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Can I Use Dried Herbs Instead Of Fresh In Homemade Vegan Ranch Dressing

How to Make: Dairy Free Keto Ranch Dressing

Dried herbs are so convenient, especially when fresh is not in season. Ive made this recipe with both and while I prefer fresh herbs for their color and freshness, this non dairy ranch dressing can also be made easily with dried.

If youre making homemade ranch dressing with dried herbs, simply use half the amount called for in the recipe with exception to chives. Dried herbs tend to shrink in size when dried, so theyre smaller, for the most part, however, chives tend to not shrink as much.

Last, youll want to allow the dressing to set for about an hour to allow the dried herbs to fully hydrate.

What Kind Of Soy Free Mayo Should I Use

Since the mayo makes up the bulk of this recipe, make sure that youre using one that you love. You dont want to have your ranch dressing recipe ruined by a mediocre or weird tasting mayo!

For our dairy free ranch, we chose to use our favorite soy free and egg free mayo of all time: Just Mayo. Everyone has different tastes, but this one has been our favorite out of every other brand weve tried.

Theyd have some weird supply issues and Ive not been able to find this for sale for months and I gave up on ever seeing it again. Then we went to the Whole Foods in Fort Collins, CO, and to my pleasant surprise I found it on the shelf in by the cut veggies!!

If you love this brand, they are still making it and will keep making it since it is better than anything else weve tried.

If you cant find Just Mayo or dont like that brand of mayo, here are a few other soy free options .

Here are some of the other available brands out there that are soy free and that we havent tried:

How To Make Gluten

Step 1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.

Step 2. Whisk together.

Step 3. Refrigerate.

Step 4. Enjoy as a dip or salad dressing.

Yep, this recipe could not be easier. I wish I could share some long difficult process with you, because when youre paying $6 a bottle for dairy-free ranch, you hope some kind of big time effort went into it.

But nope! This ranch dressing is really plopping ingredients into a bowl and mixing it up! Super easy, yummy, and SO versatile!

After I made this the very first time, I felt kind of foolish for making it into this big deal that I had made myself live without for so long.

With how easy it was to throw some vegan mayo, coconut milk, apple cider vinegar, and some herbs and spices into a bowl I was living without a food that I just didnt need to.

Please please please learn from my mistake here: dont be afraid to try to recreate a food that you think wont taste good if its gluten-free or dairy-free it may be SUPER simple and delicious.

You wont have to live without something you love just because you arent eating gluten, dairy, or eggs anymore.

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Easy Vegan Ranch Dressing Recipe

This vegan ranch recipe is easy to make and totally soy-free/nut-free/gluten-free. Many readers in the comments have called this the BEST vegan ranch they’ve ever made. Grab your favorite vegan mayo and let’s go! This recipe will work both as a vegan salad dressing & as a dip.

If you have never made homemade ranch, oh my gosh, go to your kitchen RIGHT NOW and make this. Nom nom. You’ll never buy store-bought again. So tasty, plus the ingredients are so much better.

Some store-bought vegan ranch dressings taste…odd. Let’s be real. This recipe tastes just like the real thing. Nope, I’m not a dressing magician or anything. It’s all in finding your favorite vegan mayo and using the right seasonings.

Tips For Customizing This Ranch Dressing Recipe

Dairy Free Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe
  • To make this recipe dairy free, be swap out the sour cream for vegan sour cream and use your favorite dairy free milk.
  • For a vegan ranch dressing, use vegan mayonnaise, and follow the recommendations for dairy free substitutes.
  • To make this dressing paleo or whole 30 friendly, use homemade mayonnaise in place of the mayo and sour cream. You could also substitute the cashew sour cream.

If you like these easy, dairy free ranch dressing, you have to try this homemade ranch dip recipe.

  • 1 small bunch of fresh chives
  • 1 small bunch of fresh parsley
  • 23 tablespoons milk of choice

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How Do You Store Dairy Free Ranch Dressing Mix

You can store dairy free ranch dressing mix by placing it in a glass jar with a lid. You can also use an airtight glass shaker with a lid that closes.

Keep the ranch dressing mix in your cabinet or pantry for up to a year. The most important thing is to keep the ranch mix away from heat or humid areas.

If you have made the homemade ranch seasoning mix into dressing, store it in the refrigerator.

TIP: Dressing made from the homemade ranch mix will last at least a few weeks in the fridge.

Do I Have To Use Fresh And Dried Dill To Make This Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

We wrote this vegan ranch dressing to give the best taste possible. There is a reason behind our madness in using both fresh and dried dill. Dried dill is much more potent than fresh. Thats why you need less of it than you do fresh. However, it can also lead to a bitter taste if too much is used. Additionally, too much of a fresh ingredient can be overwhelming. We believe that the best combination for this dairy free ranch dressing is a mixture of both and it gives the best taste.

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How Do I Make Top 8 Allergy Free Ranch Dressing

The only allergen in this dairy free ranch dressing is that we use unsweetened almond milk. If you are looking to make this top 8 allergen free ranch dressing then you could simply swap out the almond milk for another non-dairy unsweetened milk. Something like pea milk or flax milk could work in perfectly.

