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Spiced Cranberry Pear And Maple Chutney

3 PALEO DINNER RECIPES | Gluten free, dairy free healthy!

Instead of canned cranberry sauce this year, why not try something different? Sure, you could keep things fresh by making homemade cranberry saucebut why not spice things up a bit and make a Cranberry, Pear and Maple Chutney instead? This chutney from Flexitarian Nutrition is a perfect addition to your holiday dinner plate and it also makes a delicious dip or a topping for gluten-free crackers!

Here Are Some Delicious Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes That Youll Love:

Turkey Shepherds Pie This is one of my fool-proof recipes. Simply brown the ground turkey and onions, make a simple sauce, then top with mashed potatoes and shredded dairy free cheese. After a few minutes in the oven its ready to go! Easy and delicious comfort food.

Garlic Spaghetti We looooooooooooove garlic over here, so this is always a favorite. Garlic spaghetti is a great meal to make when you dont have much else in the pantry! It just requires garlic, olive oil, and gluten free pasta.

Chicken Tacos Tacos of any kind are always a hit at our house. I like to make my own seasoning as well that way I can adjust the spice level as needed for little ones.

Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Pork with Cilantro Rice This dish is made in the slow cooker which results in very tender and flavorful meat. It reminds me of the pork from Qdoba. We love it with cilantro rice, but it would also be great in tacos or burritos. This slow cooker pork would also be delicious served with mashed potatoes and gluten free gravy.

Creamy Spinach Walnut Pesto This bright green creamy pesto sauce is very easy to whip up in the blender or food processor. Simply blend the ingredients for the pesto while you boil some gluten free noodles, and dinner is served in just a few minutes! If you cant do nuts, I would recommend substituting pumpkin seeds in this pesto.

And as a bonus, here are a few gluten free dairy free recipes for desserts:

Green Pea Buckwheat Risotto

Green Pea Buckwheat Risotto by My Goodness Kitchen

You dont need to be the Incredible Hulk or a green-eyed monster to enjoy this vibrant green goodness. We love the creativity of this gluten-free dinner recipe that swaps arborio rice for buckwheat and uses a zingy pea sauce instead of cheese. And, an an extra special bonus, no stirring!

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Paleo Pecan Caramel Cheesecake Bars

If youre looking for a delicious dessert idea this winter, try these paleo cheesecake bars.

Theyre made using a good amount of cashews, and made with a blondie crust, a cheesecake layer, and a caramel pecan topping. Whats not to love?

For a quick and easy winter dessert idea, try a mug cake! This cake is made with almond meal, cacao powder, baking powder, salt, egg, maple syrup, olive oil, and vanilla.

It can be made entirely in your microwave and its gluten and dairy-free!

Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes Everyone Will Love

Easy Dairy &  Gluten

Are you looking for a fantastic collection of gluten-free dairy-free recipes? Look no further! These are some of my favorite easy meals to keep you healthy and satisfied! So whether youre looking for nourishing breakfast ideas, easy recipes, or quick healthy dinners, there are plenty of delicious new recipes the entire family will love!

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Top With Lemon And Herbs

The fun part about this salmon and asparagus is the seasoning! Fresh lemon and fresh herbs is simple, but classic. Heres what to know about adding these seasonings to your sheet pan meal:

  • Place lemon slices on the asparagus, not the salmon! Dont place the lemon on top of the salmon because it makes the top gooey, not crispy! But its perfect right on the asparagus: it infuses the perfect lemon flavor.
  • Use fresh herbs like chives, thyme, mint, basil, or whatever you have on hand! Its just for a garnish, so you dont have to measure. But it adds great flavor! We used chives and thyme from our garden.

Easy Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes Your Family Will Love

20 easy gluten free dairy free recipes for youdelicious, family friendly recipes that youll love making!

Cheesy casseroles, flavorful noodle dishes, cream saucesthese are all things that you can still enjoy even if you are on a gluten free and dairy free diet.

Are you surprised? Its true! With the right substitutions, you can still enjoy amazingly delicious comfort food thats gluten and dairy free. It can be confusing to know what substitutions to use when you first eliminate gluten or dairy. And dont even get me started on the cost of ingredients! I have a couple of resources to help you on your way:

Learn all about what ingredients to use for different recipes in my guide to dairy substitutes.

Find out where and how to save money on gluten free ingredients in my post about eating gluten free on a budget.

Once youve found your ingredients, youre probably wondering what gluten free dairy free recipes to prepare? How can you be sure your new recipes will work out? Ive spent lots of time trying and testing recipes that are free of dairy and gluten ingredients, and Im excited to share these recipes with you. They are family friendly and so delicious.

These are all gluten free dairy free recipes, but if you do eat dairy, feel free to swap in regular butter or cheese if you wish.

