snuggle up in front of a crackling fire with your loved and relax?

    some benefits of this essential oil blend: uplifting, relaxing, improves focus, decongestant, immune boosting

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    Fall Wreath Diffuser Blend

    3 drops eucalyptus + 2 drops rosemary + 2 drops balsam fir

    I love fall decorations. Whether its pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks, or a beautiful fall wreath, I just love the warmth and friendliness that autumnal decorations have. This essential oil combination of eucalyptus, rosemary and fir smells fresh, clean, and crisp. Its a great way to deodorize and get rid of any stinky smells.

    some benefits of this essential oil blend: immune support, decongestant, expectorant, energizing, increase focus, deodorize, purify

    Boost Wellness With Essential Oils

    My favorite FALL scents | diffuser recipes

    Stay well this season by drinking water, getting lots of sleep and boosting your immune system with healthy foods and natural supplements. We use as many natural and toxic-free products in our home as well to reduce exposure to chemicals that can weaken immunity, cause endocrine disruption and more! Here are some favourite and simple recipes to stay healthy this fall!

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    What If I Dont Have All The Essential Oils

    Anytime I post a list of diffuser blends, it is inevitable that I will get this question. Here is the thing, diffusing essential oils doesnt have to be precise. In fact, I rarely follow an exact recipe.

    If you dont get the drops right, it is OK. These recipes are meant to be broken. Get creative and tweak it, and then tell me about it. Because I always love to try new blends.

    If you dont have a particular essential oil in the blend, simply omit it or use one that has a similar scent. You can add more of a different oil in the blend that you do have.

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