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Spinach And Sweetcorn Lasagne

5 Healthy Low Calorie Recipes For Weight Loss

Calories: 431 | Fat: 17g per portion

There is a whole range of nutrients in this recipe, exclaims Kim. She continues: Garlic is an excellent natural source of beneficial compounds, which have been suggested to have antioxidant, cardiovascular protective, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, antibacterial properties and many more.

Thin crust and crisp base four cheese pizza

Healthy Sandwich With Chicken

Looking for the low calorie diet for weight loss, you should not pass this recipe.

Get this:

  • 1 cup of vanilla custard powder
  • Sugar sweetener


  • Mix milk with sugar sweetener and custard powder. Check the sweetness. Leave this a bit less sweet.
  • Even sugar substitute has low calorie.
  • Put in heat until a bit creamy.
  • Now take off the heat and blend in one blender with the cinnamon powder and strawberries.
  • Serve with ice or chilled.
  • Cheese Tomato And Ham Deli Tart

    Calories: 469

    Serves: 4Cooking time: 25 mins

    Substituting your meat for juicy aubergine is an easy way to reduce the calorie count in your lasagne. This open lasagne also has a lighter way of making the classic cheesy sauce.

    Claire says The main component of this meal is aubergines, which are notoriously low in fat and high in fibre. All the ingredients in this meal provide a good balance, so as a meal it works perfectly well together. Red onions are packed with antioxidants, such as quercetin, which combats inflammation and boosts the immune system. Cut the calories by switching to a light cheese as opposed to mozzarella.

    Get the recipe: Open Mediterranean lasagne

    Tender chicken thighs baked with carrots and leeks

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    Mexican Stuffed Chicken With Red Rice

    Calories: 479

    Serves: 4Cooking time: 25 mins

    Our Mexican stuffed chicken with red rice is packed with jalapeño peppers, spinach, and Lancashire cheese. This mouth-watering recipe is ready in 30 minutes and is perfect served with fresh salad.

    Chicken breasts are much lower in fat and calories than thighs for example, which is why they make a great choice in this recipe. Choosing to make flavoured rice from scratch is also a good way to cut calories and fat as some packet rice has high nutritional values.

    As this dish is predominantly made with chicken, it is a high protein option keeping you fuller for longer. The spinach, tomatoes and peppers total three of your five a day in just one portion.

    A golden, crispy chicken and chorizo filo pie sprinkled with pine nuts

    Chickpea And Spinach Curry

    10 Delicious Low

    Chickpeas are a vegetarians dream because they add a ton of texture to a dish but you can also sub it for some proteins youd find in other dishes.

    This chickpea and spinach curry recipe has a ton of flavor so even the pickiest eaters will love this one.

    You can make this ahead of time and then just warm it up when youre ready to eat.

    Its a perfect dish to bring to work or school with you because it wont spoil and its easy to reheat.

    Plus, there are so many different spices in this recipe that youll never get bored of it.

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    Leek Asparagus And Pea Pasta

    Calories: 287

    Serves: 2Cooking time: 15 mins

    Made with three different types of greens leek, asparagus, and pea, this pasta recipe is topped with a little Parmesan for extra flavour and is just 287 calories per serving.

    Other than being one of our top low calorie meals, this dish is also bursting with nutrients. Leeks are a great source of magnesium, asparagus is high in fibre and folate, and peas are a good source of plant-based protein. This dish also includes at least one of your five-a-day.

    If you want to increase the protein in this dish you could add strips of leftover ham, chicken and beef and warm through. However, keep in mind that adding meat to a recipe will change the nutritional values.

    Lemon infused chicken with peas, sugar snaps, sweetcorn, and spring onions

    Low Calorie Tuna Pasta

    Calories: 249

    Serves: 1Cooking time: 20 mins

    Chunks of meaty tuna, green beans, and a light cream cheese dressing, this pasta has subtle flavours but is super satisfying. The calorie count is kept low in this dish thanks to the low fat cream cheese, wholewheat pasta and skimmed milk.