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Instant Pot Tomato Soup Paleo & Vegan

This soup is so delicious, seriously. Perfect texture, nice and creamy, and all I added was salt. And what makes it even more amazing is that it really is as easy as throwing it all in the instant pot and letting it do its thing. It has officially hit the regular rotation list!! Katie

Wow was this ever good! My entire family loved it and husband had seconds and a half. I did not have cumin so I used just chili powder. Jenn

It Up: Use A Kitchen Torch

3 Quick & Healthy Gluten-Free Dinner Recipes | Healthy Meal Plans

Want next level nachos? Heres a tip we learned while making this nachos recipe. To get our cheese a little gooier for the photo, we used a kitchen torch you know, the kind you use for creme brulee. Turns out, it infuses a delightfully smoky nuance into nachos! We assume most of you probably dont have one of these at home, but if you do: try running it lightly over the cheese. Its very, very good.

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What Can I Make For Someone Who Is Gluten

There are so many things that you can make for someone that is gluten-free!

  • All animal based proteins are gluten free.
  • Most legumes are also gluten free.
  • All vegetables and fruit are naturally gluten free
  • Some grains are even gluten free like rice and quinoa!

Instead of focusing on the things that gluten free people cant have, focus on all the ingredients that they can enjoy!

Dairy Free Gluten Free Dinner Recipes

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This is a collection of delicious quick and easy healthy dairy free gluten free dinner recipes to eat on a gluten free dairy free diet!

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Garden Veggie Vegan Buddha Bowl

Garden Veggie Vegan Buddha Bowl by Cotter Crunch

How much nutrient-density can you squeeze into one bowl? A lot, as it turns out. This gluten-free dinner recipe is packed to the brim with a variety of micro and macronutrients, along with a range of tastes and textures. Plus, its hard to resist bowl foods, right?

Gluten Free Dairy Free Recipes

50+ Vegan &  Gluten

Enjoy this curated list of some of my favorite easy gluten-free recipes that also happen to be dairy-free. Ive included nourishing whole foods breakfast recipes, easy weeknight meal recipes for dinner, meatless recipes , sheet pan meals, soups, savory snacks, gluten-free dairy-free desserts, and more.

Packed with tons of flavor, you wont miss the dairy or gluten at all. Enjoy in delicious health!

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Slow Cooker Cheesy Broccoli Chicken Rice

An easy recipe for cheesy broccoli chicken rice made in the slow cooker. Family friendly comfort food thats sure to please!

Whos in the mood for some comfort food?

This cold weather had me wanting something cheesy and comforting, and I didnt want to exert any effort. Dont you love it when you can make a tasty dish thats allergy friendly, simple, and it requires very little effort? This is that kind of dish.

Chicken with broccoli is always a favorite combination, and with the addition of cheese, this is just perfect. This cheesy broccoli chicken rice is so easy, and very comforting. Its filling, tasty, creamy, and cheesy. Be sure to add the broccoli at the very end so that it retains its nutrients and doesnt turn to mush.

This is a recipe that the whole family will love! And its naturally gluten free, and easily made dairy free with the addition of dairy free cheese.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.


This cheesy broccoli chicken rice is perfect comfort food for those days when you just dont feel like cooking, or dont have the time.

My other favorite sweet potato recipe: this slow cooker sweet potato wild rice soup.

Since I cooked this on high, I did keep an eye on the liquid level in the pot.

At about two and a half or three hours in, I added some more broth. You should not add cold liquids to a hot crockpot, so you do need to microwave or warm up the broth on the stove before you add it to the crockpot.

Apple Walnut Spinach Salad

I love having a good winter salad recipe on hand, and this one fits the bill. It uses in season Brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds, and apples.

Enjoy this with a homemade vinaigrette with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, shallot, honey, coconut aminos, and sesame seeds for a delicious and healthy lunch option.

This delicious and healthy cabbage soup is full of flavor from kielbasa sausage, leeks, carrots, celery, cabbage, garlic, and Italian seasoning.

Enjoy making this ahead for the perfect winter meal prep for lunches.

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What Can You Eat

Many people panic when they realize they cant eat their favorite dishes that are made with milk, cheese, yogurt, wheat, or wheat flours. Its true that many cuisines are based around using foods like pasta, cream, and flour.

But, the good news is that its much easier to find gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives these days. Or, you can simply use real food alternatives that are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free .

Most grocery stores are actually packed with foods that can fit with this type of diet, including lean proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats like avocados, nuts and seeds, and more. And there are plenty of naturally gluten-free grains that you can use including rice, buckwheat, quinoa, amaranth, and more.

Ive personally been eating GF/DF for almost a decade now, and I have found it to be a sustainable way to manage my autoimmune disease and PCOS .

