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How To Make Spiced Apple Cider

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There are two simple steps to this recipe: dumping the ingredients in a crockpot and turning it on high. In a few short hours youll be ladling out fresh, hot mugs of sweet-spicy cider to friends and foes alike. Its that good! And did I mention the smell? It fills your home and wraps you in a warm blanket of deliciously scented heaven.

  • Apple Cider cider offers a crisp, sweet taste that pairs perfectly with cool air and changing leaves. Unlike store-bought apple juice, cider is rich, tart and offers a more balanced sweetness. Its perfect for hot or cold beverages, baking or just on its own!
  • Apple I like to bump up the apple flavor by adding fresh slices of apple. Try a contrasting flavor like a green or golden delicious apple!
  • Lemon & Orange both add a tart, citrusy element that levels out sweetness while adding a bit of complexity. The bright colors of their rinds are also visually stunning.
  • Cinnamon when immersed in liquid, cinnamon sticks impart a deeper, earthier flavor that cant be imitated with its ground counterpart. Both work together to create a rich, aromatic flavor profile.
  • Nutmeg just a couple pinches adds a pungent kick and a warm, slightly sweet taste.
  • Whole Cloves cloves have a bitter, astringent flavor that is quite intense. The flavor is almost hot. It plays wonderfully with all the other strong, woodsy flavors.
  • Star Anise anise is a bit licorice-like: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It helps to create balance and aroma.

Making The Easy Wassail Recipe

SOairpotCrockpot Apple Cider InstructionsWhat You Will Need For This Hot Cider Recipe

  • Use one large Slow Cooker or two smaller 4-quart ones. For the stovetop, youll just need a Large Pot
  • Citrus Juicer – This gets every last drop out, which makes juicing lemons so much easier.
  • Sieve – Great for straining liquid or sifting dry ingredients to prevent clumps. You can even use it to dust powdered sugar over desserts! Or, scoop solids out with a slotted spoon instead.
  • Funnel – We keep apple cider jugs to store our wassail in, so this is a must! It makes transferring liquids to separate containers quick and easy.
  • Airpot – With pump action pouring, it is a party must have. It is perfect for keeping hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. And makes serving so easy!

Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink With Pink Grapefruit Recipe

Its a simple, easy, low-calorie recipe for an apple cider vinegar detox drink that boosts metabolism.

Grapefruit juice is one of my favorite juices, and apple cider vinegar and grapefruit juice combine wonderfully. Aside from being delicious, it is also full of vitamin C and antioxidants.

Whats more impressive about Grapefruit is that some of its health benefits include reducing blood pressure and fighting cancer.


  • Take the apple cider vinegar and mix all the ingredients together in a glass.
  • Get your metabolism roaring with this apple cider vinegar detox drink recipe!

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    Common Q& a Regarding Spiked Apple Cider Drinks

    Whats the best alcohol for Spiked Apple Cider?

    We prefer Bourbon. But you could also use whiskey, rum, cognac or brandy.

    Can this Bourbon Spiked Apple Cider be served cold?

    Absolutely! Just let it cool and serve it over ice. Its super refreshing that way.

    Can it be made without alcohol?

    For sure! It was originally intended to be a family friendly booze-less drink. But it sure makes for a comforting fall cocktail on a cold rainy evening.This is also an excellent cocktail for Thanksgiving too! The hot version would go well with pumpkin pie. Or serve cold over ice as an aperitif when your guests are arriving.

    Whats the best way to keep cider hot?

    Slow cooker, baby! If youre having a party the best thing to do is make a big batch and keep it on the low setting in your slow cooker. That way its nice and warm for as long as it lasts.

    Is Apple Cider Healthier Than Apple Juice

    Easy Hot Apple Cider Recipe  A Sweet Pea Chef

    Before answering the question, allow us to clarify a misconception: apple cider and apple juice are different.