    Claire says Tuna calories per 100g are 132, which is very low considering that also provide massive health benefits. Tuna, as with nearly all fish, is packed full of omega-3 acids that help reduce cholesterol, resulting in a lesser risk of heart attacks.

    Weve used fresh tuna in this recipe but you could easily use tinned tuna for quickness it may also be slightly cheaper than fresh if youre catering on a budget. Perfect for both lunch and dinner taking just five minutes to prepare.

    Get the recipe: Tuna pasta

    One pot Turkish halloumi bake topped with warm chunks of salty halloumi

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    Creamy Vegan Mushroom Risotto

    Starchy, creamy and ready in about 30 minutes: this delicious vegan risotto with mushrooms and peas is low in calories, low in fat but bursting with flavor! Its easy to make, really filling and leaves you with only one pot to clean afterward.

    Get creative with this mix-and-match quinoa veggie bowl recipe! Use up any veggies from your fridge, pair them with your favorite grains, legumes and oil-free vegan dressing and enjoy a colorful weight loss-friendly dinner.

    Stuffed Peppers With Couscous Courgette And Mozzarella

    Low Calories Healthy vegetarian recipes | Low Calorie dinner recipe | Low Calorie Snack Recipe

    Calories: 243

    Serves: 4Cooking time: 20 mins

    These stuffed peppers are so simple to make ready in just five easy steps. These sweet, refreshing peppers will keep you fuller for longer and count towards your five-a-day too.

    Not only is couscous low calorie at just 178 calories per 100g, but it is also an excellent source of selenium. Selenium is a mineral with powerful antioxidant properties. It is known to help reduce cancer and heart disease risks.

    Our stuffed peppers are packed with couscous, courgette and mozzarella but you could try stuffing them with rice, leftover chicken and different cheeses too. This recipe serves four but can easily be doubled to feed a larger family.

    Tender sausages cooked with soft new potatoes and butternut squash

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    Fruit Salad With Nuts And Chicken

    Looking for low calorie diet for weight loss, you should not miss this recipe.


    • 2 cups of boiled chicken pieces
    • ½ cup of freshly chopped thyme leaves
    • ½ cup of diced apple
    • ½ teaspoon of olive oil
    • ½ cup of freshly chopped coriander leaves
    • ½ cup of pear, diced
    • Pepper and salt to taste
    • ½ cup berries of your choice , chopped
    • ½ cup of bell peppers diced in different colors
    • ½ cup pieces of oranges


    Mini Roasted Cauliflowers With Tomato Sauce

    Calories: 243

    Serves: 4Cooking time: 30 mins

    Each cauliflower is topped with a thick tomato sauce and topped with plenty of cheese too. The pancetta and hint of Worcestershire sauce add a real depth of flavour to this family bake.

    Cauliflower is a great substitute for rice, pasta, or potatoes. Its just a filling, keeping you fuller for longer but without the added calorie count. On average a small cauliflower is just 75 calories and 1g of fat.

    This dish is so easy you could even get the kids involved in the preparation stages as we demo in the recipe video. A portion of this dinner is three of your five-a-day.

    Healthy green leek, asparagus, and pea pasta

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    Risks And Side Effects

    Although creating a caloric deficit is an important component of weight loss, it is definitely possible to reduce your energy intake too much.

    Not supplying your body with adequate calories can lead to low energy levels, impaired immune function and a higher risk of nutritional deficiencies. However, this doesnt necessarily mean that you need to start filling up on high-calorie, low-carb foods or foods high in fat and sugar to meet your daily needs.

    As a general rule of thumb, you should aim to decrease your daily intake by around 500 calories to lose approximately one pound per week. This can be from either swapping out high-calorie ingredients for low-calorie foods or incorporating more physical activity into your daily routine.

    If you start to notice symptoms like weakness, fatigue or low energy levels, consider increasing your intake to help provide your body with the nutrients it needs. Alternatively, consider consulting with a registered dietitian or nutritionist to find a healthy weight loss plan that works for you.

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    Banana With Nut Butter

    5 Healthy Low Calorie Recipes For Weight Loss

    The sweet taste of bananas and the salty, nutty flavor of almond, peanut, or cashew butter makes an excellent snack combination.

