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Can I Mix Essential Oils With Isopropyl Alcohol

Spice Up Your Breakfast- doTERRA On Guard® Pancakes

Essential oils for aromatherapy can be mixed with several substances, including other carrier oils, lotions, certain vinegars and even alcohol 3. Isopropyl alcohol, more commonly known as “rubbing alcohol,” is a denatured substance, meaning it cannot be consumed. It is safe to apply to skin, however.

Cleaner Laundry And Washing Machine

Most of us dont wash our laundry in hot water anymore, but did you know that your dirty clothes can be a breeding ground for all kinds of gross microbes? And then they can reproduce in your washing machine ugh.

  • Get cleaner laundry add 3-4 drops of On Guard to your machine when you start the load. This will help keep your washing machine clean, as well.

I never want to be without On Guard! There are so many ways to use this essential oil blend, and its helped me so much.

Do you still have questions about how to use it? Did you learn something new? Comment below!

Edens Garden Fighting Five Blend

$9.40 for 10 ml

Further, the oil is more runny or thin another not such a great point for this blend.

However, Edens Garden carries a bunch of other quite nice oils and blends that I would definitely recommend and use. Learn more about Edens Garden brand here.

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How To Use On Guard As A Natural Laundry Cleaner

I use On Guard Protective Blend when doing my laundry to keep the washing machine smelling fresh, if you have a HE machine you know what Im talking about .

If you make your own laundry soap you could add the oil blend to your recipe, about 20 drops. Or you can put a couple drops in the detergent dispenser with each load, which is the method that I choose.

Legend Of The Four Thieves

On Guard Essential Oil Cleaner Recipe

According to ancient lore, and purportedly found in the Royal English Archives, the legend of the four thieves goes back to the 15th century, when the black plague hit Europe.

Four men, garbed in black robes and hoods became wealthy plundering and robbing plague victims. Somehow, they were miraculously able to rob the homes and bodies of the dead, without getting ill themselves.

Eventually, the thieves were captured and the king offered to let them live in exchange for their secret. The thieves, who were actually perfume and spice traders, agreed, and the king spared their lives.

It is said that after plundering plague victims, the thieves would return to their hideout, and add the magic oils to a pot of boiling water. The thieves then inhaled the steam from the simmering pot. They would also use the oil infused water to wash their hands, feet and faces. In this way, the thieves were able to enrich themselves without getting sick.

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How Do You Add Scent To Isopropyl Alcohol

Learning how to add fragrance to isopropyl alcohol is very simple process.

  • Pour 6 ounces of isopropyl alcohol into a glass beaker. …
  • Add 1/4 tsp., or about 10 to 15 drops, of essential oil or fragrance oil to the isopropyl alcohol.
  • Stir the mixture slowly and completely, until the fragrance is fully dispersed.
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    How To Use And Make An On Guard Roller Bottle

    I carry a premixed roller bottle of On Guard in my purse to use in place of hand sanitizer.

    On Guard Roller Bottle Recipe:

    • Using a 5mL bottle, add 6 drops On Guard.
    • Leaving space for the cap, finish filling with avocado oil or your preferred carrier oil.

    To use the roller bottle as hand sanitizer, just swipe the blend on your hands and rub in. This recipe can be used when going grocery shopping with a cart, eating out for lunch, taking the kids to indoor playgrounds, going to homeschool meet-ups, or carried in the backpack to use at school/work as needed throughout the day.

    The application uses are endless for this essential oil blend. Nurses, doctors, teachers, moms, dads, caregivers, police officers, emergency responders, public transit drivers, basically everyone. Its safe for the kiddos, too! Just make sure to tell them not to rub their eyes right away.

    What Is On Guard

    DIY Hand Sanitizer with dÅ?TERRA OnGuard Essential Oil Blend

    There are many different essential oil companies in business, including doTERRA. According to the companys website, the name doTERRA is derived from the Latin words for gift of the Earth.

    doTERRA claims to stand apart from other essential oil companies with sustainable oil sourcing practices and its Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade label showing the purity of its oils.

    According to a National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy blog post, CPTG is a marketing term only, and the field is largely unregulated.

    One of doTERRAs most popular oil blends is called On Guard.

