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What Is An Old

Modern Old Fashioned Cocktail (Professional) 10.22.18

An old-fashioned is a classic whiskey cocktail. The classic cocktail is traditionally made with bourbon and served over a single large ice cube. Itâs flavored with a cocktail cherry, orange peel and a dash of Angostura bitters, which are aromatic bitters, or sometimes orange bitters.

Old-fashioned cocktails are incredibly versatile drinks. The recipe offers a delicious blank slate that isnât really blank at all, but you can mix them up in so many ways and it always goes swimmingly.

You can sub bourbon for rye or even a flavored whiskey like honey whiskey or cinnamon whiskey. You can try different kinds of bitters or even flavored ice as I did with this chai old-fashioned.

Join Sofrep And Angels Envy For An Old Fashioned Evening

Last month we teamed up with Angels Envy to bring you an exclusive event for SOFREP readers. The event was a smash hit.

In fact, interest in the event was so overwhelming that weve decided to have another evening of bourbon with our new Angels Envy friends. This time, well be adding New York cocktail veteran Brooke Toscano to the mix. Brooke will be showing us how to make a proper Old Fashioned right from home.

OK, so an Old Fashioned is easy, right? Well, tune in to learn about how to tweak the traditional recipe, methods of making it your own, and what tools you need to make it a cocktail that will wow friends and family for years to come.

Weve increased the number of seats available for this event and are expecting a robust turnout, so if youre interested in learning about how to make the best Old Fashioned with Angels Envy, dont wait to sign up. The best part? Virtual seats for this event are totally free.

Things You Should Know About Angels Envy

If bourbon is an old industry based in tradition, Angels Envy is the teenaged rebel. Compared to many of its generations-old predecessors, Angels Envy is a young brand that doesnt always play by the rules. Its among the first of American whiskey brands to use a double-maturation process thats commonly used in Scotch production, and its original expression is aged in both new charred American oak and former port casks.

Since its launch in 2011, Angels Envys unique take on Kentucky bourbon has turned the brand into a household name showing that even the most old school of spirits can do for an update every now and again.

What started out as a family dream has now blossomed into a bourbon brand available in all 50 states and several countries around the globe. In fact, as of February 2020, Angels Envy began international distribution in the U.K., Australia, Canada, and Singapore. Whats more, the young company has three generations of the Henderson family in its ranks. Here are 10 more gems you should know about Angels Envy.


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This Cherry Old Fashioned Smash Cocktail Is A Favorite During Cherry Season Make Sure You Grab Some Since The Season Is So Quickly Gone And This One Should Not Be Missed

Fresh, seasonal fruits and summer simply go hand-in-hand. Some fruits we take for granted all year long and many we can find out of season most of the year but there are those special fruits, of course the ones we crave the most, that have a limited run.

For me the most special of all are cherries. They are my favorite and a summer only fruit. Period. When they do finally show up in markets, this Cherry Old Fashioned Smash Cocktail is the first cocktail I HAVE to make!

And they arent an easy fruit to love. Although Ive heard of recipes where they are used without being pitted first thats not for me. So pit them I must and maybe thats another reason they are so specialthere is a time investment! Still, for a cocktail like this Cherry Old Fashioned Smash, the effort is worthwhile.

I am constantly looking for something new to make with them. This Black Forest Ice Cream Sundae I made with roasted cherries and chocolate was one of the best ever. Cherry pies need no introduction from me and of course I do love hoarding some homemade maraschino cherries for my cocktail making. So summer without a cherry drink would just be wrong, right?

In the past Ive loved these Cherry Mint Margaritas and this White Peach and Bing Cherry Sangria but yesterday I was in the mood for bourbon. Probably because I was dying to make something using this bottle of Angels Envy.

Love Smash Cocktails Like I Do? Heres More!

Learn How To Make A Classic Old Fashioned Cocktail Properly Its A Blend Of Bourbon Bitters Simple Syrup And The Best Cherries For A Well

The important thing to remember about the Old Fashioned is ...
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Welp, weve finally done it. After about a year, J and I finally managed to carve out some time to make his favorite cocktail, an Old Fashioned, for all of you. If theres anything you should know about my hubby is that the man isprecise, particular and wellwere both a bit snobbish when it comes to cocktails.

In order to make a classic old fashioned cocktail, you need the right tools and the right ingredients to make the flavors of really great bourbon shine. I find the same to be true for Mint Juleps, too! You have to check out my recipe.

Jareds like me in that hell spend time crafting the perfect cocktail. After ordering so many too sweet or watered down Old Fashioned cocktails, he took the time to create his own recipe. Its stout, its unapologetic, bourbon forward and its delicious.

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Level Up Your Old Fashioneds From Unique Garnishes To A Different Liquor Entirely

When it comes to classic drinks, theres nothing more fitting than the Old Fashioned. Its sophisticated style and taste have lasted the test of time and its a go-to for both special and casual occasions. The cocktail has become so popular within recent years that in 2015, the first week of November was coined Old Fashioned Week in France, and the holiday has since spread around the world.

