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Easy Veggie Pizza Recipe


This veggie pizza recipe is both enticing and healthy! Made with melted gooey cheese and tender fresh vegetables such as red onion and green bell pepper, this savory and yummy pizza is perfect when youre looking for something tasty, satisfying, and ready in 30 minutes! Great for even the pickiest eaters, a delicious appetizer for a crowd, or an easy main meal!

Making a homemade pizza is healthier and WAY less expensive the delivery! A Green pepper is around $1, an onion is about $1, a roma tomato is around $.75, the grated parmesan is the most expensive ingredient at $3, a package of whole wheat pizza dough is $2, plus some herbs from your pantry, makes the total cost of this homemade pizza $7.75. You can mix up the cheeses and stay within the same budget too mozzarella, feta cheese, or even creamy goat cheese would all taste great!

Easy Vegan Recipes For Kids

Vegan recipes for kids can be time-consuming, expensive, and not very kid-friendly. Thats why this is the ultimate guide to kid-friendly vegan recipes that even picky eaters will enjoy.

Getting kids to eat their vegetables is one of parents greatest struggles. Its much easier to feed them mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, and cold cut sandwiches.

Now imagine eliminating animal products from their diets. There would be nothing left to feed them!

Or so you thought.

There are SO many amazing vegan recipes that are kid-friendly, high in protein, and dont require any special ingredients. They can be hard to find, though, so weve done the work for you and scoured the internet for the 50 best vegan recipes for kids.

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Muffins

There is no better way to start your kids morning off than with a Vegan Chocolate Chip Muffin! These muffins areon top of being vegangluten- and oil-free. They are easy to make, flavorful and made with only a few ingredients. Top them with your littles favorite nut butter for the ultimate breakfast!

This Protein-Packed Strawberry and Banana Vegan Smoothie Bowl is the perfect sweet treat for your littles’ breakfasts. Packed with delicious fruit, this breakfast will be a healthy start to your day!

This Vegan French Toast combines brown sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla into a soft, mouthwatering breakfast that your kids will love! The recipe takes only 15 minutes to make and creates the perfect, velvety french toast.

These Vegan Chicken Nuggets are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, making them the perfect texture for kids to devour. Pair these meat-free nuggets with your favorite dipping sauce, and you have an awesome kid-friendly meal!

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Instant Pot Chicken And Dumplings

When it comes to the kids, the dumplings may be the main attraction in this dish, but you’ll feel better knowing they’re also eating a good serving of vegetables and chicken. Onions and garlic are sauteed, chicken broth, seasonings, vegetables, and chicken are added, the homemade dumpling dough is spooned on top, and the stew is pressure cooked for just a few minutes. Peas, parsley, and cream finish it off.

Vegetarian Meals For Kids

The Best Cheap Easy Kid Friendly Vegetarian Recipes

Are you scratching your head trying to come up with vegetarian meals for kids that your picky eater will actually want to eat? Something delicious and healthy that wont cause a fight at dinner time?

Dinnertime tantrums are the worst.

Well, youve come to the right place because weve done the research for you and have found some family favorite vegetarian recipes and dinner ideas that youre going to want to make over and over again.

Dinner time shouldnt be a stressful time of day plagued with tantrums and kids refusing to eat. So, we wanted to help you explore some nutritious and healthy quick and easy vegetarian supper ideas that are ideal for families with picky eaters.

These recipes might not work for every family and theres no guarantee that picky eaters will enjoy every recipe. But, weve rounded up such a large variety of the best kid friendly vegetarian dinner ideas that you are bound to find a handful of recipes that will work for your family and picky eaters.

Its absolutely possible for picky eaters to to reap the benefits of a healthy vegetarian style of eating and love every single bite! The quick and easy vegetarian meals for kids listed below are proof that children can eat a vegetable based diet and really enjoy it too.

