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How To Make A Salt Rim For A Margarita

Kiwi Margarita | Easy Margarita Recipes | Booze On The Rocks

First things first: make a good salt rim. You’ll need:

  • A rocks glass
  • A wedge of lime with a notch cut into the middle
  • A small plate
  • Kosher salt

Once you’ve gathered your materials, here’s all you need to do. You can see all the steps in action in the video that accompanies this post.

  • Fit the notched lime wedge onto the rim of the glass and generously rub it all around the perimeter to wet the top of the glass.
  • Pour some salt onto the plate.
  • Roll the outside face of the glass into the salt so that the salt sticks to the lime juice. You don’t want to put the glass down with its top perpendicular to the plate, because if salt sticks to the inside of the rim it will fall into the drink and make the drink itself salty. Salting only the outside of the glass lets you choose when you want a little burst of salinity.

How To Make A Margarita On The Rocks Step

This article is about how to make a margarita on the rocks. If you would like to learn how to make a frozen margarita, we’ve got you covered.

A classic margarita has just a few simple ingredients: tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice. With so few components, and no sugary, faux-fruit sweeteners, it’s best to start with high-quality booze and real honest-to-goodness limes.

As for the alcohol, I like this tequila, which was featured on our holiday gift guide, but any blanco or reposado tequila will work. Choose blanco if you like a crisp-tasting margaritait’s the least aged tequila, has a clear appearance, and generally has a vegetal taste and aroma. If you like a margarita with a little more complexity, go for reposado, which has been aged in oak from 2 months to 1 year and has a smoother taste and golden color. You may also see joven tequila, a blend of blanco and reposado, which is also a great margarita base, as well as añejo and extra-añejo . Those last two are considered sipping tequilas, and not something you would typically use for a mixed drink .

Finally, there’s the mezcal margarita. Mezcal is essentially tequila that’s undergone a smoking process during production and makes for a margarita that pairs exceptionally well with a grilled Mexican feast.

Tequila Alcoholic Drink Recipe For The Best Margarita

Best flavored margarita recipe on the rocks. This drink is usually served shaken with ice, on the rocks, or blended with ice . #margaritaweek, beverage, food bloggers unite, recipe. I’m honestly a bit appalled that this is my first recipe for one on the blog.

First, make a salt rim for your glass. Just 3 ingredients and few minutes is all you need to create a margarita from scratch. Why this is the best margarita recipe.

With fresh lime and tequila, this is the perfect margarita to sip on a warm day. Classic margaritas passion fruit margarita To achieve this for a crowd, fill a saucer with lime juice, water, or a mix of the two.

While the most common margaritas contain tequila, orange liqueur, lime or lemon juice, and sometimes an additional sweetener, such as simple syrup, many variations are. In a shaker add ice, pineapple juice, tequila, triple sec and lime juice. A truly delicious and refreshing alcohol margarita that everyone will love.

Roll the margarita glass in the salt along the rim, until the lime juice catches the salt. Great for a party, with taco night, or just because! I like them tart, strong, on the rocks and with a sugared rim.

Dip the glass rims in chili. When the fruit is ripe and you need a little kick in your glass, it’s time for this spicy watermelon margarita recipe. Margarita on the rocks recipe.

Adding a little agave to the mix actually enhances the.

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How To Make A Strawberry Margarita

This homemade strawberry margarita starts with ripe strawberries for an ultra fresh flavor. Instead of using a pre-made mix, an added benefit to this margarita recipe is you can control the amount of sweetness to suit your tastes. All you need to do is increase or decrease the amount of Simple Syrup to your liking.

Even though this strawberry margarita is on the rocks, youll still need a blender to puree the fresh strawberries. Wash your strawberries and cut off the green leaves then toss them in the blender.

Add light tequila, Grand Marnier, fresh lime juice and simple syrup and blend until you have a smooth texture.

Youll still have small bits of strawberries when youre done blending. You can either leave them or strain your margarita concoction as you pour it into your glass.

Pineapple Strawberry Mimosas a brunch favorite.

Strawberry Rum Punch Refreshing and a little fizzy rum fun.

Strawberry Margarita: Frozen Or On The Rock

Strawberry Basil Margarita On The Rocks

May 3, 2021

Summer is finally here, which means its time to enjoy fruity, delicious cocktails like this Strawberry Margarita! This sweet margarita combines fresh berries, aromatic reposado tequila, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice, and agave nectar for a touch of sweetness. Serve it with a salt or sugar rim depending on your mood!

The classics like this strawberry margarita are always is style and the same goes for the Classic Margarita and Watermelon Margarita. Try them all!

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Why We Love This Recipe

A solidly constructed margarita on the rocks, well-balanced and made with top-shelf ingredients, is an institution. It’s a thing every cocktail lover should know how to make.