    In the United States, the majority of cider is made from extracting the mashed apples and sometimes calls for an addition of pear juice. The finished product has a caramel color due to the apple particles, despite being filtered.

    Apple juice is also made from pulp apples but is more carefully filtered to remove all the particles. The juice is then sweetened with sugar, pasteurized, and vacuum-packed to prolong the shelf life.

    Apple juice, therefore, has much less nutritional value since a sweetener and preservatives are added during the process. Cider, on the other hand, tends to be more nutritious as it still preserves most of the polyphenol a compound that can boost the digestive system and promote heart health.

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    How To Make Hot Chocolate Mix

    Learn How To Make Hot Chocolate Mix and never run out of hot chocolate mix. My chocolate mix is paleo, gluten-free, clean eating, and can be easily made vegan.

    Its very easy to prep this homemade hot chocolate mix. All you need is cocoa powder, cinnamon, vanilla, sea salt, coconut sugar, and some milk. Get the recipe.

    A Hot Apple Cider Cocktail

    When the fall season comes around most people are getting exciting about their pumpkin spice lattes. But for me, as soon as October comes around and my apple trees are ripe and delicious, Im ready for an apple cider cocktail.

    And while I still cant get behind everything pumpkin spice in the fall, I certainly take advantage of apple season, utilizing them in everything from our smoked apple crisp, to homemade apple sauce for the kids, and you know it, apple cocktails like this spiked apple cider!

    Theres nothing more festive and delicious to get me in the fall spirit than a hot spiked cocktail full of flavorful mulling spices.

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    Can I Dress Up My Hot Apple Cider Cocktail With Anything Else

    Yes, you absolutely can! To keep this recipe simple, I use orange juice, cinnamon sticks, and whole cloves to boost the flavor.

    However, you can definitely play around with this recipe. If you have fresh oranges, cut up two and add orange slices to your mixture before you heat it.

    You can also add just the orange zest. Use your microplane zester, and make sure you dont add any of the bitter white pith.

    In addition to orange slices, try adding some apple slices, too. This helps add some depth of flavor, especially if you use a few different kinds of apples like Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, Golden Delicious, or Jonathan apples.

    Try using four to five cardamom pods with the other spices. Cardamom is a fantastic flavor that works beautifully with this.

    You can also add one to two teaspoons of vanilla extract or a vanilla bean pod. Or try cutting off an inch of fresh ginger.

    These are all options that add a fun depth of flavor, but none of them are necessary to enjoy a delicious cocktail.

    What If I Dont Have Cinnamon Sticks


    Yes, apple cider especially unfiltered apple cider which I recommend you use already has some cinnamon in it. However, you definitely want to add more cinnamon infusion to this if you can.

    Cinnamon sticks arent very expensive to purchase, and they make a gorgeous addition to the decoration of your glass, as well. If you dont have them, you can still make this.

    Instead of the cinnamon stick, you can use 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon instead. Or leave it out all together if you truly have no cinnamon.

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    Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink With Cranberry

    Two delicious juices are included in this apple cider vinegar drink to give it a substantial nutritional boost for weight loss.

    In addition to having lots of antioxidants, orange juice is full of vitamin C. Cranberry juice contains high levels of antioxidants.


    • Two tbsp of apple cider vinegar


  • Mix all the ingredients for the apple cider vinegar detox drink in a glass, then enjoy!
  • Make sure to use fresh-squeezed orange juice and unsweetened cranberry juice when making this apple cider vinegar drink for weight loss.

    Grandbaby Cakes Best Fall Apple Recipes

    If youre not making the most of Autumns best natural candy, youre making a mistake. Crunchy, juicy and exceptionally sweet, apples make for the absolute best breakfasts, desserts, salads and just about anything else you can think of!

    Take a chance and try out one of my favorite Fall apple recipes:

    • 5star anise piecesup to 6

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    Editor’s Comments Notes On Recipe

    Apple orchards are bursting with apples this time of year. Amish orchard owners press apples into wonderful blends of cider, churn out super cider doughnuts, and make cinnamon-scented homemade applesauces. This week’s recipe is Spiced Amish Apple Cider, another favorite during this season of apples.

