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Seaweed Salad Soba Noodle Bowl

3 PALEO DINNER RECIPES | Gluten free, dairy free healthy!

Seaweed Salad Soba Noodle Bowl by Catching Seeds

Bring the sushi restaurant-style salads into your kitchen by making this soba noodle bowl that has three different kinds of seaweed. Its a fast meal 30 minutes and the leftovers will keep for several days in the fridge. Dont be afraid of seaweed, because this recipe is absolutely delicious!

Our entire Culinary Nutrition Expert program is gluten-free.

Ginger Orange Stir-Fry with Tofu by The Fig Tree

A healthy stir-fry that you might mistake for takeout, except this version is nourishing and healthy. Everyone knows that a stir-fry is all about an amazing sauce but unfortunately many store-bought options are loaded with sugar, salt and chemicals. This gingery stir-fry sauce is so flavourful and once you master it, you can move on to making more condiments at home.

Easy Recipes For The Gluten And Dairy

When you think of gluten and dairy-free recipes, what comes to mind? You might be nervous that things wont taste the same, or that youll feel as if youre sacrificing something.

Well, let us let you in on a little secret thats not the case.

We get that those new ways of eating can be intimidating, but there are many reasons to eat meals like these. Maybe a friend is allergic, and you want to i

Anyway, thats why weve got 11 dinner recipes and 11 dessert options for you! Low hassle, accommodating to multiple diets, and delicious.

How To Serve Shrimp Stir Fry

Once youve whipped up this shrimp stir fry: how to serve it? Of course, you can add rice and call it a day. But here are a few more options for serving suggestions and side dishes to make it a complete meal.

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Grilled Chicken Tacos With Cilantro Crema

Crema, cilantro, and chicken, what more could anyone desire? This is the best recipe for when youre feeling hungry but dont want to feel weighed down by a heavier dish.

Imagine passing these around the table during Taco Tuesdays and being able to cater to your dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free friends, at that!

With a prep time of 15 minutes and only 20 needed to cook, this is an easy dish no matter what youre up to.

Speaking of recipes that are quick and easy ideas, this beef and broccoli can be ready in 30 minutes using only one pot.

Fewer dishes mean less hassle, something we can all appreciate!

Dietary restrictions have nothing on this healthy, filling, and flavorful recipe. In fact, this is a great homemade version of your favorite takeout just, well, healthier.

Enjoy this meal with friends after a weekend out, or with the kids at the end of a school week. This is loved by everyone, and we hope that you will feel the same.

Kids love chicken fingers, right?

Actually, hold that thought

So do adults. Everyone loves chicken fingers, and we are here to lead you to a recipe that caters to multiple dietary restrictions so that everyone can enjoy them.

A twist on this family favorite, these chicken fingers are paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free.

Split them with those you love or covet them for yourself, we wont judge. One thing we are sure of, though, is that you will be happy either way!

Salmon And Asparagus Sheet Pan Meal

35 Vegan &  Gluten Free Dinner Recipes

Here’s a solution to an easy gluten free dairy free dinner that pleases everyone: this baked salmon and asparagus recipe! Its simple, its elegant, but it tastes like something youd order at a restaurant. Roasting it up on a sheet pan with lemon slices and fresh herbs adds effortless flavor that feels fresh yet refined.

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Double Chocolate 4 Ingredient Ice Cream

Rich, coconut milk filled with 4 ingredients goodness- thats what youll get out of this delicious ice cream.

So, what is the secret ingredient then? Honey. It gives this dairy-free ice cream the sweet flavor it deserves while helping you feel guilt-free in the way that you deserve.

With just coconut milk, honey, cocoa powder, and chocolate chips, youre likely to have everything in the pantry already.Just follow the recipe to whip this sweet treat up and enjoy a relaxing end to your day.

Happy baking, cooking, and eating! We hope you enjoy your new recipes as much as we do.

It Up: Use A Kitchen Torch

Want next level nachos? Heres a tip we learned while making this nachos recipe. To get our cheese a little gooier for the photo, we used a kitchen torch you know, the kind you use for creme brulee. Turns out, it infuses a delightfully smoky nuance into nachos! We assume most of you probably dont have one of these at home, but if you do: try running it lightly over the cheese. Its very, very good.

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Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes For Your Weeknight Dinners

If youre in a rut with your weeknight dinners and need some new gluten free dairy free recipes, here are some amazing meals to add to your rotation. All 30 of these meals are gluten free and dairy free. Many of them are also vegan.If youre a gluten and dairy free meal planner then you need to try some of these recipes.

