Cucumber Lemon Water Recipe For Weight Loss

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How Long Can You Keep Cucumbers And Lemons In Water

Cucumber Lemon Water Recipe for Weight Loss and Detox

The infusing time may vary, depending upon how you like your detox water. The use of fresh ingredients will make the infusion stronger. Your detox water might taste different every time, depending upon the time of infusion.

This irresistible detox water recipe is what you need to stay hydrated, healthy, and promote weight loss.

Benefits Of Infused Water What Cucumber Water Can Do For You:

Flushes Out Toxins ? The high water content in cucumbers helps to flush out harmful toxins from the body. When consumed regularly, it can dissolve kidney stones.

Vitamins & Minerals ? Drinking water that contains cucumber?s vitamins and minerals fulfills a good portion of your nutritional requirements.

Fights Cancer The cucurbitacins in cucumber block the molecules that trigger uncontrollable cell division. Lignans also help to fight estrogen-related cancers such as breast, ovary, uterus, and prostate cancer .

Hydrates You Sipping on cucumber water breaks the monotony of drinking regular water and keeps you hydrated all the time. Proper hydration helps to keep your cells turgid and active.

Helps To Lose Weight Cucumber is loaded with nutrients and water. It helps to curb your appetite and gives you a feeling of satiety. Hence you tend to eat less.

Supports Digestion- A healthy digestive system keeps many health problems at bay. Cucumber infused water helps to maintain good digestion due to its high dietary fiber content.

Regulates Blood Pressure ? The vitamins and minerals present in cucumber regulate and maintain normal blood pressure.

Improves Brain Health ? Fisetin is an anti-inflammatory flavanol found in cucumber that helps to improve brain function and memory.

Improves Skin & Muscle Health- Silica present in cucumber helps to improve skin and muscles.

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Enjoy It Morning Or Night

This is a perfect drink for when you get up in the morning or just before you go to bed at night. Why? Not only is it refreshing, but it works best on an empty stomach.

While this is a quick and easy beverage you can throw together and blend in the morning, if youre worried about waking up the whole house, you can also prepare it the night before. Store it in the fridge and enjoy it when you wake up.

For results youll both see and feel, drink this belly-fat blaster once a day for 10 days to two weeks.

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Belly Fat Detox Drink The Ingredients

Cucumbers are an excellent anti-inflammatory and a good diuretic, helping to get rid of excess fluids .

They are low in calories and high in antioxidants, making them effective for weight loss. In fact, theyre one of the best foods for your overall health, especially if you can find organic cucumbers.

It might seem like an oxymoron, but even though cucumbers help to get rid of fluids, they actually contain more than 90 percent water. That level of hydration helps keep you hydrated while also helping to eliminate toxins. Theyre also high in dietary fiber, which helps your digestion

Ginger is another great anti-inflammatory food.

This spice activates the function of your intestine and stomach, helps your digestion, prevents inflammation, and boosts your bodys natural fat-burning abilities .

Ginger also slows down your bodys cortisol production. This is important because if your cortisol levels are too high, it can lead to excess belly fat and weight gain.

Spirulina is an essential flat-belly food as it is high in protein, has all the essential amino acids, and helps your body to burn more calories. Its rich in nutrients, does a good job of curbing your appetite, and boosts your metabolism.

Spirulina is widely used as a dietary supplement because of its numerous benefits. Its high protein content also helps you to maintain muscle tissue, so when youre combining a weight loss diet with exercise, youll be getting the best results possible .

What Kind Of Cucumber Works Best For Making This Cucumber Water Recipe

Lemon Water for Weight Loss: How It Works &  When to Drink ...

Most types would be good for making this drink for weight loss such as English cucumbers , Muncher , Green Fingers Persian , or Lemon cucumbers . You can also use organic cucumbers or regular cucumbers!

They are all low-calorie and have a similar flavor. The peel doesnt influence our recipe because it is removed before adding the cucumber to the blender.

But if you prefer to not peel yours to make the cucumber water, make sure too not to use one that is WAX COVERED. That would also make our healthy drink bitter!

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How To Make Cucumber And Lemon Water

Making detox water is super easy. You can do it with your eyes closed, really! Here is how you can make it instantly.

  • You have to start by washed the vegetables and cutting them into thin slices. Make sure you are keeping the skin on.
  • As for mint leaves, you can crush them roughly in a brick or mortar to extract the juices from them.
  • Next, you have to add all the ingredients in a jug, add water, and thats all.
  • Place the cucumber and lemon water in the refrigerator and enjoy!

Benefits Of Cucumbers In Water

There are a lot of health benefits of cucumber water for weight loss.

To start, water helps flush and detox your body, it keeps you feeling more full so you dont eat as much, and even helps increase your metabolism.

If youre trying to lose weight, drinking water is one of the easiest things you can do to give your efforts a boost.

Second, cucumbers are whats known as a superfood, which basically means theyre very nutrient rich and good for you.

They also taste great with almost any fruit in fruit infused water recipes.

When you put these two healthy ingredients together, the cucumber water benefits are extraordinary.

