Roast Beef Deli Meat Recipe

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Homemade Roast Beef Deli Recipe

How to Make Deli-Style Roast Beef Lunch Meat – Ultimate Roast Beef Sandwich

Sandwiches are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They can be as simple as spreading peanut butter and jelly, or melting a piece of cheese between two slices of bread. They can be piled high with healthy ingredients like avocados, cucumbers, and peppers, or battered and deep fried. In our family, we eat some kind of sandwich almost everyday. My latest favorite has been a roast beef sandwich.

Since we do a cowpool, a term Ive just learned which describes our splitting a local grass fed cow amongst friends and family, it makes sense to make our own roast beef for sandwiches. Think about it, I could buy deli style roast beef in the store for $8-10 a pound. But isnt it so much better to make my own lunchmeat from tender, organic, flavorful beef that only cost us about $4 a pound? If youre still not sure, the answer is yes, yes, YES!

To be perfectly honest, I wasnt sure how to make roast beef for sandwiches at first. So I tried making a basic roast that I would normally slice thick and slather with horseradish. Once it was cooked and cooled, I simply sliced it as thinly as possible.

The meat was beautifully pink in the center with a dark crust of seasoning on the razor thin edges. Id found my answer in just one attempt, I just needed to make a roast beef, well, roast!

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Slow Cooker Hot Roast Beef Sandwich

Prep time for this on only. couple of minutes. I got my crock pot out around 5:00, right before I left for football practice. I put it on low and it cooked for about 2 1/2 hours. The meat is already cooked so you are just heating it up.

I served it on little slider buns and added a slice of provolone with a squirt of mustard. The gooey melted cheese from the hot gravy is so delicious.

What Is Smoked Roast Beef

This smoked roast beef recipe makes the perfect Sunday roast and the leftovers become the most delicious deli style roast beef! This method produces a perfectly pink, medium rare roast beef, packed with flavor and a kiss of wood smoke. Serve with mashed potatoes and gravy, a some grilled green beans and fresh rolls for a classic roast beef dinner youll come back to over and over again.

The best thing about this roast recipe may be the leftovers. Chilled and sliced thin, this smoked roast beef makes the most unbelievable sandwiches. You are slow roasting a whole muscle, which means no food binders, no preservatives, no added sugars, nitrates, nitrites, artificial caramel coloring, or anything else you dont want on your plate or in your sandwich. This is as clean as you can get, with more flavor than you can imagine. French dips or cold subs, youll never have better roast beef between two slices of bread.

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How To Make Deli Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe

Step 1

Add roast beef into slow cooker and pour the gravy on top. Seperate the beef to make sure the gravy get on all the pieces.

Step 2

Cook until warm.

Tip 1

You can cook this on low or high. It doesnt take long either way. Just a couple of hours on low will be enough to heat your roast beef through and youll be able to eat it.

My kids loved this meal and it was really quick and easy. You should add it to your menu for the week.

What Is Roast Beef

Roast Beef Sandwich Recipe with Quick Roast Beef Sandwich ...

Roast beef is, as youd expect, any beef that has been roasted.

Roasting is simply cooking something in an oven or over a fire. Many of us have different conceptions of what roast beef is. For some of us, it may be a rich, filling pot roast. For others, it may be the deli slices at the local sandwich shop that we love.

Regardless of the cut you choose, as long as you cook it by roasting it, then it is considered roast beef. All you have to do is season it and let heat do its thing.

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Deli Roast Beef It S My Dish

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Assembling The Pressed Roast Beef Sandwich:

Slice the ciabatta lengthwise then pull some of the bread out with your fingers from the center area, leaving the edges intact. We have ducks in our area that benefit from this step, but in case you dont ~ its also ideal to make breadcrumbs.

Next divide the pesto mayo between the two halves and spread from edge to edge of the bread to ensure flavor in every bite.

Layer Sargento® Sliced Smokehouse Cheddar Cheese on both sides of the bread, then on one side, stack a layer of lettuce, half of the deli roast beef, sliced tomato , thinly sliced apple and the rest of the deli roast beef.

This is how the Pressed Roast Beef Sandwich looks pre-pressed, wrapped as tightly as possible in plastic wrap. Transfer the sandwich to the refrigerator making sure to support the center of the sandwich.

Load something heavy on the Pressed Roast Beef Sandwich while it sits in the refrigerator for several hours up to overnight. A cast iron skillet works well but if you dont have one, several books will do the trick. Youll looking for about 3 pounds.