    On Guard is advertised as a protective blend that can be used to support the immune system. It contains a blend of five essential oils, including:

    • wild orange peel
    • clove bud

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    Doterra On Guard Room Spray Recipe

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    The Benefits And Uses For On Guard Protective Essential Oil Blend From Doterra

    The essential oil blend On Guard is appropriately named because it is convenient germ protection in a bottle!

    doTERRA On Guard is a blend of Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Bark/Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/Flower essential oils. This blend provides an effective natural support to the immune system. On Guard is also one of doTERRAs best-selling blends. From the doTERRA website,

    On Guard protects against environmental and seasonal threats with essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system.* doTERRA On Guard can be taken internally on a daily basis to maintain healthy immune function and support healthy cardiovascular function.* It can also be used on surfaces throughout the home as a non-toxic cleaner. When diffused, doTERRA On Guard helps purify the air, and can be very energizing and uplifting.

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    A: Combine The 5 Oils From On Guard

    I dont have a specific recipe for making your own On Guard, but I would feel totally comfortable combining the five oils used in the blend:

    • Eucalyptus*
    • Rosemary
    • Cinnamon

    It wouldnt be exactly the same as On Guard, but youd still get the beneficial properties of each of those oils. Since we dont know the ratio of oils in On Guard, Id just use equal amounts of each oil.

    *IMPORTANT: Eucalyptus radiata is not recommended for internal use. doTERRA uses Eucalyptus globulus in our On Guard blend, which is GRAS.

    UPDATE: Reader Carla shared the following helpful recipe for Thieves oil from the Mountain Rose Herbs blog. She suggests it as a substitute for On Guard, and points out that it can be easily doubled, tripled, etc.

    40 drops clove35 drops lemon 20 drops cinnamon10 drops rosemary10 drops tea tree, lavender, cedar, or other similar EOs

    Combine in a dark glass bottle Shake well, and shake well before each use Keep in cool place.

    Thanks, Carla!

    Relieve Mouth Or Throat Discomfort

    On Guard Cleaning Spray Recipe

    This may surprise you, but clove oil, one of the main ingredients in On Guard, actually has numbing effects. In the past, most dentists used it in their practice, and their offices would have smelled like clove.

    • Apply topically: For sore gums , apply topically either neat or diluted.
    • Gargle: For an occasional scratchy or uncomfortable throat, add 1-2 drops of On Guard to a shot glass of water. Gargle and swallow.

    > > > Three Tricks That Will Help You Stay Healthy This Fall < < <

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    How Do You Use On Guard

    You can use the On Guard blend in a number of ways, including:

    • As a cleaning spray add 10 drops to 8 oz of water in a spray bottle to disinfect surfaces
    • Add a few drops to 1 oz of aloe vera gel and use it as a hand sanitizer
    • Add 3 drops to 1 TB of coconut oil and rub it into sore and achy muscle
    • Add to homemade body care to infuse it with a festive aroma
    • Diffused add 5-10 drops to a diffuser and diffuse in frequently used rooms during cold and flu season

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    On Guard Hand Soap Dispensers And Kitchen Sink Cleaner

    I also use On Guard at my kitchen sink. After washing the dishes, I spritz a mixture of the oil blend and distilled water on the sink to keep germs balanced.

    Kitchen Sink On Guard Spritzer Bottle:

    • Using an empty On Guard bottle, add 5 drops of On Guard blend essential oil and fill with distilled water.
    • Trim the tube of a spritzer cap so that it fits into the bottle. These spritzer caps fit perfectly onto a 15mL bottle.
    • This is also a great way to use those last couple drops of oil in the bottle.

    Using On Guard in my hand soap pumps at the bathroom and kitchen sinks keeps hands germ free and smelling nice. You can make your own mixture by using an empty soap foam pump bottle, unscented dish soap, water, and 5 drops of On Guard.

    More conveniently, doTERRA has On Guard Foaming Hand Wash available for using in soap foaming pumps.

    To order On Guard Protective Blend and any other doTERRA products visit www.mydoterra.com/gifted. When you become a member with doTERRA you instantly save 25% on your current and all future orders. Plus you will have access to me as a resource for how to appropriately use essential oils as well as the Gifted doTERRA Team Group and all of the doTERRA community for support and essential oil education.

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    Essential Oil Cleanser Savings

    Now, you probably looked at that cost savings and thought, whoop-tee-doo, a whole $0.85. I did too. This recipe is to show you that the idea of essential oils being too expensive is just an idea. Its not true. Essential oils from doTERRA are very cost effective and can easily fit into your monthly budget.

    A #: Try The Single Oils That Make Up Each Blend

    How to make your own Essential Oil Blend by doTERRA | Ayurvedic Recipe

    Each of the oils you mentioned that make him gag are actually blends. The good thing about blends is that you can use the single oils he does like instead of the blend itself.