    Crates of apples are full and apples carpet the ground in a typical orchard. A juicy harvest will result in many mugs of Spiced Amish Apple Cider. Here are some great tips from Taste of Home about apple season, on picking the best apples.

    While some apple cider is enjoyed cold and pure, other recipes, like this Spiced Amish Apple Cider, are served warm and spiced. This recipe goes great with a big bucket of popcorn, this is how the Yoder’s enjoy their spiced cider!

    How Do You Warm Up Apple Cider: Slow Cooker Or Stove

    Spiked Hot Apple Cider

    I’ve made this easy apple cider recipe both ways, and I prefer the slow cooker. The stove is quicker, but the slow cooker brings out more of the flavor in the spices.

    If you do use the stove, I recommend letting it simmer for at least 15 minutes for the best flavor.

    You can also use the stove top to start this and then transfer it to the slow cooker to keep it warm.

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    How To Make Store

    Sure, you could just heat up a cup of apple cider and it would be tasty, but simply adding a few spices and a little sweetener turns store-bought cider into a steamy mug of pure deliciousness.

    Common spices to add to mulled cider include cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and sometimes star anise. Cider may be sweetened with a little brown sugar or maple syrup, or a combination. With todays recipe, however, were keeping it simple.

    How Long Does Apple Cider Last

    To extend the shelf life of apple cider, strain it through a fine-meshed sieve and store it

    • in the fridge for 7-10 days
    • or in the freezer in an airtight container for up to 12 months.

    To store the apple cider in the freezer, transfer it into an airtight container. Make sure you leave ½ inch space at the top as apple cider expands when frozen.

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    What Spirit To Go With Apple Cider Hot Toddy

    An apple cider hot toddy is mostly made with whiskey, but you can make it with almost anything tequila, gin, rum, or bourbon.

    Bourbon, with its rounded balance of sweet tones and spices particularly compliments the apple cider. Tequila, on the other hand, provides sugary flavors followed by a note of citrus, making for an amazing apple cider cocktail.

    Vodka is another great alternative. As it turns out, vodka gives the drink a twist for a lighter version but the final result is still as flavorful as the original. If you like Scotch, be sure to choose a variation that is no more than slightly smoky. Anything with an intense scent will overpower the other elements flavors.

    Surprisingly, the choice of liquor isnt the biggest concern. What does matter is the balance of flavor, texture, aromatics, and perhaps most importantly your preference. The best spirit in your perfect hot toddy is the one you have to hand.

    What Is Old Fashioned Hot Apple Cider

    How To Make Spiced Apple Cider! | Winter Drink Recipe!

    Old fashioned hot apple cider is often called mulled cider. It is a sweeter, cider, warmed with added spices and sometimes fruit. The term mulled means to heat, sweeten and spice up. Sliced or whole oranges and apples are commonly added to old fashioned cider to bring a fresh flavor to this holiday drink.

    This drink dates back as early as the 2nd century and originated in south-west England. Hot cider has been enjoyed at Winter festivals and parties for hundreds of years. Pretty fun to think about! A real holiday tradition to carry on with your family.

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    What Is A Hot Toddy

    A toddy is a strong, warm classic winter beverage that has been around for a long time. Legend has it that it originated from Scotland in the 18th century when people added honey and spices to mask the flavor of cheap, bad Scotch.

    A modern-day hot toddy, composed of liquor, hot water, sweetener, and herbs, is served hot as the name implies. The drink eventually became extremely popular and is still enjoyed as a winter warmer and DIY cold prevention.

    Variations You Could Try

    If you were looking to really go crazy with this caramel apple cider or are interested to know how you could vary this recipe, I have some ideas that you might want to try.