How Long Does Ranch Dressing Last

Easy Vegan Ranch Dressing | Minimalist Baker Recipes

As long as you keep the ranch in a sealed container and refrigerated, it will usually last 5-7 days. In some cases, even longer. Just remember to keep it chilled on ice if it’s going to be sitting out for very long.

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What Makes This Ranch Seasoning Recipe Better Than Store Bought

There are many reasons why this ranch seasoning recipe is better than store bought:

  • It tastes better! Seriously.
  • Making your own ranch dressing much cheaper than what you can buy in the supermarket.
  • This homemade ranch seasoning recipe isnt loaded with sugar, preservatives, or anything artificial.
  • Dairy-free ranch dressing is super versatile. If you dont have enough of one seasoning, you can always replace it with something else. Itll be a little different, but still probably good!

Can I Use Regular Extra Virgin Olive Oil

No! Please dont. It doesnt matter if you think you love EVOO, it will be way, way too much in your Whole30 dump ranch dressing. Promise! Using *light-tasting* olive oil is totally critical here, but you can use avocado oil or refined fractionated coconut oil, as well. Just no standard extra virgin olive oil! Trust me on this one.

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How Long Is Dairy Free Ranch Dressing Good For

We recommend using this vegan ranch recipe up within one week. Ideally, it could last longer as long as you store it properly. Depending on how long your fresh herbs are good for, it could be good until that point. However, we would still lean on the side of using it within the first 14 days. You can cut the recipe in half to make less of it.

Vegetarian Or Vegan Ranchdressing

Homemade Ranch Dressing {dairy

While this recipe is dairy free, it can also be easily made vegan depending on the mayonnaise used in the recipe. Whatever mayo you choose, be sure to use your favorite high quality mayonnaise.

For my best vegan ranch dressing recipe, I recommend Veganease. Its egg and dairy free and is absolutely delicious!

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How Do You Make Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

This Dairy free ranch dressing recipe is one of the most simple recipes you can make. To start, youll want to combine your unsweetened almond milk with the vinegar in a bowl large enough for all the other ingredients. Let sit for 10 minutes.

After that has curdled and is ready, combine it with all the remaining ingredients. Once you have everything well combined, serve immediately or store in an air tight container in the refrigerator for up to one week.

*If you would prefer the dairy free ranch dressing to be smoother with all the fresh herbs, you could also put the ingredients into a blender.

The Best Dairy Free Ranch Dressing Recipe

If there is one thing I love, it is a good ranch dressing recipe. I think that is obvious by the number of low carb ranch dressing recipes here on my site. Let me just tell you, that I am a picky ranch dressing eater too. Not just any ranch will do! It has to be garlicky, creamy, and herbaceous. This keto dairy free ranch dressing recipes fits the bill perfectly. It is tried and true. I made several different variations of this recipe before deciding that this was the perfect one! Best of all, this is a low carb, keto, gluten free, paleo and even whole30 compliant ranch dressing recipe.

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Homemade Ranch Dressing Ingredient Tips

I use a mix of dried and fresh herbs in this dressing, but you can mix it up depending on what you have on-hand. Keeping dried herbs around is a great, cost-effective way to add fantastic flavor to your food. Shop in the bulk aisle for herbs if you don’t think you’ll use the entire bottle within about six months, as they’ll start to lose their flavor and potency.

Fresh chives are super easy to grow and come back every year, so I almost always have fresh available. And nothing beats the taste of fresh dill. If you want to switch up the herbs, remember that dried herbs are more potent than fresh I like to use a 2:1 ratio of fresh to dry. For instance, you can substitute 1 teaspoon dried dill for 2 teaspoons fresh.

Raw garlic is a wonderful healing superfood, and its also very strong. If you think raw garlic is too strong of a flavor for your family or party guests, just use granulated garlic powder I give you both options below. I usually use fresh for the health benefits when making this myself, but I also like to be mindful of people leaving a party at my house and tasting garlic when they wake up in the morning.

  • Yield:About 1.5 cups1x
  • Category:Salad Dressing

How To Make Homemade Dairy Free Ranch Dressing

EASY Ranch Dressing (NON DAIRY) Vegan !

All you need is 5 minutes, a bowl and whisk. Lets go!

Step 1: Add your mayo and coconut milk to a medium bowl or blender, along with all of the other herbs and spices.

Step 2: Whisk or blend in a regular blender until well combined. An immersion blender would also work well.

Step 3: Pour into a jar or bottle but just make sure you store it in an air tight container. Place in the refrigerator for an hour or two so all the flavors will meld together. It will also thicken as it chills.

So good ahead and use it on your favorite food like chicken wings as its not just for green salads. My neighbor even puts it on pizza!

