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Hints On Buying Ingredients

Northern Brewer Cream Ale 5 Gallon Recipe Brew Day Part 1/2


Buying malt consists in:

  • Choosing the type of malt
  • Selecting the correct color
  • Choosing whether to purchase a 50lb pack or smaller ones. In gallon/5-liter brewing, we use about 2.5lb fermentables per batch, so go for smaller packs, unless you get seriously hooked and want to start your own brewery
  • Opting for crushed or uncrushed malt if you have your own mill. Crushing is a lot of additional work and a lot of mess and it wont significantly improve the taste of your beer. Plus, you are never sure if you crush it right, so better skip it

If a malt is not available where you shop for ingredients, you can look for a substitute here

Finally, you will find organic equivalents, at least for the most common malts, which wont add more than a dollar or two to your brew, so go for it if you can


Hops come in different forms Pellets are the most popular as they are easy to divide in smaller bunches if you need to add them at different boil times

If you buy hops from your local brew shop, make sure the refrigerator does not smell like hops when you open it, which would be the clue to improperly sealed packages

Before composing a beer recipe, make sure to ask your supplier to confirm the alpha acid percentages displayed on the website as they can significantly vary from one harvest to the other


Other stuff

Another thing: a good habit is to consider sanitizer, priming sugar and caps as ingredients, this way you wont forget to order them

Dont Overlook The Importance Of Technique

Ingredients arent the only traditional components of well-established beer styles. If you take another look at that tasty wheat-forward Hefeweizen, for example, youll note that beers in that style are traditionally brewed with a . If you want the same malt-rich and clove-y flavors in your beer using a single infusion mash, you might need to modify your ingredients or mash to make the recipe work.

Beyond specific style concerns, think about execution. Your 20-gallon batch size might make a lot of beer, but its probably not suited for brew-in-a-bag without modifications, like a crane and Paul Bunyans tea cup.

Beer Brewing Recipe Kits

For decades, Northern Brewer has led the way when it comes to testing and developing groundbreaking homebrew beer recipe kits. So were understandably proud to be able to offer our customers a specially-curated collection of Northern Brewer recipe kits.

Home brewing beer is easy with our Extract Beer Recipe Kits, and 1 Gallon Beer Recipe Kits.

Most beginners start with extract beer recipe kits because they take less time and have fewer steps. All grain brewing offers new techniques, new ingredients, and more control over the brewing process. Perhaps you’d like to replicate your favorite beer…for this we’ve created a line of clone beer recipe kits.

Each 5 gallon beer recipe kit yields 48-52 12 oz bottles of beer and 1 gallon kits yield 9-10 bottles. Check out the rest of our Beer Making Supplies here.

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Beer Recipe Kits And Home Brewing Recipes For Beer Making

1.5 Gallon Batch Starter Recipe Homebrew Recipe by Jaredio. Started with 1.75 gallons and ended up with 1.3 in the fermenter. Start with 2 gallon pre-boil next time. Boil off rate was about .6 gallons per hour. Measured OG came in at 1.052 used 26 ounces of DME.

For 5-gallon batches, you will need to boil at least 6 gallons , more if you want to make high-gravity beers. For many all-grain homebrewers, the heat source of choice is a propane burner. Brewing with electric has become more and more popular with those folks who would prefer to brew indoors as has brewing with induction burners.

Choose from a variety of all grain beer recipe kits from some of the top names in homebrewing, exclusively from HBS. Select from extract or all-grain clone kits, and milled, un-milled or even double milled for those BIAB brewers! From clones of some of the most popular brews to recipes of our own concoction, you’re sure to find the perfect all grain homebrew kit.

2 Gallon Craft Beer Recipe Kits Sort by Featured Best Selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, new to old Date, old to new Add to Cart

Southern Hills Homebrew Supply Extract Beer Recipe Kits Extract beer recipe kits designed by the award winning staff of Southern Hills Homebrew Supply. These kits are made fresh to order and you choose your own yeast. These kits are perfect for any skill level brewer.

