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How To Make Barista Oat Milk:

Homemade Oat Milk Latte Recipe – Better Than Starbucks Honey Oat Milk Latte!
  • Soak the cashews for 1 2 hours.
  • Drain and rinse the cashews.
  • Transfer to a blender along with the coconut flakes, oats, salt, and filtered water.
  • Blend until smooth.
  • Strain through a milk bag or cheesecloth into a medium-sized bowl.
  • Pour into glasses and enjoy!!
  • OR if you are going to make one of the flavored editions, blend the milk with the ingredients listed and pour over ice if specified. Note: the iced coffee is better if you add the milk in after the coffee if poured over ice.
  • Adjust flavors to taste and enjoy!
  • Frozen Oat Milk Latte Coffee Recipe

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    Latte means milk, but no one said we must use cows milk to make the coffee specialty. Today were making a latte with oat milk. And if youve never used the creamy milk alternative, know that its as tasty and smooth as regular milk. In fact, its better.

    So, why use oat milk for a latte? For starters, not everyone can drink cows milk because of its lactose. Some websites say up to 75% of people can drink the stuff.

    And lactose intolerance is not the only reason for avoiding cows milk. Some people just want to stay clear from animal-derived products.

    Read on and learn all about this creamy and milky oak milk latte coffee. A frozen latte that will make you fall in love with oats!

    Best Oat Milk For Lattes

    Ive tried a couple of oat milk barista blends, and I think that Califia Farms is a little better than Oatly.

    But I accidentally stumbled upon something even better: if you mix half Califia Farms Barista Blend and half Thrive Market oat milk, the combo is perfect for lattes.

    If you want to save money, or if its important that your oat milk is organic, you can actually make your own barista blend oat milk!

    Thrive Market oat milk is $2.49 per 34 oz carton, whereas Califia Farms is $3.75 per 32 oz carton. If you simply add a teaspoon of avocado oil and a pinch of sea salt to the Thrive Market oat milk, youve got a DIY barista blend!

    Ill make sure to include the recipe at the bottom of the post.

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    Which Types Of Oats Are Best For Oat Milk Coffee Creamer

    Homemade oat milk coffee creamer is very economical to make, as I mentioned. Pretty much everyone has oats in their cupboard. And if youre like me, you have two or three different kinds. For this recipe you can use old-fashioned rolled oats, instant oats, oat groats, or steel-cut oats. I found I liked a combination of steel-cut and old fashioned rolled oats.

    Cooked oats are gooey, which is good for oatmeal, but not so much when it comes to coffee creamer. I learned that its important not to heat the oat milk coffee creamer when Im preparing it. Pureeing in the blender works great. Adding the creamer to hot coffee thickens it slightly, but it doesnt get gluey. Whew!

    Pre-soaking the oats first, as I mentioned, is not particularly necessary. But if youre using whole groats or steel-cut oats, a little presoak may help them blend better if you dont have a high-speed blender. If the oats are pre-soaked, make sure they are thoroughly rinsed and drained, and blended with fresh, cool filtered water.

    Dark Cocoa And Orange Oat Latte

    Cold Brew Coffee with Oat Milk

    The Dark Cocoa and Orange Oat Latte is a treat for coffee lovers who enjoy citrus notes.

    This oat latte drink is energizing due to the healthy dose of caffeine and the zesty orange mix. The combination of dark cocoa and orange is a match made in heaven, where the cocoa notes and orange tones will linger on your tongue for some time.

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    Is Oat Milk Good For Lattes

    Oat milk gets frothy and bubbly when blended and that is why it is perfect for lattes. It is the best plant-based alternative for lattes and coffee as it tastes very similar to a milk latte. It has a rich consistency as compared to other plant-based milk with a slightly sweet taste.

    Without further ado, lets make some iced latte with oat milk.

    Iced Flat White With Oat Milk

    The Iced Flat White is a hip drink but adding oat milk makes it even better. A couple of ristretto shots mixed with the perfect amount of oat milk and ice will result in a balanced and creamy beverage.

    Its an excellent choice for flat white lovers that you can customize according to your taste. While a grande Iced Flat White contains 130 mg of caffeine, extra shots of espresso or decaf coffee are always available at Starbucks.

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    How To Make Oat Milk Latte

    Oat milk is considered great for making the perfect latte as it gives a great froth.

    To make an oat milk latte you first have to brew your coffee.

    You can use a coffee maker or espresso machine. Then you have to heat one cup of oat milk on the stove and whisk it continuously.

    You can add one tablespoon of optional maple syrup. You have to whisk it in medium heat until it thickens.

    Then we have to transfer it to a blender and blend it until it forms a nice foam. When the froth is ready, we have to put the coffee or espresso in a cup.

    The amount of coffee should be half of the cup. Then you need to add the processed oat milk on the top of the coffee.

    Finally, you can enjoy the perfect latte with a spoon.

    Watch this full-length video to learn how you can easily make an oat milk latte from scratch at home.