So, whether youre cooking for your strictly vegetarian family or trying to add and sneak more vegetables into your diet, youll just love the selection and variety of vegetarian meals for kids weve hand picked for you.

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Which Vegan Recipes For Kids Will You Try

Many people are participating in Meatless Monday and slowly switching over to a plant-based diet. Hopefully you see that vegans dont live off rabbit food and salads.

If you have children but want to try more plant-based recipes, you should try these vegan recipes for kids. This guide proves that vegan food can be kid-friendly, nutritious, delicious, and accessible to everyone.

How you feed your family is totally up to you. Let these vegan recipes for kids serve as inspiration!

What do you think about making vegan recipes for kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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Minute Pesto Breakfast Sandwich

This 5 minute pesto arugula breakfast sandwich is a fitting vegetarian recipe for beginners because it shows how thoughtfully flavored food doesnt have to take hours to make. Pesto is one of our tricks to adding big flavor in no time. Slather pesto on an English muffin, quick wilt some arugula, top with an egg and youre in business!

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Vegetarian Pasta And Grains

Pasta has a solid dose of protein , as do grainsand both are a great base for vegetarian family meals. These are some of my favorites to share with the kids.

Healthy Kid Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes


Today Ive rounded up my favorite Healthy Kid Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes! Even if your child is picky, youre sure to find a few new easy go-to dinner recipes here! All are easily adapted to be vegan or gluten free, if they arent already!

I know that the phrase Kid Friendly can be very subjective! What one kid gobbles up, another kid wont even touch. Some kids are more adventurous and are willing to try anything while others have their staple meals that they eat over and over again. So, I most definitely cannot promise that your kid will enjoy every single one of these Healthy Kid Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes!

I can tell you that my almost 2 year old has enjoyed all of these meals though and I definitely wouldnt call him the most adventurous eater! We all know our own kids and their palettes, so some of these recipes might require a little tweaking to get just right for your kiddos, but Im hoping you will find this list useful and that your kids will enjoy at least a few of these Healthy Kid Friendly Vegetarian Dinner Recipes!

A lot of these healthy kid friendly vegetarian dinner recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less and all of them are very easily modified to make gluten free or vegan, if they arent already

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Easy Sheet Pan Dinner

Roasting your dinner on a baking sheet makes for an easy vegetarian recipe! This easy sheet pan dinner is full of colorful vegetables and loaded with flavor. It’s a plant-based dinner that roasts up everything on a sheet pan at once: lots of good-for-you veggies and chickpeas for plant based protein. Throw it all in the oven while you cook rice or quinoa. Dinnertime win!

Creamy Vegetarian Macaroni Salad

A new take on an old favorite, this Creamy Vegetarian Macaroni Salad will be loved by kids everywhere! This colorful salad is rich, creamy, and is pleasant to eat any time of the day. Its light and refreshing and takes just fifteen minutes to prepare!

This Vegetarian Thai Veggie Burger is packed with flavor and has the best texture. Completely vegetarian and packed with tasty Thai spices, these veggie burgers will become everyone’s favorite!

This Vegetarian Mediterranean Calzones recipe gives a new take on traditional pizzayour children are going to love it! Cheesy, gooey, and stuffed with healthy vegetables, these calzones are absolutely scrumptious.

These Baked Sweet Potato Nuggets are a touch sweet. They have a texture that mimicks chicken nuggets and are best served with the kids favorite dipping sauce.

This Vegetarian Chicken Noodle Soup tastes just like traditional chicken noodle soup and will have your kids begging for more! This soup is meatless and takes only ten minutes to prep and twenty-five to cook.

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Sweet Potato Tacos With Poblano Cream Sauce

Spicy sweet potato tacos have the perfect balance of sweet, savory & spicy. Roasted sweet potatoes and charred corn balance with mildly spicy poblano peppers and creamy avocado. Top it all off with a savory poblano cream sauce and some pickled onions. Leave off the poblanos if your kids don’t like spicy food.

