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CREAMY VEGAN PASTA RECIPES 2 quick & easy dinner ideas

Feb 23, 2020 by Katia ·

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Pasta night, anyone? Here youll find an amazing collection of incredible vegan pasta recipes: tasty, colorful, and perfect for any occasion!

From simple midweek meals perfect for the whole family to the most impressive pasta dishes for your dinner parties.Vegan pasta dishes loaded with wholesome ingredients, healthy vegetables, pesto, and flavorsome creamy sauces.

Pasta is a must. Its quick, tasty, cheap, filling, a blank canvas for many delicious ingredients

If you wonder how to make vegan pasta dishes that taste delicious, these 35+ delish vegan recipes will help you to make the most of this humble pantry staple.


This juicy cherry tomato pasta salad is bursting with flavor, ready in 10 minutes, and requires only 5 ingredients.It makes a simple, convenient, and delish pasta recipe absolutely perfect for any summer gathering.


If you look for unique pasta recipes, this quick and delicious pasta dish will impress you! Plus, it makes a luscious meal ready in 30 minutes!


This gluten-free pasta is tossed in a creamy, incredibly flavorful vegan pea pesto. Its so delicious and nutritious!



Creamy Vegan Pasta Recipes

Who says you need dairy to make a rich and creamy pasta? In these vegan pasta recipes, plant-based ingredients like cashews, cauliflower, and butternut squash blend into smooth, velvety pasta sauces.

Creamy Miso Brussels Sprout Fettuccine, page 65 of The Love & Lemons CookbookWhite miso paste is the star ingredient in this comforting vegan fettuccine. It adds umami flavor to the creamy sauce without the help of any dairy or nutritional yeast.

Creamy Sweet Corn Pappardelle, page 167 of Love & Lemons Every DayIm a sucker for summer sweet corn, and this luscious pasta is one of my favorite ways to eat it. I blend some corn kernels into the creamy, sweet, and smoky sauce and toss others with the pasta for crunch. Note: Seek out eggless pasta to make this recipe vegan.

How To Make Creamy Vegan Garlic Cashew Sauce

The dairy free garlic cashew sauce is basically a delicious, plant-based take on alfredo sauce and I am all for it. To make it:

  • Soften the cashews. Youll do this by soaking them in 2 cups of warm water for at least 2 hours. Otherwise, Ive found that you can easily speed up the process by adding the raw cashews to a pot with water and placing over high heat. Bring water to a boil, then immediately turn off the heat let the cashews sit for about 20-30 minutes in the hot water, then drain.
  • Add the ingredients to your blender. Once the cashews have finished soaking: add drained cashews, ½ cup fresh water, fresh lemon juice, garlic salt, onion powder and black pepper to a blender.
  • Blend until smooth. Blend up all of the ingredients on high until sauce comes together. Taste and add any additional salt & pepper as necessary. If you want a bit of a thinner sauce, add 1-2 tablespoons more water. Set aside until ready to use.
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    Creamy Vegan One Pot Pasta

    This Asian style vegan one pot pasta is the perfect meal for busy weeknights. Its super creamy, delicious, healthy, and insanely easy to make!

    For the sauce I used a combination of red curry paste and coconut milk. So its a unique mixture of Thai curry and pasta! And because its a one pot meal, you dont even a lot of dishes to clean up.

    An Easy Vegan Pasta Recipe Perfect For Weeknight Cooking

    Pin on Delicious Vegan Meal Recipes

    my absolute favorite, favorite, favorite thing about this lemony basil creamy vegan pasta recipe is how easy it is to throw together, especially on a weeknight. the whole dish comes together in less than 25 minutes truly, the longest part of this recipe is waiting for the water to boil!

    to make this lemony basil creamy vegan pasta any night of the week, youll need to:

    • boil your pasta & broccoli.
    • quickly chop & sauté some veggies.
    • make the lemony basil creamy pasta sauce.
    • toss it all together!

    if youre the kind of person who likes meal prepping, you can totally chop up your veggies & make the lemony basil creamy vegan pasta sauce in advance. store everything separately in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. at dinnertime all you have to do is boil the pasta & toss it all together it couldnt be easier!

