Protein Shake Recipes For Weight Loss Without Powder

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How To Determine Your Macros For A Weight Gain Smoothie

Breakfast recipe for weight loss | Protein smoothie without protein powder | High Protein breakfast

Tacking your calories and macronutrients can be beneficial when you are gaining weight. One of the best ways to determine the macronutrient split in your weight gain smoothie is to use an online macro calculator.

Macro calculators use your gender, height, weight, and goal to calculate the amount of each macronutrient that you should aim to consume based on these factors.

Once you have determined the amount of each macronutrient that you should be consuming each day, you can calculate the macronutrient content of your smoothie. You can do this using a nutrition app, such as Chronometer or MyFitnessPal.

On these apps, you can insert which ingredients and how much of each ingredient you have used in your weight gain smoothie. It will provide the total number of grams of carbs, protein, and fat that is in your smoothie based on this information.

How Do You Make A Protein Shake Without Protein Powder

Making a protein shake at home without using protein powder is rather simple. You’ll notice that I’ve been careful in selecting protein sources that are vegan and complement one another to create the best protein smoothie.

If you’re looking for a protein shake for muscle building, this fits the bill!

This Recipe Can Be Made Low Sugar And Dairy Free As Well

For a low sugar version, you will omit the banana or use 1/4 instead of 1/2 of a banana and use a lower carb Greek yogurt with a carb free sweetener of choice.

To make this recipe dairy free is simple, just use a plant based yogurt instead of a dairy version. I also have a vegan protein shake with no protein powder recipe HERE.

I love having a protein shake to start my day or get me through my day as an afternoon pick me up or even to replace a meal when I dont have time to eat or I am not feeling like a full meal.

This recipe is a great base recipe that you can add your own adaptations and flavor preferences to. Think of it as a master recipe for how to get protein in a shake without protein powder. Follow it exactly and it will taste amazing or add some nut butter, chocolate chips or whatever to make it however you like it.

I dont mind protein powder, though it isnt my favorite thing at all. I also have a lot of friends and family who dont love the taste/texture/aftertaste of protein powders. So this recipe really comes in handy. Its refreshing, satisfying and super easy to make.

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Protein Shake Recipes For Weight Loss Without Powder

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Delicious Homemade Meal Replacement Shakes Recipes

HomeMade Protein Shake Recipe without protein powder

Originally, medical professionals created meal replacements to help sick people meet their basic nutritional needs. Now, meal replacement shakes are a convenient aspect of many healthy people’s daily diet. Meal replacements are most popular as protein shakes in the form of smoothies and drinks. But are homemade meal replacement shakes effective and can support weight loss? Keep reading to discover tasty homemade meal replacement shakes recipes to support your weight loss goals.

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Nutrition Facts Per Serving Size

One serving of this protein shake is:

  • A rich source of high quality protein
  • An excellent source of fibre
  • An excellent source of vitamin A
  • An excellent source of iron
  • An excellent source of vitamin C
  • An excellent source of calcium
  • An excellent source of potassium
  • Low in sodium

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet

How To Make High Protein Smoothie Recipes Without Protein Powder

You can add any of these ingredients I mentioned above to any smoothie recipe to boost the protein and nutrients in a recipe. All you need to do for each of these protein smoothie recipes is add your ingredients into the blender and serve immediately.

Here is my favorite high protein smoothie recipe to make without protein powder!

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More Healthy Smoothie Recipes

Are you developing a strong sense that healthy breakfast smoothies are the way to go during busy mornings? Good. Im glad to hear that. Here are some other great healthy smoothie recipes:

How Do You Choose A Protein Powder

Weight Loss Protein Shake | Make A Protein Shake Without Protein Powder!

With the rising popularity of whey protein powder, there are a lot of options on the market. It can be overwhelming if you dont know what to look for.

  • Choose a whey protein that has the fewest ingredients possible, and be sure that protein is the first listed ingredient.
  • Select a powder that has at least 25 grams of protein per serving. Also, look to make sure it is not high in carbs preferably less than five grams. Many of my protein shake recipes use fruit, so you will be adding carbs, but at least they are healthy carbs.
  • Choose one that does not have artificial sweeteners or added sugar. Keep in mind that the sugar per serving also increase with the addition of fruit.
  • On the label, you will see either protein isolate or protein concentrate. If you have the choice, always choose the protein isolate. This means it contains more than 90% protein.
  • Also, it is best to choose a powder that is not flavoured. Not only does flavoring possibly increase the amount of sugar and artificial flavours, but you wont want to mix a flavorful powder with other ingredients in the protein shake recipes. Here is the protein powder I use if you’re looking for a clean one.

