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Instant Pot Chicken Soup


This recipe for chicken soup made from scratch creates a very savory soup with delicious strips of juicy white meat chicken, carrots, celery, fresh herbs, and spices.

Now, you can use other types of raw chicken. However, the difference in flavor really comes through when you cook a whole chicken in your chicken broth.

Best Instant Pot Recipes For Cubed Beef

One ingredient that’s so great for cooking in the Instant Pot is cubed beef, because the meat is already pre-cut and that means prep time gets even shorter.

From Instant Pot Irish beef stew, beef tips and German goulash, to Instant Pot Korean beef and Cube Steak with Gravy, here are lots of easy Instant Pot Cubed beef recipes to add to your repertoire. Browse through them, make sure to pin your favorites and let’s get cooking!

Whole30 Instant Pot Pork Recipes

Ive found that it can be difficult to cook pork in the instant pot because it can be tough, but these recipes look delicious and super tender.

Healthy Pulled Pork is one of my absolute favorite recipes. I love to make it in the slow cooker, but its great in the pressure cooker too!

Instant Pot Pork Carnitas are the best way to make seasoned, tender, caramelized, shredded pork. Carnitas are one of our favorite meals. We like to serve them with Pineapple Mango Salsa!

Instant Pot Pork Chops are slathered in an irresistible gravy! Low carb, keto and gluten free pork chops in your pressure cooker are easy and healthy!

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Instant Pot Pasta With Bolognese

Folks, heres another dump and go Instant Pot recipe for Pasta with Bolognese thats worth raving about on social media.

Everything from the crispy bacon to your savory homemade Bolognese sauce and pasta cooks in your Instant Pot in about 40 minutes.

Its insanely easy and fast to make this outrageously delicious Italian classic dish!

Pressure Cooker Red Bean

Cheap Instant Pot Recipes Less than $2 per Serving Real Food Real Deals

Red beans are a super simple, flavorful, filling, and cheap meal, which is why theyve been a staple food across the southern U.S. for generations. Beans are notorious for taking forever to cook, but with pressure cooker technology, these red beans can be finished in just about an hour. Recipe from Budget Bytes.

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Budget Friendly Instant Pot Meals

The prices I have listed below are from Smiths grocery store in Utah in July 2020. Different areas and different grocery stories will vary in price.

#1: Instant Pot Cheesy Broccoli Sausage Casserole

Fresh broccoli, melty cheese, smoked sausage, a homemade creamy sauce and rice make this casserole the quintessential comfort food. An easy Instant Pot recipe with no browning or sauteing steps.

Estimated cost : $7.48

  • ¾ cup long grain white rice: $0.23
  • 10 oz fresh broccoli florets: $1.12
  • 12 oz fully cooked smoked sausage: $3.49
  • ¼ cup mayo: $0.46
  • ¼ cup sour cream: $0.17
  • 4 oz cream cheese: $0.60
  • ¼ cup milk: $0.03
  • 2 tsp garlic powder: $0.10
  • tsp salt: $0.01

#2: Instant Pot King Ranch Chicken

This cheesy and creamy chicken casserole with tortillas and Rotel has its roots in Texas but that doesnt mean us non-Texans cant enjoy it too! Whip up my version in just a few minutes using your Instant Pot and NO cream of soups!

Estimated cost : $9.87

  • ½ cup chicken broth: $0.16
  • 1 cup diced onion: $0.28
  • 1 ½ pounds boneless skinless chicken breasts: $3.00
  • 1 can rotel: $1.00
  • 1 tsp cumin: $0.05
  • 1 tsp chili powder: $0.01
  • 1 tsp garlic powder: $0.05
  • ½ tsp dried oregano: $0.02
  • 1 tsp salt: $0.01
  • 1 red bell pepper: $1.25
  • 1 cup half and half: $0.50
  • 2 Tbsp cornstarch: $0.04
  • 11 soft corn tortillas: $1.00
  • 2 cups grated medium or sharp cheddar cheese: $2.50

#3: Instant Pot Chili Cheese Rice

Estimated cost : $10.00

Estimated cost : $9.17

Instant Pot Pinto Beans

One of our favorite simple meals is just a bowl of steaming, seasoned pinto beans and a nice hot piece of cornbread .

With this recipe for Instant Pot Pinto Beans, you dont have to bother with laborious preparation like soaking to enjoy a delicious pot of beans thats ready in about 30 to 45 minutes.

Try this with some sweet diced tomatoes. Trust us. Youll love it.

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Instant Pot Beef Brisket

Why cook slowly in a slow cooker when you can save tons of time using an Instant Pot? Well, some might say, slow cooked gives you more flavor, well, folks, thats just nonsense.

For example, this Instapot Beef Brisket takes 55 to 60 minutes, two to three pounds of brisket, and 105 to 110 minutes for 6 to 7 pounds. In a slow cooker? About ten hours for the same quality.

Mac & Cheese With Broccoli

3 EASY and AFFORDABLE Instant Pot Dinner Ideas – Instant Pot Recipes

This Healthy Instant Pot Mac and Cheese with broccoli and white cheddar is a creamy, delicious comfort food favorite that comes together with less than 10 ingredients and in one pot! The broccoli adds a little bit of color and you can even add in some extra greens like spinach or chard. Estimated cost $7. Recipe from The Girl On Bloor.