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    Mouthwatering Vegan Pasta Recipes

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    36 Mouthwatering Vegan Pasta Recipes that are full of flavor and easy to make. Many are one-pot, all are delicious and satisfying. Pick out a couple to try this week!

    Whether you are simply trying to eat less meat, add more plant-based meals to your diet, try to new pasta recipe, or transitioning to fully vegan lifestyle – these vegan pasta recipes are just what you are looking for! Filling, easy to make, and full of flavors, I am sure you are going to find some new favorite recipes here. I am here to convince you, that vegan food never has to be boring or bland!

    Vegan Dinner 00: Mushroom Pasta W Garlic And Tomatoes + Easy Coffee Mousse + Chili Lemon Broccoli

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    Turn on captions for instructions | Get recipes: Roasted broccoli

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    Patties Meatloaf & Meatballs

    Lemony Oregano Vegan Meatballs. These vegan meatballs are naturally gluten-free and filled with wholesome ingredients like walnuts, oats, flax seeds, plenty of spices, and white beans. They can be served so many ways, making them a great dinner starting point.

    Squash Patties with Mixed Herb Salsa Verde. This take on a veggie patty is super flavourful, hearty with lentils, oats, pecans and millet, and also perfectly balanced with the fresh and zesty salsa verde on the side. Naturally gluten-free and easily made nut/soy-free as well.

    Spicy Vegan Buffalo Meatloaf Minis. All the comfort of classic vegan nut/bean loaf but with the added excitement Buffalo-style hot sauce. We also keep the ketchup glaze here because its absolutely key! 🙂

    Sweet Potato Cake Patties with Lemony Slaw. This recipe is truly incredible. I love making a batch and eating on them throughout the week, for any meal! I also add whatever sounds good to the patties, and have had success with finely chopped kale and beet greens/stems when I dont have parsley. Exquisite. Thank you for such a wonderful recipeone of my all-time vegan favorites! Annie

    Giant Vegan Mushroom Meatballs & Garlic Bread. This is one of my personal favourite vegan dinner recipes! I just cant resist the allure of anything with marinara honestly. I have them with garlic bread in this recipe, but spaghetti is clearly also a winner to be served alongside!

    Vegan Pasta Recipes To Try


    1.) ThisCreamy Lemon Spaghettiisfull of delicious garlicky lemon flavor. With just a touch of heat, this pasta dish is perfectly seasoned and absolutely scrumptious.

    2.) This Pasta with Roasted Pepper Sauce is creamy, full of flavor, and so satisfying. The roasted red peppers in this delicious sauce take a regular pasta night and really level it up!

    3.) This Mushroom Bolognese Pasta is so flavorful and has a great texture. The mushrooms add so much to this red sauce, and you’ll love how easy it is to prepare and make ahead.

    4.) This Carrot Pasta Sauce is smooth and creamy, and it goes perfectly with any pasta. It has a sweet and savory flavor that you’ll find completely irresistible.

    5.) If you are looking for a quick, tasty, and filling meal, this One-Pot Pasta with Spinach is just what you need! Minimum cleanup and prep work maximum flavor!

    6.) This Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta is creamy, smooth, and delicious. Made with these sweet-tart tomatoes, garlic, and cashews, this pasta dish is full of flavor and surprisingly easy to make.

    7.) This healthy Pasta with Spinach Sauce is a super easy weeknight meal that will get your kids eating spinach! It is easy to make and tasty, so add this one to your recipe list!

    8.) This Fettuccine in Tomato Sauce is full of juicy tomatoes, pungent garlic, and fresh herbs. If you like your pasta full of flavor, then you’re going to love this delicious dish.