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Dairy Free Ranch Recipe Tips:

  • One tablespoon is the equivalent to one ranch seasoning packet.
  • The most popular ranch packet is of course Hidden Valley Original Ranch. This recipe isnt going to taste the exact same since we arent including the sugar, salt, and artificial sweeteners. This isnt a copycat recipethis is a healthier version of the recipe.
  • For dressing you will need to add 1/2 cup milk of choice and 1 cup of dairy free yogurt or sour cream.
  • This healthy, homemade powdered ranch dressing mix is gluten free.

The Best Paleo Ranch Dressing

The BEST Paleo Ranch Dressing This yummy paleo ranch comes together in 5 minutes or less and tastes good on just about everything! Come see how easy it is!

I know Ive said it before, but Im WAY more likely to eat more veggies when I have a yummy dip or dressing with them. Ranch dressing is a staple, and when we went gluten and dairy free 6 years ago, paleo ranch dressing became a staple at our house.

This creamy homemade ranch dressing is dairy-free and delicious on basically EVERYTHING. We make a new batch every week or so and its always a big hit. SO many of you have enjoyed this recipe over the years, I wanted to give it a fresh makeover with new photos, updated directions, and a recipe video tutorial to go with it.

Heres what goes into our FAVORITE paleo ranch dressing recipe

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How To Make It

Dump all ingredients, except the herbs, and only 1/4 cup almond milk into immersion blender jar or another jar that isnt much wider than the immersion blender head. Push the head of the immersion blender into the jar all the way to the bottom then start to blend on medium speed first then increasing to high if necessary, until mixture at the bottom becomes thick and opaque.

Begin to raise the immersion blender a little at a time then press back down, to incorporate the remaining oil.

Once the mixture is entirely emulsified, thick, and white, remove blender and add the herbs.

Press immersion blender head down over herbs and blend, only enough to chop and incorporate herbs, moving around as needed. Add almond milk as desired to thin. Start with 1/4 cup and add more as you like, stirring with a spoon to incorporate.

Why Make Homemade Ranch Dressing

Easy and Dairy Free Homemade Ranch Dressing

Store-bought ranch dressing is full of processed ingredients and chemical preservatives, so dipping your fresh, antioxidant-rich veggies in it doesn’t really make sense. And dipping your pizza in it makes it even worse!

Making this homemade vegan / dairy-free ranch dressing is better for your taste buds and better for your health. Plus, it’s really easy to make. Store it in a Mason jar in your refrigerator or take it to a summer BBQ to impress your friends.

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Ingredient Notes & Substitutions

A complete list of ingredients and amounts can be found in the recipe card below. Here are some specific call-outs, and when needed, some tips on keeping the ingredients clean.

MAYONNAISE I highly recommend Primal Kitchens avocado oil mayo. It is made with simple clean ingredients and is nice and thick. That said, you can sub any mayo for this dairy free ranch .

Vegan? If you’d like vegan ranch dressing, simply use vegan mayo.

DAIRY-FREE YOGURT I like the addition of yogurt to balance the flavor of the mayo. My favorite is Kite Hill almond milk plain unsweetened yogurt. However, any dairy-free unsweetened yogurt will work .

DAIRY-FREE MILK Used to thin the dressing. I like Malk or Elmhurst almond milk, but any dairy-free milk will work. Just make sure it is plain and unsweetened. And if youre in a pinch, use water.

APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR You can use either apple cider vinegar or fresh lemon juice.

DRIED HERBS – I recommend organic herbs/spices when possible due to the fact that the FDA does not require spice manufacturers to label spices with added ingredients, like sugar, salt, colors, or preservatives so you never know exactly what you are getting.

Certified organic spices have more standards. They dont have anything added, so what you see is what you get. With organic, you can also be sure no chemicals were used in the growing process of the spices.

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Cuisine: Category:

If youre not into the idea of making your own dressing at home, check out these 5 best dairy-free ranch dressing brands.

Or get a full list of store-bought gluten-free salad dressing brands.

Whats your favorite way to eat ranch dressing? Have you been living without it if youre dairy or egg-free? Share in the comments below!

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Why Youll Love It

  • It comes together in just about 5 minutes, thanks to an immersion blender.
  • This Whole30 ranch dressing boasts just the right balance of fresh garlic, the perfect fresh herbs, and creaminess youll fall in love with.
  • Its super versatile to make, too, and it goes with just about everything!

And in my opinion, theres no excuse to not make your own! Its way, way easier than going to the store and shelling out six or seven bucks for a bottle of the compliant stuff: put all the ingredients in a container, blitz it up with an immersion blender, throw the herbs in, and poof Done!

The dump and go concept is amazing, too. I use it for so many recipes that we make regularly, having originally been totally sold by the amazing J. Kenji López-Alts in-depth article about the dos and donts of the process. Since then Ive made dump mayo, dump Caesar, and plenty other weird ones at home. Life changing!

Weve spent the last year refining the ingredients and process to come up with our favorite Whole30 dump ranch dressing recipe, and I think youll absolutely fall in love with it, too. Im as picky as it gets when it comes to ranch dressing, so ours has to be super garlicky with a ton of the right fresh herbs, a true buttermilk tang, and the perfect consistency. Try it out and let me know how much you love it!

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