Tuesday: Pad Thai Egg Roll In A Bowl


Servings: 4

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 1/2 Red, 1 1/2 Green, 1/2 Blue and 2 sweetener teaspoons

Weight Watchers Blue Plan Points : 4

Servings: 4

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 1/2 Red, 3/4 Green, 1 Yellow

Weight Watchers Blue Plan Points : without avocado, 5 points with 1/4 of an avocado, 6 points

Servings: 7

21 Day Fix Container Counts per Serving: 1 Red, 1 Green, 2 Tsp, 1 sweetener tsp

Weight Watchers Blue Plan Points : 7

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What Foods Are Gluten And Dairy

  • Fresh Veggies and Fresh Fruit: All including apples, bell peppers, berries, bok choy, broccoli, carrots, citrus fruit, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, & zucchini noodles.
  • Beans and Legumes: All including black beans, chickpeas, lentils, navy beans, soybeans, and white bean.
  • Nuts and Seeds: All including almond milk, almond butter, coconut milk, chia seeds, macadamia nuts, peanut butter, pecans, pistachios, sesame seeds, & sunflower seeds.
  • Animal Proteins: Beef, eggs, chicken, pork, seafood, and turkey.
  • Gluten-Free Grains: Amaranth, buckwheat, corn, fonio, gluten-free bread and pasta, oats , quinoa, brown rice, sorghum, teff, & wild rice.
  • Healthy Fats: Avocados, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil, & high-oleic sunflower oil.
  • Flavor Boosters: Fresh herbs, spices, black pepper, citrus zest, gluten-free soy sauce, lemon juice, maple syrup, sea salt, and more.

Be sure to keep these simple ingredients on hand to make healthy eating a breeze!

Ginger & Spring Onion Chicken

I have just made this for our evening meal with brown rice and quinoa it was so delicious. This has always been my favourite dish from the Chinese takeaway and I have always wanted to make it. This recipe was sooooo easy, although I added green peppers with the spring onions instead of the white onions Teri

My teenage daughter helped me make this and said upon tasting it, this tastes like a real Chinese dish! we were all blown away by the deliciousness. We also threw in some broccoli. Eliza

What are your favourite gluten and dairy free meals?

Feel free to leave a comment sharing your favourite gf/df dish! Bonus points to you if it can be found online with a link!

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Spicy Baked Salmon With Pomegranate Raita

You dont have to make a turkey for your Christmas dinner and this salmon makes a fabulously festive alternative! Its rubbed in warming spices like coriander, cardamom and cumin and optionally it may be topped with a pomegranate raita, which is a yogurt based dip. I recommend using plain almond or coconut yogurt instead of milk-based yogurts if you have a dairy-sensitivity. This heart healthy and delicious recipe is from Colleen at The Food Blog.

Wild Rice & Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash


This Wild Rice and Cranberry Stuffed Squash makes for a delicious side to your holiday meal but can also stand alone as a delicious vegetarian main dish! The sweetness of the acorn squash and cranberries combines deliciously with the aromatic flavours of sage and thyme. Get your forks ready for a healthy feast!

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Easy Vegan Taco Salad

On the lookout for easy gluten free dairy free dinner ideas? Vegan Taco Salad to the rescue! This genius recipe comes to you by the magic of Walnut Taco Meat: a tasty way to make a plant-based version of ground beef. Turns out, walnuts, mushrooms and spices do a spot on job of simulating the savory goodness of meat crumbles. Top with salsa and enjoy.

Low Fodmap Khichdi Chicken And Rice

Love this recipe, it has fallen right in to my rotation. The chicken comes out great, browned on the outside without being dry on the inside. Only one pot to clean. I use homemade stock, brown rice, add whatever suitable extra veg I have, and toss in the tiniest pinch of cayenne to add a hint of heat. Lovely.

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What Shrimp To Buy

There are lots of options at the store when it comes to shrimp! When youre shopping for this shrimp stir fry, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Wild caught. Fish that is wild caught in your country is usually a sustainable choice. There are also quality options in well-regulated farms see Seafood Watch Consumer Guide.
  • Find medium shrimp . Medium shrimp is our favorite, because its bite-sized and distributes well with the veggies. Large works too! Medium is labeled as 41 to 50 count, and Large as 31 to 40 count .
  • Use tail on or peeled. Tail on looks nice, but you do have to remove the tails with your hands as you eat them! Peeled is nice, especially when serving kids.
  • Fresh or frozen. Both have essentially the same freshness because most shrimp are immediately flash frozen. Just make sure to thaw the shrimp in advance.

Important: Thin Asparagus Is Key


Heres a tip for working with asparagus: buy thin asparagus if you can find it! Thin, young asparagus spears are much more tender and tastier than large stalks, which can be very tough. When you roast thin asparagus, it comes out sweet and beautifully cooked! We were able to find some very thin bunches at our local grocery store, and after this recipe we decided to always look for thin asparagus. It tastes so much better!

Another tip for working with asparagus: always trim off the tough, woody bottoms of the stalks. Heres how to trim asparagusfast!

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Thick And Creamy Dairy

Thick and Creamy Dairy-Free Chowder by Sondi Bruner

You might be surprised to discover the secret ingredient that makes this dairy-free chowder so thick and creamy and it aint cream, coconut milk or almond milk. A hearty gluten-free dish that is the perfect candidate for whatever veggies you have lying around in the fridge.

Warm Winter Kale & Delicata Squash Salad With Maple Vinaigrette

This beautifully coloured winter salad is sure to be a hit at your holiday dinner table! Roasted delicata squash with warming spices like nutmeg and clove, kale, hazelnuts, dried cranberries and a delicious maple syrup-sweetened red wine vinaigrette. Yum! Thanks to Do You Even Paleo for this gourmet gluten-free holiday recipe!

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