    Easy Oat Milk Iced Coffee Recipes To Keep You Fresh And Healthy All Summer

    Homemade Oat Milk Recipe Zero Waste Coffee Talk

    Oat milk is slowly but surely replacing dairy milk in coffee shops and baristas swear by it! Whether youre lactose-intolerant, vegan, or just want to drink healthier coffee, oat milk is a great substitute with tons of nutrients and dietary fiber.

    There are many oat milk brands out there, but not all are the same. Some are too watery and diluted, and others are bland. You want a creamy, smooth texture without it tasting like cereal or grains. Also, plant-based milks like oat milk contain little to no fat, which is essential for making froth.

    The good news is you can make your own oat milk at home and experiment until you get the perfect result. Some oat milk brands are barista-approved, which means theyre fortified and good for latte art!

    These recipes for ice-cold oat milk coffee are simple, easy, and refreshing. Just what you need when youre craving a healthy pick-me-up on a hot summer day!


    For this simple iced latte, youll need some strong freshly brewed Sträva coffee and your favorite brand of oat milk. We recommend our Strength Signature Roast with sweet notes of milk chocolate and pink starburst.

    Servings: 2



    You dont need to go to a coffee shop to get a Mocha Frappuccino! Now you can make one at home and have control over all the ingredients that go into it.

    Servings: 2

    • Whipped cream

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    Iced Honey And Oat Milk Coffee Recipe

    This iced honey and oat milk coffee recipe is light and refreshing. Instant coffee and honey whipped into a sweet foam, topped with ice and oat milk. Similar to Dalgona coffee, this coffee recipe does not call for any artificial sweeteners or flavors. The flavor reminds me of an iced honey latte, with the perfect amount of sweetness. Add in a little ground cinnamon if desired. Made quickly with a handheld milk frother, this will be you new go to coffee recipe!

    How To Make Oat Milk Iced Latte

  • Start by combining instant coffee and sugar in a bowl, pour over 3 to 4 tablespoons of room temperature water, and mix. Use a whisk as it will make it quicker and easier. Beat until the coffee color is changed and sugar and coffee granules are dissolved and form a paste-like consistency. It will take around 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Next, add cold water and mix with the hand beater.
  • Next, add your Soy Milk and beat more to make it frothy. You can also froth your milk by using a blender, simply run the blender at medium speed for 30 to 40 seconds.
  • In the serving, glass add ice cubes and pour over your iced coffee and serve
  • Add some dairy-free coffee cream foam to make it rich and some dark chocolate shavings on top. Stir and serve to enjoy.
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    Caramel Oatmilk Frappuccino Blended Beverage

    Who loves blended beverages? If you do, then the new Caramel Oatmilk Frappuccino Blended Beverage might become your new favorite cup of Joe.

    Oat Milk, coffee and caramel syrup, and ice are blended, then served with caramel sauce and rich whipped cream topping.

    Simple yet delicious, this is a treat for caramel and blended drink lovers.

    How To Make An Oat Milk Latte With And Without Machine

    Oat Milk Latte

    An oat milk latte is a fairly straightforward type of coffee that is usually created by mixing espresso and oat milk.

    Its a perfect dairy-free coffee option for vegans and those with lactose intolerance. With its sweet, thick, and creamy texture it is of little wonder why oat milk lattes are really popular as of late.

    Today we will be diving into how to make a delicious oat milk latte. Dont have a coffee machine? No worries, you can also whip up this drink without one!

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    Can You Put Oat Milk With Instant Coffee

    When the question arises whether you can use oat milk with instant coffee or not, the answer is yes, you can.

    In an oat milk latte, the only thing that matters is the creamer. It can be any kind of milk, cream, or even creamers specially made for coffee.

    You can make an oat milk latte with instant coffee. For this, you need to add two tablespoons of instant coffee to hot water and condense it.

    After that, you need to create oat milk froth and mix it with the coffee. If you want to make an iced latte, combine the latte with ice and mix it.

    This is how you can put oat milk in instant coffee and make a latte.

    Can You Use Steel

    Rolled oats are made with an old-fashioned process that involves steaming and flattening. Because theyre already partially cooked, theyre softer and easier to blend into oat milk. If you want to use steel-cut oats, youll just need to soak them ahead of time. Soaking steel-cut oats for at least 30 minutes will make them much easier to work with!

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    Is Oat Milk A Good Coffee Creamer

    Yes, oat milk is considered to be a great coffee creamer.

    Those who like to have a light and smooth cup of coffee use milk, cream, or non-dairy coffee whiteners.

    Among the non-dairy ones, oat milk is better as it has almost the smooth texture as cow milk.

    Being fiber-rich plant-based milk, it is full of protein and gives you a perfect creamy flavor. Besides the richness and creaminess of the coffee, oat milk is very beneficial for your health.

