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In todays post: Find 25 easy dinner recipes that use seven ingredients or less, plus ten more recipes with under 10 ingredients.

I used to be really good at planning dinners for two weeks at a time. Back when I just had a few young kids I never went to the grocery store more than once a week. But things have changed in the past few years. Now that we have seven people in our family, including three teenage boys, Ive gotten used to running to the store multiple times a week to pick up this and that. Weekly meal planning went out the window a while ago, and Ive been used to just thinking two or three days ahead.

Turns out thats not working so well for me, so Im trying to get back weekly dinner planning. Ive found myself looking for more easy dinner recipes that use as few ingredients as possible. Today Im sharing 25 easy dinner ideas that use 7 ingredients or less, plus ten more with 10 ingredients or less. Thats five weeks worth of simple dinner ideas!

Halibut + Curry Paste + Spinach + Lime + Lite Coconut Milk

Go gourmet: Follow the full recipe from Alaska From Scratch.

For our cheat version: While you might think all curry dishes should be saved for take-out, with the proper ingredients , you can eat your favorite dish in the comfort of your own home. The curry broth is just made up of red curry paste, light coconut milk, lime juice and rind, and water. Keeping the lime in the recipe helps cut the fat and brighten up the dish with the acid content. Its rind is also rich in D-limonene, a compound that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects.

Go gourmet:Follow our recipe for minestrone.

For our cheat version: Even we could use some editing! If this minestrone looked daunting to you at first with its myriad of veggies, we found a way to cut it down. We just used zucchinia serious superfood that is a great source of cancer-fighting, eye-protecting, and muscle-strengthening antioxidants alpha- and beta-carotenealong with canned whole tomatoes, beans, and garlic.

Sauté garlic and zucchini with olive oil. Crush tomatoes and add reserved juices along with the beans and their liquid. Simmer for five minutes and then season with salt and pepper. Top with a dollop of pesto, and enjoy! Wondering about which zucchini to take home? Here are 35 Ways to Pick Perfect Produce Every Time.

Pork & Sausage Make Everything Taste Amazing

  • Sausage, Kale and Potato Skillet Dinner. An easy one-pan sausage, kale and potato skillet that pleases everyone, from cook to clean-up crew.
  • Hoisin Glazed Pork Chops. Having a few punchy ingredients on-hand is a great way to make a simple dinner out of just a few ingredients. Hoisin sauce is one of our go-to super-ingredients for easy dinnersjust slather it on some pork chops, and youre well on your way to dinnertime bliss.
  • Pork Chops with Mushroom Cream Sauce. Speaking of pork chops, this versionwith a super creamy mushroom sauceis ready in just 30 minutes.
  • Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Chimichurri. Grilling always makes for an easy dinner, right? Its so fast, and the clean up is minimal. Sliced up this pork tenderloin and serve it with a bowl of chimichurriyoull be hearing raves for days.
  • Cauliflower Gnocchi with Bruschetta Sauce and Sausage. This hearty, low-carb supper that bursts with bright, bold flavors and comes together in under ten minutes. It just doesnt get easier or healthier than that!
  • Sheet Pan Italian Sausage Heros with Honey Mustard. The brilliant thing about breaking out your sheet pan to make italian sausage sandwiches with peppers is that it makes it so easy to make Italian hoagies for a crowd! Gather the hungry masses and let the feeding begin.

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Crock Pot Roast With Onion Soup Mix

The Spruce

The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up a few packets of onion soup mix. They’ll come in handy when you’re ready to make this easy and versatile crock pot roast with onion soup mix recipe. Adding extra vegetables and potatoes will round it out to a full meal if you want to add a few additions.

Chicken + Onions + Peppers + Seasoning + Whole

Easy Dinner Recipes For Two With Few Ingredients

Go gourmet: Follow the full recipe from Simply Recipes.

For our cheat version: Simply Recipes’ recipe is, unsurprisingly, really pretty simple. To save yourself from rummaging through your spice draweror having to shell out cash on individual spicesjust grab a premixed spice blend like McCormick’s Perfect Pinch Mexican to season your chicken, and you’ll have dinner on the table in no time.

When you’re picking up peppers, go for a medley of red, yellow, and orange and leave the green on the shelf. The warmer-colored peppers have almost three times more beta-carotene and one and a half times more immunity-boosting vitamin C than their green counterparts.

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Chicken Burgers With Sun

If you are looking for a healthier alternative to beef burgers, and are tired of ho-hum turkey variations, then be sure to try out this delicious chicken burger recipe. Made using chopped sun-dried tomatoes, minced garlic, and fresh rosemary, these burgers will only taste like they took you hours to make.

This delicious chicken and vegetable ramen stir fry recipe is not only convenient but may also be a whole lot healthier than takeout variations. Chock full of baby corn, bamboo shoots, broccoli florets, and red bell pepper, this colorful dish works well for either lunch or dinner.