Heres another amazing list of Gluten Free and Dairy Free Weeknight Dinner Recipes. Last time I made a list like this I focused on Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinners. This list really focuses on unique flavors from around the globe. Youll find Indian flavors, Mexican flavors, American flavors, Chinese flavors, and much more.

If you like recipe roundups like this dont forget to let me know in the comment section down at the bottom of the page. If you want more recipe roundups right now, be sure to go to the Recipe Roundups Page.

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Paleo Pecan Caramel Cheesecake Bars


If youre looking for a delicious dessert idea this winter, try these paleo cheesecake bars.

Theyre made using a good amount of cashews, and made with a blondie crust, a cheesecake layer, and a caramel pecan topping. Whats not to love?

For a quick and easy winter dessert idea, try a mug cake! This cake is made with almond meal, cacao powder, baking powder, salt, egg, maple syrup, olive oil, and vanilla.

It can be made entirely in your microwave and its gluten and dairy-free!

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Green Pea Buckwheat Risotto

Green Pea Buckwheat Risotto by My Goodness Kitchen

You dont need to be the Incredible Hulk or a green-eyed monster to enjoy this vibrant green goodness. We love the creativity of this gluten-free dinner recipe that swaps arborio rice for buckwheat and uses a zingy pea sauce instead of cheese. And, an an extra special bonus, no stirring!

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie

Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Grain Free | Nut Free | Paleo | Whole30

This updated twist on traditional Shepherds Pie is hearty, healthy, comfort food at its finest. Its one of our favorite healthy ground beef recipes that can be made ahead and also easy enough for a busy weeknight. Its complete with ground beef, sneaky veggies, dried herbs, a touch of chili powder, and topped with a smooth layer of creamy, mashed sweet potatoes.

Method: Oven Baked | Total Time: 45 minutes

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What Are The Secrets To The Best Vegan Chili

Good question. Alex and I have been making vegan chili recipes for quite a while. Actually, many of the chili recipes on this website are vegan, though they dont say it! Our Vegetarian Chili is vegan, but we like to top it with cheese. Our Sweet Potato Chili and Mango Black Bean Chili, and even our Quinoa Chili are also vegan. But we wanted to create a Classic BEST EVER Vegan Chili that would outshine them all. And then load it up with all the vegan chili toppings.

Here are the secrets to this best vegan chili:

  • Secret veggie blend. Youll blend together tomatoes with parsley, carrot, vegan Worcestershire sauce, and adobo sauce to create the body for this sauce. Oddly enough, it was inspired by a chili we had once with V8 in it. But we wanted to make an all-natural version!
  • Adobo sauce! Adobo sauce adds smoky, tangy complexity to this chili that cannot be substituted! See the section below for more on this magic sauce.
  • Quinoa. Quinoa adds a meaty texture.
  • Vegan sour cream. Its just a topping, but it truly makes for that classic chili experience.

Dairy Free Gluten Free Dinner Recipes

Easy Dairy &  Gluten

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This is a collection of delicious quick and easy healthy dairy free gluten free dinner recipes to eat on a gluten free dairy free diet!

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Healthy Ideas For What To Make With Ground Beef

Dinner is relentless, isnt it? As in, it comes every.single.night! And if you have health in mind and a family to feed, dinner can be a pain point in your day. Were here to help you solve the dinnertime dilemma with these nutritious, easy, customizable, and healthy ground beef recipes. Theyre easy and budget-friendly solutions that youll love to make again and again. Scroll down and click on any recipe title or photo to be taken to that recipe post right here on The Real Food Dietitians.

Shredded Cheese Vs Nacho Cheese

When it comes to cheese: should you use shredded cheese or nacho cheese for your nachos?

  • Shredded cheese: Shredded cheese is most common for nachos. We like a blend of Colby Jack cheese or Mexican cheese best, but you can also use cheddar.
  • Nacho cheese: Use nacho cheese if youre a fan of the gooey stuff: or if you want plant-based nachos! This Vegan Nacho Cheese is to die for: even meat-lovers are head over heels for it .

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Quick And Easy Gluten

With busy weekday schedules, its good to keep quick and easy gluten-free recipes up your sleeve. From baked salmon and chicken, to flavorful and hearty salads, these meals can be made in 30 minutes or less! Oh, and most of them can be stored in the fridge for up to 4-5 days.

  • Ultimate Chicken Salad: With some poached chicken this creamy and crisp salad comes together in just 25 minutes! Wrap it with lettuce, layer in a sandwich, or eat on its own the possibilities are endless!
  • Best Baked Salmon: Theres so much you can do with salmon, but this is one recipe you should definitely know how to make.
  • Mediterranean Chickpea Salad: Looking for fresh, vibrant flavors? This salad is it! Simply combine chickpeas with tomatoes, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, feta, and parsley.

