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Healthy Diabetic Chicken Recipes

I Just Found The Best Way to Cook Chicken Breast

Its no secret that I am a huge fan of healthy and low-carb diabetic chicken recipes that taste great.

Chicken is one of the cleanest and least expensive protein sources, so we eat A LOT of it in our household. Thats why I love having a library of easy and healthy diabetic chicken recipes to choose from when I want to cook a quick and nourishing dinner.

When people ask me is chicken good for diabetics? my answer is always YES, its a great source of protein for any diabetic meal plan as long as you know how to cook it without adding lots of fat, sugar or salt!

Just follow the tips and recipes below to cook healthy diabetic chicken recipes that you will never get tired of eating.

When It Comes To Cholesterol Is Chicken As Bad As Red Meat

Those who eschew steak in favor of chicken because they think itâs healthier may be able to put lean beef back on the menu.

Thatâs because new research, published Tuesday in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, is raising questions about poultry and cholesterol.

The small study found that consuming high levels of red meat or white poultry resulted in higher blood cholesterol levels than consuming an equal amount of plant protein. The findings held even when diets contained high levels of saturated fat, which increased blood cholesterol to the same extent as all three protein sources.

Mushroom & Thyme Risotto

Using a mixture of quinoa and rice gives a light texture and lovely nutty flavour to this dish

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    This low-fat soup is packed with flavour and so simple to cook

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    A healthy Cajun-inspired rice pot recipe that’s bursting with spicy Spanish sausage, sweet peppers and tomatoes

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    Great as an easy dessert for Sunday lunch, then use for breakfasts and midweek puds

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    Add a crunchy twist to a classic salmon recipe to create a simple yet special supper

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    This wonderfully light salad is packed with easy-to-find seasonal ingredients and makes a great Christmas starter

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    When To See A Dietitian For Advice

    People with diabetes need to monitor how their diet and insulin medication affect their blood glucose levels. It is advisable to discuss any new changes to the diet with a dietitian.

    These professionals can help someone plan their meals to make sure that they get sufficient essential nutrients while also balancing their blood sugar.

    If a person finds it difficult to speak to a dietitian, they can talk to their doctor, who can provide dietary recommendations.

    Crock Pot Mexican Chicken Soup

    25 Healthy Diabetic

    This recipe only has four ingredients, making it perfect for busy families. Its a breeze to prepare in the crock pot before you head out in the morning and is ready when you return at the end of the day. Salsa and pepper-jack cheese add a spicy kick to savory chicken thighs.

    The American Diabetes Association considers tomatoes, the main ingredient in salsa, a diabetes superfood. Tomatoes are low in carbs and high in vitamin C, vitamin E., and iron. For extra zest, use hot salsa instead of mild.

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    Meals For People With Diabetes And High Cholesterol

    The risk of heart disease is two to four times greater for people with diabetes. High blood cholesterol levels also increase your risk of heart disease. A healthy diet that includes nutritious foods in moderate amounts can help you control your blood sugars for diabetes and reduce your blood cholesterol levels.

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    Causes Of High Cholesterol

    Unhealthy behaviors are the major causes of high cholesterol. Lifestyle factors include lack of exercise, excessive drinking, smoking and an unhealthy diet. Reversing or stopping these unhealthy factors can help you improve your cholesterol levels. Other factors that cause high cholesterol include:

    Consuming foods containing trans-fats and saturated fats high intake of foods such as full-fat dairy products, fatty meats, palm oil, coconut oil, commercially baked products like buns, pies and pastries and most deep-fried takeaway foods.

    Low intake of fiber-rich foods when you consume foods high in dietary fiber, the foods can lower the amount of LDL cholesterol in your blood. These foods can include fruits, whole grains, vegetables, seeds and nuts.

    Dietary cholesterol cholesterol in food only has a slight effect on LDL cholesterol. As part of a healthy, balanced diet, consume food low in trans-fats and saturated fats.

    Underlying conditions individuals with diabetes and hypertension often have high cholesterol. To help reduce cholesterol, consider treating the underlying condition first.

    Genetics unknown to many people, your family history can have an influence on your cholesterol level. Some individuals experience high cholesterol despite sticking to a healthy balanced diet low in trans-fats and saturated fats.

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    Eat The Breasts From A Whole Chicken And Remove The Skin For A Diabetes

    Did you know more chicken is purchased more often than any other food at the center of the plate? In the United States, chicken consumption has increased almost every single year since the 1960s, according to the National Chicken Council. With only 230 calories and 0 grams of carbohydrates per cup, its no wonder roasted, skinless chicken breast is a popular source of lean protein among people with diabetes.

    Chicken is a beloved main course in many U.S. households, but sitting down to the same-old chicken breast recipe week after week can get boring. Chicken is actually a versatile food. All you need is a little creativity!