    Plus, pairing bananas with nut butter makes your snack more filling by bumping up protein and fiber.

    Try slicing 1 small banana and topping the rounds with 2 tablespoons of almond butter for a filling snack that packs only 280 calories.

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    Batch Cooking And Freezing

    Having a few meals stashed away in the freezer will help if youve had a busy day and need something extra-quick for dinner. Lots of these recipes are easily doubled so you can cook a big batch then portion out and freeze. Remember to label your Tupperware so you can tell the difference between a chilli and pasta sauce! Our chicken saag, beef bourguignon, lamb stew and lentil Bolognese recipes will all freeze brilliantly.

    Chinese Vegetable Chow Mein

    Calories: 195

    Serves: 4-5Cooking time: 5 mins

    At just 195 calories per portion, this classic Chinese dish is a family dinner well under 500 calories. The groundnut oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and lime give this meal a real punch of flavour.

    This vegetarian recipe is meat-free, which means you avoid any extra calories or fat some meat can contain. Weve loaded this stir-fry with heaps of vegetables instead so youve got plenty of nutrients. Weve also used egg noodles, which are around 144 calories per 100g, which are around 28 calories less than rice noodles . One of our easiest low calorie meals to make.

    Ideal as a midweek option when youre short on time as it takes just two steps to make. This meal is also a great lower calorie substitute for a Chinese takeaway.

    Tender meatballs infused with lemon and tossed with courgette and tagliatelle

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    Healthy Low Calorie Meal Prep Ideas

    Get the recipe from The Girl on Bloor

    These Sheet Pan Greek Chicken Meal Prep Bowls are seasoned with a simple lemon-oregano marinade.

    Theyre a great low-carb meal prep lunch idea, and theyre ready in just 30 minutes!

    Get the recipe fromKirbie Cravings

    California sushi rolls may not be authentic Japanese sushi, but they are simply delicious!

    Combine crab, avocado, and cucumbers, pair with cauliflower rice and youll get a great tasting low-calorie meal.

    Shrimp Tacos With Cilantro Lime Sauce

    Healthy Low Calorie Chicken Stir Fry – Meal Prep Recipes To Lose Weight

    Tacos are one of the best dishes for families because they are super simple to make.

    Just chop up your ingredients, cook up the shrimp, and then heat up some tortillas and youre ready to go.

    Just remember to use a corn tortilla to cut down on carbs for your meal and it wont leave your stomach feeling as bloated.

    The sauce in this recipe is best if its homemade because it will be incredibly fresh and youll be able to taste it in the taco.

    Shrimp doesnt stay as good as some other proteins so you wont want to keep it too long as leftovers if you have some extras.

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    Lentil And Spinach Balti

    Calories: 313 | Fat: 7.7g per portion

    This hearty curry is infused with garlic, red onion, balti curry paste, and fresh coriander. The lentils in this recipe are what make it so low in calories. There are just 92 calories and 0.7g of fat in 100g of cooked green lentils. Other than being low calorie, lentils are an excellent source of fibre and potassium, which is good for reducing blood pressure.

    Crunchy sourdough topped with rich homemade baked beans

    What Counts As A Low Calorie Vegetarian Recipe

    Our requirement for this list was a vegetarian low calorie recipe under 400 calories.

    Dont forget that anything that you add to the recipe will increase the calorie count.

    All of these vegetarian low calorie meals fit that criteria, so hopefully they will help you meet your weight loss goals.

    If youre looking for a more structured approach to vegetarian low calorie meals, you could try out our Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan!

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    Pesto Asparagus And Potato Salad

    Calories: 311 | Fat: 18g per portion

    The perfect choice for the summer months, this dish brings healthy asparagus and potatoes together to make another one of our delicious low calorie vegetarian meals. This recipe includes a homemade pesto sauce, made with just a handful of fresh ingredients. Opting for a homemade pesto is a great way to keep the calorie count low as some readymade pestos may contain added salt.