Adjusting Your Beer Recipes

Kangaroo Red Ale

Youve chosen your fermentables, yeast, sugar, and adjuncts. Youve decided how you want to brew, and whether youre going to bottle or keg. But maybe you need to make a small batch to test out a new ingredient. Maybe your family has an Oktoberfest party, and you need to make 20 gallons of your famous homebrew to appease the crowd.

Whatever the reason, adjusting your existing recipes for other sizes is a fairly simple process.

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Brewing Your Best Beer With Malt Extract

This article is an exclusive online extra from the May/June 2016 issue of Zymurgy magazine.

Picture this.

Youre running late for an important meeting with a valuable client when traffic screeches to a halt. An uninterrupted river of red stretches ahead as far as you can see. You swear for a bit, look at your watch, and pick up the phone.

But before you can call to say youll be delayed, something catches your eye. Your navigation system has suggested an alternate route that doesnt just bypass traffic, but reaches your destination even earlier than you had planned. And the exit you need is just off to the right.

So, without delay, you pull onto the exit ramp, call your client, turn around, and head back home. Meetings cancelled! If you cant get there the long way, you might as well not go at all.

Makes no sense, does it? Yet we homebrewers do the very same thing when we cite not enough time as our reason for not brewing as often as wed like. Fortunately, theres an easy way to brew when youre big on thirst but short on time.

Its called malt extract, and it deserves another look.

What Goes Into A Beer Recipe

Beer is essentially just water, barley, hops, and yeast. Basically, malted barley is crushed and then soaked or mashed in 145F-158F water for about an hour to extract the sugars out of the grain. The sugar-rich liquid, or wort, is then drained off to boil for an hour. Hops are added during different parts of the boil to add bitterness, flavor, and aroma. After the boil, the wort is chilled down and transferred over to a fermenter where we add our yeast to begin the magical process of fermentation.

Just as many home brewers started, my journey started with a malt extract kit on the kitchen stove. Extract brewing takes out much of the work of the brewing process by removing the mashing step. Malt extract is exactly what it is called. Maltsters take the sweet wort after the mash and condense it down to a syrup, in some case a powder, so we can just add it to the boiling water and pick up the process after that point.

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Why Does My Extract Beer Turn Out Darker Than I Expect

Partial boils cause an increased Maillard reaction in the wort due to the condensed boil. Performing a full volume boil should help to slow down this Maillard reaction and produce a lighter wort.

Pay attention to the age of the malt extract, especially with LME. Older LME can oxidize which also causes darkening and stale flavors.

Sample Recipe American Bison Amber Ale

How to Home-brew 5 Gallons of Beer Bottling | Liquid Malt Extract | American Ale

Amber ales are great for extract brewing because steeping the dark malt provides deep, rich flavor with a beautiful amber hue. This recipe is a hopped-up version of New Belgiums Fat Tire.

Centennial hops give this brew a fresh, piney backbone with the Amarillo rounding it out with notes of orange peel and tropical fruit.

Final Volume

0 min


Sprinkle a single pack of Fermentis US-05 on top of the wort. Ferment at 68°F for about two weeks.

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Finding And Reading Beer Recipes

Of all the many excellent websites offering free beer recipes online, brewersfriend.com is certainly the most achieved and convenient as most recipes include features such as ratings, brew logs, comments and the possibility to display all-grain recipes only, that make the site stand above the crowdLets have a look at this example for a Belgian strong ale and see how to use it


The first section Fermentables shows the proportions of each malt, also called grain billDepending on recipes complexity, you will typically find three different malts here, if not moreMost grain bills include a large majority of Pilsen malt, used as a base malt in most beer recipes for its desirable light color, rounded taste and malty flavor, as well as high enzyme concentration allowing large parts of adjunct malts to be converted into simpler sugars

The main parameter you want to focus on when it comes to malt is color, which can be tricky as three different color units coexistIf the supplier you buy malt from does not use the same color codes as the recipe you are following, you can use this color converter

For a typical gallon batch, you will aim for about 2.5lb of fermentables

Most of all, when you start creating recipes and ordering the ingredients yourself, you benefit from malt that was crushed a day or two before which is much fresher than in ready kits where it has been sitting in the box for weeks, if not months



Brooklyn Brew Shop

Extract Beer Recipe Kits

Our selection of extract home brew kits is unparalleled. We’ve sold over 1 million beer brewing recipe kits since opening our doors 20 years ago. We’ve received more than 6,000 5 star reviews on our extract kits. But most impressive is we have more than 100,000 repeat customers.