    Using simple ingredients you probably already have on hand, you can prepare juicy, flavorful meals that will please even the pickiest eater. And because chicken is a naturally carb-free choice, it’s perfect for developing meals that are not only filling, but can also help promote healthy blood sugar levels.

    Whether youre a fan of roasting, slow cooking, grilling, or using your pressure cooker, these eight chicken recipes make great options for anyone with diabetes.

    Saturated Fat And Cholesterol

    It’s so delicious that I cook this chicken breast almost everyday! Incredible fast and easy!

    Diets high in saturated fat and cholesterol can contribute to high total cholesterol and a high low-density lipoprotein level in the body, increasing your risk for coronary artery disease caused by atherosclerosis, which is plaque build-up in the arteries.

    Hereâs a list of foods that are high in cholesterol or saturated fat that you need to limit or avoid:

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    Low Fat Protein For Heart Health

    Choose protein low in saturated fat is important for heart health and especially for those with diabetes. Choose poultry without the skin for less saturated fat and cholesterol. Trim and terrific healthy easy recipes make excellent dinner ideas for diabetics such as this Smothered Chickenrecipe from KITCHEN 101: Secrets to Cooking Confidence using boneless skinless chicken breasts. Who says you cant have your favorite foods while still eating healthy and keeping to your diabetic meal plan?

    Fiber for Blood Sugar Control

    Be sure to choose brown rice in your dinner ideas for diabetics as 1 cup of brown rice as 3 times the fiber as white rice. Fiber helps control blood sugar levels from spiking in those with Type 2 diabetes. Fiber also helps in weight management because it aides in digestion and helps keep you full and satisfies hunger.

    Red Meat White Meat Or Non

    The study examined whether cholesterol levels differed after consuming diets high in red meat compared with diets with similar amounts of protein from white meat or non-meat sources . It also studied whether the results were affected by the amount of saturated fat in each of the diets.

    One hundred and thirteen healthy men and women, ages 21 to 65, participated in the study. Each study participant was randomly assigned to either a high- or low-saturated fat diet. Then, for four weeks each, and in varying orders, they consumed protein from either red meat, white meat, or non-meat sources.

    All of the foods consumed during the study were provided by the researchers . To reduce the chances that other factors that would affect cholesterol levels, participants were asked to maintain their baseline activity level and abstain from alcohol. They were also advised to maintain their weight during the study period, and their calories were adjusted if their weight shifted.

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    Cholesterol And Your Health

    Cholesterol comes from two sources: The foods that you eat and your body, which produces it. Your liver and intestines produce cholesterol because your body needs it for various essential functions. According to the American Heart Association and Harvard Health Publishing, cholesterol is important because it can help:

    • Buildcells.
    • Makehormones, like testosterone and estrogen.
    • Makefat-dissolving bile acids, which are important for digestion.

    About 80 percent of the cholesterol in your body is produced by your liver and intestines. The remaining 20 percent comes from animal products, like eggs, meat , shellfish, cheese and other high-fat dairy products you consume.

    As a fat, cholesterol canât move through your body on its own. Itâs bound to lipoproteins in order to do so, which is why youâll often hear cholesterol referred to as LDL and HDL . Itâs the levels of LDL and HDL that determine if there are issues regarding cholesterol and your health.

    HDL cholesterol is called the good cholesterol, while LDL cholesterol is called bad cholesterol. Too much LDL cholesterol or low levels of HDL cholesterol can affect your health. Both of these issues can cause cholesterol to build up in your body, affecting your heart and brain.

    Easy Dinner Ideas For Diabetics

    Perfect Meals by the Plate

    Does it feel like you are always looking for dinner ideas for diabetics? Our goal is to make eating healthy easy and mainstream! Of course, Team Holly always have quick diabetic recipes because who has time to cook these days? Even cooking food approved by the American Diabetes Association guidelines can be delicious with Holly Cleggs trim and terrific recipes like this Smothered Chicken. Thats why Holly decided to highlight easy diabetic recipesin all her cookbooks. So, look for a D in cookbooks: Kitchen 101, Eating Well To Fight Arthritis and Eating Well Through Cancerto quickly find diabetic recipes.

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    Healthy And Flavorful Diabetic

    The best healthy diabetic-friendly chicken recipes for your way of eating, including healthy and delicious options like grilled chicken, chicken and dumplings and pan-roasted Greek-style chicken.

    Salads don’t need to be boring, and this one is no exception. Lots of protein, healthy fats, and great texture. You won’t skip a kale salad again!

    In todays fast-paced world, good food that is healthy and filling can be hard to come by. Now, you have 12 delicious chicken recipes to try out! All of these dishes are diabetic-friendly and will help make your meals healthier without sacrificing flavor or taste.

    If any of these sounds like something you would enjoy eating, take a look at the recipe instructions in each post.

    I hope that my list has inspired you to try some new things when it comes to cooking with diabetes in mind! Which dish do you think looks best? Let me know in the comments below!

