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Healthy Dinners In 30 Minutes

Healthy meals in 5min! 20 calories PASTA recipe.
These simple, delicious recipes are ready faster than takeout

Cooking at home is one of the best ways to eat healthier. These yummy weeknight dinners come together in 30 minutes or less. All recipes are dietitian-approved and courtesy of our recipe partner, Canola Eat Well.

Sheet pan pork tenderloin with sweet potatoes

Lean pork tenderloin is roasted to juicy perfection with asparagus and sweet potatoes. Get the recipe

Roasted salmon with citrus slices

An impressive dish thats simple to make. Try blood oranges to add a touch of drama. Get the recipe

Spaghetti with balsamic roasted tomatoes and chickpeas

This easy dish is perfect for busy weeknights and strong on fibre. Get the recipe

Skillet lemon chicken with herbs

Chicken breasts are roasted with lemon and garlic to make a bright and flavourful dish. Get the recipe

Ginger turkey stir-fry

Healthy Dinnerin A Flash

Yes, it is possible! September is here in just three days and its probably considered to be one of the busiest months of the year for most people. Summer is ending, everyone is getting back into routine, or heading back-to-school, and trying to catch up from taking much needed time off between July and August.

Not only is September a busy month where quick meals are much appreciated, its also the start of Fall and we all naturally lean to heartier, often warmer, and cozy-ish meals. Enter these 12 delicious and healthy 20-minute dinner recipes from the Nutrition in the Kitch archives and the rest of the blogosphere!

These tasty dinner ideas are healthy, made with whole food ingredients, packed with veggies, protein, and healthy fats, and can be whipped up super quickly. I often find dinner to be the meal I dont have a ton of energy for as Im usually tired after a day of chasing around my toddler and catching up on house chores or creating content/doing research/tackling to-dos for the blogor both! My go-tos are often recipes from this list or other meals that can be on the table in 20-minutes or less.

If you have a busy September ahead, scroll through this delicious list of healthy dinner ideas for inspiration and tell me which one youll try first!

Meal Plan Recipe Cards : What To Make For Dinner

Has your mind stopped producing ideas for what to make for dinner? Mine has. This week I have made some cards to help me gather ideas for those open the fridge, What to make for dinner.. hmmm moments. These cards have complete shopping lists on them so they not only help me think of what to make for dinner, but help me plan ahead and save money at the grocery store by buying what I actually need. Before you shop, pull several cards out and write your shopping list of the items you dont already have. You will be surprised what you do have and can save money that way.

In this collection, there are 32 recipe cards that have an idea and recipe for dinner. These cards are not all inclusive with sides, dessert and drinks but they are a start to get dinner on the table. Some of these cards can be a meal in itself, like the Fresh Basil Pasta, but the Navajo Flat bread recipe needs a pair, like Navajo Tacos or Honey Butter scones. So if you pull that card, remember to add your other ingredients to the list. Use these as your little dinner helpers, not your full meal plan.

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Lunch Meal Prep Ideas

Some delicious meal prep lunch ideas. And not all healthy meal prep recipes need to be for boring sandwiches! I picked lots of tasty alternatives for you.


You can get these containers here!

I have a bit of a problem with this chickpea curry. I cook it ALL THE TIME! And Dan is getting a bit tired of it, lol! But I love it: this is my go-to weeknight meal, for many reasons!

Its rich, spicy, but not overpowering, filling, and ready in only 10 minutes. Plus, its the perfect meal prep recipe. You can cook a big batch, put it in the fridge or freezer, and be done for the week. And its really cheap to make: a portion comes out at less than $2.

Found on Pinch Of Yum

This spicy chicken with rice and beans is very filling and packed with proteins. If you are a fan of using an instant pot, this is the perfect recipe for you. But dont worry, you can meal prep this even without an Instant Pot. It will just take a bit longer, and you can use a crockpot or a simple pan.