    If he likes Eucalyptus, you might try diffusing that when immune systems need a boost. Its great for maintaining winter health, and its an ingredient of On Guard.

    The other oils in On Guard are Wild Orange , Rosemary, Cinnamon and Clove. So you might try any of those single oils that he likes, or a combination. Like Eucalyptus and Wild Orange.

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    How And When To Use On Guard Hand Sanitizer Spray

    I always keep several of these DIY On Guard Hand Sanitizer Sprays handy all the time. Heres several suggestions for ways to use these:

    • I have 2 or 3 in the console of my car to spray hands when getting back in the car,
    • several in my purse to use on hands, menus, shopping carts, etc.
    • One in each bathroom to spray toilet handles and seats
    • In the kitchen to spray off grocery packaging
    • and in my kids lunchboxes.

    We use the On Guard Sanitizer Spray on EVERYTHING. Anything that is a high touch surface. When you are out and about, think about how many hands have touched a surface before you.

    These surfaces can include:

    • Tables at restaurants
    • Door handles
    • my phone
    • my hands and my kids hands after touching literally ANYTHING
    • in my kids lunchboxes so they can spray their hands before eating.
    • and any other high touch surface like doorknobs, toilets, faucets.

    Please note that I use affiliate links in this article. If you make a purchase, I may earn a small commission which goes towards the cost of running this website. Your price is not affected.

    It is super easy to make your own Hand Sanitizer with doTERRA On Guard Essential Oil. You can save those spray bottles from the premade sanitizer, and refill them If you dont have any to reuse, you can purchase some.

    About On Guard Essential Oil

    On Guard is generally used to shield individuals from bacteria, mould, and viruses. This blends protective properties, however, extend beyond the physical level by aiding individuals in warding off energetic parasites, domineering personalities, and other negative influences. On Guard strengthens ones immune system, which governs the ability to defend against attacks from physical pathogens and negative energies. this is an excerpt from the Emotions and Essential Oils 7th Edition Book, available from in my shop.

    Ingredients: Wild Orange Peel, Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, and Rosemary Leaf/ Flower essential oils.

    Aromatic Description: Warm, spicy, camphoraceous, and woody

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    How To Make Doterra On Guard Foaming Hand Wash


    • 3/4 cup Pure Castile Soap
    • 1 tbsp 60% or higher Rubbing Alcohol
    • 15 drops Lemon Essential Oil
    • Foaming dispenser of choice

    If you do not have dTERRA On Guard, you can substitute it with a blend of Cinnamon Essential Oil, Wild Orange Essential Oil and Clove Essential Oil, or try adding your own blend of oils that have cleansing and purifying properties!


    • Mix the water and Castile Soap into a large bowl
    • Add all the essential oils
    • Stir slowly to prevent creating too many bubbles.
    • Pour into the foaming dispenser of your choice or use doTERRA’s On Guard Foaming Hand Wash Dispenser. Pump the dispenser once or twice, dispensing the foam into the hands. Work the soap into a lather using warm water and rinse thoroughly.

    How To Use On Guard Essential Oil

    On Guard essential oil is doTERRAâs protective blend. Itâs ...

    This essential oil can be used in three different ways: aromatically, internally, and topically.

    For aromatic use: add 4-6 drops of the essential oil to a diffuser, breathe it straight out of the bottle, or add a couple of drops to the palm of your hands, rub it together, and breathe in.

    For internal use: add 1-2 drops to 4 ounces of water, drop 1-2 drops under the tongue, or add 1-2 drops to a veggie capsule.

    For more information: See, Safely taking essential oils internally.

    For topical use: apply diluted to the area of concern, bottoms of feet, down the spine, wrists, or back of the neck.

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    These Are Great For Storing Your Favorite Essential Oil Blends

    I read out my recipe, and let my little one count the drops. In between, I told her story of the four thieves that the blend was known for.

    The story goes in the 14th century, during the Black Death, a group of 4 men began robbing grave sites and the homes of those that died from the plague. When they were finally caught, the judge was astonished by how they were able to do this for so long without catching the plague themselves.

    The men decided to trade their secret in exchange for a kinder punishment. Turns out they had been merchants shipping spices and tea, and when the Black Death shut down their ports, they had no way to earn a living. They felt they had no choice but to turn to thievery. To protect themselves, they made a magical potion of herbs and spices that they breathed in to guard against the disease.

    Those herbs and spices later became known as the four thieves blend. My DIY Four Thieves essential oil blend uses this same mixture.

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