    Please, let me know which are your favorites in the comments below!

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    Vegan Ricotta Ravioli With Roasted Garlic

    Keep vampires at bay with this delightfully garlicky ravioli recipe with vegan ricotta.

    These little pasta pockets are filled with sweet roasted garlic and creamy, salted almond ricotta which are so flavoursome as they are you dont even need a sauce.

    This tasty recipe has a handy step-by-step guide to show you how to make the ravioli yourself at home.

    Vegan Pasta Primavera Ingredients

    Youll basically just need tons of fresh summer veggies, pasta, seasonings and cashews to make this simple yet oh-so-delicious vegan pasta primavera:

    • Pasta: I like using penne pasta, but feel free to use any kind of pasta youd like .
    • Olive oil: for cooking your veggies till theyre nice and tender.
    • Veggies: were using red onion, carrot, red bell pepper, broccoli, cherry tomatoes and of course, zucchini. Truly eating the rainbow with this easy vegan pasta primavera! Feel free to mix and match based on what you have. Corn and asparagus would be delicious, too!
    • Italian seasoning: for a little Italian flavor in the pasta.
    • For the creamy garlic cashew sauce: youll need raw cashews, water, lemon juice, garlic, onion powder, salt & pepper.
    • Optional for serving:red pepper flakes, extra salt & pepper and garlic crostini or my famous homemade garlic bread.

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    Easy Vegan Pasta Recipes

    As a 25-year vegetarian and a born-and-raised Italian, I’ve eaten more than my share of pasta dishes. And I wouldn’t want my vegan readers to miss out on a single bite. So I’ve pulled together all my best vegan pasta recipes right here. Bon Apetit!

    There’s something just so comforting about a big, piping hot bowl of pasta. It’s comfort food at it’s absolute best.

    And over the years, I’ve created a whole lot of vegan pasta recipes!

    Pasta is one of our weeknight staples for a quick and easy vegan dinner, that can often be made with ingredients that I already have in the kitchen.

    Some of them are even one-pot vegan recipes, meaning you can cook the whole thing in a single pot. So there’s hardly any clean-up.

    So today I’m pulling together all my most popular vegan pasta recipes in this one handy article. You might want to bookmark this one, so you can come back again and again!

    If you love vegan cooking, make sure you grab a copy of my free vegan cheat sheet while youre here. Its packed with all my favorite plant-based substitutions to help you vegan-ize any recipe!

    How To Cook Dried Pasta Properly

    17 Vegetarian Pasta Dishes

    Cooking dried pasta is easy, but its not as simple as just dumping it in pot and waiting 10 minutes. For the best results, keep these tips in mind.

    Wait for a rolling boil. If you drop the pasta in before the water gets to a rolling boil, you may find yourself with mushy noodles that stick together.

    Dont go easy on the salt. Adding salt to the water is an important step to make sure the pasta itself has flavor. For 4 quarts of water, I recommend 2 tablespoons of Diamond Kosher Salt . If using sea salt, use half the amount. Keep in mind that most of the salt you add remains in the water, so dont worry about adding too much.

    Check the pasta early. I like to taste the pasta a minute or two before the stated cook time on the package has elapsed. If your noodles will be cooked again after boiling , youll want to take them out of the water just before they turn al dente.

    Save some pasta water for later. For most recipes, its a good idea to save a cup of pasta water before you drain it. Pasta water is high in starch and is a great way to thicken pasta sauces and help them better stick to the noodles.

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    A Few Pasta Cooking Tips

    • Salt your water! Click here to learn how. Your pasta will have better texture and flavor.
    • Is there really a difference between cheap and expensive pasta? I recently learned that in fact, there is! It’s all about the texture: the cheap stuff has a smoother surface that doesn’t mingle with the sauce as nicely. More details on all that here.
    • Put your pasta water to use! This is a great tip for saucy pasta dishes: reserve a half cup or so of your pasta’s cooking water, then combine it with your pasta and sauce in a hot pan. Heat everything up long enough to reduce the excess water you just added. You’ll be left with just a little bit of extra starch, which will create a nice bond between your pasta and sauce.
    • Looking for ways to healthy-up your pasta? Try whole wheat or bean pasta.Lately I’m a big fan of Trader Joe’s red lentil pasta. It’s a bit firmer than regular pasta and it does taste a bit like lentils, but I actually kind of really dig that.

