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Regain Your Confidence Juicing for Multiple Sclerosis

Options for every meal of the day, including dessert.

Saturated fats are everywhere. From potato chips and packaged cookies to fatty beef, lard, and cream, it seems you cant get through the grocery store or scan a menu without coming across an item loaded with this type of fat.

While all food in moderation is a realistic approach for most of us, people living with certain health conditions need to be vigilant about their intake of saturated fat.

According to Roy L. Swank, MD, the creator of the Swank MS Diet, eating a diet very low in saturated fat not to exceed 15 grams per day can help manage the symptoms of multiple sclerosis . In addition to limiting saturated fats, the Swank method emphasizes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and very lean proteins.

Here are seven Swank-friendly recipes for you to try.

You Are Not Alone: Talk To Others About Ms Diets

On MyMSTeam, the social network and online support group for people living with multiple sclerosis, members talk about a range of personal experiences. Making dietary changes as part of an overall MS wellness plan is one of the most popular topics.

Learn more about Wellness and MS. Exercising, addressing related conditions, and finding your new normal can also help improve well-being in people with MS.

How To Find A Clinical Trial

The U.S. National Institutes of Health keeps a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies, including multiple sclerosis studies. Even if you dont choose to participate in a trial yourself, this database can keep you informed about the types of research being done on MS. But if you are interested in participating in MS research, talk to your neurologist about the potential risks and benefits of taking part in a study.

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Another way to participate in MS research is to join an MS registry such as iConquerMS or NARCOMS. iConquerMS is an initiative of the Accelerated Cure Project and is funded by PCORI , while NARCOMS is sponsored by the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, in partnership with the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers.

The idea behind both is that collecting information from many people with MS about the effects of their disease and its progression over time speeds the pace at which researchers can understand the disease and identify potential treatments. Participation is free.

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Turmeric Ginger C Boost Life Juice

Turmeric is typically used as a spice in Indian cooking. Its kind of earthy, with peppery notes and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Its also yellow and will make your food a lovely sunny color. The root looks a lot like ginger only the flesh is actually orange rather than yellow.

As with many other ingredients on this list, turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant elements.

Because of this, its also used to help with arthritis.

To make this super juice, youll need to process apples, oranges, lemon, and ginger through your juicer.

If you use turmeric root , youll need to process it just like the ginger.

Otherwise, stir the powdered turmeric into the juice before serving.

One of my most significant issues with green juice has to be that its not sweet enough.

I know its supposed to be healthy, but my sweet tooth is too strong to ignore!

If you feel the same way, try using the sweetest apples you can find. I like Fuji or Gala, and Honeycrisp is also really great for juicing.

Youll want to avoid Granny Smiths if you dont want your juice too tart.

Ive also found that adding a handful of grapes can help to bring out a fruitier flavor.

To Juice Or Not To Juice

The case for Juicing

Juice cleansing. Juice fasting. Juice feasting. Is it right for everyone?

Juicing is a centuries-old health practice that can be traced back to ancient cultures. Some sources state that juicing was even mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls that date back before 150 BC and over the last 10 years, the popularity of juicing has really soared.

So whats the hype all about?

Juicing and blending provides an easy and delicious way of increasing the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables we consume each day. Fresh juice also provides the body with an easy way of absorbing all of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants contained within these foods. There are however, a few things one needs to consider before rushing out to buy a juicer.

Every single one of us has different nutritional needs based on our current state of health, stage of life and activity level. Whenever someone is looking to make a change to their diet, its wise to start with small changes and introduce new foods or ways to prepare food, in a slow manner. We never want to shock our system or quickly throw our bodies into detox mode.

Common Symptoms of Detox Include:

  • headaches


Myelin, the fatty covering the nerves is also a target site for toxin accumulation. Whenever the body begins to cleanse the accumulation of toxins in this area, the nerves may become irritated and trigger symptom flare-ups.

Do you have any of the following symptoms of unstable blood sugar?

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Is Juicing Good Or Bad For Multiple Sclerosis

Juicing and smoothies can be an easy way of introducing additional fruit or vegetables into your diet with the associated vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

All fruit and vegetables can be enjoyed freely on the Overcoming MS program. A good goal to aim for is seven portions of fruit and veg per day . Nutritional guidance says that juice should only ever count as one portion a day, no matter how much you drink, because it doesnt contain the fiber found in whole fruits and vegetables.

A 150 ml glass / 0.6 cup of unsweetened fruit or veg juice is equivalent to one of your daily portions.

