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Diabetic Renal Diet: What Is Left To Eat

Webinar: Eating healthy with diabetes and kidney disease
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Navigating how to eat healthfully for BOTH diabetes and chronic kidney disease can be overwhelming. It is easy to feel like there is absolutely nothing left to eat on a diabetic renal diet. Which is frustrating and not the caseI promise!

A healthy diet for kidneys and diabetes really isnt that complicated. Recommendations for kidney disease go right along with recommendations for diabetes. Dont believe me? Keep reading!

At This Point I Want You To Stop Thinking About All Of The Things You’re Having To Say No To And Think About Saying Yes

You might be thinking about all of the things you have to limit. It’s a feeling of I can’t have But what if we focused on the tasty foods that you can have?

What if you said YES!

Say YES to delicious food.

Say YES to healthier kidneys and blood sugar levels.

Say YES to these meal plans that have been lovingly and carefully designed with you in mind.

Now’s your chance. Or, keep reading to find out the additional training you’ll receive in this program.

The Diabetes And Kidney Connection

Anyone with diabetes is at risk of developing CKD. In fact, the number one cause of CKD is diabetes. High blood pressure also increases a persons risk of developing CKD and is the second leading cause of CKD. CKD is sometimes treated with dialysis. Dialysis is a treatment that removes excess fluid and waste from your blood. Your doctor will discuss the need for dialysis when kidney function drops below 15% or less. Increasing your knowledge of kidney health can help protect and preserve your kidney function. If you are on dialysis, use these tags to find recipes to help you plan healthy meals.

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What To Eat On A Diabetic Renal Diet

Whew! Since we are through the science of healthy eating. Lets get to the good stuff. What should people with both kidney disease and diabetes eat!?

The answer for both really boils down to this: eat mostly vegetables and fruit, some protein and some healthy whole grain carbohydrates. Really! Thats it!

Check out this table for more specifics about what foods are healthy to eat.

Drinks with “phos” ingredients. Kidney disease: if the amount of potassium in your blood is high, avoid juices.Diabetes: 1/2 cup of any sugar sweetened drink = 1 serving carbohydrate.
Work with your dietitian to determine how many servings of carbohydrate at meals is right for you if you have diabetes. Your dietitian can also help you figure out if you should be eating high or low potassium fruits and vegetables.

Role Of Diet In Kidney Disease And Diabetes

Renal/Diabetic Menu

Dietary limitations differ on the basis of the extent of kidney damage. Individuals with recent kidney disease have many diet limitations than people with kidney failure. This is also known as end-stage renal disease .

In case of a recent kidney disease diagnosis, its best to follow the doctors advice. Doctor may advise certain dietary changes. Also, for individuals with an advanced form of kidney ailment. It is advisable to stick to a kidney-friendly diet. This helps in reducing the amount of waste in the blood. These renal diabetic diet foods boost the kidney function. They also prevent its additional damage. Individuals having kidney disease must limit the intake of the following nutrients:

Every individual with kidney disease is different thereby its significant to discuss with a suitable healthcare provider about the dietary requirements. And fortunately, several delicious and healthy alternatives having a low amount of phosphorus, potassium, and sodium are available. And make a list of foods to avoid for kidney health.

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What Do The Renal Meal Plans And Recipes Look Like

How will you know what to eat for breakfast, snacks and lunches? You get a meal pattern that gives you the flexibility of choosing from the different food types and create your meals for the day. Add those items to the shopping list, and you are ready for the week.

You won’t be bored, we have new recipes every week and a variety of meals beef, chicken, turkey, vegetarian and fish.

It is done for you but it is done in a way to help you succeed. You get to customize the food choices to make it into the way it works for you to improve your kidney health.

With these menu plans you might get some time back in your day to relax Best of all, these are recipes that will make you healthier and keep you feeling great as a FAMILY. And yes, you can cook one meal and everyone from the toddlers to grandma can eat these healthy, delicious meals.

If you want to know specifics, this plan gives you a meal that contains less than 750 calories for the evening meal, less than 21 gm of protein, and less than 675 mg sodium and 750 mg Potassium. This provides the established appropriate amount for a renal pre-dialysis diet to eat. It follows the nationally recognized standards for your needs, and is what your doctor wants you to do!

Information on the meal plan is shown by recipe, and each grouping meets the restrictions for your renal pre-dialysis diet meal plan.

It’s as simple as putting the meal together using the sheet and you are always ready to eat while keeping your diet in check!

Diabetes And Kidney Disease: What To Eat

One meal plan for diabetes, another for chronic kidney disease . Find out how you can eat well for both.

If you have diabetes and CKD, youre definitely not aloneabout 1 in 3 American adults with diabetes also has CKD. The right diet helps your body function at its best, but figuring out what to eat can be a major challenge. Whats good for you on one meal plan may not be good on the other.