    Zingy Farfalle Pesto Pasta

    Transport yourself to Italy with this beautiful pasta dish that is bursting with the fresh flavours of fennel, lemon, basil and parsley.

    Dont be fooled by its simple appearance, the flavours of this vegan pasta dish are so complex you wont be able to help yourself going back for seconds.

    Watch how to make this tasty vegan pasta dish here:

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    One Pot Pasta: Easy Vegan 20 Minute Dinner

    By Ela on 6. October, 2021 | . This post may contain affiliate links*. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    This simple one-pot pasta is super cozy and comforting with your pasta of choice, mixed vegetables, and a creamy tomato sauce. All you need is ONE pot or pan and 20 minutes for this dairy-free, vegan, versatile, creamy pasta recipe!

    I Love To Hear From You Guys

    Vegan Sausage Pasta Bake – Easy Holiday Dinner Recipe!

    I hope you enjoy these vegan paste recipes as much as I do! Dont forget to pin or share this post so you have these recipes ready when you need them!

    If you give any of these vegan pasta dishes a try, Id love to know what you think about it. Just leave me a comment below. Your comments really make my day!

    You like my recipes and roundups and want to see more? Then follow me on , , or !

    Sina xx

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    Simple Ingredients For Vegan Pasta Sauce

    I love how simple the ingredients are in this recipe. Theyre fresh, easy to find, and pair extraordinarily well together.

    • Tomatoes: this recipe calls for roasting, so we recommending using medium/large tomatoes, but any kind will work.
    • Yellow Onion: onion offers up an incredible flavor add. Its savory, yet sweet at the same time.
    • Garlic: roasted garlic is a dream. This vegan pasta recipe calls for 6 cloves, but heck, you could use an entire head if you wanted! Check out this quick tutorial for how to roast garlic.
    • Olive Oil: olive oil is used to help break down the tomatoes and onions during roasting.
    • Pasta: feel free to use any kind of pasta your heart desires.
    • Raw Cashews: raw cashews are the basis of this vegan pasta sauce. Well give you the full run down below of whether to use raw or roasted cashews.
    • Fresh Basil: fresh basil adds such a wonderful freshness to this sauce. Dont skip it!

    Mistakes To Avoid When Cooking Mushrooms

    Mushrooms get a bad rap for two main reasons . First, they can be soggy, watery, and slimy in texture. Second, they can be not so flavorful .

    But once you learn the secrets behind getting beautifully browned, even crispy mushrooms that are packed with flavor, a whole new culinary world opens up to you. So here are mistakes to avoid when cooking mushrooms + tips on how to cook mushrooms the right way.

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    Thai Pineapple Fried Rice

    This Thai pineapple fried rice is one of my favorite recipes for busy days! Its super easy to make, healthy, and so yummy. Plus, its SO colorful! Eating this pineapple rice will be like taking a trip to Thailand!

    You used to love the meatballs at IKEA? Then this recipe for vegan Swedish meatballs by Lauren from Rabbit and Wolves is perfect for you! The vegan meatballs are made of tempeh, breadcrumbs and lots of spices!

    Herbivores and omnivores alike will love this vegan version of Swedish meatballs!

    Sweet Potato Gnocchi With Brown Butter And Sage

    Easy, 20 Minute Vegan Pasta

    If you’ve gotten all the way to the end of this list of the best vegetarian pasta recipes and not settled on dinner tonight, perhaps the answer is homemade gnocchi instead. Did you know that you can start with almost any vegetable?

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