Just like we’ve done with the daiquiri, Americans have ruined the margarita in SO many ways over the years that it’s not even worth enumerating. But to adopt a rocks-glass-half-full mentality, that makes it all the more satisfying to get back to the basics.

Easy Fresh Strawberry Margarita

Easy Fresh Strawberry Margarita the ultimate summer drink made in a blender with just a few ingredients.

Easy Fresh Strawberry Margarita

Cinco de mayo is around the corner. Time to share with you my all time favorite, super easy to make Fresh Strawberry Margarita.

Original recipe posted in May 2015. Updated in May 2019.

I love the month of may, because this is when you are usually able to find some good, sweet and delicious, ripe strawberries around here.

We buy a lot of them and try to consume as many as possible, before they go bad.

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Fresh Strawberry Margarita Recipe On The Rocks

Get our popular summer cocktail recipes ebook for only $2.99! These drink recipes are perfect for any thirsty desire! Say cheers with this yummy strawberry margarita recipe! With puree and simple ingredients, it is easy to make and beautiful to serve for guests and happy hour!

One of the things I love most about this strawberry margarita is that it is super easy to make and makes four servings at a time! That makes it easier to make these margaritas for a crowd. Doubling the recipe gives you enough for 8, triple it and youve got enough for 12, so on and so on.

Perfect for parties and holiday gatherings! If you plan on serving this cocktail or others you cant go wrong with some basic supplies. A variety of glasses for , cocktails, mojitos, and of course some wine glasses. I also like to keep some basic bar necessities on hand like a shaker, muddler, cutting boards, knives, shot glasses, measuring tools, and a serving tray!

These tools will help you host your party with very little issue. There is no way to plan for everything, but you can plan to be prepared for what may come. These margaritas will also help you get through a tough time with your hosting if the tools above dont help enough.

Chill Out This Summer With More Refreshing Fruity Cocktails

Peach Margaritas | Frozen and On The Rocks!

Rum Punch this Jamaican-style cocktail has a base of orange and pineapples juices and both, light and dark rums

Bahama Mama a sweet tropical cocktail that features coconut rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, touch of grenadine, and dark rum

Mai Tai a well balanced tropical cocktail that features lime juice, simple syrup, orgeat syrup, curacao, and rum

Bay Breeze a beautiful tropical cocktail that has only 3 ingredients.

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How Many Carbs Does This Strawberry Margarita Have

So with the latest low-carb lifestyle popularity, this margarita may come higher on carbs. This particular recipe, made with Agave nectar is a large drink, that has 411 calories and 50 carbs.

I know it is a lot! You can reduce the amount of strawberries and use low-carb sweetener, if youd like to reduce the amount of carbs, but still, this is not a Keto recipe.

This Salted Fresh Watermelon Margarita Recipe Is Delicious And Naturally Sweetened See How To Make A Watermelon Margarita On The Rocks In 3 Easy Steps

Fellow watermelon fanatics, you are going to love this fresh watermelon margarita recipe! Its just so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. Kick back and relax with an ice cold watermelon margarita on the rocks. I am really excited to share with you how to make a watermelon margarita, because I think it just might become your go-to summer drink. This salted watermelon margarita took some testing , but eventually I figured out the right ratios and it turned out even better than I imagined!

A little drizzle of honey makes this watermelon margarita even sweeter, and the sprinkle of chili powder adds a little bit of heat. But, if you prefer to do a lower sugar drink as I often do, you can easily make these watermelon tequila cocktails without the honey.

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Can I Use Strawberry Syrup Instead Of Muddling Fresh Berries

Sure! There are a number of ways to make Strawberry Margaritas. When strawberries arent in season, using a syrup can give the cocktail better and more consistent flavor.

If youd rather make a syrup, you can omit the fresh fruit and substitute half of the triple sec with strawberry syrup. Find detailed fruit syrup recipe instructions in part two of my Ultimate Guide to Cocktail Syrups.

Passion Fruit Margaritas With Spiced Rims

4 Ingredient Margaritas (Regular or Frozen)  The Fresh Cooky

We won’t be traveling anywhere for awhile, which can be a tough pill to swallow for those of us who really love seeing the world. Cinco de Mayo is almost here and I had actually planned to be in Cozumel next week but am safe at home instead and can’t even think of complaining. There is so much for which to be grateful. Life, including life as we know it right now, is a gift. And there are certainly ways to find joy in the now. My dear grandmother passed away last week and she was my cooking muse–the one who taught me so much of what I know in the kitchen. As this is the first recipe I’ve posted since, I simply must dedicate it to her. And whether you are reading this post in real time or at some point in the future when things are lighter and more carefree, I hope these passion fruit margaritas bring you a little lift. Let’s get into the details.