And arent these meal prep containers super-cute? I hate microwaving in plastic, and these glass containers, not only are very durable and reusable but will keep your food organized, too, with all those dividers. You can find them on Amazon !

Another take on chicken meal prep: a simple and low-maintenance recipe with huge flavors and no refined sugar in sight! The perfect meal prep idea if you love chicken!

Breakfast Loaded Sweet Potato

New Healthy Meals in Minutes Recipe Card Set in Clear ...

The slow-digesting carbs that come from sweet potatoes can help you stay fuller longer and give you the energy to get you through your afternoon. Not only are they low in calories and high in vitamins, they’re always beaming with great flavor. Microwave one medium sweet potato for anywhere from 5-8 minutes or until it’s fork tender. Fill it with shredded rotisserie chicken, spinach, and the optional cheese. Or turn it into breakfast using our recipe!

Get our recipe for Breakfast Loaded Sweet Potato.

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Need A Hand Meal Planning Just Download My Free Templates

How awesome would it be not to have to think about whats for dinner for an entire week? Weekly meal planning can do that for you! Just download my free weekly meal planners in two beautiful designs to kick-start your meal planning journey.

If you plan your meals for the week, youll stop panicking about what to eat for dinner every night. And you will finally start developing healthy eating habits that will help you start enjoying your food every day and save money!

Yogurt Granola And Berries

The classic breakfast combo of yogurt, granola, and berries has been around forever for a reason. This simple breakfast is loaded with all the necessary nutrients to start your day and give you the energy to keep it going. Use a non-flavored Greek yogurt and granola that has a low sugar content, too. Or try our recipe for a simple yogurt parfait!

Get our recipe for Fruit and Granola Yogurt Parfaits.

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Sage Rubbed Pork Chops With Warm Apple Slaw

This Sage Rubbed Pork Chops with Warm Apple Slaw recipe is an alternative take on the classic pork chops and apple sauce. With a perfectly cooked chop seared on all sides, then finished in the pan with a mixture of apple, onion, carrot and cabbage, this dish is hard to beat. But adding the warm apple slaw on the side hits the dish out of the park. If youre looking to streamline the recipe, buy precut slaw mix instead of breaking down your own carrots and cabbage.

Get the Recipe: Sage Rubbed Pork Chops with Warm Apple Slaw

Middle Eastern Chicken Burgers

MUST-TRY Vegan Meals In UNDER 15 Minutes

Were you planning on grilling burgers tonight, only to look out the window and see the worst thunderstorm raging outside your window? We feel that struggle, which is why we often opt to make these Middle Eastern Chicken Burgers when the going gets tough. Cooked stovetop, these burgers are a great alternative to the grilled patty and, not to mention, theyre a lot healthier than most burgers. This lean chicken burger incorporates flavors of pomegranate molasses, parsley, cinnamon, coriander and red pepper flakes, establishing a complexity on the palate.

Get the Recipe: Sweet and Tangy Chicken Burgers

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Healthy Meals In Minutes Recipe Cards

Hi everyone, Years ago I started the HMIM card set and the card I used the most was the Thumbprint Cookie recipe. Over time and a couple moves I lost the card. A few years ago someone did get me the recipe however since I did not protect it and it was on paper I can no longer read it. If some should have the card and can send me the recipe I’d really appreciate it. I do not have the set anymore as I had to scale back because of space so I can not help you in return, I’m sorry. Thank you in advance. Be well.

Chicken Katsu With Ginger Rice

The perfect trio: Lightly breaded chicken, vibrant ginger and bok choy rice, tangy Katsu sauce. Prepared in about half an hour, this Asian inspired dish establishes layers of flavors through seemingly simple ingredients like ginger, bok choy and rice. Once married together, though, each ingredient shines in a special way. Pair it with the crispy fried chicken and youll have an array of unparalleled flavors and textures.