Though Old Fashioned Week may come and go, the timeless cocktail itself deserves to be celebrated long past November. Whether it’s through playing with flavors or curating an elevated atmosphere, here are a few tips for enjoying the classic cocktail all month long.

Four Angels Envy Fathers Day Cocktails To Drink With Dad Today

Angels Envy definitely knows how to mix a good drink. The late founder and patriarch Lincoln Henderson logged all his Bourbon recipes, tastings, and ideas in a little black book, which he passed along to his son Wes Henderson and grandson Kyle Henderson. After a lifetime working at big name distilleries like Woodford Reserve, Lincoln set off on his only independent project, Angels Envy, with his family as his partners. They broke ground on Whiskey Row in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2013, and are now a fully operational distillery, complete with tours and tastings. This year for Fathers Day, the family asked their whiskey guardians around the country to share recipes and stories about cocktails designed for Dad!

1. Man-Fashioned, by Becca Pesce, NYC Whiskey Guardian

This particular cocktail was inspired by the idea of combining the flavors of a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned into a hybrid because of my dads preferences. The Old Fashioned is his favorite way to enjoy Angels Envy, but he still always asks me to finish his drink with an extra cherry or two, says Pesce.

Ingredients:2 parts Angels Envy Kentucky Straight Bourbon Finished in Port Wine Barrels½ part Grand Marnier1 tsp brandied cherry juice 3 dashes of Angostura Bitters

Instructions:Combine all ingredients in a yarai. Stir thoroughly, and strain over a large cube. Garnish with an orange peel and a brandied cherryor a couple of extra cherries, based on Dads preference.

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Bitters Orange And Cherries

We add two to three dashes of bitters. Our standby is Angostura bitters, but one look in a well stocked store or online proves there are lots to experiment with.

Depending on who makes it, the amount of fruit added to an Old Fashioned varies. Weve seen everything from multiple slices of orange and an abundance of cherries muddled together then served in the glass to an Old Fashioned with no fruit whatsoever.

We like somewhere in between. A 2-inch piece of orange or blood orange peel and a cherry and were happy.

If were feeling feisty, well go for a flaming orange twist. To do it, take a coin-sized slice of orange peel , squeeze it between your fingers and light a match or lighter next to it .

The oils will spark and flame out. If you do all of this close to or over the glass, a toasted orange aroma will fall down over the drink. We dont add the flamed peel to the drink, but rubbing the flamed peel around the rim of the glass is a nice touch.

The flavor and aroma of the drink really changes and while we dont do this all the time, its fun to experience the difference.

Throw An Old Fashioned Party

The Cush (Flaming) Old Fashioned

Old Fashioned is more than just the name of a cocktail its a way of life. Pick up some old-timey glassware from your local swap meet, throw on some formal wear or a tasteful vintage piece, and have friends over for a celebration of everyones favorite drink. After all, these are the Roaring Twenties. A proper old-time-y party should have some key details: music , dancing , and no phones. We wont blame you if you snap some pics, though.

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Perfect Your Ice Game

Ice has the ability to make or break some cocktails, and in a drink as simple as an Old Fashioned, its nearly as important as the orange twist. That big, crystal clear ice sphere mixologists pop into your Old Fashioned at the bar does more than just look super sexy, too. It melts slowly so that you have time to taste the nuances of the drink before it gets diluted. With the right mold, these spheres are easy enough to pull off at home just make sure you use filtered water if you want them crystal clear, or if your tap water isnt great tasting.

Which Bourbon Brand Is Best In An Old Fashioned

We tried as many bourbons as we could get our hands on that would be widely available. The bourbon you use will probably have the greatest impact on the taste of the drink. Using a local or small batch bourbon would also be a nice twist on this classic drink if you are able to locate one.

We found the best cocktails were made using one of these three bourbons:

  • Angels Envy

The biggest difference in cocktail cherries is the thickness of syrup. It was very interesting to learn that some cherries are dripping in syrup that resembles molasses and some are in a very light syrup that is closer to a light maple syrup.

Since this recipe is really taking that cocktail from decent to Id happily pay for that at a cocktail bar, this is one of those details thats easy to overlook but can be a game changer. Getting a nice jar of cherries significantly improves the drink.

Our favorite thick syrup cherry was the Maraska. Maraska, Luxardo, and Fabbri are all decent cherries and enjoyable, but wed go for Maraska if you can find them.

Our favorite light syrup cherry was the Woodford Reserve cherry. However, the Jack Rudy was almost equally enjoyable.

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The Downtown Distillery Had An Opening Day Hiccup

On the very first day the distillery was open, according to a spokesperson, Angels Envy production needed to mill malted barley which is used in the mash into the cooker. However, instead of the barley going into the tanks, it was blown into the actual mill room, resulting in a foot and a half of malted barley covering the floor. It took six hours, and many employees, to clean the space.