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Pressure Cooker Crustless Crab Quiche

Are you tired of soups and rice? Then, check out this easy quiche recipe with crab. You dont really need to get a whole crab and do all the hard work of deshelling it. Crabmeat and its imitations are readily available in the seafood section of most supermarkets. This is a simple yet exciting instant pot recipe!

Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken Stew

Add the flavors of Italy to your weeknight meals with this Tuscan chicken stew that you can stir up in your trusty instant pot. Make sure to use chicken thighs instead of breast pieces in this stew so that you can enjoy tender, juicy protein. A dash of balsamic vinegar at the end will really bring the dish together.

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Instant Pot Sushi Rice

Love poke bowls? Heres a recipe that deconstructs sushi to give you sushi bowls you can eat throughout the week. This is a great instant pot meal prep recipe that adds variety to your usual menu. With flavorful elements like edamame and nori, paired with fresh seafood, you will look forward to your meals!

Make Your Cheap And Easy Instant Pot Meals Even Cheaper

Cheap Instant Pot Recipes Less than $2 per Serving Real Food Real Deals ...

One of the easiest ways to save money on groceries so that you can prepare inexpensive Instant Pot meals and other meals is to use money-saving apps! My favorite FREE grocery money-saving app is Ibotta.

Ive been a member of Ibotta for years, and they are a fun and easy way to save money whenever you shop! With the free Ibotta app, you earn cash back on purchases you make every day from your favorite grocery and other stores such as Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Dollar Tree, Sams Club, Amazon, and many, many more! With the easy-to-use Ibotta app you can get cash back when you shop not only for groceries but also for clothing, home improvement supplies, travel services, and more!

I can even use Ibotta at several of our smaller, local grocery stores, which I love!

Signing up takes just a minute, and then you can start to save money whenever and wherever you shop, at physical stores and online! Sign up for your free Ibotta account here!

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Quinoa Berry Breakfast Bowl

Most people are taken by surprise when I tell them that quinoa can be paired with fruit, maple syrup and all things sweet. If you arent yet convinced, try this quinoa berry breakfast bowl in the instant pot. Make sure to whip up an entire batch to have all week. Dont forget the cinnamon, and try a dash of pumpkin pie spice if youre in a fall mood.

Ground Turkey & Potatoes Stew

This rustic Instant Pot ground turkey and potato stew is hearty and full of flavor, yet at the same time healthy and light. Its gluten-free, Whole30-friendly, and uses affordable staples. Its somewhere between a stew or a thick soup and you can enjoy it with a side of crusty bread. It keeps well for a few days and is great for leftovers and freezing. Estimated Cost $7.50.Get the recipe here.

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What Is The Best Instant Pot

Here is a link to the instant pot I have! Ive had it for almost a years and it has been great. It definitely is a big piece of kitchen gear, so if youre short on storage or want something smaller, this mini instant pot might be for you. We make most of these Healthy Dinner Recipes in our instant pot.

One Pot Vietnamese Beef Stew


One-pot recipes are a blessing during a busy work week, and this Vietnamese beef stew is perfect proof of that. The recipe calls for the use of some delicious aromatics that are commonly used in oriental cooking, like kaffir lime leaves and star anise. These strike a beautiful balance as they cut the richness of the beef. You can always sub lime zest for the kaffir lime leaves and get a similar result!

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Instant Pot Meal Prep Recipes

Meal prepping with an instant pot is one of the best ways to cook a bunch of food at once! Weve got some great recipes for you today that you can use for your next instant pot meal prep. If you arent sure if an instant pot is for you, check out our guide on instant pot vs. air fryer.

If you want some more easy meal prep ideas, check out our list of one pot meals and sheet pan dinners. Once youre done cooking, make sure you clean your instant pot the right way!

If youre new to using an Instant Pot, dont feel overwhelmed! These recipes make it easy.

Plus read these tips on how to use it:How To Fix The Dreaded C6L Error On Your Instant Pot

Spicy Instant Pot Peanut Noodles

Add a variety of flavors to your life and your lunch box with this delectable chicken and noodles recipe. Its one of those recipes that your heart craves on a cold night though its perfectly understandable if you want to demolish a plateful of this Thai dish at any other time of the year. This instant pot meal prep dish is amazing leftover, cold or hot.

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Do You Have Any Other Cheap Instant Pot Recipes That You Make Often Id Love To Hear About Them So We Could Try It Too

  • If you have a Ninja Foodi you can make any of these pressure cooker recipes too.
  • Skip slow cooking yall, I know youre as busy as we are and these will give you more time doing the fun stuff in life.

Want to see a few of my favorite things that I am totally obsessed with or visit my Etsy shop?? Take a peek and see how many you might already havetwinsies!

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The Best Budget Friendly Instant Pot Recipes In 20 Minutes Or Less ...