Get the recipe from Averie Cooks.

If you are a fan of honey mustard then you are going to absolutely love this honey mustard chicken skillet recipe that can be thrown together in under 15 minutes. All you need is boneless chicken, tangy dijon mustard, and some sweet honey to make this finger-licking meal. This recipe pairs well with garlicky rice or alongside some homemade mac and cheese.

Get the recipe from Averie Cooks.

All you need is shredded rotisserie chicken, buffalo sauce, and tortillas to make this uber easy recipe that is sure to hit the spot. We love this dish not only because it takes only a handful of minutes to make, but also because it is so customizable. Feel free to get creative and add tasty toppings, such as crumbled feta, sliced avocado, and chopped spinach, to it.

Instant Pot Salsa Chicken From Sweet And Savory Meals

A perfectly healthy meal that you can use in tacos, burritos, over rice, and salad. with few ingredients and it takes only 30 min.

Ingredients for the Instant Pot Salsa Chicken are :-

Youll need only chicken breast, chicken broth, salsa, garlic, jalapeno, salt, black pepper, onion powder, Italian seasoning herb, red pepper flakes, etc.

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Teriyaki Chicken From Tip Buzz

Easy 15 min recipe with only 5 ingredients, and loaded with sticky, savory, and slightly sweet chicken that your family will love.

Ingredients for the Teriyaki Chicken are:-

Youll need chicken thigh or chicken breast and vegetable oil.

For Teriyaki Sauce youll need honey, soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, cornstarch, and ginger powder.

For Optional serving ideas, youll need sesame seeds, green onion, steamed rice, and broccoli.

Our Best Easy Healthy Dinner Recipes

Fast & Easy Weeknight Meals | What’s for Dinner? | Recipes with Just a Few Ingredients!
  • Broccoli Pesto Pasta. To make broccoli pesto, broccoli florets are whizzed right into the pesto sauce itself, adding an even more vibrant punch of emerald green to the sauce as well as a seriously healthy boost.
  • Baked Salmon with Grapefruit Salad. Moist, flaky, melt-in-your-mouth salmon perfection. This is the easy salmon recipe youve been waiting for. Oh, and did we mention it cooks in just 15 minutes?
  • Lemon Chicken. This easy recipe shines with a sunny, lemony zing. Garlic and herbsplus a glug of white winemean that juicy, tender chicken breasts are as delicious as they are healthy.

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Rice + Onion + Eggs + Soy Sauce + Frozen Mixed Veggies

Go gourmet: Follow the full recipe from Cooking Classy.

For our cheat version: Just pick up a bag of frozen mixed veggies in the frozen food aisle and you’ve cut 5 ingredients down to 1! Most vegetable bags will have peas, carrots, corn, and green beans, but we couldn’t leave out the onion. This vegetable is one of the top sources of quercetin, a flavonoid that increases blood flow and activates a protein in the body that helps regulate glucose levels, torches stored fat, and keeps new fat cells from forming. If you want, you can sub the onion for garlic, ginger, or even mushrooms to fill out your five ingredients.

Easy Chicken Recipes With Few Ingredients

These easy chicken recipes with few ingredients include some great healthy lunch and dinner options, all made with 5 or fewer ingredients!

I am all about the EASY when it comes to cooking.

I don’t like to fuss much over my food and I certainly don’t like to spend a ton of time in the kitchen at the end of a long day.

Speaking of life, a million trips to the grocery store also aren’t fun during a busy week.

So I’ve got these go-to easy chicken recipes with few ingredients that help me keep dinnertime simple. And my sanity intact.

In fact, one of the first cookbooks I bought on my own, at a used bookstore in Washington, D.C., where I lived for a few years after college, was titled 3-ingredient recipes. I was pretty new to cooking and thought, I think I can handle that.

My cooking skills have improved, but I still go for the simple chicken recipes most nights.

And all of these recipes have 5 ingredients or fewer.

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Italian Chicken And Potatoes

We all have those days when we just can’t figure out what to make for dinner. As long as you’ve got a few basic spices, potatoes, some Italian dressing, and a package of chicken breasts on hand, you can turn to this easy Italian chicken and potatoes recipe. It’s also versatile, lending itself to added veggies, using different cuts, or mixing up the spices to taste. A quick tossed salad would be a great side for this simple weeknight meal.

Easy Chicken Breast Recipes: Few Ingredients Fewer Headaches

5 ingredient recipes

Does the sight of 20-ingredient recipes make your eyes glaze over? Does every swipe-up recipe on your Instagram stories end up looking nothing like the original photo?

Listen, dinner does not have to be overly complicated. A quality cut of protein and a fresh vegetable side is all you need to create something simple and flavorful. In the recipes below, you’ll learn 12 different easy chicken dinners you can make virtually any night of the week. Each one of these simple recipes contain few ingredients, fewer steps, and zero headaches.