    • Go crazy with your garnishes. This is one of those drinks that you could make your own. One suggestion would be to add whipped cream to the drink, sprinkle some cinnamon and garnish with a fresh apple slice for effect. But you could also decorate the cream with some melted chocolate, a cinnamon stick, or even a sprinkle of cocoa powder.
    • Try different flavored vodka. While this is made with caramel flavored vodka, you may find that the caramel isnt a flavor you like. Smirnoff does some incredible flavored vodkas that could work well for you. Or you could keep to the traditional.
    • Try different apple ciders. It may be that you enjoy our preference for this drink which is Musselmans, but you dont need to stick to it if you want to try another apple cider. Some brands offer different flavors with some having a dryer taste whereas others might be sweeter. Try a few different ones and see which one you prefer.

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    How Do I Make Hot Apple Cider On The Stovetop

  • Grab an orange.
  • Stick some cloves in it.
  • Add it to a large pot set over low heat, along with a few cinnamon sticks and a bottle of apple cider.
  • Cover and keep the cider just below a simmer for about 30 minutes
  • Enjoy!
  • My favorite part about this spiced apple cider recipe is the orange. It just looks so festive, and the tiny amount of orange juice that comes out, the oils from the peel, and the cloves impart the most wonderful, heady flavors both into your cider and in the air. Hot spiced apple cider is seriously the ultimate air freshener.

    This hot apple cider warms you up after an hour or two of kicking around in the fall leaves or picking out that perfect pumpkin or trick-or-treating on a perfectly frosty night when you can see your breath.

    And then, basically all of December is spiced apple cider season.

    And for the adults, you can add a perfect extra little warming factor for spiked apple cider: RUM.

    I know, I know, by now weve all seen a gazillion hot spiced apple cider recipes. But this mulled cider, I think, is special because it takes only four whole ingredients no special mulling spices required.

    Plus, its so easy to make the slow cooker, if you go that route, does all the work. And its only a bit more work if you make it over the stove.

    Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink With Cinnamon Apple Pie Recipe

    Pin on Drinks

    Youll love the taste of apple pie in this apple cider vinegar detox drink recipe. With the liquid Stevia, there is a nice vanilla sweetness and cinnamon-apple flavors.

    The flavor of the ACV is well masked by the other flavors, making it refreshing on a hot day.


  • All the detoxifying ingredients should be mixed in a cup.
  • Serve it with ice.
  • With only 126 calories, its quite a healthy drink! Get apple cider vinegar to boost your health and promote weight loss with this drink!

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    How To Make Hot Apple Cider

    This hot cider is really simple to make and tastes so yummy. It will warm your soul. Well, maybe thats going a little far, but it will definitely hit the spot.

    Before we discuss how to make apple cider, lets take a moment to talk about what is apple cider because more often than not people confuse apple cider with cider and sometimes even apple cider vinegar.

    • Apple cider vinegar is vinegar made of fermented apple juice.
    • Apple cider is a non-alcoholic beverage made from apples.
    • Hot apple cider is a hot drink typically made with apple juice.

    I like to make hot apple cider by following these simple steps:

  • combine spices with apple juice and cook over medium heat until the juice is aromatic
  • add the rest of the ingredients and bring to a boil
  • once the apple juice is boiling, reduce heat and simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Drink Recipes For Weight Loss

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    Weight loss drinks made with apple cider vinegar have become all the rage lately, and for a good reasonthey truly work!

    Apart from being used as a cooking and household ingredient, apple cider vinegar is a natural folk remedy that cures various ailments.

    Several celebrities, including Katy Perry, have recently sworn by the health benefits of apple cider vinegar detox drinks.

    It is best to drink fermented apple cider vinegaralso referred to as ACVwhen detoxing your body.

    There are numerous advantages apple cider vinegar can offer, including supporting weight loss.

    The addition of natural apple cider drinks to your diet and starting an apple cider vinegar detox can help you improve your health and quality of life.

    If you want to lose stubborn body fat, elevate your energy levels with natural apple cider vinegar detox drinks.

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