The benefits of cucumbers in water will help you shed weight and stay full, longer. Try adding some cucumbers to your water today or try some of the recipes below!

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Making A Cucumber Water Infusion Is Pretty Simple:

  • Slice a cleaned, peeled cucumber into 1/2 inch slices.
  • Combine cucumber slices in water, and type with ice. Allow to marinate for at least an hour.
  • The cucumber in water will float, so its important to top with ice to keep them submerged.

    To avoid having to use ice, try purchasing a fruit infused water pitcher that holds the cucumber slices in an infusion chamber. They work great, the large pitchers look fantastic on a dinner table and encourage your family to drink more water, and the travel bottles help keep you hydrated all day long.

    You can refill the pitcher or travel bottle several times before it starts to lose flavor.

    You can even eat the cucumber slices if you like, but discard your batch after 24 hours.

    Questions You Might Have About How To Make Lemon Cucumber Water:

    fat burning drink to lose weight fast-detox drink with cucumber lemon water

    Can I use carbonated water? Sure! I love bubbles! Keep in mind that carbonated water will go flat, so you are best off adding your fruit closer to the time of serving.

    Can I put it in a fancy infused water bottle? Sure- just put the fruit in the center thing and go.

    What is infused water? Infused water is just plain old water with flavor added.

    Can I use bottled lemon juice? I dont suggest it, but you totally can. Any type of citrus starts to lose its flavor potency the moment it is juiced. Therefore, freshly sliced lemon is best.

    Bottled lemon juice will also give you a cloudy look from the start.


    • Add lemon and cucumber slices to a large pitcher.
    • Add the cold water. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour or up to 24 hours.
    • If you’ve tried this recipe, come back and let us know how it was!

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    Benefits Of Lemon Cucumber Detox Water Recipe

    If you are on a weight loss journey, you cant deny the importance of detox water. The best way to get rid of your weight is to add a lemon cucumber detox drink to your routine, as it is full of benefits. Losing weight is another name for keeping your body away from the radicals and excessive harmful materials. Lemon and cucumber both are full of antioxidants, which play an important role in maintaining the bodys balance.

    When we are on the weight loss journey, we forget to take care of providing a sufficient amount of antioxidants to our body, and that is disastrous. Not only drinking detox water helps you to lose weight but exercises also play the most important role. One of the most interesting instruments for burning your fat is a trampoline. If you spend 30 minutes per day on a trampoline, there is a chance that you will get back to your normal weight in few days.

    Lets discuss some of the amazing benefits of the lemon cucumber detox recipe.

    How To Make And Use Lemon

    Preparing lemon-cucumber drink is very easy. To make one pitcher of lemon-cucumber juice, you would require the following ingredients:

    • 1/4 cucumber thinly sliced
    • Water
    • Ice

    Now, using a pitcher, mix all the ingredients, including lemon, cucumber, water and ice. Let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes before serving. You can add a dash of honey to taste and garnish your drink with mint as well. Your lemon-cucumber drink is now ready to be consumed.

    Also, check out the following video to learn how to make this delicious weight loss drink!

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    Mint Leaves Refreshing Benefits

    However, Many of us dont like things which are intensely flavoured with mint. Having said that, there is a little something unique about these refreshing mint leaves which always keeps us asking for more.

    These leaves make such a variance in flavouring and quality that everyone loves them. The best part is they are completely refreshing.

    Taking into consideration the uses of mint for weight loss, it is one of the magic formulas or secret weapons for stomach bloating.

    Pineapple & Ginger Tummy Soother

    20 Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss

    Recipe courtesy of Elissa Goodman


    • 2 tablespoons sliced fresh ginger
    • 4 cups alkaline water

    What does it do?

    According to Goodman, pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme that helps digestion and reduces bloating. Ginger drinks are also well-known for soothing stomach aches as ginger helps regulate the bodys blood sugar levels, she adds.

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    Benefits Of Cucumber Lemon Water

    To understand more why you need to drink cucumber lemon water, it makes sense to know the amazing benefits of cucumbers and lemon.

    Cucumber benefits

    Benefits of lemon

    • Cure digestive problems Lemon water can cure digestive problems including constipation and indigestion. It also acts as a cleansing agent and blood purifier.
    • Dental care If cucumber can treat bad breath, lemon juice can also cure dental issues such as toothache, gum bleeding and other gum diseases.
    • Skin and hair care Just like cucumber, lemon juice is also useful for skin and hair care. It has antiseptic property that can rid dandruff, eczema and acne.
    • Stops internal bleeding The lemon has coagulant and antiseptic properties that can cease internal bleeding.
    • Relieves respiratory disorders The lemon juice can relieve respiratory issues such as asthma attacks. As it is rich in vitamin C, it has the ability to treat long-term respiratory problems.
    • Fights throat infections Lemon has antibacterial properties that can fight throat infections.
    • Controls high blood pressure The potassium present in lemon juice can control hypertension, nausea and dizziness.

    Combining the health benefits of both the cucumber and lemon, we can say that cucumber lemon water can do a great job on your health.