    Small bowl of hearty lentil curry perfect served with flatbread

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    Low Calorie Meals: 63 Easy Dinners Under 500 Calories

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.
  • From sausage gnocchi to butternut squash risotto, from beef burritos to vegetable tagine, our collection of low calorie meals are all under 500 calories.

    When it comes to losing weight, eating a lighter, low calorie dinner in the evening can be beneficial. Choosing to eat low calorie meals at dinner time is easier for your body to digest. It is less likely to make you bloat or cause discomfort too, which can interrupt sleep. The best time to eat dinner if you want to lose weight is earlier rather than later in the day so opt for a 5 pm dinner instead of a 9 pm one for example.

    These low calorie dinners are not just about losing weight. All of our recipes are packed full of nutrient-rich vegetables. Most are high in protein, keeping you fuller for longer as well as assisting your metabolism energy. And just like our low calorie lunches, these low calorie meals dont shy away from flavour either as most are infused with a variety of calorie-free herbs and spices.

    Registered dietician and nutritionist Claire Murphy told us: Low calorie meals are often crammed full of lean protein like beans, lentils or chicken breast for example, which are filling as well as low in elements that produce fat in the body. When looking for good low calorie meals try to pick ones with high-water contents as well, such as steamed or boiled vegetables, as this will naturally make you feel full.

    Green Salad With Protein

    Snacking on a green salad topped with colorful vegetables and a hearty protein source is one of the healthiest snacks that you can eat.

    Try pairing dark leafy greens like arugula or spinach with brightly colored, non-starchy vegetables, such as bell peppers, onions, or radishes. Then add a filling protein source like hard-boiled eggs, pumpkin seeds, or grilled salmon.

    Top with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar or make your own dressing packed with healthy fats by blending 1/4 of an avocado with olive oil, greek yogurt, lemon juice, chopped garlic, salt, and pepper.

    The calorie content of green salads can vary widely depending on your toppings and dressing choice.

    For a lower-calorie salad, stick to leafy greens, non-starchy vegetables, and lean protein sources like grilled chicken, and top with a low-calorie dressing like balsamic vinaigrette.

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    Chicken Salad On Cucumber Slices

    Chicken salad is a tasty, filling dish that can be enjoyed both as a meal and a snack. It can be prepared with mayonnaise or smashed avocado and mixed with fresh herbs or chopped veggies, such as scallions, parsley, and celery.

    Spoon this high-protein combination on low-calorie, fiber-rich cucumber slices for a filling snack. A 1/4 cup of chicken salad made with mayonnaise with half of a sliced cucumber provides 228 calories.

    Healthy Pumpkin Soup Recipe

    Get the recipe from Popsugar

    So youre craving for some dairies? This creamy Healthy Pumpkin Soup will satisfy you without worrying about the heavy calories.

    Get the recipe fromI Food Real

    After only 5 minutes of prep, you can serve this Healthy Zucchini Tomato Casserole with garlic and Parmesan as a low-carb side dish.

    Or you may add cooked chicken for a 30-minute dinner. Perfect!

    Get the recipe fromChelseas Messy Oven

    Talking about sandwiches, this Low-Calorie Chicken Salad Sandwich is delicious, fast, and easy to make!

    It has no mayo or Greek yogurt. So whats the secret to these lightened-up chicken salad sandwiches? Find out here.

    Get the recipe from Gimme Delicious

    Oh, wow! This healthy low-carb, low-calorie, paleo dish makes me hungry already!

    Get the recipe fromDamn Delicious

    Just 10 min prep and with fresh veggies and a creamy chipotle drizzle, this Easy Burrito Bowls is definitely a sure hit to everyone!

    Get the recipe from Skinny Ms

    Nothing beats sweet potato for me! Its nutritious and filling! So this Curried Sweet Potato and Spinach Salad is a powerhouse. Add it with superfood spinach, this salad will keep you feeling full for hours!

    Get the recipe from Super Golden Bakes

    Low in calories but full of flavor! This herb-packed cottage cheese, kale, and smoked salmon frittata is really delicious hot or cold, and comes in at under 200 calories per slice.

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