Freshly squeezed juice is likely to retain higher vitamin and mineral levels. Many people use electric juicers to do this you can also use a manual press, but this is usually more appropriate for citrus fruit. Alternatively, you can use a blender or a food processor to make a thicker smoothie. Juice bought in the supermarket is pasteurised to kill any harmful bacteria which can have a minor reduction in nutritional value.

A good tip is to add flaxseed oil to your juice or smoothie to disguise the taste of the oil.

Juicing is not bad for you health if you have MS or more generally, but there are some things to consider:

  • Sugar content in juices is often high which is a large percentage of an adults ~30g recommended daily allowance of free sugars. You will often drink more juice than the equivalent amount of whole fruit.

Sex With Multiple Sclerosis

MS can have an impact on your sex life, which can include reduced desire for sex, diminished sexual pleasure, and changes in sexual function. For men, it may become difficult to get or maintain an erection. Reduced lubrication can occur for women. Both sexes may have sensitivity changes in their genitals, as well as difficulty reaching orgasm.

The symptoms of MS, such as incontinence or fatigue, can get in the way of intimacy, too. Its important to communicate with your partner and make sure that a healthy sexual relationship remains a priority. If there are sexual function issues, talk with your doctor.

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A sex therapist can be a valuable member of your healthcare team. Although some physical problems should be discussed with your neurologist or primary care doctor, a sex therapist can offer strategies to address these and other kinds of issues. These experts will help expand your definition of sex and sexuality to enhance your pleasure and sense of connection with your body and partner.

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Tropical Pineapple Orange Mango Juice

This is the kind of morning juice that youd drink on vacation.

Cant you just picture the beach, the waves, and a morning swim before relaxing on a sunbed?

As the name suggests, this recipe is made using pineapple, oranges, and mango. Theres no added sugar and no greens.

The pineapple is juicy and tart, which plays well with the super sweet and vibrant mango.

Lastly, the citrus hit you get from the orange is the perfect way to finish this off.

Now just picture it with a splash of rum in the afternoon, of course!

Juicing Recipes Multiple Sclerosis

Why celery juice isn’t a miracle cure (Marketplace)

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Lydia Emily: Artist Finds Ways To Create While Dealing With Ms Pain And Suffering

A painter and muralist who lives in Los Angeles, Emily was diagnosed with MS after a two-year battle with cancer. After injuring her shoulder while working on a mural, the 48-year-old mother of two began experiencing numbness in her tongue, and an MRI revealed lesions on her brain and spinal cord. Although Emily has vision loss and muscle weakness, she continues to find work-arounds to stay active as an artist and a community activist.

Whats The Difference Between A Juice And A Smoothie

  • Juices are extracted from fruit and vegetables without the skin, pulp and flesh.

  • Immunity / wellness shots are small servings of fruit juice with lots of herbs and spices in thought to boost your immune system. They often contain ingredients such as turmeric, ginger or wheatgrass which have some reported immune-boosting properties. There is limited research about whether these are effective, but they are unlikely to do you any harm only to your bank balance.

  • Smoothies are thicker drinks which often contain pureed fruits with milk, yoghurt or ice cream . Pureed fruits contain some of the fiber which is not found in juice. Adding dairy-free milks adds extra nutrition such as protein to your drink useful if you are using it to replace a meal and to keep you fuller, longer.

  • Smoothie / acai bowls. You may have seen these beautiful creations on Instagram, smoothie bowls are thicker than a smoothie and are often served in a bowl. They are often created with frozen fruit or ice to add volume and keep them cold. They contain fruit and vegetables that have been blended along with other ingredients such as seeds, nut butters, sweeteners and oats. Acai bowls in particular originated in Brazil and are made with frozen acai berries which are full of antioxidants. Some people use acai berry powder for their acai bowls instead.

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Do You Know Why Patients With Ms Should Drink Fluids

Everyone needs to maintain a hydrated body and consume adequate quantities of fluids. It is the same for patients with MS because adequate fluid intake helps them control a healthy bowel movement and overcome some bladder problems.

On the other hand, fluid intake for patients with MS contributes to reducing the negative side effects of the drugs they are taking. It also reduces skin sensitivity to needle stings.

Managing Daily Life And Complications Of Ms

Pin on Food

To stay healthy when you have MS, it’s crucial to pay attention to your symptoms and how your body feels. Pushing too hard for too long can lead to a worsening of symptoms or even a flare-up, or relapse. But adhering to a healthy lifestyle can be easier said than done when many of the challenges of MS lack of mobility, financial strains, or even depression make it even harder to do what you know you should do. Figuring out what works for you and what doesnt can help you live your best life with MS.

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Carrot Orange Cantaloupe Juice

Although most melons have pretty subtle tastes, cantaloupe has such a unique and sweet melon flavor.