    Indeed, the best thing about drinking cucumber lemon water is that you can obtain long-term health benefits. You can enjoy the healthy nutrients and great taste it provides to your body while keeping your weight in control.

    It Helps With Weight Loss

    If youre trying to lose weight, replacing sugary sodas, sports drinks, and juices with cucumber water can help you cut some serious calories from your diet.

    Staying hydrated also helps you feel full. Sometimes your body confuses thirst with hunger. You may feel like youre hungry, when youre actually thirsty.

    How will you know the difference? Reach for a tall glass of cucumber water first. If your hunger goes away after finishing the drink, you were thirsty. If youre still hungry, then you know its hunger.

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    Let It Sit In The Fridge For A Few Minutes Before Serving

    How to make cucumber water for weight loss. Slice a cleaned, peeled cucumber . Not only that, but hydrating helps. As with nearly all natural beverages, making cucumber water is very simple, and the benefits you receive depend on how consistently you consume it.

    It is believed that this mixture is low in calories. It promotes weight loss and keeps you active and refreshed all day long. Makes one pitcher of infused detox water.

    Hence, replace sugary sodas, sports drinks, and juices with. Consume the cucumber water within 2 days. Cucumber water with lemo n and mint is especially recommended during summer, when our body loses a lot of water through sweat.

    The combination of these two ingredients is very effective in weight loss and the results can be. Peel and slice it into thin slices. Dont forget to divide this by 8 to work out the amount of 8 ounce jars you can drink.

    In the diet for weight loss, it is recommended to include fruits, vegetables and healthy drinks, which promote weight loss. For instance, if you weigh 120 pounds, then you can drink 60 ounces of cucumber detox day. Also, check out the following video to learn how to make this delicious weight loss.

    Cucumber water is also named cucumber and lemon water or simply called cucumber lemonade. A way to work out how much cucumber detox to drink each day is to take your body weight then divide by 2. Keep reading for variations on.

    To make it you will need: One such drink is cucumber water.

    Pin On Detox To Lose Weight

    How To Make Cucumber Water For Weight Loss

    • Slice a cleaned, peeled cucumber .
    • Combine the cucumber slices and put them in water and allow it to soak up all the goodness of the veggie.
    • You could top it with some ice to keep the slices submerged in the water or simply buy a fruit/vegetable infuser that will keep it intact.
    • Sip on some water through the day. Make sure you have had a couple of glasses first thing in the morning for better results.
    • Eat the slices or discard the batch after 24 hours.
    • You could also add lemon juice, ginger or coriander to your cucumber water to make it more powerful and effective.

    Go ahead and make some cucumber water for yourself and lose several inches. Do not forget to eat a balanced diet and engage in some or the other physical activity to lose weight, the healthy way.

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    Drinking And Storing Tips

    • The cucumber slices if kept in water for more than 12 hours tend to become too soft and start breaking into small pieces. Therefore,
    • It is better to strain the drink after few hours once the flavours get into the drink and store the strained drink in the refrigerator which can be used for 2 days.
    • Try to make a fresh drink after 2 days as the drink can last up to 2-3 days with fresh flavours.
    • Making in large quantities is a better idea if required for the whole day. Prepare the drink at night and let it refrigerate overnight which can be used the next day in place of water.

    Fresh Or Frozen Ginger

    Frozen ginger is cheaper and sweeter in taste. This is due to the high level of sugar content found in the frozen ginger. Fresh ginger has a variety of health benefits including aiding digestion and reducing nausea.

    This means that using fresh ginger will be a healthier option for the people eating it. The addition of fresh ginger can also make food taste better, as opposed to frozen ones that have a strong taste.

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    How Long Does Detox Or Fruit Infused Water Last

    Fruit-infused water is best when consumed within a couple of hours after the water has been in the infusing in the fridge.

    Certain fruits and vegetables are good for 2 or even three infusions. Cucumber slices can be reused as can some berries like blueberries and blackberries .

    Some citrus can be reused, but you will have to watch for any bitter taste.

    What Is Cucumber Water

    Cucumber Lemon Ginger Water Benefits + Recipe

    Cucumber Water is a quick and easy method to add flavor to regular water by infusing sliced cucumber into water. The health benefits of cucumber water are numerous. It can aid in weight loss and digestion. Contains antioxidants and is said to help with bone support and lowers blood pressure. Cucumber Water also supports healthy skin.

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    Lemon Lime Cucumber Water

    Quench your thirst with this lemon lime cucumber water! Its healthy, sugar-fee and tastes better than pure water. Also perfect for detox & weight loss!

    This lemon lime cucumber water is also perfect for summer and outdoor entertaining. If you are planning a barbecue, picnic or just a nice meal in the garden, try making this infused water!

    It refreshes you and its also good for you.

    Why are infused waters good for you?

    • They have no sugar added, no artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives.
    • They are great for detox if you are looking for a good body cleanse drink, choose lemon cucumber water or Lemon Ginger Water.
    • Weight loss if you want to lose some weight, try drinking infused water instead of sweet soda drinks. The waters are significantly lower in calories than soda waters!
    • They keep you hydrated.

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