Your first step: meet with a registered dietitianexternal icon whos trained in both diabetes and CKD nutrition. Together youll create a diet plan to keep blood sugar levels steady and reduce how much waste and fluid your kidneys have to handle.

Medicare and many private insurance plans may pay for your appointment. Ask if your policy covers medical nutrition therapy . MNT includes a nutrition plan designed just for you, which the dietitian will help you learn to follow.

Diabetes and CKD diets share a lot of the same foods, but there are some important differences. Read on for the basics.

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Renal Diet Grocery List

For the best results, plan on meeting with a registered dietician who understands nutrition for both diabetes and CKD. Together, you can create a plan that not only keeps your blood sugar levels stable but also reduces the amount of waste your kidneys handle on a daily basis.

The good news is, your rental diet grocery list will contain CKD-diet-friendly foods because many of them are the same. Beware, however â there are some differences that should be considered. According to the American Kidney Fund, your CKD diet may be adjusted depending on the stage you’re in. The further the condition progresses, the more strict you can expect your diet to be.

The CDC says there are many foods someone with both diabetes and CKD can eat, so you’ll want to add all of them to your renal diet grocery list. These include:

  • Proteins: eggs, lean meats and unsalted seafood
  • Fruits: plums, apples, berries, cherries and grapes
  • Vegetables: eggplant, bell peppers, garlic, carrots, onions, turnips and cauliflower
  • Carbohydrates: white bread, pasta, unsalted crackers, bagels and sandwich buns
  • Drinks: water, unsweetened tea and clear diet sodas

Your dietician can provide additional safe foods and help you find recipes that taste good while allowing steering you away from foods to avoid with kidney disease and diabetes.

During this time, you’re advised to limit your fluid intake to only 16 ounces per day. If you feel thirsty, chew gum to help you.

How Do I Receive My Renal Diabetic Meal Plan And 1st Iq Module

Renal Diet | Kidney-Friendly Chopsuey Recipe
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Diet And Nutrition Are Very Important To Helping Individuals With Kidney Diseases Live Well Depending On Your Stage Of Kidney Disease And The Presence Of Other Possible Health Conditions Such As Diabetes Your Recommended Kidney Diet Can Change Over Time It’s Important To Discuss With Your Healthcare Team Your Specific Nutritional Needs There Is No One

AAKP Delicious!

The AAKP Delicious! recipe series program was created to support those affected by kidney disease, whether youre a patient or family member, in your efforts to take charge of your health care through nutrition.

Let our recipes and information about nutrition and cooking inspire you. Get ready to experience the joy of preparing and sharing kidney-friendly meals!

Our team at AAKP Delicious! have created easy and delicious recipes for individuals at all stages of kidney disease and with different dietary needs. Each recipe has a complete nutrient analysis and an indication as to what type of patient it is best suited for: CKD Non-Dialysis Dialysis Dialysis/Diabetes Transplant.

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Foods To Avoid With Kidney Disease And Diabetes

Consume less salt or sodium content

This is great for people with diabetes. Also, it is very essential for people with kidney disease. With time, kidneys fail to control the sodium-water balance in the body. If there is less sodium in the diet, a reduction in blood pressure is possible. And, it may be well-controlled. And there is a reduced buildup of fluids in the body. It is very common in kidney problems.

Why It’s Important In Kidney Disease


Damaged kidneys may not be able to remove all of the waste from the protein a person consumes. The more of this waste the kidneys have to deal with, the harder it can be on them, causing harmful wear-and-tear.

Besides further damage to already-compromised kidneys, a build-up of protein waste can cause symptoms such as nausea, loss of appetite, weakness, and changes in the way things taste.

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You Want A Plan So You Dont Have To Work So Hard To Follow Your Renal Low Sodium And Diabetic Diet No Worries You Have Just Found Your Meal Planning Solution

This renal, low sodium, and diabetic diet plan is based on your need for a renal diet menu with diabetic diet limitations.

You get it allBreakfast, Lunch and Snack choices via our specialized meal patterns plus family recipes for 7 meals for every week. Each and every day has a unique recipe for 365 days a year. There is no reason that each and every week you should not find delicious meals for you and your family to enjoy!

You may have diabetes and developed kidney disease at a later point. Or you may just be starting to follow a more strict diabetic renal diet meal plan because you have developed some complications. Either way, this renal diabetic meal plan is for you if you have a need for lower carbohydrate , protein , and sodium .

The meal plan is built using both cardiac, renal and diabetic restrictions so you can feel comfortable with following it and seeing results. If you want to know specifics, this plan gives you ) less than 650 calories, less than 75 grams carbohydrate, less than 35 grams protein, less than 675 mg Sodium and less than 1000 mg Potassium. It follows the nationally recognized standards for your needs, what your doctor wants you to do!