While our sandwich is pressing, lets talk Meijer and mPerks:

Meijer: Our neighborhood Meijer has been open a few years now. I know some people dont enjoy grocery shopping, but being the food nerd that I am, I actually do. I like checking out whats new, whats been moved and whats on sale. When I found out Meijer was building in my area, I thought ~ bring your A-Game. They did.

Serving the sandwich:


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Roast Beef Meat Storage In The Fridge

I just wanted to make it known since I have gotten a lot of questions and comments stating that people think that this roast beef will have no longevity in the refrigerator. This is simply NOT TRUE. I am telling you that this roast beef stays fresh and keeps it RARE look for 4 to 5 Days.

You do want to store the meat in a good airtight container. This is also why I dont make BIG batches at a time. I mean if you have a big family that is no problem at all. There wont be any leftovers with this recipe that I promise.

What Can I Do With It For Lunches

Sous Vide Roast Beef Recipe | SOUS VIDE Deli Roast Beef

Beef and cheese sticks are a super simple way impress your kids.

No formal recipe required. Slide some meat, cheese and pickles on a stick, and bam. Lunch made!

Roast beef deli meat pinwheel wraps are another super simple way to use up your roast beef in a fun and simple way. Ending up with bite size pinwheels makes this a perfect kid friendly packable lunch as well.

For my pinwheels, I use mustard, roast beef, and spinach!

Roll up your ingredients in a tortilla, and then slice into bite sized rolls!

Are you ready to put in effort on Sunday to make your homemade roast beef deli meat, and have your lunch game done for the week?!

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How To Smoke Lunch Meat

The next day, heat your Cuisinart Pellet Grill to 250F degrees.

Remember, when starting your Cuisinart Woodcreek 4-in-1 Pellet Grill, turn it to 200F degrees first. Once it gets to temp, then you can adjust the dial to your cook temp.

Unwrap the meat from the plastic, and place it on the grill. Insert the grills included temperature probes into the meat. This way you can monitor the temperature as it cooks.

You can either keep an eye on the grills control panel or use the Cuisinart Easy Connect BBQ app on your phone.

Each meat will need to cook to a different final internal temperature to meet USDA food safety standards. This will take 1 1/2-2 1/2 hours, depending on the protein.

Making Your Own Roast Beef

A high-temperature start forms a good-looking crust, while the lower temperature taper allows an edge-to-edge, rosy eye that will delight fans of a straight-ahead roast beef on rye. Be sure to use a probe thermometer rather than relying on time references alone, which are merely guidelines. The flatter the roast, the quicker it will cook. Find one with a consistent diameter for the most even result.

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Recipes Using Deli Meat

I work in a local deli. Every week, I am able to bring home sliced deli meat that is perhaps a day or two too old to be sold to the public but is still good. Other than sandwiches, any ideas for using this meat for meals?

These ideas mostly work best if you cut the meat into little squares or strips. Since lunch meats are already cooked, best to add them toward the end of the cooking process. Since many lunch meats are salted, you may want to reduce salt.

Add to scrambled eggs with onions & other veggie leftovers to create an omlet.

Add to pasta with veggie marinara to make a meat sauce.

Add to veggies & stir fry.

Add to leftover Chinese/Indian take out for additional meat.

“Marinate” meat in vinegar & oil salad dressing overnight in fridge, and then add to lettuce & tomato salad.

For beef slices, layer in an oven/microwave dish with & warm. Serve on bed of noodles or rice.

My fave use of roast beef is for French Dip sandwiches dipped in Au Jus and also opened face hot roast beef sandwiches with gravy on top. said no sandwiches.

Roast beef hash is excellent. On a salad would be good. Diced up and combined with barbecue sauce and served on baked potatoes would be good.

Here’s a few more ideas:…/

Soups!Throw the meat in any type of soups, homemade or canned.

Healthy Eater

And most any deli meats can be used to make “Chef’s Salads”.

Or to mix into your ramen noodles.

Choosing The Best Roast Beef Cut Every Time

Chipotle Roast Beef Sandwiches Recipe

If you want to know how your uncle Rob always has the best beef during the holidays or how your favorite restaurant seems to nail the consistency in every dish you try, then this is how.

1. Dont skimp on quality

The first secret of choosing the best cut for roast beef is to always opt for the best beef possible.

This wont always be an option if youre trying to save money, but by choosing the right beef provider, you can dramatically raise the quality of your meal.

The best beef providers use 100% grass-fed beef, dont use hormones or antibiotics, and dont use pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers.

US Wellness Meats was founded in 2000 in Monticello, Missouri by visionary farmers, who saw that big-business cattle-raising practices were taking a toll on our animals and our health.