    Pulled Chicken With Cherry Chocolate Sauce

    If youre short on time and looking to create a protein-rich meal in a hurry, pressure-cooker meals can be a lifesaver. This pulled chicken recipe is no different. In 20 minutes, you can create a sweet and savory dish that can be enjoyed alone or on top of your favorite salad. The addition of apple cider vinegar to the recipe may help lower postprandial blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes, suggests a small randomized crossover trial on plain vinegar that was published in May 2015 in the Journal of Diabetes Research.

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    How Is Cholesterol Measured

    Most people with high cholesterol feel perfectly well and often have no symptoms. The best way to find out if your cholesterol is high is to have a blood test .

    Visit your GP to determine whether you need to lower your cholesterol level and what action to take.

    GPs can also do a heart health check, that calculates your heart disease and stroke risk.

    Aim For A Healthy Weight

    Quick and Easy Garlic Butter chicken Breast Recipe | Delicious Easy Dinner

    If you’re overweight, losing 5% to 10% of your body weight can improve your insulin sensitivity, improve blood sugars and lower cholesterol. Healthy, sustainable weight loss is 1 to 2 pounds per week, so take it slow. See our healthy weight loss meal plans for diabetes for healthy eating inspiration.

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    Most Popular Glazed Salmon Recipe Tops Dinner Ideas For Diabetics

    Salmon is a great choice for a lean protein and healthy fish. Glazed Salmon is one of most popular recipes and it even went viral on YouTube!! Wait until you try this simple salmon recipe! Remember, when you use trim and terrific recipes you will be eating healthy and a diabetic diet is really the healthiest way to eat. You also can reduce your risk of diabetes by cooking at homeso why not?

    Aim For Cholesterol Balance When Eating Eggs For Breakfast

    Once banned from the breakfast table, eggs are now generally considered a relatively healthy choice within limits.

    A study published in May 2018 in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating up to 12 eggs per week did not increase the risk of heart disease for people with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. However, the whole diet must be considered.

    You can make eggs part of a heart-healthy diet, according to the AHA, as long as you donât load up on cholesterol from other sources, like meat with visible fat or skin and full-fat dairy.

    So if you have an egg for breakfast, donât have a cheeseburger for lunch.

    Aim for balance, says Kristi King, RDN, a clinical instructor at the Baylor College of Medicine and the senior dietitian at Texas Childrens Hospital in Houston. If you are going to consume fried chicken, add a salad instead of fries. If you want fries, get the grilled chicken to go with it.

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    Chicken Recipes For High Blood Pressure

    Modified: Jan 13, 2022 by TheDiabetesCouncil Team · This post may contain affiliate links ·

    Cooking for high blood pressure can seem like a one-way road towards bland, unseasoned foods that may be healthy, but lack any sort of flavor or tastiness. Before you assume that a hypertension-friendly diet is flavor-free, take a beat with the right ingredients and cooking techniques, a diet to keep high blood pressure in check can not only be a great one, but will leave you looking forward to your heart-healthy dishes on a daily basis.

    Chicken is one of the most heart-healthy proteins you can have, and while you may think that your new diet to combat high blood pressure will include a lot of unseasoned boneless, skinless chicken breasts, think again. Cheesy stuffed chicken breasts, crispy chicken skin, and Cajun chicken pasta are just a few of the meals you can expect to enjoy on your new journey towards combating hypertension.


    The first step towards preparing heart-healthy meals at home is lowering your sodium intake. Sodium most commonly comes in the form of salt that you add into your food by the pinch or by the tablespoon for added flavor, but it also comes from pantry staples, such as chicken broth and canned vegetables.

    Smothered Creamy Chicken Skillet

    Diabetic Connect

    Lets end the list with one of our most popular low-carb chicken recipes, the delicious smothered creamy chicken skillet. Its just as scrumptious and filling as it looks! If you want to knock the socks off your guests with a healthy chicken dinner, this is the recipe to choose!

    Nutrition: 321 calories 8 g carbs 37 g protein 11 g fat

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    Is It Better To Bake Or Fry Wings

    Chicken wings have a higher ratio of skin to meat than any other popular cut of chicken. Its why theyre so flavorful. Deep frying makes them crispy, to be sure, but it obliterates the nuanced flavor of the skin. Roasting, on the other hand, caramelizes the skin and renders the fat, creating more complex taste.

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    Why I Use Kitchen Scissors

    Do you have kitchen scissors? If not, kitchen scissors are truly one of our favorite gadgets. We always use them to cut chicken into tenders or to trim chicken. When you are making any diabetic chicken recipes, you can buy chicken breasts and cut into tenders yourself.

    These kitchen scissors are dishwasher safe and any gadget that helps cut kitchen time is high on our list. Youll find so many uses for kitchen scissors from trimming chicken to cutting pizza.

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