Get the Recipe: Chicken Katsu with Ginger Rice

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Healthy Tuna Grain Bowl With Turmeric Sweet Potatoes And Spicy Yogurt Dressing

This healthy grain bowl is loaded with fresh ingredients and vibrant flavors, thanks to the tangy, spicy yogurt sauce and turmeric-roasted sweet potatoes. Plus, you can easily make this dish from pantry staples and long-lasting freezer items. Serve with an extra squeeze of lime juice for a nutrient-packed and sustaining meal.

Get the Recipe: Healthy Tuna Grain Bowl with Turmeric Sweet Potatoes and Spicy Yogurt Dressing

My Top Choice For Healthy Meal Prep Recipes

Healthy Meals in Minutes recipe cards

And here you can find my favorite quick and easy meal prep recipes! All these meal prep recipes will be ready in 30 minutes or less and are perfect for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

No matter what you love, there are some simple and yummy ideas for you: vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and some for meat lovers!

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Kale And Artichoke Chicken Casserole

Casseroles have a pretty bad reputation , but this Kale and Artichoke Chicken Casserole is here to turn that common misconception on its head. The real deal, this casserole marries the flavors of kale, artichoke hearts, onion, chicken and grated Parmesan cheese through a dreamy, creamy sauce and lots of panko bread crumbs. Did we mention it gets topped with additional Parm and then broiled to become a toasty, cheesy miracle? Oh, well it does, so break out your forks.

Get the Recipe: Kale and Artichoke Chicken Casserole

Steak Frites With Herb Mustard

Indulge your craving for this classic combination of beef and potatoes with this lightened-up version. The oven-baked fries will save significant calories, and a lean cut of flank steak, with excess fat trimmed away, will deliver a healthy dose of protein.

Get the Recipe: Steak Frites With Herb Mustard

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Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas

My favorite easy weekly meal prep ideas for breakfast! They are perfect if you are on the run in the morning.

Found on Gathering Dreams

A healthy breakfast meal prep recipe that you can bring to work with you! This 5-minute overnight oats recipe is filled with healthy foods and protein: rolled oats, chia seeds, and some healthy toppings to help you kick-start your day.

There are 6 delicious overnight oats recipes to try: berry, peanut butter, double chocolate, apple pie, coffee & walnut, and virgin piña colada. Click here to try them all!

And the great thing about these overnight oats jars is that they last up to 5 days in the fridge. You can meal prep these a few days in advance and just take them out of the fridge in the morning. I normally prep them on Sunday evening, and they are ready for the week!

Found on Gathering Dreams

If you love fruit and granola, this is the perfect breakfast for you. These parfait ideas are super delicious, and they are much cheaper to make than buying them at Starbucks. Prepare these in the evening, and grab them on your way out of the door!

PREP TIME: less than 5 minutes VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE

Found on The Worktop

I love this with fresh berries in the summer or warm apple compote in the winter! Delicious!


Veggie Omelette In A Mug

Gordon’s Quick & Simple Dinner Recipes | Gordon Ramsay

Who would’ve thought that a delicious breakfast can be made in just minutes with the help of a mug? Combine two eggs, diced bell pepper, tomato, spinach and spices into a greased mug and microwave for about two minutes. You’ll get a hearty protein-filled breakfast that will keep you energized and ready to take on the day in just an instant!

Or try our recipe for Easy Broccoli-Cheese Eggs in a Mug.

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Zucchini Carbonara With Bacon

To lighten the dish, we’ve added a good amount of zucchini, which is cut in long, thin ribbons to mimic the shape of the pasta and help you cut back on the overall quantity of noodles. Beyond cutting calories, though, it adds a nutty sweetness to this classic for a healthy, hearty upgrade.

Get our recipe for Zucchini Carbonara With Bacon.