Plus, melons are notoriously juicy! How many kids have you seen with messy red mouths after chomping down some watermelon?

Cantaloupe is ideal here because it fits with the orange coloring of the carrot and citrus. But honeydew would also provide lovely sweetness.

This combination of fresh pineapple, celery, and cucumber is such a healthy way to start your day.

Its great for detoxing, weight loss, and a significant energy boost first thing in the morning.

The recipe also calls for flaxseeds and chia seeds which are full of omega-3 fatty acids, plenty of fiber, and oodles of antioxidants.

You wont notice the seeds once everything is blended together, I promise!

Ms Diet: What Should You Eat

People with MS seeking to change their dietary habits to reduce MS symptoms are often at a loss for what to eat. Unlike heart disease and obesity, no single MS diet has been scientifically proven to treat or cure MS, nor has the medical community issued standard-of-care dietary guidelines for people with MS.

Current studies of diets thought to have MS benefits such as plant-based, low saturated fat, Paleo, and Mediterranean regimens report mixed results. Most diets have not been subjected to rigorous, controlled studies. Some may even make misleading claims, and contain toxic levels of certain nutrients, or dangerously low levels of others. No diet should ever replace clinically proven MS drug therapies.

In the absence of clinical evidence supporting safe and effective MS diets, physicians who specialize in MS recommend following the same low-fat, high-fiber diets the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society suggest for the general population. Those diets include fresh, minimally processed, mostly plant-based foods that are low in saturated fats and high in vitamin D, Omega-3, and Omega-6 fatty acids.

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Juicing Recipes That Are Healthy And Homemade

1. Anti-Inflammatory Juice

Inflammation is the root of most diseases so why not stop it at the source? This juice is packed with anti-inflammatory foods that leave you feeling great. Pro tip: Use canned pineapple packed in juice when pineapple isnt in season to keep this juice easy on the wallet.

2. Beet and Berry Liver Cleanse Juice

Beets and berries: No, it isnt a new band, but a juice recipe your liver will thank you for. Thats because its packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that make for a great liver cleanse plus, can you really resist that luscious color?!

10. Golden Glow Elixir Juice

Blended with water, this golden glow elixir might not be a strict juice, but you wont mind once you notice how great it leaves you feeling. Apples and oranges make an appearance, as do turmeric and ginger, a digestive wonder.

11. Grand Daddy Purple Juice

Sure, youve heard of green juice, but are you ready for purple juice? A variety of bold-colored fruits and veggies are found in this juice, from beets and red cabbage to carrots and kale. It might sound like a weird combo, but this juice is filled with cancer-fighting compounds and anti-inflammatory agents and theres nothing weird about that.

12. Green Juice for Women

13. Homemade V8 Juice

14. Hot Pink Beautifying Juice

15. Immunity-Boosting Juice

16. Migraine Reliever Juice

20. Spinach Shots

21. Strawberry, Watermelon and Cucumber Juice

22. Sweet Cilantro Juice

Medication Prices For Multiple Sclerosis

Living with Progressive MS: Jennifers Story

Costs for prescription drugs have continued to rise in the past decade, and this is especially true for people with MS. A recent study found that out-of-pocket expenses for people with MS have risen by a factor of 20 over the 12-year period from 2004 to 2016. Talk with your doctor about medication costs, and consider a lower-deductible insurance plan. Your pharmacist may also be able to help you find programs or strategies to lower your drug costs.

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What To Consider Before Joining A Clinical Trial

Joining an MS clinical trial can be a big commitment. Although some trials might just require a short survey over the phone, others may involve frequent trips to a healthcare facility for blood tests or imaging studies. And while participating in a trial may give you access to a new treatment thats not available anywhere else, theres also a chance you could be given a placebo, or dummy treatment.

Its important to find out as much as you can about the level of commitment the trial will require and discuss the pros and cons with your family, friends, and healthcare providers before you volunteer.

Finding Doctors For Multiple Sclerosis

Most people who successfully manage MS have a team of medical professionals to help with different aspects of the condition. But because multiple sclerosis is a chronic illness that affects the central nervous system, its primarily treated by a neurologist, a doctor who specializes in treating diseases of the brain, spinal cord, and nerves.

You may need to meet with several different neurologists to find one with whom you feel comfortable. Keep looking until you find the right fit youll need to follow up with these specialists for the rest of your life. When you meet a new neurologist, ask questions about their training, how many patients they see with MS, or if they are involved in research.

If youre not sure where to start, ask your primary care doctor, or use the “Find Doctors & Resources” tool from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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In addition to your neurologist, you may consult with several other healthcare providers for MS.

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