How To Drink Angel’s Envy Bourbon

Holiday Essentials

Angel’s Envy is not a budget bourbon. Though the Port Cask is reasonably priced for a premium whiskey, you’ll still likely want to enjoy it wisely. To pay respect to the craftsmanship that went into making it, tasting it straight is highly recommended. Pouring a shot over a large piece of ice and letting it rest for a few minutes will open up the bourbon and display its wonderful aroma and taste as well.

After experiencing the bourbon in each of those venues, you’ll have a good sense of cocktails that are worthy of this fine whiskey. This is not one that you’ll want to heavily dilute or pair with strong flavors. Instead, stick to classically-styled recipes with just a few ingredients that enhance, rather than detract from, the bourbon.

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The Best Whiskey Or Bourbon For A Classic Old Fashioned

The answer to which is the best whiskey or bourbon for an Old Fashioned is generally whatever you prefer. Bourbon is a better choice for a sweeter drink, while rye may be preferable for those looking for drier, spicier or peppery notes. Just avoid any brands that have added sugar, like many flavored whiskeys, as it will change the balance of your drink.

If youre looking for an affordable, widely available bourbon that makes a great classic Old Fashioned, Elijah Craig Small Batch is hard to beat, and Jeffersons Very Small Batch Bourbon is a fantastic entry-level bottle from the producer. If youre looking for options in the $50 range that provide depth, the bold and dry profiles of Angels Envy Bourbon or Uncle Nearest 1856 take to the addition of sugar and bitters, while Bib & Tucker 6 Year works well for those who like a touch of natural sweetness in their whiskey.

Make Your Old Fashioned With Rum Instead Of Whiskey

Though the original recipe for an Old Fashioned published in 1862 in Jerry Thomas’ Bartenders Guide: How To Mix Drinks included gin as the main alcohol, its most popular iteration calls for your favorite whiskey. Simply put, it never hurts to shake up your go-to concoction. By swapping whiskey for Pyrat XO Reserve rum, you can give your Old Fashioned a smooth and silky feel with hints of vanilla and honey . Enjoy the warm, toasty spices coming together alongside the sweet candied orange notes as you savor a new classic.

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Bacard Santa Teresaandpyrat Host Mixology Event To Celebrate Old Fashioned Month With Reimagined Rum Twists On The Classic Cocktail

On Tuesday, November 9th, in celebration of Old Fashioned Month, Bacardi invited dark spirits lovers to discover and experience the New Old Fashioned a tried-and-true cocktail classic with sophisticated premium rum twists featuring BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho, SANTA TERESA 1796 and PYRAT XO Reserve.

Much like the Old Fashioned cocktail itself, rum has a storied history and long heritage. Both have been around for over a century, and during Tuesdays intimate mixology event at Las Lap in New York, guests were able to discover new ways of recreating the Old Fashioned using Bacardis finest spirits.

To kick off the night, guests were greeted with a traditional Old Fashioned cocktail, made with Angels Envy Bourbon Whiskey, before embarking on a night of cocktail building during which they got the chance to mix up New Old Fashioned cocktails, made with three different premium rums.

Fanny Chu, BACARDÍ Rum Aficionado, began the mixology session by teaching guests how to make her version of the BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho Old Fashioned, which she made with BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho, Tiki bitters and banana liqueur. Based-off of the original recipe from the family reserve created in 1862, BACARDÍ Reserva Ocho is barrel-aged for a minimum of eight years with a rich, velvety body.

Whats The Best Sugar In An Old Fashioned

Angel’s Envy Bourbon Video Review on The Kentucky Blog

The first question we tried to answer was what kind of sugar tastes best in an Old Fashioned. The second question was if simple syrup or a sugar cube is superior. Therefore, we tested the following sugars in our cocktail:

  • Turbinado Simple Syrup
  • Maple Syrup

Simple Syrup versus Sugar Cube:

It ended up being very difficult to get any of the sugar cubes to fully dissolve. We tried muddling them, adding them into some of the bourbon, and anything else we could think of. The best trick we had and one that can work in a pinch is to dissolve the sugar cube in hot water first. Its sort of like a quick-and-easy simple syrup. It isnt perfect, but it works if thats all you have or you dont want to make simple syrup.

Simple syrup is superior. It makes mixing and getting the appropriate amount of sweetness much easier.

In our testing, turbinado simple syrup made the best Old Fashioned. We tested turbinado sugar, organic cane sugar, and regular cane sugar simple syrup side by side in otherwise identical cocktails. Although any would work, the turbinado made a more complex Old Fashioned and ended up being the clear winner.

The organic cane sugar was a good alternative, but the regular cane sugar ended up lacking depth of flavor and would be our last choice.

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What Does Angel’s Envy Bourbon Taste Like

Angel’s Envy is a delicious whiskey with a wonderful balance from start to finish. The nose opens up with a soft, seductive bouquet of caramel, praline, raisins, and vanilla. This bourbon’s port barrel finish adds sophistication to the palate and finds a balance with the typical flavors found in bourbon. It has a rich mouthfeel marked by the flavors of vanilla, bitter chocolate, maple syrup, and whiskey’s signature oaky undertones. The finish lingers and gradually melts away while delighting the drinker with a port-influenced sweetness.

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