Extract kits are perfect for beginner or intermediate brewers using any home brew kit. Each beer recipe kit is complete with all ingredients necessary to produce an excellent batch of craft beer.

Our ingredients are fresh and processed in small batches by hand, made to order.

You will need a home brew kit, a 3 gallon kettle and two cases of pry-off lid beer bottles.

Extract Ale Kits | Extract Lager Kits | 20 Minute Boil Kits

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Great Extract Beer Recipes For Beginners

If youve already brewed a few extract beer recipes, you probably already know that finding a good extract recipe is difficult and you can never quite be sure if it will turn out well, but you dont want to waste your time and money on a mediocre recipe. Thats why were sharing our list of favorite extract recipes that weve personally tried and loved.

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We can confidently say that these extract beer recipes will save you time and effort and they wont leave you disappointed in the end. After youve brewed them once, youll most certainly want to try them again, and maybe even tweak a few things to make your own version.

If youre a beginner, check out our guide to the homebrewing supplies youll need to get started, and read about the process of brewing so you know what to expect.

Have you read our post about the differences between the all grain and extract brewing processes, where we laid out the pros and cons of each method? See which one is right for you.

Beer Recipes: Pale Ale Ideas

Hop Cult IPA HomeBrewing Beer Brewing Recipe Kit

Grain Brewing Recipes: This selection of recipes is based upon brewing 23ltr batches with Grain and assumes a 90 minute mash at 65°C, followed by a 90 minute boil with the “Main Boil Hops” added at the beginning of the boil and the “Late Boil Hops” added 15 minutes before the end of the boil, together with Irish Moss or Protofloc.

I use this same recipe for rhubarb and it works great. However the Dandy Lion, is always the center piece of any party .

Belgo Paleo Your Price: $35.99. Blarney t’ Killarney Irish Stout Your Price: $21.99. Blond Ambition Your Price: $31.68.

Yep, this recipe should work for you if your final volume is 3 gallons. I calculated that you will probably need to start off with a 4.5 gallon volume for the boil. If your carboy has a 3 gallon capacity, you will probably need a blowoff tube to deal with the foam and the CO2 from the fermentation.

Partial Mash Brewing with a 5 Gallon Pot! A partial mash recipe usually involves mashing 3-6 pounds of grain and then using a lesser amount of malt extract . You can do this without making/buying a mash-tun and a larger pot.

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Easy Homebrew Recipes Guaranteed To Impress

When homebrewing was legalized in 1977, brewers had access to little more than a dusty can of pre-hopped malt extract with a package of dry bread yeast taped to the top. The results were often as uninspiring as they were predictable. Things have changed though. Even modest homebrew shops typically carry a wide variety of fresh malts and hops from around the world with dozens of different pure yeast cultures optimized for every imaginable style. While the expanded options are liberating, the selection can also be overwhelming.

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To help make sense of the bewildering array of options, we assembled five ridiculously simple homebrew recipes to help cut through the clutter. We also include suggestions for how you can riff on each to make it your own making your buddies green with envy.

Our recipes rely on liquid extract for the base malt, but we also include all-grain versions that assume a 65-percent mash efficiency. All batches boil the wort for 60 minutes and are designed to produce five gallons of beer.