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Fruit Margarita Recipe On The Rocks

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    The Best Recipe For Fresh Strawberry Flavor

    This recipe is my very favorite way to make Strawberry Margaritas. Sure, you can use a strawberry syrup, frozen strawberries, or blenderize a margarita with fresh strawberries in it, but none of these techniques give the same super fresh flavor and light texture as this recipe.

    Personally, I dont like my cocktails to have the same textures as a thick breakfast smoothie, so pureed strawberries in a non-frozen Margarita arent my thing. Instead, I like to muddle fresh berries, add my classic Margarita ingredients and shake, and then fine strain the cocktail.

    This gives the cocktail the vibrant and sweet flavor of fresh strawberries, while maintaining the smooth, light texture and viscosity of a classic Margarita.

    Can I Try Other Flavors

    How to Make a Watermelon Margarita on the Rocks | Kenmore

    Yes! One thing I really love about cocktails is how much fun you can have experimenting with different flavors. Here are just a few ideas of how you can shake things up

    • Instead of strawberries, try any other berry of your choice. Or, blend them in with the strawberries into berry strawberry margarita!
    • Make this cocktail spicy with a fresh jalapeño.
    • For a fun, tropical twist, combine strawberry and watermelon, or strawberry and mango.
    • If you dont want to blend it, you could also just muddle it.
    • If you prefer rum over tequila, substitute the tequila for your favorite rum and turn this margarita in to a daiquiri!

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    How To Make Passionfruit Coconut Hawaiian Margarita

    In a cocktail shaker, add ice, passion fruit pulp, tequila, triple sec, lime juice, cream of coconut, and agave. Shake for about 30 seconds, or until the cocktail is well-mixed.

    In shallow dish, spread the coconut flakes in an even layer. Wet the rim of two margarita glasses, by running a lime slice along the rim. Dip the rim in the coconut flakes.

    Place a 4-5 ice cubes in each glass. Pour the cocktail mixture over the ice cubes .

    Add lime slices to the rim as garnish and serve immediately.


    How To Make A Watermelon Margarita

    This watermelon alcohol drink couldnt be any easier to make! Here are the straightforward steps so you can be sipping on your own margarita cocktail in no time.

    • Prep your glass. Rim a glass with salt and chili powder.
    • Mix your drinks. Add the watermelon juice, tequila, lime juice, orange juice, and honey to the shaker.

    TIP: To make it easier to mix in the honey you can mix it with equal parts warm water or do what I do half the time and just shake the cocktail extra hard to get everything melded together.

    • Shake and serve. Pour over ice and serve.

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    The Best Margarita Made With Fresh Strawberries

    Theres just something about margaritas that scream summer, especially when fresh strawberries are involved.

    Classic margaritas are my go-to cocktail for happy hour, sipping by the pool and summer entertaining! But this strawberry version might just be my new favorite drink!

    These strawberry margaritas are perfectly sweet, subtly tart and really pretty too! Sorry I cant help it. I love sipping on a pretty pink cocktail!

    Not only is this margarita flavorful and quite beautiful, its also really easy to mix up. Making the strawberry simple syrup is an extra step, but definitely worth it. If theres one rule to live by when you make margaritas, it is to always use fresh fruit juice!

    This strawberry margarita uses fresh strawberries to make the simple syrup and fresh lime juice is mixed in with the other drink ingredients. Its so refreshing and tasty! We love ours served on the rocks, but this drink is easy to make blended as well!

    How To Make A Margarita With Strawberries

    Passion Fruit Margarita on the Rocks with Lime &  Basil

    Making margaritas at home is super easy, but it does require a few simple steps! Heres a quick rundown of the process, but reference the recipe card at the bottom of the post for the full, printable recipe.

  • Make the strawberry simple syrup. Bring a simple mix of strawberries, sugar and water to a boil and then lower heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Pour mixture through a fine mesh sieve and into a glass storage container. Once the strawberry syrup has cooled some, store it in the fridge until youre ready to use it. You can use it at room temperature, but its best if it has time to chill.
  • Rim your glass. Adding salt and sugar to the rim of the glass is optional, but I really love the addition. Add about 3 tablespoons of coarse salt and 2 teaspoons of sugar onto a plate. Rub the rim of the glass with a lime wedge. Then, dip the rim into the salt and sugar . Fill the glass with ice.
  • Mix ingredients.In a cocktail shaker, combine tequila, Grand Marnier, strawberry syrup and lime juice with ice, and shake for about 30 seconds.
  • Serve and enjoy. Pour your strawberry margarita into glasses over ice. Garnish with fresh lime slices and strawberries and drink up!
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