Indian Shrimp And Lentils

A great source of protein, lentils are an underappreciated legume. They absorb flavors really well, have a hearty but soft texture and serve as a versatile backdrop to so many other ingredients. One example? This Indian Shrimp and Lentils dish. The lentils adopt the flavors of the shallot, garlic, garam masala and coconut cream to create a smooth, creamy, protein packed bed upon which the shrimp rest. Enjoy with a garnish of fresh cilantro for an extra fresh element.

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One Pot/pan Healthy Meals

These one pot and sheet pan dinners prove that healthy dinners can be flavorful without washing 3 pots. With one pan cooking its important to figure out the right combination of foods, so pasta doesnt get mushy or meat not fully cooked. Below, are all tried and true one pot wonders and Im working on more.

Browse our best collections with over 100 Instant Pot recipes for major one pot cooking inspiration.

Juicy Ground Turkey Dinners

Healthy Meals In Minutes Recipe Cards

It is true that ground turkey can be dry. But rest assured, I have included only the juiciest turkey dinner recipes.

For more uses for that pack of ground turkey that is better for you than beef, browse our collection of 45 best ground turkey recipes.

Healthy Thai Meatballs with turkey, coconut milk, red curry paste and zucchini instead of breadcrumbs. Rave reviews from EVERYONE!

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Benefits Of Meal Prepping

Food ready to eat whenever youre hungry

Whether you love to cook fresh meals every day, or you feel like you never have time, meal prep is a great way to have something to eat ready whenever you have no time. If you are late from work or are just rushing out of the house at the last minute, have a meal ready to grab can be a lifesaver!

Eat healthy meals every day

The hungrier you are, the more tempted you get to buy unhealthy food. By cooking delicious food ahead of time, youll know exactly what you are eating. You can pick the right ingredients and make sure you add to your diet plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Save money on food

You dont have to meal prep every day, but by bringing your lunch from home 3-4 times a week, you can easily save more than $1,000 a year!

Tired Of Planning Your Meals For The Week

Sometimes all you need is an easy, no-brainer plan to follow.

So, while I was looking for a perfect meal plan solution, I came across Melissa and her amazing The Fresh 20. For a few dollars a month, Melissa will send you a delicious meal plan for the week. Each plan will require you to buy only 20 ingredients, and you can prep a whole weeks worth of meals in 1 hour! And you can try it for free!

Dont miss out! Try The Fresh 20 meal plan by clicking here and pick the best plan for you.

And if you are craving more weekly meal prep ideas, check out my latest awesome posts!

  • Pick one of the meal prep recipes above.
  • Prep your meal in less than 30 minutes!

Create your own meal prep idea

  • If you feel adventurous, you can create your own healthy meal prep recipes!
  • You need to add carbs, veggies, and protein for the perfect balanced meal!
  • Make sure you add one ingredient from the list above in each group.
  • The best ways to cook healthy vegetables are steaming, baking, or stir-frying .
  • Meat and fish are best baked or grilled.
  • Try to pick unprocessed carbs like quinoa, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta.

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Grilled Chipotle Pork Tacos With Red Slaw And Brown Sugar Pineapple

Combine the best of both worlds, savory and sweet, by serving succulent grilled pork tacos with chunks of pineapple. The sweetness of the fruit will perfectly complement the heat from the chipotle chile powder in the pork rub.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Chipotle Pork Tacos with Red Slaw and Brown Sugar Pineapple

Carrot & Raisin Sandwiches

How to Make Healthy Homemade Dog Treats in 10 MINUTES or Less [EASY NO-BAKE RECIPE]

A vegetarian sandwich with a difference, this light filling is simple and great for afternoon tea or lunch boxes

  • A star rating of 4.9 out of 5.6 ratings

    A lunch-friendly rye bread sandwich with salty cheese and guacamole. Serve with a zesty squeeze of lime

  • A star rating of 3.2 out of 5.8 ratings

    Stuff wheat-free bread with falafels, hummus, red pepper and rocket leaves for a healthy and filling lunch

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