Pescatarian Meals With Fish

Cheap Easy Kid Friendly Vegetarian Recipes2 ...

Pick up some salmon, tilapia, shrimp, or other favorite fish or shellfish and try one of these easy fish recipes for kids. While not technically vegetarian, they can be yummy meals to try if your family does eat or have access to fish.

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Popular Vegetarian Meals For Kids They Will Actually Eat

Here are our favorite 30 popular vegetarian meals for kids perfect for picky eaters and kids who should be eating more vegetables! These quick and easy vegetarian meals for kids are a great way to sneak more veggies into a childs diet or add more meatless dinners to your weekly meal plan.

Looking for more quick & easy recipes? Check out some of our favorite meatless meal ideas:healthy veggie spiralizer recipes, easy ways to cook salmon, kid approved meatless meals

Vegetarian Recipes For Kids Make Mealtimes Fun

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You know how much we love vegetarian recipes for their big flavors and exciting new recipes, but that can make it pretty difficult to find vegetarian recipes for kids.

The issue is that kids tend to prefer familiar foods and simple flavors over spicy indian sauces or chewy halloumi that the grown ups around here love.

While that doesnt go for all kids, we wanted to help parents out by coming up with a list of vegetarian recipes for families. .

This compilation of vegetarian recipes for kids covers every meal from breakfast recipes, like pancakes or scrambled eggs, to dinner recipes, like cucumber sandwiches and pizza.

ALL of these vegetarian meals for kids are so delicious your kids probably wont even notice.

We also have a list of vegetarian lunch ideas for school, if thats more what youre looking for.

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Instant Pot Beef Stew

The Spruce Eats / Diana Chistruga

An instant pot is an essential kitchen appliance for busy parents. Use it to create a rib-sticking, nutritious beef and vegetable stew that kids will enjoy eating for dinner. Pack leftovers in thermoses for school lunches, along with crackers for crumbling it tastes even better the next day!

Healthy Breakfast Banana Split


This recipe is definitely going to become your littles’ favorite! All this Healthy Breakfast Banana Split requires is a banana, coconut yogurt, and all your favorite toppings. This dish is quick to put together and is totally healthy! Loaded with nutrients and vitamins, every bite of this breakfast will be delightful. Juicy, sweet, and creamy in all the right places, this healthy banana split makes for a sweet breakfast.

These Breakfast Sweet Potatoes with Quinoa Granola can be made with whatever kind of yogurt you prefer! This dish is super fun and healthy.

These delicious Strawberry Oatmeal Breakfast Bowls are creamy, rich, and filled with heart-healthy ingredients. These bowls can be enjoyed hot or coldand taste amazing either way!

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How To Get Kids To Eat Vegetables

It’s been a struggle. But over the years, I’ve learned several ways to get kids to eat their vegetables. Here are a few of my tips:

  • Sneak veggies into their food. Most of the recipes below have sneaky ways to get veggies into cream sauces, “meat” sauces, veggie pasta, and more. One of my kid’s favorite meals is this baked macaroni and cheese. They don’t know it’s filled with carrots, sweet potatoes, and onions!
  • Serve a variety of meals. Throughout the week, we make a variety of meals. Some meals are specifically for the kids while other meals encourage them to be more adventurous eaters. And after a week of healthy eating, we wrap up the week with pizza. With a good mixture of meals, they become more open-minded and engaged eaters.
  • Make them try everything. At this point, both my kids have a few vegetables that they absolutely love. My daughter would eat a bowl of snap peas every night and my son loves broccoli and green beans. If I didn’t make them try everything that was on the plate, neither of them would have known how much they love these vegetables. When we eat dinner together, it is a rule that they try everything with an open mind before being excused.
  • Have kids help prepare the meal. When my kids are part of the cooking process, they are much more eager to eat what’s on the table. Recently they’ve become my salad maker, sautéer, spicer, garnisher, etc. As a result, they have become far more adventurous in their eating.
  • Here Are 32 Kid Friendly Vegetarian Meals For You To Make:

    Kid friendly vegetarian pasta and pizza dishes

    Caprese pasta bake by The Petite Cook.