    Tools I Used For This Recipe:

    • Milk frother A handheld milk frother is perfect for quickly whipping the coffee mixture.
    • Glass Straws I love these as an alternative to plastic straws.
    • Wooden Mason Jar Lids I love these! Perfect for making you coffee in a mason jar, just simply pop the lid on top, grab a straw, and you are on the go with your new to go coffee cup.

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    How To Make An Oat Milk Latte Step By Step

    Step 1: Brew your coffee. You can choose to brew your coffee using a standard coffee maker, Keurig, espresso machine, Nespresso, or a classic French Press espresso maker.

    Step 2: Heat one cup of oat milk on the stove. Whisk together ingredients See below for recommended measurements for each type of oat milk latte. Heat on medium until warm and begins to thicken.

    Step 3: Remove from heat. Pour into your blender. Blend until a nice foam forms at the top. . You can also use a frothing wand if you have one.

    Step 4: Pour your coffee or espresso into your mug. .

    Step 5: Pour oat milk over the coffee. Skim foam and spoon over the top of your latte. Enjoy!

    How To Make An Oat Milk Latte

    Firstly, make your coffee. Use a coffee maker or Nespressoespresso machine and make it to your liking.

    Secondly, add the oat milk and your sweetener/flavor enhancers of choice to a saucepan, bring to a simmer and whisk occasionally for 5 to 10 minutes.

    Thirdly, once the oat milk has thickened remove it from the heat. Add the oat milk to a high-powered blender and blend until its smooth and foamy. Feel free to remove the center cap of the blender and cover it with a dishcloth to allow the steam to escape. Taste and adjust flavors, as needed. Alternatively, if only using ground or liquid sweeteners you can use a handheld frother.

    Finally, pour your coffee/espresso into your favorite mug, and then pour your oat milk mixture on top. Skim foam and spoon over the top of your latte. Optionally, sprinkle with cinnamon or even hemp seeds for some extra protein.

    You can find the exact measurement for all latte recipes in the printable recipe card below!

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    How To Froth Oat Milk

    There are 3 ways to froth/foam oat milk at home. And yes, you can froth oat milk without a frother!

  • In a jar – simply fill a jar halfway with oat milk. Close it with a secure milk and shake it very hard for about 2 minutes.
  • Milk frother – either a handheld milk frother or a standing milk frother will do.
  • In a blender – pour oat milk into a blender. Start on a slow speed, then gradually increase to full speed. It should take about 30 seconds in a high-speed blender.
  • How Can I Froth Oat Milk

    How to make a layered Iced Oat Milk Coffee

    There are two general ways to froth oat milk. The first way is to use a frother.

    Frothing milk is basically increasing the consistency and the volume of milk with a hand whisk or a pump.

    While using a frother, we have to put some warm milk in a glass. Then place the lid onto the glass and pump around 20 times up and down until the volume gets doubled.

    This creates much thick froth for two regular cups of coffee. The second way is useful when you dont have any frothing machine.

    To double up the volume, we need to pour one-third of oat milk into a jar and shake it for roughly about 30-60 seconds.

    We can also use a blender and blend oat milk in a small amount so that the froth can be thick. We can also use a hand whisk or electric whisk to make the froth.

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    What Goes Into A Frozen Oat Milk Latte

    To make a latte, the milk matters, but the most important ingredient is the coffee. I use two entire cups of drip coffee to make four lattes, and I make coffee cubes with it. You can also use espresso and even instant coffee if thats all you have in hand. Do try the coffee ice cubes, though theyre fantastic!

    Then we need oat milk, and although I guess you can make yours, you can also buy the stuff, and its generally of excellent quality. At this point, let me tell you that you can also use almond milk, soy milk or even coconut milk. You can make a latte with any milk alternative.

    Youll also need a sweetener. For me, thats granulated sugar, but use any low-calorie sweetener, honey or brown sugar.

    Last but not least, lets top our latte with whipped cream. And garnish it with cinnamon if you want, just for the aromatics and the brown specs.

    Coffee With Oat Milk: What You Need To Know

    If youve visited a coffee shop lately, you may have noticed that oat milk is offered as a non-dairy option for teas and coffees. In the past, this option wasnt readily available. Luckily, it has become not only a coffee shop favorite but a preferred choice of many homes around the world.

    For those whove never tried a splash of oat milk in their coffee, making the change may be slightly nerve-wracking. Who wants to add something they may not enjoy to their morning cup of joe? So, what are the benefits of making the switch?

    If youre ready to give coffee with oat milk a shot, there are a few things you should know. Lets learn more about this milk alternative and how it can change things when it comes to your coffee.

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    Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Blended Beverage With Oat Milk

    Although the Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Blended Beverage with Oat Milk has a lengthy name, we think it is well worth noting it down before your next visit to the coffee shop.

    The drink is a mix of Frappuccino coffee with mocha sauce blended with oat milk and ice, and also, lets not forget about the delicious Frappuccino chips. But, this is only the start, and it gets even better with the vanilla whipped cream topping, the chocolate cookie crumbles, and the mocha drizzle.

    It tastes so good that you will want to order another one of these and then some more.

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