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Wanted: Favorite 5 Gallon Biab Recipe

Our 5 gallon homebrewing kits are for brewers who want to make a lot of seriously amazing beer right from the first batch. After all, the best part of beer brewing is showing off the final product! 2021-07-27 03:06:17

From lagers to ales, to IPAs and to stouts, Northern Brewer has the largest selection of homebrew recipe kits for everyone. Each beer kit make 48 bottles. 2021-07-14 13:19:59

Cold Brew Coffee Recipe Making “Toddy” Style Cold Brew. The Toddy Commercial Cold Brewer is designed to brew 5 lbs of coffee at a time and yield 2.5 gal of extract. Our Cold Brew Starter Kit includes a 22-qt brewing container with lid, one re-usable strainer and 50 single-use commercial filters.

Brewing medium size batches has never been easier. These 2.5 Gallon recipes have been converted from our popular 5 gallon Beer Recipe Kits for brewing perfection! Perfect for small spaces, Pico Brew Systems, and testing batches!

Simplifying the post-brewing process with the Catalyst Fermentation System. Our 5 Gallon Beer Kit – New Brewer Starter Kit includes our innovative Catalyst Fermentation System, with it weve eliminated the need to siphon and transfer your beer during fermentation and included a bottling attachment making it easier than ever to make damn good beer at home.

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Converting 5 Gallon Recipes To 2 Gallon

Buy Ingredients. Create Brewing Log. Mash and Sparge Calculator. Water Chemistry Calculator. History. Family Tree. Export Text. Export BeerXML. Recipe by artinmidland American Pale Ale All Grain 5.00 Gallon Batch 60 Minute Boil 68% Efficiency Created 11/15/2018 Updated 10/19/2019 No Reviews 0 Brew Log Comments.

These 5-gallon, malt extract, homemade beer recipe kits are great for the entry-level homebrewer. We have so many flavours to choose from that we are sure there is a recipe kit to please every palate. Mild ale to an oak-aged stout, each extract beer recipe kit is hand-picked then shipped fresh right to your door.

Add sanitized lid and airlock assembly. Know and mark the 5 gallon level on your fermenter. Bring 4 cups water to a boil in mix in .5 tsp Irish Moss. Let this sit off heat while you brew. Using a 3 gallon pot or larger, Put 1.5 gal of water on to a low boil. At boil, add honey, stirring to avoid scorching.

Brewer: Mark Harper Batch Size: 5.00 gal Style: American IPA Boil Size: 6.52 gal Style Guide: BJCP 2008 Color: 9.5 SRM Equipment: Pot and Cooler – All Grain Bitterness: 101.0 IBUs Boil Time: 60 min Est OG: 1.057 Mash Profile: Single Infusion, Light Body, No Mash Out Est FG: 1.015 SG Fermentation: Ale, Two Stage ABV: 5.5% Taste Rating: 30.0

Gallon Extract Beer Recipe Kits

5 gallon batch of beer in 14 gallon FermTank

My equipment is a 10 gal Bayou Brew Kettel, a 10 Gallon converted Igloo cooler, a Wilser bag, a hop spider, Anvil 7.x gallon fermenter and I keg. As I mentioned I have only 2 brews under my belt .

You might want to consider some pectic enzyme too. I’ve only done one 5 gallon batch of JAOM and it still hasn’t cleared after about 10 months now, my 1 gallon batches always seem to clear way faster. I didn’t add any pectic enzyme to it, but after thinking about it, it might have been a good idea with all those oranges. T.

hop bill for this recipe, a full wort boil is recommended. Steep grains in 1 gallon of water at 165° F for 30 minutes, then remove and rinse grains with hot water. Stir in dextrose and top up kettle to 8 gallons , and bring to a boil.

Em Days Pale Ale. ABV: 5.1%. IBU: 38. SRM: 5. SAVE RECIPE Login or join to save this recipe. Mark as Brewed Login or join to mark this recipe as brewed. Quad-Boiled, Non-Stopped, Big Hopped & Pretzel-Topped Double India Pale Ale. Specialty IPA.

Eliminate the guess work and know that brew day is ging to rock! Our easy-to-use beer recipe calculator and designer will let you brew with total confidence. Eliminate the guess work and know that brew day is ging to rock! Brew your best beer EVER. Save 10% on Brewer’s Friend Premium today.

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