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    Does Protein After A Workout Help Build Muscle

    Researchers have discovered that diet can manipulate muscle metabolism after exercise. Have protein post-workout to muscle gain.

    However, there are mixed suggestions as to the timing of the protein intake.

    One group of researchers suggest that for optimal muscle gain, protein should be consumed immediately following a workout.

    These researchers seem in line with the long-held belief that proper muscle recovery and growth occurs in the anabolic window which is a short period after a workout within 30 to 45 minutes.

    Other studies, however, suggest that the window could extend to 24 hours or longer.

    The recommendation is to spread out protein intake within that extended window.

    That would mean consuming protein multiple times following the workout.

    According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, for the best muscle growth, a person should have protein four times a day at 0.4 to 0.55 grams per kilogram of body weight.

    Creating A Healthy Breakfast Smoothie

    A breakfast protein smoothie can provide sustainable energy without the crash through simple, whole food carbs. They also contain necessary fiber to break down those carbs, along with healthy fats.

    These natural fats help the body feel full, minimizing cravings throughout the day. Breakfast smoothies for weight loss are super easy to create, taste incredible, and are for real healthy. Kale yeah!

    The 4 recipes highlighted below are delicious, yet don’t be afraid to create your own breakfast smoothies too! Here are a few tips to becoming a smoothie creating machine.

    • Follow the 1.5-1-1 rule: this means 1.5 cups of fruit, 1 cup leafy greens, 1 cup liquid
    • To stay full longer + have sustainable energy boost that smoothie with a healthy fat + protein
    • Use seasonal fruits as well as veggies to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to nutrients

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    Are Protein Shakes Good For Your Health

    Yes! Protein shakes are an excellent choice for breakfast, a snack, or meal replacement. All adults need around 46-56 grams of protein each day and protein shakes are a convenient way to meet that requirement. The best protein shake recipes, in my opinion, rely on protein powder to provide protein. Protein powder has many benefits, including the following:

    • Aids with weight loss
    • Helps build muscle and strength
    • Functions as a appetite suppressant
    • Boosts metabolism
    • Repairs muscles from exercise

    You can use a plant-based protein powder or an animal protein powder , depending on your preferences. Just make sure the protein powder you use is free from additives, hormones, artificial sweeteners, and fillers. Lastly, always remember that organic is best. I love this protein powder from Thrive Market.

    Health Benefits Spinach Banana Smoothie

    Banana Nut Protein Shake For Weight Loss

    Bananas and spinach contain a lot of fiber. My favorite feature of fiber rich food is that it makes you feel full for longer .

    You wont get so hungry so quickly again, which helps you to snack less on whatever it was you promised you wouldnt.

    The smoothie is also great after a workout. With the 16g of proteins from the spinach and peanut butter an 80kg person already takes in more than 20% of the daily recommendation essential for keeping fit and strong .

    To top it all of you get a load of iron and potassium. Potassium helps the fight against increased blood pressure and stops muscle weakness and iron keeps you vital .

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    Mixed Berry Protein Shake

    Berries and their impact on weight loss dont necessarily require any separate introduction. If you are someone trying to cut down those excess pounds, berries are an amazing option.

    Not only are they loaded with antioxidants, they are also high in fiber which further help in shedding off those excess pounds from the body.

    It tends to the overall free radical damage in the body and helps in boosting the overall metabolism of the body.

    The improved metabolism is what helps in boosting the weight loss journey and helps you gradually shed off those excess pounds.


  • In a blender, add in all the ingredients and blitz in all together
  • Make sure everything is blended to a smoothie consistency
  • Drink this every morning for a kick of freshness and protein goodness
  • Almond/Soy Milk, Protein powder

    Whey Protein Vs Other Kinds

    Whey protein powder is milk protein. It does have a small amount of lactose in it. If you can eat yogurt or drink kiefer, you will probably be OK with whey protein. If you have a strong sensitivity to lactose, you may want to find another protein powder. Although it will have a different taste, you can use alternatives such as egg white, pea protein, goats milk, hemp, or brown rice powder.

    Youll notice a creamier taste to your protein shakes when you use whey powder because it is a milk derivative. In shakes like the strawberry cheesecake, you will notice that the milk protein really makes it taste like cheesecake.