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Quick Dinner Recipes: Easy Meals Made With Few Ingredients

Grocery list as long as your leg? Pass. A shopping cart full of expensive, exotic spices? No, thanks. On nights when the question “What’s for dinner?” induces dread, a streamlined recipe can be the stress-relieving answer. To ensure a dish retains its most deliciously essential components, reach for ingredients that pack bold flavors, such as bright lemons and spicy Spanish chorizo. Clever uses for packaged items — like transforming premade pie dough into the flaky crust of a Latin Americanstyle turnover — can also cut prep time. With these uncomplicated dishes, you’ll find that good things really do come in threes.

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Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

chicken breasts + ranch seasoning + Buffalo hot sauce + lettuce + blue cheese

It might take you all of 30 seconds to put the chicken breasts, ranch seasoning, and hot sauce in your slow cooker to make these Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Serve the shredded chicken in lettuce leaves and sprinkle with crumbled blue cheese and a little more hot sauce.

pizza dough + rotisserie chicken + mozzarella cheese + BBQ sauce + red onion

So simple! You can change up your pizza by switching out the sauce and using a different vegetable instead of the onion.

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Easy Dinners You Can Make With 5 Ingredients Or Less

If you’re feeling a little burned out from cooking every night, Nicole McLaughlin, aka NicoleMcmom, is here to help with 10 easy dinners that take only 5 ingredients to make. But, she’s doing it a little differently by using convenience foods as shortcut ingredients.

Let’s face it: Convenience foods like jarred sauces and boxed rice pilaf come with a lot of flavoring built right in, while a bag of frozen mixed vegetables can give you a load of different kinds of produce in one package . What are not counted as ingredients? The usual salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Scroll down and get 10 satisfying family dinner ideas that you can make with no more than 5 ingredients each, thanks to the clever use of shortcuts. And be sure to watch the video up top to get all of Nicole’s tips.

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites


So a few friends are throwing an everyone-bring-a-dish dinner party, and someone already called dibs on bringing the hummus. No matter where you rank your kitchen skills, you can still whip up these roast chicken bites . Simply season chicken breasts with cayenne, chili pepper, and brown sugar, roast in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, then wrap with bacon strips.

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Lobster Cacio E Pepe For Two

We upgraded the classic pepper and cheese pasta dish with chunks of supple Maine lobster for an incredible dinner-for-two. Meaning, date night needs to happen at home this week. Of course, this dish is easily doubled if youre serving more than two. Maine New Shell Lobster is harvested during peak season in Maine when lobsters shed their old shells and grow new shells. Gulf of Maine seawater fills the newly formed shell and naturally marinates the meat, creating an intense and more lobster-y flavor. New Shell is more tender, delicately textured lobster meat. The thinner shell even makes the lobsters easy to crack, pick and eat by hand.

Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken With Honey Mustard Sauce

What is it about wrapping a dish in prosciutto that makes it appear so much more complicated than it really is? This prosciutto wrapped chicken will certainly give your colleagues food envy, even though it took hardly any time to prep. The mustard sauce is made from four ingredients then poured over prosciutto and boneless chicken breasts in an easy dish.

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Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken And Vegetables From Neighborfood

This recipe takes advantage of store-bought pesto and uses it to season both the chicken and the veggies. It also calls for using both chicken thighs and drumsticks, so feel free to buy the package labeled chicken pieces or partsto avoid having to purchase both. It may come with a breast in the mix, so feel free to adjust the cooking time if necessary.

Quick And Easy Chicken Salad

5 ingredient recipes

Before you give up at the sight of the above image, hear us out: This recipe only contains five ingredients. Yes, the image is beautifully Instagrammable, but itâs really just store bought coleslaw mix, sweet corn, yogurt, and mustard. Top with shredded, tender chicken and you have a healthy lunch prepared in 15 minutes.

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Dijon Salmon With Asparagus And Rice Pilaf

salmon + asparagus + breadcrumbs + rice pilaf + Dijon mustard

This easy recipe for Baked Salmon Fillets Dijon is flavored with Dijon mustard and seasoned bread crumbs, and can be baked on a sheet pan along with the asparagus. . Note that the recipe calls for drizzling melted butter over the salmon before baking but Nicole uses olive oil instead. While the salmon is baking, prepare the box of rice pilaf all the ingredients are right in the box.

For More Easy Recipe Ideas Be Sure To Download The Tovala App

Sometimes, the simplest recipes are the ones that end up being your favorite. If youâre searching for more recipes as easy than the above 12, search the Tovala App. Unlike meal kit services like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, Tovala recipes often come with five ingredients or less and take less than 20 minutes to prepare.

The next time you find your fridge half empty and zero ideas for dinner, refer back to one of these recipes. Or, if youâre really hunting for an easy dinner, let Tovala do the cooking for you. Tovala delivers meals straight to your door, then cooks them on autopilot from the comfort of your own home.

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