    Lentil and roasted cauliflower pasta sauce by Sneaky Veg.

    Pumpkin macaroni cheese by Jo’s Kitchen Larder.

    Sundried tomato pesto pasta by Sneaky Veg

    Easy naan bread pizza by Eats Amazing.

    The ultimate sneaky veg sauce by Sneaky Veg.

    Kid friendly veggie burgers and fritters

    Courgette sweetcorn fritters by Tin and Thyme.

    Parsnip, leek and pear cakes by Sneaky Veg.

    Baked zucchini fritters by Kidgredients.

    Sweet potato and chickpea veggie burgers by My Fussy Eater.

    Kid friendly vegetarian pies

    Scottish vegan cottage pie by Tinned Tomatoes.

    Spinach ricotta and feta pie by Recipes Made Easy.

    Kid friendly vegetarian egg recipes

    Sweet potato pancakes with spinach and ricotta by Sneaky Veg.

    Sweet potato and zucchini strata bake by Kidgredients.

    Oven baked frittata with asparagus, new potato and spring vegetables by Sneaky Veg.

    Zucchini pea and ricotta slice by Goodie Goodie Lunchbox.

    Kid friendly vegetarian curries and rice dishes

    Minestrone soup by Sneaky Veg.

    Loaded baked potato soup by Sneaky Veg.

    Beans and grains

    Lentil spaghetti bolognese by Snotty Noses.

    Stove top baked beans by Sneaky Veg.

    Jacket potato with veggie mushroom chilli by Sneaky Veg

    Lentil macaroni and cheese by The Lean Green Bean.

    Veggie chilli with cornbread crust and pineapple salsa by Sneaky Veg.

    Still looking for ideas? Check out these 30 delicious vegetarian family meals.

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    Easy Vegan Recipes Kids Will Love

    As a mom and wife it can be hard to cook kid friendly vegan recipes or something the entire family is willing to eat. And then throw making it vegan and it can be nearly impossible to please your entire household. But I want the people I love the most to eat healthy as much as possible! Thats why I made this list of meals and vegan recipes for dinner. Keep scrolling for these 30 Easy Vegan Recipes Kids Will Love.

    These apple chips are the perfect vegan snack for the kids after school or after dinner. That is because they are all natural and cooked in the air fryer. I love to toast air fryer apple chips with cinnamon and stevia.

    Lentil tortilla wraps with carrots and avocado is the perfect recipe to make for your kids school lunch! These lentil veggie patties are great too.

    My son was already 6 years old when I decided to start eating vegan and plant based. He is a picky eater just as I was at his age. Then theres my loving husband who will eat vegan food if its good and already prepared for him. Im ashamed to admit just today I ordered pizza for them because I was just too exhausted to cook plus I need to go grocery shopping! Lentil sliders make the best veggie patties for kids as well. Especially these delicious air fryer ones.

    Vegetarian Recipes Your Picky Kids Will Love

    Top 23 Cheap Easy Kid Friendly Vegetarian Recipes

    There are plenty of reasons you might want to add some vegetarian recipes to your family’s meal rotation. Studies have shown that having a vegetarian dinner even one night per weeklike the Meatless Monday campaign suggestscan make a positive impact on your family’s health and on the environment. Or perhaps youre simply curious: Is it possible to create a vegetarian dinner your family will enjoy?

    Were here to tell you it is, no matter how finicky your kids might be. The next time you’re looking for a meatless meal, try one of these 20 vegetarian recipes your picky kids will love. BONUS: Most of these vegetarian recipes are easy enough for your kids to join in on the prep!

    And if youre looking for more dinner inspiration, check out these easy Crockpot meals, sheet pan dinners, and kid-friendly TikTok recipes.

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