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    Skinny High Protein Oreo Milkshake

    Nutrition: 211 calories, 3.3 g fat, 0.9 g sat fat, 24 g carbs, 0 g fiber, 19 grams sugar, 19 grams protein

    Protein Source: Cottage cheese, skim milk

    Fat-free cottage cheese, skim milk, cookies, vanilla and a touch of Stevia team up to create a mouthwatering concoction that only tastes sinful. While it is a bit high in sugar, 13 grams are the naturally occurring variety from the dairy, so it wont throw your diet off track. Although this drink shouldnt be your everyday go-toit does contain Oreos, after allits an excellent alternative whenever a craving for something sweet strikes. Opting for this over a Dairy Queen Oreo Cookie Blizzard of the same size will save you 20 grams of fat and 48 grams of sugar!

    How To Make A High Protein Fruit Smoothie

    Weight Loss Protein Shake | Make A Protein Shake Without Protein Powder!

    Making a protein fruit smoothie recipe is pretty simple. Its important to have a good quality protein powder in hand that is minimally processed, doesnt have a ton of added sugar, and of course, has a good taste.

    I like Naked Nutrition as a protein powder because there are no artificial sweeteners and colors. And if youve been following me for a while, you know that I quit sugar, so a powder that has few ingredients is important to me.

    In a nutshell, I mix unsweetened almond milk, fruit, and a scoop of protein powder in my Vitamix blender. The result is a perfect consistency smoothie that is like a meal in a mason jar !

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    Best Vegetables To Use For Smoothies

    Anything you like! Frozen is best to give you a refreshing smoothie you will love, and here are some tasty ideas you can get at the grocery store

    • Spinach and kale for lots of iron
    • Avocado for healthy fats and creaminess
    • Broccoli for fiber and vitamin C
    • Cucumber and celery for hydration and something fresh!
    • Tomatoes for beta-carotene and Vitamin C

    The 15 Best Protein Shake Recipes For Weight Loss

    December 26, 2020 By AliaThis post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information.

    In this recipe round-up, I have a compiled a list of the best homemade Protein Shake Recipes for Weight Loss. Keep reading to learn how protein shakes aid with losing with weight, how they benefit your health, the easiest way to make protein shakes at home, as well as my favorite protein shake recipes for weight loss!

    Its a great idea to incorporate protein shakes into your diet, because they are chock-full of nutritious ingredients and are an absolute breeze to make. Protein shakes make an excellent post-workout snack that will refuel your energy and help your muscles to heal after exercising. They also make a energizing breakfast that will kick-start your day and will keep you feeling full all morning.

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    Can You Put Coffee Grounds Into A Smoothie

    Yes, you can add ground coffee into your smoothie and its totally ok to eat coffee grounds. Its not only a great way to add extra flavor and texture into your smoothie, itll also provide that added caffeine without needing to brew any coffee. Plus, you get the full benefit of coffee beans without having it be diluted in the brewing process. That being said, we ALSO add chilled brewed coffee because we want to maximize the coffee flavor in this coffee smoothie. BONUS: coffee grounds contain antioxidants, which is an added bonus for your smoothie.

    Just make sure youre using un-brewed ground coffee for your ground coffee in this smoothie. If the coffee grounds are already brewed, they will lack flavor and caffeine, which are the two main reasons to be adding the grounds into your coffee to begin with!

    NOTE: We are talking about ground coffee here, NOT instant coffee. While you could use instant coffee, that is not how this recipe is intended. I prefer grounding my own coffee beans for peak freshness and aromatic effect.

    Creamy Chocolate Peanut Butter

    Protein Smoothie Recipes For Weight Gain

    Consuming protein right before a workout may cause recjpes stomach discomfort because it can slow down digestion,” Hinckley says. Less calories than a meal. The protein comes from 2 percent Greek yogurt, and some almond butter. Avocado, which is rich in good fat helps in the absorption of protein while displacing the bad fats present in the body.

    Vega protein shakes are entirely plant-based, contain greens ercipes fiber, provide omega-3 fatty acids, and are available in chocolate flavor as well. To find out what Protein shake recipes for weight loss without powder toy is like risk-free, try the FREE 3-day weight loss jump start kit and receive a free metabolism-boosting workout, free meal plan, and free email coaching support from world-renowned Dr. Various different protein powders are available for creating your own protein shakes at home. Rachel Gurk via rachelcooks. The email address you have entered seems to have a wrong formattry again please. Well you could try a strategy similar to SlimFast and drink two shakes a day, eat 1 meal under calories, and enjoy 3 small snacks consisting of fruit, veggies, or some other healthy snack of calories or less.

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    Serving Size: 1. Always nice to have things sorted for you. It also regulates sugar levels. Unsweetened plain almond milk 60 calories 2 grams 2 grams 5 grams 2 Teaspoons. Want to make football tryouts? Now i have a kitten and the girl of my dreams.

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