By returning to rotational grazing practices that are good for the planet and good for our cattle, we led the way in introducing a new generation to the unmatched taste, tenderness, and healthiness of grass-fed beef.

2. Choose a cut based on what youre cooking

Because roast beef is a broad term, the second secret is to choose the right cut based on how youre going to use it. There are better cuts for pot roast than a quick oven bake, and those cuts are different than what you should use for deli slices.

The first step is to figure out what you want, and weve divided our advice by the four most common ways to have roast beef:

  • For deli slices that are perfect for sandwiches.
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    How To Make Deli Style Roast Beef

    The most important aspect to ensuring a perfectly pink and tender result is to watch the roast closely towards the end of the cooking time. Check the temperature as directed in the recipe card below with an instant read thermometer. Do not allow it to roast beyond 135 F. for the best result.

    • Remove your roast from the refrigerator and allow it to rest on the counter for 1 hour to take the chill off. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 500 degrees. Pat your roast with paper towels to dry the surface coat all sides of the roast with olive oil. Sprinkle all sides with the dry rub mixture. Place your roast on a wire rack on a foil lined baking sheet with the fat cap side facing up.
    • Transfer to the preheated oven and roast for 15 minutes or until nicely browned. Reduce the oven temperature to 300 degrees F and continue to roast for another 40 to 50 minutes or until the internal temperature reads 130 to no more than 135 degrees F. . Begin checking the temperature after 35 minutes by inserting an instant read thermometer through the center of the roast from the side.
    • Allow the roast to cool for at least 30 minutes before slicing. Even better, allow it to rest for 20 to 30 minutes then wrap it with foil and refrigerate it for several hours or overnight.
    • Slice it across the grain as thinly as possible. Whether you are using a meat slicer or sharp knife, it will be easier to get nice, deli style thin slices if the roast is chilled.

    Homemade Deli Roast Beef

    by Sheena Strain, last updated October 20, 2019

    My Homemade Deli roast beef recipe will knock your socks off with how easy it is to prepare and cook, and the taste is far superior to deli beef you buy at the grocery store and without any added sugar or preservatives.

    Ive shared the steps below for making this really simple deli lunch meat recipe, its the ultimate low carb and keto lunch option with zero net carbs. You can make keto sandwiches with my Low Carb Keto Bread or you can add it to a salad!

    this post contains affiliate links

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    Save Money & Make Your Own Roast Beef Lunch Meat

    Sep 27, 2013·

    Yesterday I posted this picture on of a 5 pound beef bottom roast that I cooked to use as lunch meat over the next few weeks. While I knew I would get a response from you, I wasnt expecting the overwhelming response I received. Many of you asked for my recipe, so you could Save Money & Make Your Own Roast Beef Lunch Meat too!

    Gluten & nitrate free lunch meat at our local grocery store is about $4.40 for an 8 ounce portion . I purchased my 5 pound beef bottom roast for about $4.20 a pound, so I paid $21 for my roast vs. paying $44 for the same amount of store bought lunch meat. Clearly, the savings is well worth it, and so is the taste. Homemade lunch meat tastes so much better than store bought, and even when you purchase gluten and nitrate free lunch meat it still will often contain natural flavors, added sugar, starches, and sometimes carrageenan.

    This roast shown in my picture is not organic nor grass fed. I recommend buying organic and grass fed when you are able, but if your family is like ours, its rare when we can actually afford organic and grass fed. Meat here in Alaska can be very expensive and we are a one-income household, so I buy what we can afford.

    Enjoy it!


    How To Make Homemade Deli Roast Beef

    Homemade Deli Style Roast Beef

    Start by choosing the right cut of beef for this. There are many economical cuts to choose from including bottom or top round roast, sirloin is also good but may cost a little more.

    Then finely chop the rosemary and add it to a bowl with the olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper and mix well with the olive oil.

    Coat the beef on the top and on the fat cap with the deli beef marinade mixture and let the beef beef come to room temperature for an hour before roasting so that its not really cold in the middle.

    While you are waiting pre heat your oven to 325F and when you are ready to cook the meat for 60 to 95 minutes, or until an instant thermometer inserted into the center of the roast registers 125 to 130 degrees for medium-rare, or cook for a little longer if you dont like it quite so pink.

    My meat shown in the picture was cooked to around 140F. Im making it for my kids lunches and thats as pink as they want to go but you can cook it exactly the way you prefer.

    Using an instant read thermometer and checking the meat after the first hour is a good way to ensure you dont overcook it as oven temperatures can vary, and the temperature of the meat when it goes in the oven will also affect how long it takes to cook

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