Can You Be Gluten And Dairy


While it may seem daunting to follow both a gluten AND dairy-free diet, it is undoubtedly possible in both a healthy AND delicious way! There are plenty of nourishing and tasty foods you can enjoy on a gluten-free diet that also happens to be dairy-free.

Whether youre choosing to follow a gluten-free, dairy-free diet for personal reasons or youre trying it to identify any food allergies or food sensitivities, youll be happy to know that there are SO MANY delicious foods you can enjoy on a gluten-free dairy-free diet.

Tip! Read this post to learn more about why you might want to try a dairy-free diet:How to Eat Dairy-Free + an Easy 1-Minute Dairy Free Milk Recipe.

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What Chips To Use For Nachos

Here are a few tips on the best chips to use for nachosbecause it really does matter! Heres what to know:

  • Look for organic chips with a short ingredient list. Going for a healthy nachos recipe? Or healthier? Grab organic corn chips that have only 3 ingredients: corn, oil, and salt! Check the back of the package.
  • Avoid the very thin chips. These get soggy and tend to break when loaded with nacho toppings. Speaking of soggy

Tasty Chicken And Rice Casserole

What besides chicken and rice spans cultures and continents in such an authentic, flexible way? The answer may just be nothing.

So, putting these two fan favorites into a casserole that is hearty, rich, tasty, and healthy is a risk youll just have to take.

All kidding aside, this is one of the simplest gluten and dairy-free recipes that we can imagine because it is accessible to everyone. Kids, adults, people from around the world. Try it, you wont be disappointed.

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Tips For Eating A Gluten

Before we dive in, let me remind you that ALL recipes on Downshiftology are gluten-free. So really, that means you have hundreds of recipes to choose from. But Ive rounded up 40 or so of my favorites in this post for you today.

Starting a gluten-free diet may seem tricky, but it doesnt have to be. The key is to focus on all the things you can eat, and nourish your body with simple, wholesome, and nutritious ingredients. Thats the best way to make your gut happy!

Burger Bowl With Special Sauce


Dairy Free | Gluten Free | Grain Free | Nut Free | Paleo | Whole30

Now, you dont even have to own a grill to enjoy everything you love about a burger! Especially when youve got this Burger Bowl with Special Sauce recipe to satisfy that craving. The best part is that you can have them on the table fast, and theyre infinitely customizable to take advantage of what you have on hand.

Method: Stovetop | Total Time: 30 minutes

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Golden Red Lentil Dal With Cilantro

Golden Red Lentil Dal with Cilantro-Speckled Basmati by Oh She Glows

A gorgeously-coloured dish that makes a beautiful and tasty meal. The leftovers get better with age, so you may want to save some for another dinner or two throughout the week! And, for the cilantro-haters, you can easily substitute parsley instead.

Tuesday: Pad Thai Egg Roll In A Bowl

Servings: 4

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 1/2 Red, 1 1/2 Green, 1/2 Blue and 2 sweetener teaspoons

Weight Watchers Blue Plan Points : 4

Servings: 4

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 1/2 Red, 3/4 Green, 1 Yellow

Weight Watchers Blue Plan Points : without avocado, 5 points with 1/4 of an avocado, 6 points

Servings: 7

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 Red, 1 Green, 2 Tsp, 1 sweetener tsp

Weight Watchers Blue Plan Points : 7

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Ground Beef Nutrition: Is Ground Beef Healthy

Most people know that ground beef is a healthy, low-cost, and high-quality protein food. Here are additional health benefits of ground beef:

  • excellent source of iron: beef helps your body produce hemoglobin, an important protein that helps transport blood from your heart to the rest of your body. If you dont get enough iron, you could be at risk of iron deficiency anemia, meaning your body is not getting enough oxygen.
  • great for immunity: ground beef is a good source of zinc, an important mineral your body needs to keep your immune system strong and to ward off illness.
  • high-quality protein: not only do we need protein to build and repair muscle tissue throughout our lifespan, but the amino acids in protein are essential for helping to keep hormones balanced and the neurotransmitters throughout our bodies revving strong.
  • lean choices: when it comes to ground beef, you can choose from different lean percentages. Higher percentages, such as 93% lean, means there is less fat in the ground beef, while lower percentages, such as 85% lean, mean there is a higher fat content.

Low Fodmap Khichdi Chicken And Rice


Love this recipe, it has fallen right in to my rotation. The chicken comes out great, browned on the outside without being dry on the inside. Only one pot to clean. I use homemade stock, brown rice, add whatever suitable extra veg I have, and toss in the tiniest pinch of cayenne to add a hint of heat. Lovely.

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