Information on the meal plan is shown by recipe, and each grouping meets the restrictions for both the renal and diabetic meal plans you need.

We guarantee you will enjoy this plan!

Want to know more? Take a look at a Sample Menu Plan.


Renal diabetic diet meal plan

Diet Plan For Renal Diabetic Patients

Diabetic kidney disease is a type of kidney failure caused by diabetes, a condition characterized by high glucose levels. A high blood sugar in the blood damages the millions of tiny filtering units of kidney leading to kidney failure. Diet is one of the important components in managing diabetes and kidney disease. In diabetic with CKD patients, control of blood sugar level is an important factor to slow down the progression of kidney disease. Low protein, low sodium, and low fat diet are prescribed for patients of diabetes with chronic renal failure. Avoid simple sugars and sweets, carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol, fried food, salty foods etc.

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Why It Matters In Kidney Disease

When kidneys start to fail, sodium can accumulate in cells and cause fluid to build up in the tissuesswelling that’s known as called edema. Edema usually occurs in the face, hands, and lower extremities.

Excess sodium also causes blood pressure to rise , shortness of breath, and fluid around the heart and lungs. Too much sodium in the diet can contribute to damage to the kidneys and exacerbate swelling.

When your kidneys are not healthy, extra sodium and fluid build up in your body. This can cause swollen ankles, puffiness, a rise in blood pressure, shortness of breath, and/or fluid around your heart and lungs.

The Solution: Delicious Meal Plans For Kidney Health

Diabetes And Kidney Disease: Renal Diet Tips to manage blood sugar and eat kidney friendly

Designed as a pre-dialysis and diabetic meal plan for real people living in the REAL WORLD, this plan meets the guidelines to make it a renal diet, but it does not limit you to tasteless, boring meals.

This weekly meal plan with recipes will help you to control your protein intake and you’ll feel full all day!

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Sample Renal Meal Plan

For people with diabetes who have kidney disease, it is essential to follow a diet that takes your individual health needs into account. Depending on those needs, a meal plan for one day may resemble the following one. Estimated totals: 1600 calories, 60 grams protein, 1500 mg sodium, 2300 mg potassium, 800 mg phosphorus. BREAKFAST 4 ounces unsweetened grape juice 1 cup Rice Krispies cereal 4 ounces liquid nondairy creamer 1/2 English muffin 1 teaspoon low-sodium margarine 1 tablespoon fruit jam LUNCH 2 slices low-calorie white bread 2 ounces sliced fresh roasted turkey Lettuce and onion for sandwich 1 teaspoon light mayonnaise 1 medium apple 1 cup raw baby carrots 4 vanilla wafers 12 ounces Diet Sprite DINNER 3 ounces baked pork tenderloin 1/3 cup white rice topped with one sliced scallion 1 cup steamed fresh green beans 12 seedless grapes 1 small white roll 2 teaspoons low-sodium margarine Water BEDTIME SNACK 1 small slice plain sponge cake 1/2 cup unsweetened canned peaches 2 tablespoons light nondairy whipped topping WaterContinue reading > >

Renal Diet Foods To Avoid

According to the CDC, It’s important to avoid foods that are high in sodium. It’s not only a good move for your diabetes, but it’s crucial for CKD because, over time, your kidneys may lose their ability to control the sodium-water balance. When you consume less sodium, you’ll lower blood pressure and decrease fluid buildup in the body.

Aim for mostly fresh and homemade food, eating only small portions of packaged and restaurant foods because those are fairly high in sodium. Ideally, packaged food should contain 5 percent or less sodium per serving.

Depending on the stage of your kidney disease, you may also need to limit the phosphorus, potassium and protein in your diet. This means avoiding things like:

Your body will still require protein, but eating too much of it will make your kidneys work harder than they need to and worsen your CKD. Your dietician will help you determine the optimal protein intake and guide you with both plant and animal sources.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, if you both have diabetes and are on dialysis, the key is to balance your carbohydrates. Everybody needs carbs, so it’s not a good idea to cut them out completely. Instead, focus on portion size and limit your overall intake.

A slice of bread, one-half cup of pasta, one-half cup of cooked cereal and one-half cup of cereal all count as one serving of carbohydrates.

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Diabetic Renal Diet Meal Ideas

You may be thinking: Great, Melanie. I know I should eat more vegetables, but how can I make a meal out of those! Here are some ideas for building a healthy meal that fits with making ½ of your plate vegetables along with a little grain and a little protein.

Check out my recipes for more meal ideas for people with kidney disease and diabetes.

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