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Instant Pot Turkey Chili Recipe

If youre in the mood to undermine the Texans advice about not putting beans in chili, heres a different recipe you can try. Whats more, it even replaces beef with the lean meat of turkey. Its full of proteins from both plant and animal sources. A batch of this chili is perfect for your Sunday meal prep.

How Does The Instant Pot Help You Eat Healthy

Cooking a fresh, healthy meal in the Instant Pot takes less time than hitting the local drive-thu or ordering takeout. It really is faster than fast food!

Its soooooo easy. Add your healthy ingredients to the Instant Pot and then just set it and forget it while the Instant Pot does the rest of the work.

Meal Prep is a breeze! The Instant Pot makes it so quick and simple to whip up all sorts of dishes in advance so you can eat healthy all week long.

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Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Theres a good reason people believe chicken noodle soups good for the soul. And this incredible Instant Pot recipe makes some of the best chicken noodle soup this side of heaven!

Youve got tender white meat chicken, carrots, celery, onion, garlic, and fresh herbs and spices swimming in a savory chicken broth.

Instant Pot Bbq Chicken

BEST Keto Instant Pot Recipes Cheap Keto Meals

You can create sumptuous, tender BBQ chicken using your Instant Pot in a fraction of the time it would take to bake in the oven or grill.

These juicy, tender chicken breasts are loaded with flavor and slathered in your favorite bbq sauce that you can make at home or buy at the store.

This dish is the perfect companion to your mac and cheese!

This no-fuss, no-muss, super-easy recipe allows you to enjoy juicy, flavorful, and tender ham with a sweet honey glaze in under 31 minutes!

Please, dont waste your money on that beef stew flavored salt in a can stuff at the grocery store, not when you can make a large batch of savory beef stew in 90 minutes.

The beef in this dish comes out nice and tender like youve cooked it for hours.

This recipe for Beef Stroganoff features tender stew meat or chuck roast, sour cream, and soft egg noodles, along with the most savory homemade stroganoff sauce youve ever tasted.

This dish serves six people and takes about one hour and ten minutes from start to finish.

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Easy And Cheap Instant Pot Recipes Are A Fabulous Way To Save Both Time And Money Feed Your Family Well Without Going Over Budget With These Tasty Options

When youre trying to save money on groceries but still need quick and easy ways to feed your family, these cheap Instant Pot recipes are just the ticket!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you make a purchase, this site may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

When my husband and I first began our debt payoff journey, we had to find ways to cut our expenses so we would have more money to put toward our debt.

One of the ways we did that was by slashing our grocery expenses. I started meal planning each week, began cooking the majority of our meals at home, and used coupons.

All of those things made a big dent in our grocery bill, freeing up money to put toward our goals.

Once we started having kids, we still needed to keep our grocery budget low, but it was a little harder for me to make as much food as before, simply because of other responsibilities.

I didnt realistically have time to clip coupons and go to multiple stores every week anymore, and I couldnt make every loaf of bread from scratch.

Instant Pot Pot Roast

Oh, come on now! Are you seeing this? They say pictures can say a thousand words, but this ones only saying three Eat me now!

This recipe for Instant Pot Roast Beef makes the most tender, flavorful beef you could dream of, along with delicious roasted carrots and fluffy golden potatoes.

Oh, great. I think I just drooled on my keyboard.

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Beanless Instant Pot Chili

Traditional Texas chili never calls for beans. Following this advice, this chili is a great low-carb dinner option. Top with your favorite toppings, such as greek yogurt, green onions, cheddar cheese or avocado. Its an instant pot meal prep recipe that you will love to make and take with you to work or dig into at the end of a busy day.

Whole30 Instant Pot Soup Recipes

11 Best Budget Instant Pot Recipes

I mean, whats better than cozy, delicious soup? These Whole30 Pressure Cooker Soup Recipes are perfect for a chilly night

The base of any good soup is a Whole30 friendly broth. Check out these homemade broth recipes: Homemade Beef Bone Broth, How to Make Chicken Broth, How to Make Turkey Broth

Buffalo Chicken Soup is one of those OMG I cant believe this is Whole30 meals!. I like to drizzle a little bit of ranch on top.

Sweet Potato Soup Recipe is a must try. We love it with a salad or grilled chicken. Its creamy, sweet and so rich!

Tomato Basil Soup is SO creamy and simple to make in the instant pot, crockpot or on the stove top. Healthy, vegan & dairy free.

Whole30 Chicken Soup is a delicious, easy, keto meal. Easily made in the instant pot or slow cooker its a cozy, yummy dinner everyone will love!

Lemon Chicken Soup Is my go to soup when Im not feeling well or I just want something light, but tasty.

Pumpkin Soup is so easy to make in your instant pot! It has almost no prep time.

Chicken Pot Pie Soup If you havent tried this.. you are missing out. Its probably our #1 Whole30 recipe. SO creamy and delicious from a secret ingredient that might surprise you.

Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup is a must make! Skip the corn to keep it Whole30 friendly.

Butternut Squash Soup is one of our favorite cozy meals. Its creamy, sweet and delicious!

Instant Pot Bone Broth is a basic broth recipe that you can make with pretty much zero effort in your pressure cooker.

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